Cop Parked In Front of Innocent Man’s Business Shoots Him, His Department Destroys the Evidence

seth adams

by Max Chantha

FLORIDA – When Seth Adams approached the vehicle oddly parked in front of his business, he thought there might be a burglar casing it, but what he found was much worse – and fatal.

Palm Beach County Sherriff Michael Custer, conducting unspecified surveillance, would kill Adams that night.

Adams’ murder was three years ago, yet the investigation is still ongoing, despite the best efforts of the Sherriff’s department.

It seems they have done everything in their power to cover up the killing; numerous requests for them to furnish footage or other information from that night have either been ignored or denied.

But the most brazen act of obfuscation comes from the destruction of key evidence held by the Sheriff’s Department.

Custer’s cellphone and laptop, both of which would have had vital information about the events that night, were lost and destroyed, respectively.

Adams family lawyer Wyatt McCall and District Judge Daniel Hurley have both decried the Department’s actions.

The judge referred to the complete disregard for the legal process as “troubling” and “deeply shocking.”

In a coordinated effort that clearly aims to circumvent justice and allow a killer cop to walk free, the state attorney has stated that it will only consider evidence presented by a law enforcement agency – regardless of the department’s clearly corrupt tactics, and the Adam’s family coming forward with compelling evidence to implicate Custer.

If this case is indicative of anything, is that the complicity between the justice system and police departments must stop if true justice can ever return to America.

Destruction of evidence should result in a guilty verdict for the defendant – as cops are so quick to say, if you’re innocent you shouldn’t have anything to hide, especially as a civil servant responsible to the public.

Watch the video below:

Max Chantha is a writer and investigative journalist interested in covering incidences of government injustice, at home and abroad. He is a current university student studying Global Studies and Professional Writing. Check out Max Chantha: An Independent Blog for more of his work.

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  • craig klucas

    Where is the FBI? Cops should never investigate themselves

    • Gummy_Grizzly

      I wouldn’t be much more trusting of the FBI in these instances. What there should be in each jurisdiction, is an independent civilian oversight committee acting as a check against police power. These committees should have full access to all files and evidence that the police have, as well as full investigative powers over the police. They should also have the legal ability to remove a dirty cop from his job and bring him to justice. Most importantly though, these committees should never be beholden to the PD or State Attorney’s offices in any way what-so-ever beyond their oversight and checking duties.

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      • Gary Williams Jr.

        they should also have the legal authority, AND the POWER to remove, or dismiss any normal prosecutor, including the D.A. the fact that they have destroyed evidence, and/or REFUSED to furnish it makes the entire dept. a “rogue” agency. and they should be treated as the illegal criminals they are. the crime lab should be immediately shut down, the chief, city council, mayor, prosecutor, and judge suspended, and/or fired, AND indicted on federal charges. there should be a REAL audit of every single officer, and dept. firing them is not enough,….not by any means! and this is far more common then people realize.

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      • Cliff

        It would never work because it would be a committee consisting of civilians. The police would do everything in their power to defraud such a committee or place police supporters in the committee so if anything does happen, they can cover it up. I’m relatively sure something to that extent has actually happened recently.

  • FilmingIsLegalMoron

    This is a great story, but it highlights my issue with the Black Lives Matter narrative. BLM highlights police misconduct on racial lines. Police aggression towards the civilian population in general transcends racial and socio-economic profiles. The police view the American public as the ‘enemy’. They see every contact with the public as an adversarial situation with an ‘us versus them’ mentality.

    Are minorities unduly subjected to more attention by the police than others? Of course they are. There are many reasons for this, one being demographics. There is more crime in inner city neighborhoods. Another reason being, officers patroling these ‘high crime’ areas (including black officers) view everyone as the enemy.

    This view of everyone as ‘the enemy’ has permeated every level of law enforcement. No one is immune. If you’re on this site, you’ve seen the vids. Soccer moms body-slammed to the ground over a parking infraction. People tazed and pepper-sprayed for merely asking a question during what should have been an uneventfull interaction with the police.

