Cop Pounds Boy’s Face in the Street, Threatens Witnesses With Gun, After Boy Said “F*ck the Cops”



LOUISIANA — A viral video has surfaced online showing a police officer beating a boy in the street as crowds scream and watch.

Officer Nick Breaux can be seen in the video gripping the 17-yr-old high school student’s throat and forcing him down to the pavement.

Moments later, Officer Breaux clenches his fist and begins pounding the boy over and over again in the face.

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At one point, the crowd of witnesses draws near to observe, but Officer Breaux can be seen grabbing his loaded pistol, as if to threaten to shoot unarmed citizens.

“Back the fuck up! Back up!” Officer Breaux can be heard screaming in the video.

According to the police report, the boy had yelled “fuck the cops” earlier in the night.

At some point Officer Breaux and another officer issued “orders” to the boy, which the boy refused to obey, according to the claims in their police report.

They go on to claim that the boy “was striking” one of the officers.

However, none of this is evident in the video.

The boy had to be hospitalized from the beating and suffered with a laceration above his eye.

Despite being beaten by the cop, it is the boy who is being charged with battery of a police officer, resisting an officer, and inciting a riot.

David Belfield, the boy’s attorney, states that Breaux did not identify himself as being with the police department.

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He was undercover, and it was not until “he had beaten the crap” out of the boy that he finally identified himself.

This article will be updated with more details about whether the officer will be charged or get a paid leave.

Watch the video below:

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  • SickOfTheStupid

    the real problem is cowardly unarmed citizens that backed away ………………….we outnumber these vermin , its time we wake up, realize this fact and act accordingly.

    we can not change police behavior through the courts , its not their money they do not care and more importantly we have been doing that for half a century and police have only gotten worse. …………Wake up people nothing changes until we put the fear of the retaliation back into our police , we are going to have to beat them into compliance .

    • Sgt. Killgood

      Oh hell yea , like what you say .

    • Uncle Arty

      it’s easy to criticize them from your fucking keyboard, have you ever had a gun pointed at you, and the person behind it, threatening to kill you? Now remove any accountability from the dude with the gun, and ask yourself why wouldn’t he shoot?

      • martymarsh

        Some things in life are obvious, but how many have had nothing pointed at them and shot anyway, or don’t that count?

        • Uncle Arty

          I’m not standing up for cops, I’m only saying to the keyboard warrior, it’s easy to criticize them, when the gun isn’t pointed at you. All they need to end your life is an excuse.

          • martymarsh

            Since when do they need another excuse, I feared for my life and I thought he had a gun. But it is also obvious the guy getting beat on the ground is not pointing anything at anyone, which should be the point here, not what is going to happen to the cop tomorrow.

          • Cindy Bishop

            If the cop is committing the crime, the people can shoot first!

          • Cindy Bishop

            Well since they’re committing a crime and you have your gun trained on them….as soon as you see them move toward their weapon…Shoot! Shoot enough times to stop their threat! 6X ? 10? whatever it takes. Stop illegal police assaults

          • Uncle Arty

            assuming you have the drop on them and are willing to pull the trigger, too many people would hesitate.

      • Ynot187a50

        I’ve had numerous guns aimed directly at my face… a shiny star badge wont stop my reaction.. these have all been in a confined area away from the public. If I was in a high traffic area and a cop was murdering a person for no goddam reason relative to death I would step in without question. Use your time wisely, loudly inform the public present whats going on and how wrong it is. Make those cops fear for their life from a crowd, not a martyrs gun. I’m no pacifist but I think the right words sent to the right ears can do damage.

      • Cindy Bishop

        He won’t shoot because 5 others have their guns trained on his body & his head! Perfectly legal…You don’t think you have to stand there if a cop was raping a women do you? both are crimes and justify up to deadly force to get that officer to stop….When the people realize this fact…the cops may stop their corrupt ways.

