Cop Opens Fire on Minivan Full of Children

Footage from CBS: 

via Infowars.

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  • xeno

    She’s a fucking g dumbass. And cops are no better for shooting at kids.

    • David R Velasquez

      Sadly, I have to agree. I think common sense would’ve dictated that it was a mere traffic ticket ….but okay…she acted erratically ..The safety of the other kids should’ve been their first concern. So, they COULD have had blocked her car and waited for enough back up that they could’ve taken the kids into protective custody and then sorted all the other stuff out later. Just getting violent like that is assinine. But at the same time…. the woman was being an idiot.
      But again, the cops involved forgot the safety of the kids should’ve been their first priority.

      • 1*

        officer safety is #1 priority

        • Sean Hinchliff

          it shouldnt be, cops should be last on that list, there hired to protect our saftey dumbfuck. it makes me sick to see how cowardly these pigs are. hopefully this bastard gets shot in the line of duty and is finally where he belongs. in the ground. prolly piss himself too..

          • Byron

            For real…..

          • Sean Hinchliff


        • mr x

          officer safety? fuck you. that reminds me of how the Iraqi police treat their civilians.

          • Ace Flush


        • David R Velasquez

          When children are involved then “officer safety’ moves down a notch. I’m sick of that excuse being used as a license for excessive use of tasers, baton swinging and shootings of people of ALL AGES.
          Common sense says ‘protect the weak’… I somehow imagine they wouldn’t want describe themselves with those words.

        • bunnyswanson

          Going 70 in a 55 is not worth killing anyone over. Cops are over the edge.

          • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

            We get shot over something they do normally everyday…running stop signs & lights…speeding…tailgating…dangerous driving…google that shit.

          • Joey DeLange

            Until she kills herself, her children, and possibly a whole other family on the road. Then what would people be saying? I know; “Where were the police officers to pull her over and stop her?” You can not please them all.

          • Thomas Zychowski

            Unless you get killed by her speeding, than it is a tragedy.

          • MEDIC

            I’m an EMT, I once had to respond to a police officer that was shot during a simple traffic stop, his kids play in the same little league as mine and they grow up without a father.

        • Jack

          I believe public safety is the purpose of police. If the purpose of police were police safety, then they would not be very effective, now would they?

          • David R Velasquez

            You would think so. Sadly, it isn’t alot of times.

          • SwordofPerseus

            Some level of trust must be established for the police to effectively serve the public. That trust has been lost due to the crimes that the police themselves have committed. The police state is out of control in the US and this is a prescription for disaster as we see here. There will be more blood.

        • jimmy

          Officers should be in danger first. Besides I have NEVER seen a patrol car that says “Ofiicer Safety’, however I have seen many, many that DO say, ‘Public safety’. I guess its just propaganda though to instill a false sense of safety on the public produced by the very people that are willing to kill them for speeding.

          • 1*

            At the end of the day I only have one ass to risk, I’m out there putting my ass on the line to try to make a better community for my kids and your kids and everybody’s kids. Look up Warren v. DC, police have no obligation to any particular individuals. I recommend to people buy a gun, know how to use it. We can’t be everywhere and when it’s your ass on the line you better be able to protect it.

      • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

        Is a person an idiot for watching police beating after beating…watching 60’s footage of cops sicking dogs & spraying hoses at blacks? I think any black person has the right to FEAR white police officers. Sure, a black one shot the gun…but he had no idea what was going on more than likely…though despite that…he still shouldn’t be shooting people for driving away…this isn’t a police state….right?

        • David R Velasquez

          Read my reply to the guy talking about ‘Police Safety 1st’…. then open your mouth.
          I know what you are saying.
          I fucking get it.
          But…………….. and….I ….have had to deal with police animosity and violence far more ….personally …than I’m guessing most people have. Believe me or not. First as a radical homeless hippy teenager. Then as an anarcho punk rocker (who went to ALOT of demonstrations) I have been beaten, choked, maced, clubbed …and all that before even getting to their holding facilities (and that was always a whole other story) AND, being a person of mixed race.
          So listen up…I DO F****ing know something about all this.
          And one thing I do know is that if when stopped, if you don’t want shit to get quickly out of hand… then you don’t act contrary to whatever they tell you in a stop.
          I UNDERSTAND what you mean about black people not trusting cops for the obvious reasons.
          I know that. From a friend or two who are now dead because of racist cops.
          But, she had kids in her car…. the best she could do is just do what the (assholes) told her to do.
          It would’ve been the safest thing to do in that situation.
          So, I stand by my earlier statement. It’s my right to think so.
          If you disagree after that…. that is your right also.

        • SwordofPerseus

          Wrong, it is a police state since 2003 and the Patriot Act took away your rights. You have no right to trial, No right to be in your home without search and seizure.

    • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

      She’s fuckin’ scared. Why don’t we have black cops for black folks and white cops for white folks? There’s been so much terrorism from white cops against black people that I can’t blame her for wanting to run away…this pig was ready to get down regardless if there was a family or not. That kid deserves a fuckin’ medal!

      • 1*

        wow I thought we are trying to break down racial barriers not build them up

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Well cops are out of control, but the first cop did nothing wrong; he was exemplary in fact.

    • Wes

      Aside from the whole beating a window in, in the face of children. They behaved no more intelligently than the dumb woman who tried to drive away.

    • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

      How is it exemplary to pull over and ticket people who are doing exactly what cops do? Oh, that’s right…we’re apart of a powerless muggle class…and they’re in the elite class that’s instantly not guilty.

      I wonder…do you like mustard on your jackboots when you lick them? Like…how does that work? Bow down white slave…bow down.

  • Scott Duncan

    Why isn’t the sack-of-shit charged?

    • DanSimpson

      Because these days, the pigs have carte blanch to abuse the law any way they see fit.

      • Scott Duncan

        “Law” has nothing to do with this.

        These are POLICY ENFORCERS. Laws aren’t “enforced”, they are upheld.

  • jackobean

    Q: was whatever she did so egregious they needed to pull guns and fire at children? NO! Police need better understanding of perspective: their ability to “control” a situation does NOT outweigh the lives of anyone much less children esp where no other threat of harm existed by this woman.

  • dirtboyindustries

    Well they didn’t respect the cops at all. So she put her family in the line of fire.

  • Smoov

    The officer was obviously firing at the tires of the van.. Officer #1 should have slammed that no good bitch to the ground the first time! Another Piece of shit breeding trash.

    • TuningIn11

      Congratulations. You’re everything that’s wrong with this world…

    • DanSimpson

      Give me the chance, and I’d slam your useless ass to the ground, you fucking welfare recipient, fucking government dependent. Fuck you AND your daddy the pig.

      • That’s tough talk there coming out the yap of a small dog. You little guys like to make the most noise in life, it seems to me. “Daddy the pig” happens to be working on having you fly to an awesome trip to the beaches of southern Cuba with him so he can become acquainted with you and your thoughts. It’s free! No one has ever been able to say “no” to it, that’s how fun it is! 🙂

  • Tahir from Baku

    cops were very nice to those retards

    • Robert Burns


  • Tessie Trejo

    The MOTHER escalated the whole thing!!! The ORIGINAL officer pulled out his taser!!
    One of responding Officers opened fire!! Not the thing to do!!!
    The Mother would have caused her 14 yr old and herself to get shot!
    Not to mention placing ALL her children in jeopardy!!!!
    Mother of the Year Award!!! But of course BLAME THE POLICE!!!

    • Devin Murphrey

      The mother might not have made a good decision but the cop firing into a car full of children is irrepressible. It show a total lack of control. Anybody that has that little control does not deserve to have a gun or a badge. Cop must always be held to an extremely high standard because they have the power to ruin and take lives.

      • Tessie Trejo

        Totally agree with you!! NEVER EVER SHOT INTO A CAR!! You have no clue WHO is in it!!!
        And that Officer will be held accountable for it! I agree, if you accept the BADGE you accept ALL the responsibilities that go along with it. But STUPID PEOPLE ARE STUPID PEOPLE no matter WHAT they wear!!!

    • DanSimpson

      If the idiot pigs had left her alone to start with, none of this would have happened, so yes, the fucking pigs are at fault here. And I wish for just 1 chance to ruin into that fat ass piece of shit cop that shot at the children without having ANY ANY ANY info on who was in the car. I’d show that piece of shit how to hit what you’re aiming at, and use him as the target. Would be hard to miss, since his ass is as big as a barn. Fat ass pig piece of shit.

      • ColdFeet

        Lol. I’m sure you would, Dan. Now go help hour mom in the kitchen, k? She needs help putting the groceries away that we taxpayers bought for her.

