Cop Loses It, Hits Man and Screams “I’ll Rip Your F*cking Head Off and Sh*t Down Your Neck!”


UPDATE (3/11/15): Cop Pleads Guilty only to Misdemeanor but not charged for assault

The now-f0rmer Saratoga County Sheriff Deputy Glans has pleaded guilty to charges after being caught on video slapping a man in the face and threatening to defecate on him.

The charges he pleaded guilty to were “official misconduct” and “harassment” — neither of which are felony charges of physical assault, according to reports.

He basically got off the hook.

On the plus side, perhaps he can use the time to deal with his mental issues and better his life instead of attacking innocent people for a government paycheck.

SARATOGA COUNTY — Officer Glans was once driving triple the speed limit and crashed head-on into a father with six children, leaving the father blind and paralyzed, according to reports.

Now Officer Glans is at it again after a video surfaced online showing him lose it and slap an American citizen in the face for not consenting to a warrantless search.

Officer Glans can then be heard bellowing “I can get a lot more intense!”

“I’ll rip your fucking head off and shit down your neck!” he continued belligerently as his gut bounced up and down.

He had no idea that he was being filmed the whole time.

The man in the video had attended a party earlier that night to see some friends.

After a brief stay at the party, he and a friend began walking back to their car.

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That’s when they were suddenly approached by officers who claimed to see a rifle in the back seat of their car.

Roberts said he did in fact legally purchase a .22 rifle — something guaranteed by his 2nd Amendment.

Even though Roberts hadn’t done anything illegal, the officer demanded to search his vehicle.

Roberts clearly articulated to Officer Glans that he did not consent to the illegal search, to which Officer Glans responded “Give me your fucking keys!”

Moments later Officer Glans can be seen waddling closer to Roberts and yelling “Wanna fucking resist?!”

Officers are often trained to taunt citizens — for example, by verbally insulting  them, or physically pushing them — in order to elicit a natural self-defensive reaction from citizens. After successfully taunting a citizen in this way, the officer then has an excuse to beat and stack more charges on the citizen, resulting in extra departmental points, career boosts and “heroic” recognition for the officer.

It appears that Officer Glans may have been doing this by getting in Roberts’s face and inviting him to “resist.”

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Roberts, however, kept calm and did not get physical with the officer.

Despite this, Officer Glans raises his hand anyway and smacks Roberts across the face.

It is not yet known whether Officer Glans will be disciplined for this assault. We will update this article as more information becomes available.

Watch the video below:

UPDATE: The officer has not been charged with assault.

Instead, he has been charged with “misconduct” and “harassment.”

He was placed on unpaid leave and forced to resign from the department.

When a local media agency asked Officer Glans if he regretted his actions, he said that he didn’t. He would only do things differently if he knew he was being filmed.

“If I had to do it all over again … I’d probably do the same thing. If I knew the camera was there, no, because it does look bad,” said Glans.

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  • Jim

    Hard to take an article like this seriously, when it doesn’t indicate where and when.

  • paul

    it is sad when you can get arrested for gambling

  • John’s Kawasaki

    holy shit batman, are these guys aware we are not at war with our people? do these guys get lessons on civil liberties, human rights, torture, kidnapping, abuse of power, constitution? gestapo tactics? McCarthyism? Illegal searches? lying on a arrest report? international laws on human rights abuse? threatening with an official uniform? do you know if you slap someone in the face you can get slapped back in self defense, this kid could have felt threaten he was going to lose his life and he could have acted upon in self defense? or is this one FAT ASS COP just plain stupid ignorant abuser disrespectful none trustful none abiding law member of this Police Dept? is he fired already? or are we going to wait IA to save him? lol

    • Sick-of-it-inGREENBAY

      I think officer tough guys wants to see how intense 60 Million Armed to the teeth Americans can get… considering the combined total police in the USA numbers about 2.3 million & total civilian population that owns guns is about 150 million…… If a civil war ever begins in America the Police will likely be the first to be targeted buy an ANGRY Armed population….. Armored vehicles won’t save them…

      • Rick Myrtue

        I am.

    • nunya

      UPDATE: The officer has not been charged with assault.

      Instead, he has been charged with “misconduct” and “harassment.”

      He was placed on unpaid leave and forced to resign from the department.

      When a local media agency asked Officer Glans if he regretted his actions, he said that he didn’t. He would only do things differently if he knew he was being filmed.

      “If I had to do it all over again … I’d probably do the same thing. If I knew the camera was there, no, because it does look bad,” said Glans.