    • Eric Potter

      Easy for you to say, you weren’t there. A cop or anyone else beating someone up while brandishing a firearm is not someone any sane person or people are going to try and overpower. Not to mention there appeared to be another officer at his side during this brutal attack.

      • Blake Williams

        I would have shot this cop if I were there. It would have been justified too! This cop threatened people’s lives, and I don’t care who you are. If you threaten me with a gun, I’m going to blast your head off!

        • China Teves

          Cool story

      • The Truth

        One bullet to that pigs head and I bet he would of stopped his then….Fuck these scumbags..I would never sit around and watch something like this and that’s the fucking problem..these cops don’t care if u film them anymore..Start fucking killing them and watch the change…

        • W. J. G.

          Yes, watch the change into a much more militarized police, where rights are further stripped away in the name of public safety.

          Violence against cops will not solve this, all it will do is make it worse. People in power won’t just throw up their hands and walk away from that power just because some people start to fight back.

          They won’t give up their power, they’ll just use the violence against them to gather even more power.

          • Mino Juffre

            Actually all thorough history people have been fighting back successfully during several revolutions. Govt tries to contain it at first, but eventually they cannot control all the angry population. I believe that “all it will do is make it worse” is the message govt wants you to believe. France revolution, Revolutionary war and all the others before proved differently. People have to stop being coward and fight back, learn from history, they cannot shoot and put in jail everybody if it amount to a large percentage of citizens, they won’t be able to control it no matter how militarized they are.

          • W. J. G.

            What do those revolutions have in common?

            They all took place at a period of history when there wasn’t the mass availability of high powered weapons – when raw numbers were the most important part of any engagement.

          • Luca

            If high powered weapons was the only factor in play, how do you explain the failure of Iraq and Afghanistan wars or the fear of terrorists? Guerrilla tactics can win over a a more powerful well equipped army. Of course those tactics will be considered terrorism but they will be successful.

          • FrenchKiss

            Eat shit and die mofo.

          • W. J. G.

            What an amazing rebuttal. Your positions are so clearly, calmly and coherently thought out that there’s just no denying them!

            Reality doesn’t conform to what you wish were true, and that makes you angry. Don’t really know what to tell you other than you have to rethink your model of reality.

      • Cindy Bishop

        You pull out your gun and demand the cop to stop with his illegal assault ! If he reaches…you’re entitled to shoot! It’s a fact!

        • Tom Lowe

          And then the judicial system rigs a kangaroo crony court and you get sent up for murder 1.

    • Dorian Douma

      That’s what the police want: physical retaliation against them. It’s the quickest route to increased militarization of the police. That’s what they’re trying to do… make the public get violent with them.

      • the time is now

        & that is exactly what it is going to take. Dead citizens will not change anything. They are being killed every day. It is going to take dead cops to fix this problem. We need to put the fear of god into the police not the people.

      • The Truth

        Please get ya head out of ur ass we are already there

      • Chuck Fasst

        They bait their victims. Been there.

      • Justin L

        well people have to do something, you expect them to stand idly by while cops murder their friends and family?

    • Dave Markovich

      I totally agree and that’s what I have been saying for a few years now, you have some guy getting beat while 10 other people hold their phones out recording the guy getting pummeled and the courts still say the officers did nothing wrong, the courts don’t care what you have recorded or how many videos there are, it’s time to put the phones down and start kicking some pig ass. How about them f’n pigs start ending up in the hospital, I could not live with myself if I was one of the people there watching and doing nothing and the poor person who got beat dies … I am going to get evolved and try saving someone from being killed by these cowardly pig thugs.

    • Cranky Old Man

      It is so obvious that this is fake. How dumb do you have to be not know from the start it was a fake?

  • Lee

    One good kick in the face would have stopped that cop long enough…. soon, though… It’s coming. They just have to push us just a little more.