    • James Michael

      No the cop escalated the entire thing as he had NO probable cause nor warrant to be pulling her over in the first place…. you might try and actually learning a bit of law, there was no “standing” nor emergency to use either his emergency lights, nor force against this family…..

      • Tessie Trejo

        Officer pulled the woman over for Speeding! Told her to wait.He went to Patrol Car to check on his computer at which time she TOOK OFF!!! Is that not in itself suspicious?
        SHE escalated his actions by hers!!!

        • James Michael

          You do not shoot a weapon at someone that has NOT threatened YOUR LIFE!!! EVER……….

          Suspicion does not equal you or your innocent children being executed on the spot by a servant paid to protect the PEACE…..
          You are ignorant…… and stupid……

          • Tessie Trejo

            Thank you!

  • that one

    its all disgusting….no he didn’t need to shoot…but what this ignorant bitch did put her childrens lives in jeopardy!!! people now a days know the police don’t play around when you do shit like that. ghetto ass dumb fuck!

  • Jamfke

    This is outrageous. Cops everywhere are going power crazy. He had no right to shoot at the van, especially since no weapons were produced by the occupants, and no officers were in danger of being run over. All of the cops involved need to be fired and prosecuted as an example of their stupidity.

    • The Rev

      a motor vehicle is a deadly weapon

      • DabHand84

        You are an idiot. Guns are designed to destroy, vehicles are designed to transport. You can use a gun to crack a walnut, are you gonna tell me it’s no longer a weapon because it’s serving a secondary purpose?

        • dfhcap

          are you a cop or something?..

          • DabHand84

            Now why would you think that? I don’t think at any point I have supported the police on this situation at all. And my statement certainly doesn’t imply that.

        • rainbowdash

          a van can crack a walnut as well… however the original officer only pulled out his tazor gun. And at the end his beat stick. It was the newbie officers on the scene that started firing at this extremely stupid women whom put her children in danger. And he was firing at the tires.

          • Jack

            Yeah, newbie needs some retraining, for sure.

        • Megan Elizabeth Gordon

          Just because an item is designed for that purpose doesn’t mean that it can not be used as something else. Guns are designed to protect. It is the person who pulls the trigger that is at fault.. that a gun. Vehicles can be deadly weapons as well.

        • Joey DeLange

          Guns are designed to kill (ballistics). Explosives are designed to destroy (ordinance). The .50 caliber pistol was NOT designed to kill people, but disable the motors in a moving vehicle. It can still be used to kill. Just like a car, baseball bat, or fishing line. Do not call people an idiot and follow that with incorrect statements. Who looks like the idiot now?

          • DabHand84

            I’m sorry, what was the intended purpose of firearms when they were invented? There weren’t even any tired vehicles when guns were first produced. Your subjective reasoning doesn’t diminish my point, and you obviously missed it. Arguing semantics over the difference between ballistics and ordinance iarbitrary. A bullet would destroy the tissue it penetrated, that’s a fact, whether or not that fits your definition of the word depends on the extent of your own intelligence. But I can assure you I completely understand what it means.

      • mr x

        yup!! lets kill 6 people for speedin!! hee haw!! fuck those darkies. Officer safety!! hee haw ma!! kill me some family of speeders today!! they deserved to die.

        • Ace Flush

          YEAH !

          • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

            That was the best example I can ever see that proves cops are racist and terrorists. That kid is a mother fucking hero to stand up to a bastard like that pig who was man handling his mother. BRAVO YOUNG MAN! Fuck this pig and his cronies shooting at children…trying to arrest a lady for being terrorized by pigs we all scared of already. Why is it okay for a pig to pull a weapon to murder us but we aren’t allowed to defend ourselves? Anyone who responds with some police state bootlicking bullshit…please kill yourself.

          • Thomas Carl Dick Jr.

            i suppose if the cop had been black he would have only been doing his job? or would he be racist too?

          • jimmy

            I didnt see any black cops… your point is stupid and non existent.

          • Megan Elizabeth Gordon

            She said HAD BEEN. Proving a point that if the cop HAD BEEN black there wouldn’t be an issue with race.

          • Tha Baztard

            And had the victims been white there would be no race issue again right?

            But…they werent.
            Another scenario…is ANOTHER SCENARIO. And NOT THIS ONE…
            You can make up another scenario and say THAT scenario isnt racist…still doesn’t mean that this one ISNT.

            What surprises me MOST?
            The multitude of… stupid people that exist…that do not know how to think critically. Dont kill the messenger…for the proof is in the pudding!

          • Joey DeLange

            Jimmy. You should read carefully before you post. He did not say there were black cops. Simply, what would be said IF the cops were also black? Do you think the situation would be any different? Your comment is stupid, sir.

          • Tha Baztard

            Joey…the question is RHETORIC.
            What if the cop was gay?
            What if the cop hd red hair?
            What ifs are irrelevant.
            Ok…what if the cop was black? You assune hed act the same way!
            You assume SHE would too. Your hypothesis is based on alot of ASSumptions. So ok IF it was blaxk cops and IF they REACTED the same? Yeah…she would have drive off. Cops..see vrious colors. People…including black people fyi…inly see ONE color…blue. Would a BLACK cop shootvatva van full of BLACK kids? Probably fucking NOT! Would she have rin when her windows were being bashed in by a black cop? Probably! Whould she drive erratically if a black cop was shooting at her? Probably!

            The race of the cop…irrelevant and stupid. They are ALL one color…blue.

            Better question..if you at least wanna APPEAR to be smart…is riddle this:
            Would this have happened as it did…
            If this was a white woman with her white kids in there.
            Hypothesize on that!

          • Tha Baztard


          • Tha Baztard

            Hed be an uncle tom… a term that exists for a reason. Wow thou art beseeched with a plethora of nescience.
            The acromym STFU is clearly applicable

          • Robert Burns

            hear hear !! yah its about time to take back our freedom form the murderous corporations these guys are not acting as peace officers .. they are paid corporate thugs.. with the IQ of a fucking housefly! and the corporate owned judges will let them off….the world is in a sad state that’s for sure !

          • rainbowdash

            please try watching the video again.. this time do not look at the color of anyone’s skin.. the mother was being irrational and putting her children in danger over not wanting to take a speeding ticket. the original officer only pulls a tazor gun, and at the end his beat stick. The son was mocking his mothers irrational behavior. What would have happened if she would have just take the stupid ticket? (as for the shots being fired by the new officer on the scene, he was clearly aiming for her tires.)

          • Jack

            Poor choices all around! Mom was acting a bit psychotic, but who knows, maybe she been abused by cops before and did not want her kids to be abused as well. However, the choice to bash in a window and then shoot at a car with kids is equally psychotic.

          • Tha Baztard

            Not equally excessive…exceptionally excessive. He pulled her over for bullshit…as they always do. We dont know if there was a radar reading. Why was he talking to her thru the passenger window on the first pull over. And walking away on the opposite side telling her to shut her car off. Could she even hear him?

            If she was being a law breaking lunatic…why did she pull over a second time? Why did she get out if her vehicle the second time?

            And thrn.. why did she drive off the second time? Was she again disobeying…or fleeing from the assault in her and her vehicle?

            As I said above… They know her address no?

            And in the…he didnt pull out his stick..he pulled out his gun. Maybe YOU need to rewatch the clip rainbow…maybe you missed that TWO cops had their firearms drawn?

            Her poor choices…did NOT put her, her kids…or the cops in danger. Not as it stands ALONE.
            The only danger came from how they reacted to her “poor” decisions…which was what?
            When she drove away the FIRST time. ..actually either time…what LAW did she break?

            Driving away from a cop who was violating her freedom to travel and her freedom of association and contract? There was no opportunity for consideration…esp since the cop never SHOWED that she did 71 in a 55.

            And really…is 16 mi over the limit ultimate justification to SHOOT at her?

            They didnt try to shoot at her in self defence…but to STOP her. Stop her..w.from going where? Mexico? A mother of five… yeah shes gonna pack up and run and never come home because shes wanted for speeding.

            Give your fricking head a shake…or don’t! You might loosen more screws!

            See…sheeple think speeding is against the law. Stupid stupid sheeple

          • batman

            all of what you said i get except the officer shooting the gun, you cannot excuse an officer firing at any part of any vehicle with children in it,furthermore had he hit the tire the van might have flipped

          • Joey DeLange

            Not at the speed she was at when he fired the weapon. At high speeds, that would be likely. Don’t forget, she drove in the lane of opposing traffic. I’d rather see a flat with a possible flip as opposed to two dead families on the road.

