Reports: Cop Points Gun at Girl and Starts Raping Her, “I’ll Kill Your Family if You Tell Anyone!”


Officer Maiorino was a “good cop” who recently won the Officer of the Month award…

Hannah Winston | Palm Beach Post


BOYNTON BEACH — A Boynton Beach police officer raped a 20-year-old woman at gunpoint on the hood of his marked police car, according to a report.

Officer Stephen Maiorino, 35, was charged with armed sexual battery, armed kidnapping and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior Thursday by the state attorney’s office.

Maiorino was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, according to jail records.

Officer Maiorino is on administrative leave without pay until he can be fired from the department, Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz said during a news conference at police headquarters.

“The very prospect that a law enforcement officer, someone whom the public should hold in the highest regard because of the manner in which we safeguard the public welfare, could possibly exploit this trust in such a vile and unexcusable way,” Katz said.

The incident happened Oct. 15 when a woman was left stranded in the city after a friend she was driving with was arrested on DUI charges, according to the police report.

Maiorino offered to drive the woman to the police station where she could wait for someone to pick her up.

When they arrived, the woman tried to leave the police car but Maiorino grabbed her by the wrist and told her she would be arrested if she didn’t perform oral sex on him, according to the report.

Scared, she agreed and the officer drove off 20 blocks north of the department, which is located near the intersection of Seacrest and Boynton Beach boulevards, to an abandoned field.


Before Maiorino raped her on the hood of his police cruiser, he told her to strip, according to the report. A used condom and other evidence were found in the field the next day by investigators.

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She said she was face down, held in place on the hood with his right hand.

During the assault, she told police, she looked back at her attacker and saw the gun in his left hand.

Once he was finished, Maiorino told the woman to get dressed and added that he would kill her and her family if she told anyone, according to the report. –> Continue reading. 

UPDATE: Officer had “Big Heart,” according to sources reporting to the Palm Beach Post.

“Officer Maiorino continues to have a positive attitude and great work ethic,” fellow police officers have written in a report.

Further internal performance review files stated that Officer Maiorino “really puts his heart and soul into police work.”

Maiorino has been charged with armed sexual battery and armed kidnapping, among other charges.

It turns out that Maiorino, the model of a “good cop” with a “big heart,” has been disciplined more than 10 times, reports say.

Some of that disciplinary action in the past came about after it was discovered that Maiorino was missing for several hours while “transporting” citizens.

In this most recent case, he was also missing for hours when the girl says she was raped.

The question some are asking therefore is, has Maiorino been raping girls without being caught? What has he been doing during all those times he went missing while transporting people? It is a question only further details on the case can shed light on.

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  • rhondakelly07

    Hes a Mexican NOT WHITE

    • Zenof

      Mexican is a nationality, not a race…

      I believe the word you were looking for was hispanic. Please educate.

      • Ferd

        Potato Potahto…He’s a fucking lowlife, beaner, rapist.
        Not White.

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            A little slow on the uptake, Sunnyhorse.

        • Johnny on the spot

          He’s a white Latino idiot

          • Ferd

            Okay, He’s a fucking lowlife, Latino idiot, rapist. Not White.

            Happy now?

            Latinos are not white, idiot.

          • LMD18

            Actually, the Latino and Hispanic community *are* considered white. They just aren’t considered Caucasian.

          • Ferd

            They started being considered white when Zimmerman killed that little thug.

            Only to fit a political narrative.
            White on black murder.

          • LMD18

            No…they were considered white before that by most governing agencies and by Latinos and Hispanics, themselves. Again, just not Caucasian. It isn’t to fit any political narrative. The only thing I see here attempting to fit a political narrative is your assertion that Latinos began being considered white when Zimmerman murdered that kid who was just walking home from the store.

      • HyDrox

        Technically it’s Latino, hispanic has no historical significance except in modern politics.

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        Thank YOU! Italian all day long!! You would think people would grasp nationality based on surnames. God, the state of ‘education’ these days!