    • Cindy Bishop

      Why kick when you have the right to stop him at gunpoint? If the officer is raping a woman or two and he won’t stop when you tell him! You’re entitled to use up to deadly force…if he reaches …shoot him! It’s absolutely legal in all 50 states

  • Mr. Hand

    Wake up, people. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” — Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

    • twitch56

      Thank you Mr Hand for reminding us all of a great writer and a very true story.

    • Chris Chandler

      Agree. What about 6 million armed Jews? A lot better than 6 million dead Jews who did not put up a fight.

  • American

    They should have dropped kicked that coward in the face !

    • Cindy Bishop

      Yes! drop kicked and then if he went for his gun….shoot first!

  • Lee Cadena

    The truth is violence is only going to create more tragedy on both sides what needs to happen is the people of each one of these communities need to exercise their rights and remove those who are the bosses of the individuals congress is too corrupt to care but at a community level we have enough power and influence to make changes to this system we won’t be able to change the dumb war on drugs or stop our country from starting wars for profit but here in your neighborhoods you can force your mayor your sheriff your police chiefs into change if not we will elect someone who will but we need those of our communities to stand together and have 20 candidates so that we’re not left with choosing between the lesser of two evils but we have a plethora of candidates that are qualified to lead not force. Exercise your rights people if you truly want change if not then don’t … YOU LOSE WHAT YOU DON’T USE

    • Uncle Arty

      you really think you can use the system to change the system? Never in the recorded annals of history has that ever worked. No people have ever won their freedoms or secured their liberties by appealing to the conscience of their oppressors.

      • martymarsh

        Now that I agree with.

      • kiwi

        This all moot anyways. There’s no way a police officer can charge you rationally for defending yourself against an attack if they have not identified themselves as such. In this case it would be simple self defense. Not all police are this power tripped. Though they seem to be the vast majority. If this officer isnt charged that is a gross negligent act on the behalf of the city, state and federal government. Once the boy was subdued the assault by the officer constituted excessive force. Hopefully they will get this right and the other officer with this trash cop does the right thing.

  • martymarsh

    What these clowns don’t get is they scare law abiding citizens, they think will this clown do this to me if they should suspect me of doing something wrong. People do not respect what they fear, people try to eliminate that fear. The cops prove over and over they are nothing more than overpaid revenue agents that live off of the tax payers their whole life and have the ability to do whatever they want. So you think you are a hero, while America is looking at you with disgust. The time is coming when you are going to push people to far, and I think it is close. You do the work of corrupt politicians, you have no honor, you prey on people like a disease. I think it would be fair to say, you need to clean your own house before it gets cleaned for you, like it or not, you are a public servant that gets paid by the people you pound on.

  • LawrenceNeal

    The SA are psychopathic thugs looking for the slightest excuse to abuse and brutalize people. They can’t be reformed, they can’t be retrained. They can only be disarmed, defunded and disbanded.

  • yellowdogmichael

    This cop was undercover and did not identify himself until after he beat this young man. There is no way I would have known he was a cop, and I would have shot him, if I could get a clean shot. Period. It is going to happen eventually if the cops keep doing this kind of crap. We will protect ourselves and the people around us. Some of us are armed. Sooner or later, a cop is going to die doing this bullshit…

  • Simon

    There is no such thing as a good Cop. If there was, there would be no bad Cops. Even if, as it now seems, Cops have no duty to protect us, but are only there to enforce the Law, then why aren’t they enforcing it against other Cops who are breaking the Law by assaulting, torturing and shooting non- resisting citizens? Isn’t assault, torture and murder some of the Laws that the good Cops are supposed to enforce. Good Cops stay quiet because they say they would lose their jobs and they need to support their families. So if I was unemployed, can I join a gang that beat, tortured, caged and murdered people for money, just so I can put food on my family’s table? Would it make it OK if I didn’t actually take part, just looked the other way. We need to make the “I feared for my life” a true statement. Cops live somewhere. They have wives, kids families. They have neighbours. Publish their names, addresses, schools that their kids go to. Before the Cop lovers start screaming that their innocent families shouldn’t suffer, neither should the families of the people they torture, cage and murder. Only when Cops really fear for their lives every time they put on the uniform, only then will they treat us, their employers, with respect. You guys are at War. Stop being targets and start fighting back. Anyone in a Cop uniform is a legitimate target. I say again. THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS.