          • Tha Baztard

            She wouldnt have had to do ANY of that had he (the cop) not first assaulted her and smashed in her window. After cops shoot at you and your kids and youre fleeing for your life.. id like to see YOU stick to road lanes!
            Id have liked to see this cop do his job right…for from the get gi he did itvall wrong. He was in the passenger side..and should not have walked away the first time WITHOUT FIRST obtaining her license insuranxe and registration. People dont generallybdrive away when youbhave all their I.d.
            Fucking DUMB PEOPLE are way too abundant.

            Learn to think before speaking
            No…learn to think. Period.

          • Choné Marie Lovelie Henderson

            He pulled her over twice tried arresting her once, I am not saying he should’ve shot at the vehicle but she should have taken the ticket and disputed it in court. His reaction may have been wrong but her actions were far from right

          • ZAallDay85

            And who’s fault would that have been? The mad mom in a minivan illegally fleeing from the cops putting her children’s lives in danger as well as other motorists, or the cop doing his job by the book. The situation wouldn’t have happened if she just signed for the ticket and went on her way, but she brought it on herself and her family.

          • Tha Baztard

            If she was “illegally fleeing” why did she pull over the second time?

            Youre probabky right…the cop was going by the book…fucked up book that needs to be burned!

            Where was the harmed party to her “offence”?
            Please subpoena that sign that said 55 and have it explain how her being over by SIXTEEN mph (a speed difference a human could run) harmed it.

            Driving away the SECOND time was CLEARLY in DEFENCE…must have been fun in that van with glass flying everywhere.
            This womans flight instincts took over from fear…the cops fight instincts took over from anger.

            And whose the alleged trained professional here?

            By the looks of this?
            No one!

          • Carrina Murphy

            all the police there turned the situation into a high profile situation by losing their tempers because the people didn’t do what they wanted. don’t try to pretend this went down like it should have. they were professionals who were acting unprofessionally. that shit needs to be checked. you can’t defend the wrong.

          • Tha Baztard


          • Mom was an idiot

            AGREED! These officers did nothing wrong! This is NOT an example of bad cops out of control.

          • Tha Baztard

            Oh yeah this is a perfect example of exemplary police work. In Albuquerque. ..a place with a stellar cop history

          • Leasha

            THANK YOU!

          • anna

            youre a fucking idiot just like them in the minivan!

          • Christopher Botterman

            Dustin do you usually take off after you get pulled over? Stop acting all gangster and realize the situation dumb ass. where did you see or hear any racist in that video? stop using the black card, the mom was in the wrong, the son getting out of the van was wrong, and the cop that shot at the van was in the wrong. You just sound stupid!

          • James Michael

            You mean forced to the side of the road under threat of death… without warrant, or probable cause …. to be extorted….. Let’s put this in the proper perspective….. You have to understand probable cause to even get what it is….. I don’t care about race…. Any ticket is a bill of attainder and unlawful according to the constitution they swore to support and defend…. Learn that and you actually have the eyes to see the truth….

          • MikeG

            I dont think you know what a Bill of Attainder actually is.

          • Sherrie

            well put Christopher

          • Kenny

            Some of you on here are absolutely stupid and under the impression that
            all cops are “bad” and “pigs” and completely disregard them as humans
            also, most of the postings and videos on this site, I agree that the
            cops are being complete dickheads and abusive. Believe it or not, more
            cops that I know of personally care about safety, they want to get back
            home safe to their families just as they want you to get home safe to
            your families. When a women does what this lady did in this video, she
            is putting the officer at risk and multiple other people by speeding
            through the wrong lanes of traffic. Some of you would argue that he
            pulled her over because she’s black? They said she was going 71 in a 55?
            Going 15 over is a felony where I come from. How in the world is the first officer a racist terrorist for pulling over a vehicle for going 15 over? And how is he racist and a terrorist for going to issue her a ticket? I’m not a cop, but I’m smart enough to know that if someone gets out of a vehicle and starts charging at you or somebody starts charging at you in general, they could potentially have a deadly weapon. The mother was a psycho the son was irrational and the first cop was just trying to issue a ticket. The cop who fired, definately over the top, but the first cop didnt do anything wrong.

          • ZAallDay85

            Racist? The cop shooting was black! And not only that he was aiming at the tires to disable the vehicle. I’ve seen the other videos on this site and else where that are clear police brutality. This isn’t one of them!

          • Tha Baztard


        • Thomas Zychowski

          Kill the speeders before they ran into me and kill me running away like retards from a ticket. Take some responsibility people stop endangering your own children.

          • Jack

            The woman was an idiot, but it was probably very much against policy, and probably illegal, to shoot at that van, especially since it was obvious no good could have come from it. He made a poor choice. He endangered those kids just as much and maybe even more than the mom.

          • Thomas Zychowski

            I expect the police to be trained better, but I don’t want to be an armchair quarterback and second guess decisions that police personnel have to make in split seconds. I thought that deadly force was only authorized when your life or the life of others is in immediate danger, a van driving away does not constitute that danger. Like you said poor choices led to escalation and in split second decisions mistakes were made.

          • Guest

            you’re a f**king asshole, psychotic moron. I hope you get the help you need

          • Thomas Zychowski

            I hope you get some help for your anger issues. This title should read……Mother endangers her children. I hope her son spends a long time in jail to learn that assaulting a police officer is not a game.

          • Mary

            This is attempted murder by this cop. The mom did not use any deadly force against the cops. She simply drove away. That does not constitute deadly force. Cops are by and large stupid, violent, ignorant scum, and this video proves it, viz., attempted murder.

          • ZAallDay85

            If you are speeding and kill someone they don’t give you a ticket for speeding, they charge you with manslaughter at least. Why? Because a vehicle is considered a deadly weapon when not used properly. When she sped off both times she put her life, her childrens lives, and everyone else on the roads life in danger! If she hit you or someone you love and killed them in a fatal accident, you wouldn’t be on your high horse then.

          • Steve Madden

            How may hours and how many cops followed O.J.??

          • Tha Baztard


          • Thomas Zychowski

            Stereotype much? lol

            That was a rhetorical question. lol

            Move along, nothing to see here. lol

          • Steve Madden

            Some cops are.. Not al,l and not a majority. I just wish the good cops would speak out.

          • Tha Baztard

            And I hope you get help for… actually no I dont. I have no good wishes for you…for who you are personally is irrelevant. What you SAY however…?
            Pure garbage

          • Carrina Murphy

            obviously she was afraid of being murdered by that lunatic.

          • ZAallDay85

            which lunatic, the one reflecting back in the mirror, or her out of control son that jumped out the car and attacked the officer first?

          • Carrina Murphy

            uhh the ones with guns swarming a van full of children like they were al keda or the antichrist. They attacked a soccar mom and her children. I have to laugh out loud for anyone that could watch this and not be repulsed. its amazing to me.

          • ZAallDay85

            First and foremost soccer has an e not an a. Second, swarm implies a large gang of cops, there are only 3-4 officers. They also couldn’t swarm the van because it was moving as she drove off for a second time! Third, they didn’t attack the van, they used proper protocol to stop a crazy mother from injuring herself, her kids, or anyone else on the roads that day because she made poor irresponsible choices (i.e. they shot at the tires, not in to the vehicle).
            It amazes me how people how dumb bitches have somehow evolved this new ability to speak out of their asses.
            I don’t like or trust cops in general, and on this cite it’s easy to view these videos with the preconceived notion that the cops are always wrong. While a majority of these videos clearly show the police in the wrong (i.e. the Kelly Thomas video), this isn’t one of them.

          • Scott McCollum

            First and foremost site has an s not a c… smh

          • Derek Hodgson

            Your whole first statement is completely based on your opinion and perception of what a large gang of cops is. The van was initially stopped (i.e. the cop was hitting the vehicle with his police baton). It is not proper protocol to pointlessly damage property that in doing so would have no effect on stopping the crime. You also cannot see where the officer firing his weapon at the vehicle was aiming or where the shots hit. You think this “Ability to speak out of their asses” is a new thing? (You’ve probably been practicing it your whole life without knowing it, common side effect of being a “dumb bitch.”) What you think of cops wouldn’t matter in anyway, if you were actually using facts to display a message to people.

          • Tha Baztard

            See the “lunatic” behind the wheel and her “out of control” son?
            Rheir lunacy and iut of controlled behavior…REactionary…and they are unarmed.
            The OTHER lunatic? Oh…hes ON DUTY…paid with TAX DOLLARS..and is armed with batons tasers and GUNS…

            The only POSSIBLE “weapons” your first two had…her van (if she was in it trying to use it against a pig…which she never did) and his…hat…neither of which were designed for the sole purpose of inflicting damage..the REAL lunatic…armed to the teeth with weapons and a full intention of inflicting harm. And paid to do so.