    • gman

      Idiot is as idiot does

    • ShelleysLeg

      Sorry but that is an ITALIAN surname, not Hispanic!! It’s NOT Puerto Rican, it’s not Latino, it’s Italian!

  • FTP

    what does his nationality have to do with anything? he’s a predatory bag of shit

  • Hootch

    Disgusting, makes my blood boil

  • mike

    that guy was framed. he a cop he not stupid. yes he had sex with the young woman but I don’t believed he rape her and leave the condom to be found

    • Silas

      You are clearly as stupid as he was. “he a cop he not stupid” Lol good work there Elmo

    • Walt Karma

      Yo Mike….you stupid….yes she was rape….he a pig…he not cop

    • Kelly Sparky

      Sorry but that just goes to show how little you know (other than the fact that you are oblivious to proper grammar). You think because he’s a cop he isn’t an idiot. Just for the record the police depts all across the country do not hire people with high IQ’s because they feel people with higher IQ’s will get easily bored which means higher turnover.

      • Johnny on the spot

        I like how you just made that completely up

        • Ferd
          • LMD18

            You actually think that Johnny will click the link and educate himself to the fact that a federal court has upheld the right of police departments to bar those with IQs deemed “too high” from the joining the force? You have more faith in him than I do.

          • Ferd

            Not really. But I did have to try.

      • Sharon Wilkins

        Sorry but cops are not idiots. You do have to pass an exam so you can’t be but so stupid. You probably couldn’t even pass it yourself. The high turnover would be not wanting to risk their life for people like you who try and demonize and degrade a whole police force for a small minority (check statistics) of what you would call bad cops.

        • Supercapital

          If you score too high on the IQ test you won’t be hired.

          • Sharon Wilkins

            That was in one area. That is not true for all police departments. If you think it is and claim it is then show me some freaking facts to back it up.

      • jess

        Actually not because they may get bored easily, it’s because higher IQ’s mean they are less likely to follow orders when they know it’s not right. And Moore likely to report “bad” or “dirty” officers and their behavior

        • Kelly Sparky

          That is the reason they are giving to the public but I agree with you. People with higher IQ’s are more likely to rethink bad orders instead of just falling in line and doing what their masters tell them like good little lap dogs

    • Supercapital

      If you have too high of an IQ the police department won’t higher you.

      Let that sink in for a second…

    • Sean Arsenault

      AHAHAHA!! Good for him!!! That little cunt os gonna get hers for
      opening her mouth. Watch he will have her family slaughtered!! I hope
      he does too. Bitch should have kept her mouth closed. Cops have earned
      the right to rape from time to time.

      • Sunnyhorse

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  • Bella Robinson

    This shit happens every day.

    White cops rapes 8 black women.


    Women are raped by cops all the time, and rarely are the cops arrested, many times they are only charged with having sex on duty.




    • P Feezee

      I know someone who was raped by a cop when she was 13. She tried to report it, and was basically laughed out of the station.

      • Sean Arsenault

        good! little bitch should have kept her mouth closed

        • Sunnyhorse

          I would call you a pig, but that would be an insult to pigs. Flagged.

          • Ferd

            Up voting your own posts is in bad form.

            2 month old thread, in 5 hours you get 10 votes???

            Very doubtful and highly unlikely.

          • Nedrea Scott

            I wanna say that there is something very wrong with Sean Arsenault……

      • Johnny on the spot

        Your mom ?

    • Sean Arsenault

      AHAHAHA!! Good for him!!! That little cunt os gonna get hers for
      opening her mouth. Watch he will have her family slaughtered!! I hope
      he does too. Bitch should have kept her mouth closed. Cops have earned
      the right to rape from time to time.

  • pman

    the only thing the chief is upset about is there was too much evidence to cover it up !