  • Hawk Bailey

    For anyone who may take pics or video of officers in the performance of their public duties should print the following Legal ruling and present it to any officer who objects to the filming/taking pics of them in the performance of their public duties thus putting them on notice that they are breaking the law….
    United States Circuit Court of Appeals
    Glik v. Cunniffe, 655 F.3d 78 (1st Cir. 2011) …. the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit held that a private citizen has the right to record video and audio of public officials in a public place, and that the arrest of the citizen for a wiretapping violation violated the citizen’s First and Fourth Amendment rights.
    The above case held “this First Amendment right to publicly record the activities of police officers on public business is established.”

  • Ozymandias

    Woww… this officer is really a POS. What is happening to our police departments? There are rules to behaviour with the public.. not sure what is up with the terrible lack of standards.

    • it’s not ‘what is happening’ … it’s what’s BEEN happening always

  • Jay

    I’m not “anti cop” by any means but this officer deserves to be tied to a chair and beaten to a bloody pulp. And trust me the only reason he thinks he is so big and bad is because he’s acting under the color of law. He’ll get what’s coming to him one of these days and he’ll be crying like a lil bitch begging for mercy. “I can get a lot more intense”. Yeah well guess what fuckhead you aren’t the only one. Cops like this deserve to be shot.

  • Dominic Delia

    As a former police officer, words escape me. So I’ll just post this quote this from a great old episode of Dragnet. Remember, these were true life cases: ( In this episode, Joe Friday was working out of Internal Affairs Division and investigates another officer accused of striking a citizen early that morning.)

    FRIDAY: “When you put that badge on nobody ever told you you’d be running in a popularity contest, now, did they?”

    Officer: “No, Sir.”

    FRIDAY: “Your PRR puts you in the top ten percent of the Department. Now to me that indicates a trained, capable, disciplined police officer. Not a back-alley brawler!
    You were riding with a young partner. What kind of example do you think you set for him? And worse–you committed one of the cardinal sins in our business: You struck an innocent man. A man you’ve been hired to protect and to serve.
    One last thing,–and maybe this is the most pressing issue of all. These are tenuous times we live in. The young people in this country are searching for a direction and they’re having trouble finding it. The older people aren’t much better off: They seem to have lost one of the great American commodities: a sense of the true values–the values that built this country into the great one that it is.
    Here’s the key to all this, Mister: When you lost control of your temper at 2 a.m. this morning out there, you laid another bruise on every man who wears a uniform and a badge. This newspaper story will give credence to those whose sole aim is to kick police authority right in the groin. And you’ve shaken the confidence of those who believe in order with justice and those who trust police officers.
    A lot more went down this morning at 2 a.m. besides a man being struck by a policeman!”

    • f.x.koch watch this man attempt to manipulate the truth with his camera : watch for the light on his belt, and the change in demeanor

    • Ben Dover

      Cops rape and kill people in the middle of the night…. and sometimes “discover” the body and call it in…..

  • Mr. George

    What a piece of shit pussy scumbag, I bet you that now that he has been fired and no longer a cop he wouldn’t dare do that because he knows he would get his ass handed to him.

  • Cromwell

    Just another bad tempered badge heavy prick.
    I’m very happy I was able to send him a very nasty
    message on FB before his page was removed.

    • jrdeltona

      Read it for yourself always remember God has the final say!!!!…God continue to bless her and her baby 🙂

      • Cromwell

        You shouldn’t post after you have been drinking.

      • vicarofrevelwood .

        So for the time being you will sit their and put up with this B.S. While you wait for your Imaginary friend to help you!?

  • f.x.koch

    watch the Sargent manipulate when the camera comes on to record the interaction. Green light on his belt

  • Marc Shelton

    #1…Mr Billy badass stole the line “rip your head off and shit down your neck” from the movie “Heartbreak Ridge” so get some new material, ya dick…….#2 they should sue the fuck out of this penis with ears in civil court and #3…..What kind of dumb fuck, pussy ass Police Dept leadership let’s a faggot like this remain on a force??…..This prick is why cops are getting ambushed and shot…..

    • please refrain from using homophobic and misogynist slurs to define these bullies and assholes

      • Marc Shelton

        ….seriously??…..I refer to a “cat” and a bundle of twigs used for a fire and you want to correct my grammer??…..Whatever did you think I meant??….you’re obviously a heterophobic man basher…..

  • NeoracerX

    The slap is assault and if anyone else did it they would be arrested. So let hope the next guy he baits to get a defensive act from beats the shit out of him.

  • Jason Waite

    Can someone please give me this officers address, Facebook handle, Twitter handle, where he goes to church, and where maybe he eats his lunch, morning coffee, whatever via a comment reply below?! Thanks! ~Jason A.k.a ‘jAon’ w/Anonymous

  • Maxwell Rodriquez

    I am glad he lost his job. I hope he never finds work again and becomes homeless.