            Only a real piece of shit fucktard will TRY to justify this. Even if SHE is a loonie…shes not an armed authority bestowed with weapons and duties.

            Who the fuck was served and protected here, huh?

            ZAallday talks shit and focuses on spelling instead of whats really being said. What a vagina.

            How was she endangering herself and her kids? By refusing to be detained without justification? If she tried to get offensive and attack the cop…youd have a point. She wanted to go home.

            You must have watched a different video. Didnt swarm the van? Didnt attack the van? What was that Billy stick doing to that window…trying to clean it?

            Oh yeah…shooting at the tires…from the back… yeah like a bullet couldnt ricochet. ..and like you were there to see where he was aiming and where got hit.

            I cant believe you find this as a justifiable need for a pig to discharge his piece.
            You dont trust cops in general…why? Cuz they said they would pull out of your ass before finishing?

          • b-rye

            its also worth mentioning shooting at tires is generally against protocol… and that the officers waited until their fellow officers were clear of the front of the van to start firing… out of the bullets paths

          • Issie Is

            The lunatic was her not the cop

          • Liz O’neill

            cops murder innocent civillians every day, so since she committed a traffic violation, she was quite right to ” fear for her life”

          • Tha Baztard

            Thomas…another dumbass?
            Ticket…for what?
            Detainment…for what?
            And relly with all those kids…hou dont think she has an ADDRESS…a RESIDENCE…and a HOME they could have gone to instead if shooting at her and her INNOCENT kids and ensuing in a high speed chase?
            Oh yeah…this pig was really at risk of being run over
            Lame ass excuse.

            Oh yeah…pigs arent paid to think. Just shoot. Esp if its a black.

          • Thomas Zychowski

            Ad Hominem attacks? Good one, I would skip to name calling next time. lol

      • Juan

        It wasnt being used as a weapon

      • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

        Who was using a motor vehicle to try and kill cops? Sorry Rev…lost us on that one.

      • Justin McFarlane

        A motor vehicle is a deadly weapon when its traveling towards you. It was traveling away, that is called fleeing. The officer shooting at the mini van was trying to be the hero out of some bad 90’s cop show.

      • Jimmy

        Are you fucking kidding me? Who was in front of the minivan as it drove forward again??/ THATS RIGHT!!! FUCKING NO ONE!!! FUCKING NO ONE WAS IN DANGER DIPSHIT EXCEPT FOR THE PEOPLE INSIDE OF THE VAN WHO RAN FOR THEIR LIVES.

        • Joey DeLange

          Jimmy… She endangered EVERYONE on the road, not to mention her own children. There were other families on those streets while she was driving in the lanes of opposing traffic. So, to answer your question. A LOT of people were in front of that minivan. They did not run for their lives either. They were not killed when they were caught. When a wolf chases a rabbit, the rabbit is running for it’s life because being caught means death. You are not helping you argument. Sounds to me like you have a lot of blind hatred for cops in general. Which makes cause for irrational and naive comments like yours. You are clueless as to what you are talking about. Just give up and try not to lose sleep over it.

          • James Michael

            You presume a lot as we did not see her in operation of the vehicle before the tape started so you like most people are presuming that she endangered someone beforehand…. Innocent until PROVEN guilty and without an real injured party, there is no standing to even charge her. Just more of the fraud, lies and deceptions the courts use their monkeys with badges and guns to extort the ignorant….

      • Merle Nelson

        Too True….

      • Christopher Botterman

        yeah it is but when there kids inside shooting at them is wrong idea.

      • Σετη Λεωισ

        So are teeth, fists, feet, etc. ALMOST ANYTHING can be a deadly weapon.

      • Corey Hendricks

        to any and all defending these pigs….how’s that view of your rectal cavity?

      • Devin

        I think what you were trying to say is ‘A motor vehicle can be used as a deadly weapon’, which she clearly was not.

      • Tha Baztard

        So is a spoon. Rev…that was a really stupid statement. Are you an idiot?

        Did you see any use of a vehicle as a WEAPON in THIS vid?
        No? Then STFU!

    • Kell

      He was trying to make the vehicle undrivable so it was much better that mom evaded the officer, than fought him, got a 14 yr old little boy fighting an officer, and than HIGHSPEED chase into oncoming traffic with said children some as young as 6….WTF…some people should not be allowed to breed

      • jimmy

        How exactly does a minivan become undrivable if you shoot it through the back door? Oh ya… if you hit the driver… thats how.

        • Joey DeLange

          Jimmy… Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. You must hate me by now, seeing as how I find all of your comments deeply flawed and over dramatized. Watch the video again. This time, with a calm and open mind. The cop did not shoot through the back hatch of the vehicle. He aimed low, and carefully for the tires. He did not empty the clip, firing like a cowboy, like a lot of other cops do.

    • Merle Nelson

      Speeding can kill doesn’t look like much mother material are setting a good example for her children….I am a CASA volunteer….CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate for children….and in my Commonwealth she would be put under a protective order by a judge….don’t blame the police they get angry too..

    • unknown

      I normally agree with the videos posted here and yes cops are douche bags but I mean come on how can you defend this stupid woman. All she had to do was take her damn ticket but she runs away which is a felony, then the cop is still cool about it talks to her, then she tries to run away yet again, then being attacked from her son. I really hate saying this, but I agree with that cop, but not the one that shot at the van. WTF was wrong with her jesus…..

  • Kurt Lovelace

    Perhaps she, as a black women, was afraid of the white officer. There is a double standard in this country. She drove off out of fear. Apparently, her fears were well justified.

    • Leasha

      Oh shut the FUCK up! She was “scared” of getting a fucking SPEEDING TICKET?! No, her ass was being a pussy bitch not wanting to take responsibility for her actions so she FLED THE SCENE TWICE! If she had been a normal person about it none of this would have happened. She endangered her children as much as the cop did. Stupid cunt and her shithead freshman son should get locked up and the kids taken away. I can’t believe some of you idiots stick up for a felon who RISKED HER CHILDREN’S LIVES OVER A FUCKING SPEEDING TICKET! Get a reality check, moron.

      • Criggz

        Since when did sticking up for your mother make you a “shithead freshman”? What does that even mean? You make decent points but, honestly, fix your delivery. It’s easy to sit here and nit pick behind a computer screen. But if (and I hope it never does) you’re ever in a situation where you FEEL is life-or-death, I’d hope you maintained your rational thought process . . . though I question if you have one considering your ridiculous reply.

      • DanSimpson

        YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP CUNT. You don’t know shit about what happened and have no business posting here. You’re a fucking idiot. The fucking idiot cops, must be your relatives, totally disregarded the safety of the children, and her fears WERE justified, seeing how fat ass pig boy acted like Wyatt fucking Earp. What an idiot. He needs to be fired and jailed for life. The pigs are ALWAYS treating minorities like they own them, so for you to assume she was totally in the wrong is flat out retarded. Hope you NEVER have kids, because you OBVIOUSLY don’t know a fucking thing about parental fears of abuse by gestapo cops. So, moral of the story??? You are the one that needs to be locked up for stupidity. And just for good measure, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

        • ColdFeet

          I’m assuming that your were there, Dan?

          My opinion is that none of this would have happened if she wouldn’t have ran from the cops in the first place. She put her childrens lives in danger, not to mention the public’s. The boy is lucky he wasn’t shot, too. The cop who shot at the van may not have known that there were children in the van. It’s kinda hard to tell from this video. He came up on a situation where a van driver was taking off and he must have seen it as a public safety threat.

          Bottom line, if she was that concerned with the safety of her children, she wouldn’t have made it a point to teach them that running from the cops is the way to go. Now, let’s see how many of her kids grow up to become successful, contributing, law abiding citizens of this country…

          • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

            Yeah, you’re right…pigs never do anything terrifying…they don’t wear black…they don’t shoot civilians…never beat people…never falsely arrested or imprisoned anyone…never killed anyone…never lied…never beat blacks or sicked dogs on them…yep…pigs are just saint like super heroes…like Officer Bisard in Indianapolis who murdered Eric Wells while drunk driving. Oh, the pigs “accidentally” took his blood to the wrong place just cuz they knew it would be inadmissable. Well…guess what pig fucker? HE’S IN PRISON NOW! GUILTY BITCH! You must swallow cop cum or else you wouldn’t have such a raging hard on for their super powers and your muggle-ness. After all, you are just the worshipping lower class…you know your role…lick them jackboots honey!