  • jake

    yah paid him this entire time cops prey on people every day-who hasn’t had a run in with one of these thugs…red white and blue should mean freedom and with these guys it means trouble

    • Miles Coleman

      Aren’t we all prey to a cop, is that not the job of the police officer, to be a predator……….this is not surprising to me, when you give power to a person that already has sociopathic tendencies (all humans that seek power over others would be considered a sociopath) what do you expect……..If they make the law or enforce the law, the law then no longer applies to them, only to the scum beneath them.

  • Rosie Vincent
  • 324124124124

    Florida cops are trash. We need a level 10 hurricane to cleanse that entire state from the map.

    • LMD18

      You want a category 10 hurricane to wipe an entire state and its occupants off the map? Why, you display exactly the right kind of attitude needed to be a fine officer of the law just like Maiorino! When are you applying to the academy?

  • ThugBlueSwine

    Abolish the police. Humans cannot be trusted with such power and control that pigs are afforded with in this police state society.

  • T.T.

    You want to clean up the actions of the police? It’s time to erase that “thin blue line” that protects so many cops.

    1.) Abolish the police union (and any union for that matter for public offices).

    2.) Make the officers in question in any settlements/lawsuits filed against the police department, personally liable up to and including asset seizure to pay for their crimes.

    3.) Clean up the rediculous number of laws, and abolish “victimless” crime. Reinstate habeas corpus and require all law enforcement officers to learn the law they supposedly enforce.

    4.) Make issuing or obeying an unlawful order, and covering up the actions of fellow offers (through action, or even inaction) a felony.

    • Sean Arsenault

      Cops have earned the right to rape

      • Maleka Giovinco

        who the f*ck told you that?

      • Sunnyhorse

        Shut up.

      • Brittany

        Huh r u fucking serious??? Wow ur a idiot just like them then u pathetic piece of shit

        • Jeanie

          Ten other people agree with him

          • Brock Lee

            Sean must be a pig and rapist who needs to be done away with like take out the trash,,,and we r doing it,,,

    • BuckJohnson

      You got it all right T.T, all right. And add number 5. And that is require that if your a police officer that you must be insured and so if something happens and you get sued and such the insurance company will pay. But as you and I both know when insurance keep paying or pays alot they raise your premium and/or they drop you. And if you can’t get the insurance you can’t be a cop anywhere.

    • evlanton

      T.T. Add to your list:
      5. Independent prosecutor to investigate all police fatalities.
      6. Not wearing of a camera when issued cause for dismissal.
      7. Civilian police boards with the ability to fine and reprimand criminal cops.

    • EbonyLolita

      I’m down for everything except for the union piece. Unions protect the innocent. Laws protect everybody, well at least SUPPOSED to protect everybody.

    • Gary Williams

      Also add to this…all police misconduct lawsuit settlements to be paid from the police retirement funds, NOT THE TAXPAYER GENERAL FUND…

  • What about being arrested for rape???

    • Trey Max Jacobsen

      That doesn’t happen very much to citizens who rape, let alone cops.

  • V4Voluntaryism

    It is Called STATISM Folks EDUCATE Yourselves!!! Watch and Learn HERE>>>>

  • Trey Max Jacobsen

    So after all this he just has to turn himself in? Why wouldn’t they arrest him as soon as they found out he was guilty?

    • Johnny on the spot

      Because getting charged with a crime and being found guilty are 2 different things he wasn’t found guilty only accused that’s why he got to turn himself in

      • saltydog

        Generally people are arrested when they are charged with a crime and then bail is set or denied, he absolutely should have been taken into custody immediately

      • LMD18

        Yes, he is accused, but proof of his guilt is on the tape from his dash cam. When civilians are charged with a crime of this magnitude, they are taken into custody immediately – he should’ve been as well.

      • ShelleysLeg

        Yeah that used condom with his DNA has NOTHING to do with his guilt, does it?