  • M

    Better question is why isn’t your wonderful leader not addressing these heinous crimes against civilians?…they get all pompous when someone in the middle east gets bombed, but his own country its losing one person every 8 hours to armed thugs with badges and nothing is said…shameful and pathetic…I only hope when Harper authorizes this behavior up here that we don’t sit back and hope a corrupt justice system will help us…I feel bad for Americans

  • Rusty

    As long as there is no consequence, nothing will change it will only get worse. I mean real consequence

  • SGillhoolley

    I cannot imagine why anyone would say anything negative about the police…look at what great protectors they are.

  • Rebecca

    This cop, Deputy Nicholas Breaux, was previously sued in federal court for brutality! Surprised? Are you seeing the same pattern here I am?

  • Blake Williams

    I find it appalling that no one was armed except for the police!

  • onfootforever

    Why does law enforcement seem to think that EVERYONE is an armed enemy combatant? Are they trying to get a full blown INSURRECTION. Start that Civil War 2. What is up with this? let’s use those FEMA camps on US when it gets bad enough?

  • Cdb Spender

    Paid Leave.
    Followed department policy.
    Keeps his job.

    Innocent kid still gets shafted.

  • CTtaxpayer

    New Orleans cops are some of the worst…the FBI has shut them down and cleaned house twice in modern history…brutality, running prostitution rings, running drugs…they treat tourists like a disposable commodity, like trash. I was a victim there, was mugged by 3 men in clear sight of a cop on horseback…I got away, staggered to my feet, looked up and asked if he was going to do anthing…he replied “yes” and reared his horse into me knocking me into the gutter where the horse stepped on my shoulder and cracked my face as it withdrew…last time I ever set foot in N.O. ..I was glad to hear years later that the FBI busted them up and hoped that cop was caught. I am still to this day ever thankful for Katrina…time wound all heels…

  • bdj1

    Terrorists in America governed by the US Government to terrorize it’s slaves.

  • SPP

    If I were standing that closely, I would have charged the pig. He would not have gotten his gun out fast enough.

    • Chuck Fasst

      I think there were other pigs there.

      • Cindy Bishop

        They all should be charged with a crime…….The police charge the get-away driver with the death of the teller even though he never went inside….Thus cops standing there doing nothing are just as guilty according to how police like to see things

  • So What

    Put him on a fucking rope and let him swing. Someone should have shot him in his head right there

    • Cindy Bishop

      If they told him to stop and he didn’t and went for his gun ….they had the right to shoot him!

  • Eyehatepigs

    Some cops deserve to die like this fucktard

  • John J Publicus

    What it’s going to take is everyone getting off their asses, getting involved in their town, their county, their state and demanding it stop. When a mayor, or a legislator is faced with a few hundred pissed off citizens in his office, demanding change, day in and day out, THEY will make it change.

    Until this happens they think that nobody cares. Make them know you care. Today. Every day. Unless you get out and get involved, vote, crawl up their asses at board meetings, write to the comment section of your local newspaper (every month!) and generally make a sustained outcry, nothing will happen.

  • Cindy Bishop

    The people have to understand that whenever a crime is being committed and in this case it’s an officer committing the crime….you have the legal right to stand in the shoes of the person being assaulted and self defense is justified even if you’re not the one being assaulted…What does this mean? If a cop is illegally assaulting this boy…someone has the right to demand the officer stop and you’re entitled to use up to deadly force to get him to do so! If the officer goes for his gun…you are entitled to shoot first! Do not hesitate! your life would be in jeopardy! I dare any officer to dispute this claim and if you’re not a puss…state your name or we’ll consider you a coward too!