          • Thomas Zychowski

            Some policeman are rotten to the core, like a dirty sponge the more you squeeze them the more shit falls out. That said. Why did she ran over a ticket, twice? Why endanger her entire family? Why did her son attack a policeman?

            I don’t like how the US is turning into a 1984 style police state described by Orwell. It must be scary
            as hell to be harrassed all the time and the patience of people must be wearing thin.

          • ColdFeet

            Yeah, you’re right. Thanks for making that clear to me! I feel like a new man!

        • Lizzy Le Sarge

          Shhuuuttttt uuupppp!!!!

      • James Michael

        Being they had no right to be ticketing her in the first place as she was not driving….. you could do with a lot more education…. Try looking up Eddie Craig on youTube you have been scammed your entire life and don’t even know it….. Try this for a start in your well needed education and stop defending criminal extortionists with badges and guns…

        • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?


      • Lizzy Le Sarge

        Completely agree with you! 100%

      • Juan

        Calm thevfuck down .is only a boy .

      • bunnyswanson

        Speeding ticket costs a lot of money. By the time you add it up, it reaches thousands of dollars. This lady may have had priors – so would be facing ding on insurance, unable to attend traffic school. She was wrong to do it. No one questions that. but the cop could have taken her license number and had cops at her house in 20 minutes or less.

        • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

          Not really wrong….we are told to go to a populated and safe, well lit area with lots of witnesses if we fear the police. You can say without a shadow of a doubt she wasn’t afraid for her life after years of watching police abuse people the same shade as her & her family?

      • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

        How is she a felon? She’s never been tried in a court of law. How did she risk her children? By pulling over in a secluded area so a white cop could terrorize and then attempt to bring other pigs in to murder her and her kids? May I ask…what’s a pig dick taste like? And also, do you lick shine his jack boots you WHORE!

        • ColdFeet

          Dude, have you even seen the video? You have one fucked up, drug induced imagination. I’d say “please leave” but I just realized I’m on a “hate police” website where half the people commenting hate the cops because the cops busted them doing something wrong.

      • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

        Also, you make me hate being white. We are not related bitch.

        • Leasha

          Good for you, creep. You can fuck off now.

    • dozr

      fear of a traffic ticket… she was wrong the cops were wrong she escalated it but the cops shouldnt have had to escalate to deadly force. if one of the little kids were killed then what?

    • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

      Yep, the cops will kill you…she was right. What was wrong with running away? These faggots have a blood lust.

  • joe bob

    Regardless of what went on, there was no need to use deadly force! There were no persons in a life/death situation, except those children in the vehicle and that from the police.
    The last officer arriving used the gun without even being aware of what was going on. “shoot first, ask questions later”?

    • The Rev

      When an officer calls over the radio that he needs backup he’s being assaulted a cop isn’t going to show up and start asking everybody for their side of the story.

      • Elly

        So they are in the car and he is shooting blindly when NO ONE is being assaulted at that point… Your point falls to be invalid now.

  • j w

    OINK OINK OINK OINK 16 MPH over a 55 What a Freaking JOKE …… It was a Speeding Ticket JESUS CHRIST

    • The Rev

      I agree, it’s just a speeding ticket. If you think it’s unfair take it to court. No need to start an incident.

  • Bryan Robinson

    when will we be able to live without white men shooting at black children and calling it justice?

    • Lizzy Le Sarge

      Pullin the race card just like a punk. Shut up. If you feel like that theirs a plane leven, Bahamas, Caribbean. ..go there so you can “feel” like you fit in! Oh and I hope you have better luck with the police their lmfao

      • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

        I’m white and I am appauled by the to jackboot licking muggles above me. Please don’t let these fuckin’ racist elitist crackers tell you that this was justified. Cops have terrorized the black community for years…and there is a set in fear of pigs. This is not a Trayvon situation…that kid attacked someone for asking him a question…this was a black woman in the middle of fuckin’ no where…being harassed by a cop who knowingly broke speed limit laws himself at least 5 times that day alone. It’s bullshit fleecing of our citizens to give cops more military weapons so when the economy crashes…they can’t institute martial law. Wake up you stupid definition of cracker. I hate the word but fuck…it works in this situation. You are the stalest, most stuck up…and OBLIVIOUSLY ignorant slaves on this page so far. You make all white people look bad. Thanks! We truly appreciate your service! Now pigs are in need of a lick shine…get those jackboots clean as a whistle.

        • The Rev

          The police officer did not break speeding laws because you are legally allowed to with emergency lights and sirens. I’m a volunteer fire fighter, I can go above the speed limit without breaking the law.

    • dozr

      bullshit race card

  • Bill Pasteurfield

    What little respect that may be left for the police force is eroding real fast. Police officers should be getting scared because this kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated much longer. It’s apparent now that 90% of the force is made up of pedophiles, drug lords and stark raving lunatics.

  • lynn

    The driver was in the wrong, but firing on a van full of kids? These police are out of control.

    • The Rev

      one of those kids attacked a police officer.

      • Sean Hinchliff

        are u seriuous rev? so if a child kicks a cop he should shoot at him? i hope ur kidding

      • DabHand84

        Dude, let it go. You sound like a contrary five-year-old and much like a small child you aren’t seeing the point. The small children who were endangered needlessly are the real victims here. The mom definitely broke the law, the son, although very noble, still exercised poor judgment by attacking the officer, who had no real need for violent force. Once John Brown got aggressive, that’s when everyone started to panic. For all you know the kid may have witnessed his mother being abused by men, or from a neighborhood where the cops aren’t your friend if you’re black. All you know is what you see, just like the rest of us, but the fact that you can look at this with that level of contrast and aren’t mentioning anything other than those poor cops speaks volumes to your lack of compassion and understanding of people. Humans aren’t born fearing authority, authority gives them no choice but to fear it.

        • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

          You must’ve missed the cop attacking the woman…rewind that shit dumbass. I will defend my mother all day every day…and I won’t back down if a mother fucker has a fuckin’ shiny piece of earth rock on his fuckin’ black terrorist shirt. You bow to your masters…I rather not.

      • susan

        He was protecting his mom. He was brave.

      • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

        Did you see the same video? The officer was attacking the woman…the kids mom. Give him a medal of honor!

    • Rich

      He was clearly shooting at the tires

      • bunnyswanson

        Guess where the the gas tank is on a car.

        • Offc. Ruiz

          stop playing video games, a bullet to the gas tank only makes it leak

      • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

        Right…clearly cops have great aim…since they get so much range time at Dunkin’ Donuts.

  • Djimba Vallinor

    Never get in a car. It’s all the excuse they need.

  • papa392000

    with the cops on this one!!

  • Robert Burns

    these fucking cops need to loose there jobs and go to jail!!…COPS ARE OUTTTA CONTROL PERIOD!!

  • Robert Burns


    • Dustin Mother Fucker Why?

      And the second place medal for comment of the day…this guy ^^^^

  • Robert Burns


  • Jadu

    The cops didnt no anything wrong, except for the one who shot at the minivan. The women is just plain stupid.

  • Lizzy Le Sarge

    She is the fuck tard. And so was her soon. The cop pulled a taser. And good for him. I dont think anyone would sit their and take abuse from a 14. I sure as hell wouldnt. He assaulted the police officer!. Hes lucky not much more happened to him. They were in the wrong and now play victim. Please. The cop fired at the tires. Not at the children. And I guess the mom plays no fault in this at all? She put her children in danger. Her fault. No one elses. I dont agree with this sensitive bullshit. There law. You need to respect them. Not the other way around.

    • Criggz

      I don’t think anybody here’s justifying the woman’s behavior. She was irrational for whatever reason. But to say the kid is stupid kinda makes you look just the same. It’s his mother. If your mother was being tugged from a car by some stranger (in uniform or not), I would hope you’d stick up for your own flesh and blood. And, no, nobody needs to respect a cop. You earn respect by action, not by your goofy uniform and badge. Neither party here is justified. Chalk it up to a case of misunderstanding gone wrong. Nothing more, nothing less. There’s no such thing as black and white in this world, no matter what the tv wants to tell you.

      • ColdFeet

        Yes, cops deserve respect. EVERYONE deserves to be respected, law enforcement uniform or McDonalds uniform, until they lose that respect. But disrespecting a cop is plain stupid. He could have easily written her a warning and sent her on her way IF she simply showed him some respect. Now, she’s screwed.