  • Miles Coleman

    “The very prospect that a law enforcement officer, someone whom the public should hold in the highest regard because of the manner in which we safeguard the public welfare, could possibly exploit this trust in such a vile and unexcusable (not a word, dumb ass cop, its inexcusable) way,” Katz said. Didn’t he just answer to every police injustice that has ever happened………..where is the paid vacation, and the we investigated ourselves and found nothing wrong……….so for rape you get fired…..but murdering the unarmed civilian is completely fine……..Talk about a thin blue line.

  • StreyDawg

    The entire department is corrupt as hell; this chief is a posturing hypocrite.

    Good will? Give me a break.

  • Isaiah Basu

    Love how he says “Police officers should be held in the people’s highest regard” as if this shit didn’t happen all the time. Also paid leave. PAID. Paid for RAPING a woman at gunpoint. They may as well just advertise police departments as “Do anything you want, commit any crime, and get paid for it.” I honestly wouldn’t mind another actual Revolutionary War to finally stop this shit. Let’s face it, the people will NOT win in court on this matter. Police will never be stripped of that “thin” blue line which seems, to me, to be more like a mile wide and defended with glocks, colts, tasers, handcuffs, batons, and other tools of enslavement. I just find this shit sickening.

    • Connor

      “Administrative leave WITHOUT pay.”

    • Johnny on the spot

      Didn’t it say unpaid leave ? And also who knows if he raped her girls have sex and change their minds all the time regardless he shouldn’t be having sex on duty but he’s innocent until proven guilty

      • LMD18

        Hi, Sean Arsenault’s other sock puppet!



  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Could you maybe NOT embed two different autoplaying videos on the same page? You froze my PC for a few minutes.

  • dufas_duck

    There must be a standard police chief script being passed around to all the police departments. The chief uttered the very same speech that one can hear in Oregon, Washington, California, or any other state in the union when some cop goes down for something.

    “This not how our police department operates….” will be repeated day in and day out by every police agency there is and many times, by the same police agency several times in a given time span…

    It seems to me that the police could either legitimately clean up their own houses or at least get a better script…

  • Kato

    what the hell is the deal with autoplay videos? Like you can listen to two of them babbling at once. Stop the autoplay manipulation already.

  • cv

    the victim must be white… that’s why

  • ChantDownBabylon

    Life in prison.

  • Supercapital

    Cops are going to be dying a lot more often if they themselves don’t start obeying the laws they’re supposed to be enforcing.

    • Sharon Wilkins

      is that a fing threat? You might want to watch what you post on a public forum.

      • Supercapital

        Nope. Not a threat. It’s an observation. I have no intention of disobeying any laws myself. It’d be nice if all law enforcement people felt the same way and didn’t break any either.

        • Sharon Wilkins

          Well it would be great if every time a police officer put on their uniform and kissed their family goodbye they actually knew they would see them again. Just think about that sometime. There are bad people in every profession so stop making the police out to be the only ones.

          • Supercapital

            Police officer is the number 12 most dangerous job in America but act like they’re the only ones who put their lives on the line. They need to get off their high horse. They picked the job. JOB.

          • Sharon Wilkins

            Next time you need help call a freaking dentist then

          • Supercapital

            Well, if I want a family member to get tased, clubbed, and shot in the back I know who to call. Otherwise I have my own protection, locked and loaded.

          • Sharon Wilkins

            Oh wow.. Mr tough guy. Hope you are going to be up your families ass 24/7 then.

          • Summer Marshall

            A person is more likely to be killed by the cop they called for help than they are a total stranger. The police do more damage than good!!

          • @ Sharon shut up moron

          • Summer Marshall

            The pigs do not need any help making themselves look bad, they do that all on their own! If their were any good cops they would not be covering for the bad ones. What about the innocent victims that kiss their families bye and get shot by a pig? DO they matter?

  • whythevids

    Website feedback: Videos that start when you load a page are annoying … TWO DIFFERENT videos that load automatically? That’s just plain bad design.

    Keep up the good work otherwise.