    FILM EVERYTHING! Upload it live. Many apps available to do this with.

    Police abuse and overeaction is often the norm, not the exception.

    • Betty J Rousey

      Because for every white person this happens to (and yes, of course it does), there are 1,000 dead blacks whose story is not told, nor ever even known in most instances. NOW we have VIDEO, and we USE it! #BlackLivesMatter

      • NoGround

        That’s an exaggeration if you look at the numbers, but that is the general idea.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        uh, I think you have your “facts” mixed up. it’s the WHITE victims stories that rarely, if ever get told. and fyi, nearly twice as many whites were killed by cops last year, as blacks. stop listening to morons like Sharpton, he’s just a puppet for the elite. try using your brain

        • Betty J Rousey

          Gary, you are forgetting proportions. Blacks make up 13% of the population. Whites are over 60% of the population. The fact is that a black male has a chance of being shot by a policeman that’s TWENTY ONE times higher than that of a white male.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            and they always make a point of saying the victim was black. but when it’s a white person, most of the time it doesn’t even make the “news”. and when it does they are vague, or completely ignore the race. I’m not saying blacks don’t get killed, or that it’s wrong. what I’m saying is cops are killing EVERYONE. but when whites are killed it doesn’t fit the agenda. I’ve said many times on this forum, as well as others, that we ALL need to stand together, because the violence is coming from the blue/khaki “race” not white or black

    • rtknight

      The BLM movement isn’t just about black lives though, the movement has brought to light accusations of police violence against non-minorities as well. The real BLM movement could best be described as Black Lives Matter As Well. Because being African American and dealing with police means that you’re almost 5 times as likely to be subject to assault or death, than whites.
      Police violence is beyond reasonable for any group, but being a minority group means that you’re more likely to be targeted by that violence, which is what the BLM movement is really about.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        that “movement” is as corrupt as the police unions. protecting the criminals who show up to loot stores and beat/kill whites for “revenge”., just as the cops unions protects THIER CRIMINALS! if it was TRULY about protecting people from police violence, it would be ALL LIVES MATTER, but instead they listen to douche bags like Sharpton who make them believe white people are immune to police violence, and are out burning crosses in black people’s yards. neither of which is true

  • Annette Williams

    So how does black lives matter play into your narrative? It should not.. You promote senseless crimes against humanity the way you like…that’s great..and so will others…from their point of view..just as you have done…no ones says you can’t, especially when you are promoting the truth, FilmingLehalMoron….

    • Bill the eighth

      Are you drunk, on drugs, or both?

  • Ralph Cramden

    The only good pigs, are those not breathing.

    • Betty J Rousey

      Actually, there are good ones. Sometimes they try to tell about the criminals they’re working with. They get fired. After their own cops give them death threats. ALL cops should be “whistelblowers,” and should be seen as HEROES when they tell on their fellow bad cops!

    • eric


  • rick

    they don’t want a trail . because they know the cop did it that’s why

  • Just Sayin’

    ” despite the best efforts of the Sherriff’s department.” is immediately followed by
    “…they have done everything in their power to cover up the killing; numerous requests for them to furnish footage or other information from that night have either been ignored or denied.”

    This isn’t typical of “best efforts”

  • craig klucas

    It will never happen, Portland Oregon tried to get one in and too many objections and they make them toothless

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    this is what everyone needs to do. no matter how long it takes….DO NOT SETTLE OUT OF COURT!!! force hem into trial, and make the judge/jury to rule on it!!! this will set precedence!

  • sbritters

    Interesting how this website is supposedly revealing things the mainstream media ignores, and yet the stories are entirely based on information gleaned from media outlets, without attribution.

  • baruchzed

    People….it is time to get your local ballot initiatives to include defunding local police departments. Shut them down. We can do it! Cops are a liability to society, not an asset. Mostly they lie, steal, rape, brutalize, and murder. They rarely solve crimes. They do not stop crimes or deter crime. Police are part of the problem, they are not the solution.