    • DanSimpson

      Fuck you you ignorant bitch. Kiss the pigs asses you say? I guess you do better than that, from the front side. That fat piece of shit DID NOT SHOOT AT THE TIRES!! ARE YOU BLIND IDIOT?? He was shooting at the middle of the van. Watch the video again, you dumb fuck. Respect the pigs??? FOR WHAT? They abuse they law and that badge and gun gives them a big head, and they think they can just run over people all the time. The mother was afraid for her life because she has obviously suffered abuse at the hands of pig cops before. Which, from your comment, makes me think you need to suffer alot of abuse at the end of a 2×4.

  • steve.p

    The police did nothing wrong. they did every thing by the book even the officer who shot at the tire.. people need to respect athority. If a police officer askes you to get out of the car get out… this just goes to show the lack of respect for police people have. Do not get me wrong im not saying its ok for police to shoot into a car full of children, but all of that could have been avoided if the mother had just cooperated abd not argued, driven away, and disrespected the officer

    • DanSimpson

      Just shut the fuck up, we did not see the entire tape, so the asshat cop could have made racial slurs that were not picked up by the audio. He had his face in the van, so he could have said anything racially motivated. And the fat ass pig was NOT shooting at the tires, look at his aim again. The dumb piece of shit was shooting to kill somebody, anybody. These days, all it takes to be a cop is the personality of an idiot, and a retard.

      • Rich

        WOW you are a complete idiot!!

      • ColdFeet

        Dan, no offense but you’re a f#@king idiot. The majority of cops are great people who have to deal with idiots like you. Racial slurs? Really?? She was more likely to use racial slurs towards him than he was to her. And if your uneducated theory was anywhere near correct, it would be in the news. The news departments edit them to show the important part and a cop spewing racial slurs would be a big part of the story they’d wanna keep in.

        Now please, do us all a favor and go back to your bong.

        • James Michael

          Cops are not great people and that makes you the idiot….. Dan is actually correct… cops are treasonous criminals… Ever hear the saying my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge… Well that is you…..

          So you go drink your government flouridated water and be a good little slave… or better yet why not look up the definition of freedom and actually learn what I defended for you for 17 years before these criminals kill someone you love for not obeying their criminal commands.

          • ColdFeet

            Out of curiosity, James, what freedoms were at risk before you heroically saved them from being taken away? The freedom to get t-boned by a crazy broad running from the cops?

            How DID you defend my freedoms? By raping innocent woman and children while invading their country in the name of “freedom”?

            See what I did there? I made a generalization based on a couple reports of american soldiers raping people while serving overseas.

            Do I think there are some bad cops? Of course! Just like there are nutcase soldiers. And no, I dont really believe our soldiers go into countries raping people. The majority of cops are good people. If you don’t believe that, then whatever. But this cop who pulled this woman over did not disrespect her AT ALL. She ran from the cops when he went back to his car. At that point, she should have been ripped out of the drivers seat and cuffed so that she didn’t have a chance to do it again. And then she did it again! You’re seriously going to tell me I’m “drinking government flouridated waterwater” because of what I saw on video?

            You are seriously nuts.

          • James Michael

            Actually after being falsely arrested by a moronic traitor with badges and being frauded and caged by a so called honorable judge I actually did this thing called study law….
            The cops never had the probable cause or warrant to stop her …. all traffic laws are commercial in nature ad you like most people are completely ignorant of the fraud and lies perpetrated on most of the people across this country to extort money from them…
            I’m a 17 year vet duped into supporting the terrorist actions of the traitors across this county but stopped drinking their bull crap over a decade ago…
            Did that woman t bone you? Then you have no claim against her unless she put you in imminent threat, or actually did harm you…. There is no pre crime…..
            Her going at a speed she was comfortable with on a day with good conditions is NOT a crime because it does not meet the elements of standing 1/ The breach of a legal obligation ( her presumed duty not to speed) and 2/ The injury in fact (does her going faster than a sign says she can injure anyone?) Nope the 2nd element fails and there is no standing to charge her….. Until she actually does injure someone there is no crime and o reason for these ignorant criminals to be stopping her in the first place…..
            You need to learn the difference between facts and opinions… and law and procedure….. Cops are procedurally trained ignoramuses and know nothing of law.

            BTW I have proven this in court and have no licenses or registrations because I do not belong to nor live in their corporate jurisdiction. Funny thing is, the cops go the other way when they see me because I know who I am…… and they are informed by proper notice… I also carry an unregistered unpermitted .50 on my hip everywhere…. as the government has NO obligation to protect you, me nor anyone else and I have the “right” to bear arms…
            You might try actually studying some law. I suggest Eddie Craig on YouTube what the police don’t want you to know… You may actually become educated. Cops are not good people, because they are ignorant and extort people everyday in their ignorance and most people, like you allow it, because of your ignorance… Blind leading the blind so to speak…

    • Rich

      Very True

    • Steafan Dubhuidhe

      No, the police need to respect human rights, life, human dignity, and common sense. To H*ll with authority.

    • James Michael

      The police are criminals for a living and you are ignorant……
      I won’t cooperate with a criminal just because he has a badge and a gun either…..
      I don’t respect ignorant psychopaths with guns…. trying to extort me….

  • Dent yen

    You have the right not to stop or drive straight to a police station. If you feel in danger from the officer or question if it is an officer. If you have a cell phone call 911 let them know what you are doing. These cops are psycho. And severely aggressive and punitive. Fire on that van with children like there violent criminals is out if control. They provoked it. What have we come too.

  • Billy Bob

    The cop that fired the shots with absolutely no threat present, should be suspended without pay for an indefinite amount of time. Dumb mom should be slapped upside the head for putting her children in danger for a petty ticket.

  • Eric East

    What the mother did was wrong, but this is what happens when cops use fear tactics on people and make them think they are going to go to prison for the rest of their lives for driving 71 mph.

  • Steafan Dubhuidhe

    It is obvious that the female driver was in fear of what the police would do to her children. She may have feared being raped when he told her to turn around and face the car. We all know that cops get away with murder. The mere presence of a cop is danger to life. Given the reality of what our police officers are, I can completely understand her attempt to get away and then to stop only where there were witnesses.

    • dozr

      so much bullshit

  • susan

    What really upsets me is the number of commenters here who believe the cops were justified. Why was it so damned important to stop this woman? She was not posing any threat.

  • James Michael

    These criminals with badges and guns need to be locked up NOW……

  • strelok

    Good job

  • Lizzy Le Sarge

    Lmfao! I think dan has spent some time with the police…then with bubba! Hahah you made my day! Love ppl get sooo retarded over comments! Thanks for the laugh dan

  • Michael Semanko

    This is one situation where I can say 100% that officer did not have justification to open fire on that vehicle, no lives were in imminent danger.

  • Oblivious

    Flee a traffic stop? Punch an Trooper? Great family values, how do they find the time for welfare, weed, and free iPhones? Shit parenting at its finest.

  • Xhenochrist

    How are you getting mad at the police officers? As a person that doesn’t give a fuck about the law, I can honestly say I would’ve done the exact same thing as a cop. You people have to realize that the officer reacted the way he did due to HER irrational actions. Eluding a police officer for a simple speeding ticket? Really? To me, that looks like you’ve got something to hide, even with your 5 children in the car with you. And if not, it still doesn’t give you the right to elude/not get a ticket because you have children with you and you’re driving a mini van. Furthermore she refused BY FORCE to be handcuffed by the officer. This is for the officers safety and that’s exactly what should’ve happened. AFTER she had already eluded, who knows if she could have a gun, knife, ect. (Note this is after the police officer tried to calmly talk to her and explain what her ticket was and why.) That boy that got out trying to help his Mom should be in jail. That 14 year old boy deserved exactly what he got, even with the window being broken right infront of his face. You don’t get out of the car to help your mom elude a cop after she is caught speeding.. And using common sense, you probably shouldn’t rush anyone with a gun. Truth be told, I would’ve shot the kid.

  • billsarena

    I’d like to think someone would find out these folks names down and start a petition for a presidential pardon. That 14 year old man is a hero.

  • Findo Gask

    Since when are traffic tickets a ‘lethal force’ offence?

  • blairg23

    Yet another reason we need better checks and balances. I hope these cops went to jail.

  • blairg23

    And why did the dumbass DRIVE AWAY? Is it cos she’s black?

  • bunnyswanson

    Choose your battles wisely- This woman would have eventually stood in front of the police again. She is just that kind. The cops know it, she knows it. They should have let her go and written her off like used to do. But there is something different in the air today. No one gets away. Fines. That want the money from the fines. In other words – Break the spirit of America for the almighty dollar.