  • Frank Connell

    if true I hope this prick gets whats cumming to him

  • TOMhanks

    I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this BUT…. is it possible? that maybe this girl gave consent to having sex with this police officer? then maybe later realized she had some leverage over what happened and made up the gun point story and killing her whole family. Maybee she thought she could get money out of it? Im just saying it seems like something that could happen. Im not trying to justify the cops actions!! either way he should be punished for what he did he shouldn’t be doing this type of shit while being paid with tax payers money! BUT is it possible this girl is lying? Don’t think what she’s doing is right either if this is the case. Anyone else think this is plausible or am i overthinking life again?

    • I KNew It!

      REALLY?! This is the problem with people who don’t want to think that COPS are ever wrong! Don’t try and justify his actions by placing blame on the victim!

    • LMD18

      It’s on tape from his dash cam…so not only are you overthinking, you apparently didn’t read the article.

  • Sean Arsenault

    AHAHAHA!! Good for him!!! That little cunt os gonna get hers for opening her mouth. Watch he will have her family slaughtered!! I hope he does too. Bitch should have kept her mouth closed. Cops have earned the right to rape from time to time.

    • Sunnyhorse

      The fuck is the matter with you?

    • LMD18

      Okay, Sean. I’ll bite. Please, explain for the class why you believe that “cops have earned the right to rape from time to time.” Please. I’d really like to know.

    • Supercapital

      Wow, you really are a low-life scumbag from Poughkeepsie. Amazing.
      “Earned the right to rape?”
      I would curse you to go to prison and get buttreamed but I think you’d enjoy it,

  • makesoundsnotlove

    Fucking THUG!!! DISGUSTING

  • makesoundsnotlove

    All these official terms the cop spits out to sound official. All he had to say was, the cop raped her.

  • Sunnyhorse

    You know, autoplay is bad enough, but how about keeping ALL OF THE VIDEOS FROM PLAYING AT ONCE?

  • saltydog

    Positions of power always attract dicks who want to abuse that power. When I was 20 I dated a cop briefly who was about 28. He was hot and would buy me liquor and I was a college student and underage. And sex with a minor who has been drinking is always a crime, but it was consensual. He liked to handcuff me and more than once we did it in my apartment while he was in duty. I should have dumped him immediately when he started using the n word and calling black people monkeys, but i didn’t. I did dump him when he took out his gun during sex once.

  • Dre

    I don’t have a problem holding an individual responsible for his actions when it is warranted. ..I have an issue when people or organizations try to generalize and stereotype the whole police community based on the actions of few…very few.

    • Steddy

      People do that very thing regarding races…just saying

  • manuel

    God bless america….

  • Dee Queen

    Another disgusting Ass Pig Devil.
    Lets Add:
    1. Anyone arrested and jailed by a Cop that gets arrested for Crimes against the People they are to protect, should be released asap.

  • Margaret Leeburn Navucet

    I am wondering how many law enforcement officers out there are on medication of some sort? Shouldn’t those protecting us, be able to do so without chemicals?

  • This is normative conduct for police officers!

  • Farty Fartsalot

    He’ll beat it. The pigs always win…

  • Haba

    He puts his body into his work thats for sure. Police are literally PIGS

  • Vicious

    lmao if people are getting so pissy about the laws then we might as well have the damn purge

  • Eddie Zamora

    All these ideas are great but cant win comunism
    Especially organized comunism

  • Michael Hogue

    Well, he puts his heart and soul into his job. And evidently his dick as well. Cut it off and he won’t have that problem of overstepping his zipper . .. err, “bounds” . . . anymore.

  • FlogDonkey

    So all I read was a cop was accused of committing a crime, yet no incriminating evidence has been found.

    Let’s slow down the mob justice before we ruin a young man’s career based on one person’s testimony. If they found that she was actually raped via a medical exam, and there is corroborating evidence (dna on condom matches both parties), then I say string him up balls first.

    Barring that, I request that we all remain objective until some evidence is presented.

  • Joe Livingston