  • JonEdHil

    Ever notice how law enforcement agencies handle bad cops just like the Catholic Church handle(d) pedophile priests? Just allow them to resign so they can move on to another department someplace else where they just continue their abuse, or promote them out of the area to another job?

  • F da po po

    So it’s ok for cops to break the law because they’re cops!? F these nazi pigs. Every worthless one of them. Dont tell me “oh most are good”. No they are not! Cops are nothing but terrorists and bullies and tyrants! If they were good they wouldn’t support and help murdering cops get away with murder! Is that what good people do? Help murderers get away with murder? They might as well be nazi collaborators! Get the God damn murderers off their payrolls! Till they clean house and start pressing charges and holding the guilty accountable. They are all dickless godless satan serving worms on their way to burning in hell forever. Have fun burning forever in hell pigs!

  • Elias Grey

    fuck that fujcking pig, i hope some shoots him in the face, fucking scumfuck nazi piece of shit, i’d love to run into him at the bar and smash a fucking beer bottle over his head and then stab him in the eye with it and then cut his fucking throat with it and watch him gurgle and drown gasping for breath and watch him drown in his own blood. fucking pussy ass bitch. #putwingsonpigs

  • reality check

    ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……. fucking waaaaaaaaaaaaanker!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant to see this cocksucker get his dues right up his fucking dildo twatskie asssssssshole, gorgeous!!! And oh what an ugly ugly little man this fat cunt truly is…. XO

  • Ozymandias

    Sad thing is he will become an “officer” in some other town.

  • paul

    what is wrong with this guy I mean everything out of his mouth is fuck you

  • dollarbill

    Fuck this low life piece of Shit. He’s supposed to protect us from who?

  • Michael Houston

    Officer “Glans”! Really? That says it all really. What a dick, etc.

  • Ben Dover

    There’s a short-cut to even being open to abuse from a cop… just stop it before psycho even has a chance.

  • Ben Dover


  • Rusty Shakelford
    • ohmyfuckingawd … hired by nypd . makes perfect sense

  • cj1404

    They get this from the Fascist order of police union.

  • E. S.

    Another douchebag in uniform who can’t handle his emotions. Boo fucking hoo! This cop acts like he’s on steroids but looks like he’s on Crispy Creme.

  • I think I saw this ex-cop at San Francisco city hall filling out a job application.

  • chthompson

    Good to have this creep off the street but not all cops are like this. Freaks like this just give all cops a bad reputation.

    • i’m pretty certain there was another cop standing there … who he ordered to ‘search the car’ … after violently taking the keys from the driver . that cop did nothing to stop this abuse . that is the problem . there are about three good cops who would’ve made this stop . the rest are just as bad for failing to make it stop, failing to report criminal cops

  • eric


  • Clive

    This is why people don’t like or trust cops anymore. Not only does he commit assault, he does it under the color of law AND he doesn’t get charged for it.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Love to find that fat asshole and show him how it feels!

  • KP

    Awesome……. covertly film every encounter with these coward pricks……There are thousands of scum like this cop out there and one day you will probably run into one. Keep a watch, pen, glasses, button hole camera with you always so you get proof against these POS. Take it to a lawyer or the media and get these bastards off the police force.

  • CopsHaveLowIQs

    I promise you this PIG is only a tough guy because of the badge and monkey suit. Find out where this POS lives, learn his M.O., then take his ass out guerrilla style. I would beat him so bad that he would be confined to a wheelchair slobbering out of his pie hole for the rest of his life.

  • M Grobman

    we need to get a online searchable database with pics online of these assholes.

  • Krist Martin

    I hope the guys recording in the video sue him and the police department. Not only was that assault, misconduct, and harassment; but it was also a violation of their constitutional rights. They had every right to refuse to be searched, and without reasonable cause to suspect that anything illegal was happening in the car the officer had no right to demand to search it let alone slap him and take his keys.

  • steroids


    this bully is now working for nypd

  • anna
    anyone involved need to report and submit any proof to the federal government local government will do nothing after all the cops supply the judges with cases so those judges will not prosecute conflict of interest you know

  • Mr_Scorpio

    So he’s only sorry that he was caught.

  • MoBetter2

    It seems the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office was suffering from a case of overactive Glans…. Glad to see they corrected that….

  • Butch Taylor

    Once a policeman acts outside the law or with excessive force, he/she should no longer be considered a credited law enforcement agent and should be defended against with deadly force if necessary.

  • ben dover

    This PIGGER realy needs to be Euthanized and put into a smoker

  • jbass5

    I would like to show a collection of these videos to a Supreme Court Justice…

  • windchaser73

    I, in no way, shape or, form approve of the cop’s behavior. However, I also heard no, “screaming”, or, “bellowing”.
    Just report the story. The video was damning enough. When you exaggerate like this, you only hurt your own credibility.