  • Raven Dubois

    that lady was an idiot, just take the fucking ticket like an adult. She was completely out of line… I cant even believe what Im seeing. I would have shot at her dumb ass too,

  • CommenSince

    You guys are stupid, look he is obviously trying to pop the tire rear left tire(OMG a trained firearm professional). That’s a better choice then someone storming down the road with a mini -van that could wreck and kill whom ever she may hit plus her children… i hate everyone for always reacting instead of thinking… that women neither her kids were justified he was an officer and they broke the law. All they had to do is stay there and get issued the ticket then none of that would’ve happen. She is the one that put her children at risk the whole time.

    • Chris

      But even if he was shooting at the tire, is that going to make them stop? How many police chase videos have you seen them driving on bare rims? One flat tire wouldn’t have prevented her from storming down the road anyway I’m sure…

  • Seems like half the room thinks the woman and her children deserve to be showered with bullets for what they did. Clearly the answer to the situation here is to arm our forces with bullets tipped with depleted uranium. No ticket-dodging anarchist will get away from that particular crime stopper. And if they somehow do (which terrorists and crypto-commie leftists do, thanks to demonic forces, no doubt), we got drones. Nobody else got drones like us, because those loser nations are not #1 like we are.

  • dozr

    wow this woman is nuts…. the cops shouldnt have shot at it but wtf is she thinking… if she took her parking ticket on the first pull over no gun, no arrest.

  • james dixon

    1st off, if she would have just cooperated with the officers and not sped off, things would not have turned out that way. Then it gets crazy, totally uncalled for, that family didn’t have weapons, bad move by everyone.

  • Larry Garton

    If the cop had a taser why would he not use non lethal force yo subdue the driver and or her protective son its a small wonder people won’t pull over for cops in the first place reality idiot cop its a speeding ticket and you goofs fire at kids I say let people have the guns for awhile and see if you like your kids being shot at you trigger happy retard there is absolutely no excuse for your behavior

  • Ace Flush


  • Ace Flush


  • awesomejesee

    Wasn’t this just a speeding ticket to start with… I mean I would just fight the ticket in court and hope the officer doesn’t show up. If he does then I plead my case and prove I wasn’t speeding. There was no need for her to resist so much then and there. Does she not have control over her kids that she couldn’t keep her son from making a stupid move by putting his hands on an officer? Let’s look at this for what it is… If a drunk gets pulled over in the same fashion the cops would have responded in the same way because the threat is the same. She could have seriously hurt someone on her little car chase same as a drunk driver. But shooting at a drunk driver would be acceptable if it caused him to stop endangering innocent people including the cops? It’s tough to be on the woman side because what she did was so blatantly stupid. She had no respect for law enforcement and neither did her son. Now they both have to deal with the consequences.

  • mark

    there were major mistakes on both sides the whole situation had a lack of common sense and apparently many of you lack it as well it makes no difference black or white so please quit trying to use the racism card as a cop out

  • Larry Sankey

    First, the mother is seriously deranged, let me put that out there. Running from the cops with you six kids in the car is way wrong. That’s indefensible. But who is training these officers, Barney Fife? When the woman gets out, the cop should have taken the keys out of the car. No more running. On the second stop, the cop car in front should have stopped his squad car in front of the van, preventing it from moving. Is Taos full of Keystone cops? Let’s not use common sense and prevent potential tragedy, let’s shoot at children. Hell, he couldn’t even shoot the tires out from a few feet away.

  • Ghettofabulous

    I’ve said it a million times. Police EVERYWHERE need investigated and retrained.

  • J

    Someone explain to me how this is “out of control”? That stupid bitch didn’t do what she was told, then the officer is attacked by her dumbfuck of a child who thinks he doesn’t have to let his mom go to jail for evading arrest. So he attacks the fucking police officer?! Seriously?! And people call this out of control. This is a prime example of how this flock of idiot, blind sheep lash out at authority for no reason other than this authority, these police officers, put their lives on the line every day just so to keep idiots like this in jail and protect your stupid ass, just to be called “out of control” when they respond with the amount of force necessary to complete a lawful objective. If it’d been me, I would have tased the shit out that kid and his dumb bitch of a mother. Lets see if they decide to run from and attack a cop ever again.

  • Thomas Zychowski

    Stop and get a ticket retard and stop endangering my life. The police should not be firing on people pulled over for speeding that is out of line. I hope the son and mom get lengthy jail sentences for this reckless disregard for the law.
    I hope the police firing at the van gets retraining before he kills someone.

  • RogueR

    Once again, the cops were not in threat, yet restored to what should be a LAST RESORT as their first option. They need to have their guns taken away, until they can learn they are only for a LAST OPTION, and only when they are in danger.

  • Judy

    so stupid! just follow her home and arrest her. Why pull out guns with 5 children in the vehicle over a speeding ticket-really! Cops everywhere are going crazy and getting away with it!

  • ana

    theyre not going power crazy people outthere like these idiots think they can over power the law!!! how fucking stupid is that?!?!?! is the fucking law!!! why would you try to run away from them or give them a hard time it was a fucking ticket do defensive driving deal with your consequences like a fucking adult not like an idiot!!

  • Jake

    Pigs are fucking insane. See what happens when you give chimps a bit of power?!
    That pig should be exiled and forced to wander the desert…

  • feltch

    I don’t see the problem here. He should’ve shot that kid in the mouth. It would have served as a lesson to the younger ones. Mom is a retard, breeding retards. I am satisfied with the outcome.

  • Merle Nelson

    Why did the lady leave….she did run away…….and I don’t blame him following with a bunch of idiots….The lady speeding was also endangering the children…..and she was the what MOTHER…..

  • Jesse Costa

    If the people would have listened, there would have been no problems!

    71 in a 55….book em dano

  • jd

    If the piece of shit mother complied there would be no problems what so ever! The mother put those kids in danger. The mother should have been a role model and not took off twice. She is just telling her kids that it is alright to disobey the law and leave if you get pulled over. Well this is what she gets, I don’t like it any more than you do, but that is the way she wants it. Do you really think the cops were just going to let her go and speed again which may kill the kids?

  • Blind people

    I love how restarted everyone is haha just watch the video and flame instead of pay close attention and put yourself in his shoes. You have an outrageous mother and 14 year old beating in you what do you do to get control of the situation?.. Second off, he is clearly aiming at the tires that’s why there are no bullet holes in the van.

  • NiceGuy.

    The family deserves to die and suffer in hell as the devil eats their souls for dessert.

  • Ashley Smith

    Police may be getting out of hand but how was this lady in the right at all?running from the cops at high speed with your kids in the car?…she put them in just as much danger if not more by swerving into wrong way traffic and proceeding to run from the cops than they did by firing.i agree that cops are getting out of hand and power hunger for sure but this bitch was straight up stupid.

  • Audra Babcock

    they were all wrong!!! PERIOD!!

  • Hans

    I am unsure how this can be a racist issue when the police officer who shot at the car did not at any time see the occupants of the car. Agreed it was a very unprofessional and stupid thing he did, just choosing to open fire before knowing further information about who was in the vehicle and of course theres the fact its mini van and its not going to outrun a police car…. but then its also at the point she decides to flee endangering the lives of other drivers and pedestrians and that should be stopped at all costs. Imagine if she plowed into a group of kids standing by waiting for a bus??

    The person who is without doubt at fault here is the mother. What sort of idiot puts her children at risk like that? I hope her kids are taken away from her and raised by people more intelligent and caring then her and she is sterilized.

  • Joey DeLange

    I, for one, have been sick of police officers abusing their authority. I look at this situation and I see something different. The cop asked her specifically to turn her engine off. Instead, she drove away. Anyone with half of a brain should know that is a bad idea. As far as the officer shooting at the vehicle, watch what he is aiming for. The back tire was his target. The fact he shot slowly and carefully placed his bullets shows that. I am thoroughly trained in weapons safety and handling and can identify such things easily. Lately, cops have been unloading their entire clip (no bueno). I do not believe this situation is as bad as people are making in out to be. The cops did their job in this case. I just saw a mother drive in to opposing traffic at unsafe speeds, evading police, neglecting her children’s best interest, and practically using her kids as a shield. She put her children’s lives at risk more than the cops. What kind of mother would do that?

  • Kenya

    Shooting at a CHILD, WTF is wrong with these asshole cops.
    I would g to prison for capital murder if that fuck bag fired on my family.
    The police are terrorists, Fucking idiots.

  • Richards

    That woman is as dumb as a bag of hammers. Taking police on a chase with six kids in the van. She wasn’t thinking about their safety much at that point, was she? Any intelligent parent would have taken the speeding ticket the first time, not driven away when asked to stay put. It just escalated from there, thanks to testosterone cops and her brainlessness. I don’t even blame the kid. Stupid, yes, but I know I would jump to defend my mum if I heard her screaming and saw a cop manhandling her.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone involved here is retarded.

  • bigo

    anyone shoots at my kids im shooting back

  • Chris Beekman

    What the fuck right did the cops have to harass them in the first place? Speeding? So you get to bash in someones windows to relive your high-school days as a bully because you grew up to become a fucking dipshit cop with too much testosterone?

    These cops are just highway robbers, brigands, and bullies. The mother did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. The cops went too far.

  • Elly

    I do agree that the cop shouldn’t of shot, she wasn’t causing any danger originally and the children had done nothing wrong, but the SON does deserve what he’s getting as does the mother. Another commenter is right, this should be titled “Mother puts her children in danger”.

  • Kevin

    Notice how it takes one coward to pull out IT’S gun for the rest to pull theirs out. Cowards.

  • Darwin

    This story is just another disastrous consequence of concentrated stupid, everyone involved in this story handled themselves in the worst way possible. The Police were idiots, the mother was an idiot and the son was also and idiot.

  • Christian K Williams

    I can’t really take a side there both wrong. she could have avoided the situation by not driving away.

  • Shamicka

    I personally think she panicked! She probably has warrants and when the officer went back to the car all she could think to do was get her kids somewhere she trusted them to be. When the cop pulled her back over and tried to forcefully remove her the son who is probably the male and father figure for the family went in protective mode. He saw a man attacking his mother then to top it off a white cop at that I’m can almost be positive that he has spent much of his life having to fight for his mother so it was instinct to protect not intent to break the law. What the cop should have did was diffuse the panicked woman and told her ma’am please cooperate so I won’t have to arrest you in front of your kids. I really feel like in order to be a police that you must be excellent in problem solving skills. Anybody who paid attention in elementary and middle school they taught you that the quickest way to diffuse a escalating situation is to lower your tone, think rational, be patient, be calm both people can’t be irrational and hot headed in a heated scenerio. More training needs to be taught to officers on how to calm a situation not throw fuel on the fire. They are put in place to ensure order and be the ones who are level headed in chaos. States need to stop hiring these ego tripping power hungry folks as officers

  • David Randell

    shoot the cops put em all out of a job thats destuction of property sue em suem hard

  • Psyclic

    Another example of the consequences of DWB.

  • 1*
  • Profmorphious

    wont happen you need to know a law has already been passed quietly in washington that all citizens are terrorist and fair game. only the rich are immune.

  • Midnite

    yeah she shouldn’t of drove off the first time, but the PIG was a asshole to start with ! Give these PIGS a badge and gun, and they think they are god ! they hate it when we know our rights, it just pisses them off even more ! Take that badge and gun away from them and they are nothing ! I don’t put up with there shit and never will !

  • Bree Mousseaux

    Police don’t protect us anymore. I’d run away too.

  • sherrie

    ok first off firing a gun at a car w/ kids in it not the smartest cop on the planet!! but I would say the way the lady handled it was totally ridiculous especially with today”s times … She needs to be smarter than that and her son should have known better to get out of the car! instead of being arrested he could have been in the morgue!!! dumb move on his part!!! this all could have been way worse… as for the cops they should be fired and taking out of any law enforcement!!!!… hopefully this mom uses more common sense in the future…

  • Brent Edgell

    Okay, so I know what the cop did was wrong…But, she needs to know, that you can’t drive away when a cop says, “hold on here, a second, I’ll be right back.” I really don’t feel MUCH sympathy, and I usually do when i feel someone is actually the victim, so I’m not a dick…I just don’t understand what’s so hard about that. Also, the cop was shooting at the tires, as they are supposed to do when someone is RESISTING ARREST and trying to give them a police chase. The news has away of expressing biased opinions and using words like “shooting at kids” when even though he was shooting at the van, he was shooting for the tires. Cops are trained in accuracy. It’s not like it’s his first gun shot ever.

    • noname_noslogan


      What part of this do you not understand? Learn to read, moron.

    • Bill TheKind

      Cops are not permitted to shoot at people’s tires (not that you know what he was shooting at) because they are evading a speeding charge.

  • David William Gordon

    OK it looks like the cop was firing at the TIRES (see him crouched) AND the actions of this lady and the nature of the Chase- Dangerous to other drivers AS WELL AS HER OWN KIDS would seem to warrant Shooting Out the Tires… I agree that cops often over-step their boundaries and are sometimes guilty of crimes. This is not one of them. Now, all you attack dogs in the comments, feel free to show your hypocrisy by coming after me verbally like a cop who’s being filmed… Threats and all! God damn, I stepped into a real pile of shit coming to this site. Maybe this site is run by cops who are setting up files on everyone mentioning stupid shit like how they’d shoot a cop, and blablabla… maybe the cops running this site are trying to make the anti-brutality movement look like fools?

  • gilimak

    This is a prime example of a power crazied, narcissist, who has sought a career in the police force to bully people. If he was respectful and not as intimidating to the group the female would probably never have driven off in the first place. Disgusting. Protect and serve. What a joke.

  • nick

    He should not have shot at the vehicle, but everything else I saw in this video was pretty well justified.

  • Jessica Fox

    If she hadn’t tried to resist and drive off, none of that would’ve happened! Blame the right person, here! Should he have shot at a van full of kids? No. Should she have ran from the police with a van full of kids???? NO!

  • Christina Woodruff

    The ONLY reason that cop had ANY excuse to shoot that van was if he was aiming for the tires, which he wasn’t, and there was no way he’d get them unless he went belly to the ground. He wasn’t attempting to shoot the driver, or the son either. All that was was to create terror, and risked little kids lives to do it. Bullshit.

  • ZAallDay85

    I’m sorry but this mom is in the wrong and it wouldn’t have happened if she did as she was told. Pull over, show id, accept the ticket, and then go. Instead she fled TWICE and put her children in danger when she resisted arrest. The first responding officer pulled a taser and did not use it, and the second officer who actually fired was aiming at the tires to disable the vehicle as is police procedure. He wasn’t aiming at the back window or the driver, but the tires. I don’t trust police any further than I can throw them (which isn’t far), but one thing I know for sure is that I’m not going to give them any reason to pull a weapon. Yet that’s exactly what this woman and her son did, and they are both luck they didn’t get shot or get any of the other innocent children hurt.

    • Damien

      You must be a cop, married to one or have one in your family.

      STFU & know that the officers were fired for their offense.
      There was NO NEED to fire into the van.

      NO PIGS life was in danger ass clown!

      • ZAallDay85

        The only ass clown is you, since your grammatically horrid response shows your absolute ignorance and common sense.

        1) I’m not a cop nor are there any in my family. Don’t assume you know anything about me, because you don’t know me. From your comment I could assume you were a teenage idiot that thinks they know everything and are super edgy and educated because you might have caught an episode or two of the Daily Show or Colbert Report.I don’t like or trust cops in general because they have a severe tendency to abuse power. This is not one of those cases, if it was he would have beat her as soon as she got out of the car and shot her son when he jumped out the car and at him.

        2) If you’re going to cuss at me at least spell it out (if you can. Here’s some help: shut the fuck up), and you should take your own advice and do just that.

        3) The day they prove no ones ever been killed in a car accident or being struck by a moving vehicle is the day I will agree with you that the cops lives weren’t in danger. In fact please prove me wrong, and here’s how: go play in traffic, get hit, and if your good, no injuries of any kind, scratches or bruises, you’ll have the satisfaction of being right.

        4) He didn’t fire in to the van, if he did the back window would’ve busted out. You’d see bullet holes littering the back side of the van, and yet you don’t. Why? Because he was aiming at the tires to disable the vehicle.

        5) If you’re going to have a debate, which this is, be an adult. That means learn how to spell and not use acronyms for simple albeit juvenile comments. Have an educated discussion as opposed to having to result to name calling like a 5 year old. Swearing at someone and calling cops pigs doesn’t mean you’re grown, doesn’t make you a bad ass, nor does it make you seem truly intelligent in way shape or form.

        That said please grow up and behave like an adult, before you go commenting all fast loose and crazy like.

        • Damien

          Grow up?

          Well, the cop did not have to shoot first and ask questions later.
          This is happening all over the country. The police are fastly becoming militarized by our government.
          The Supreme court has even said that police do not have to protect any single person.
          Why do police need vehicles that were designed for combat?
          Why do police feel they need to wear the same gear as our military?

          I, for one will always fight against police abuse.

          As for the abbreviation above, I did not want to write down the swear words.

          Thank you for being so condescending as well.

          Good day sir.

  • Chris Melton

    someone drop a bomb on this department and its tyrant thugs of power

  • KP

    She ran to a populated area. Cant say i blame her much.