Cop Pulls Woman Over, Threatens to Imprison Her Unless She Let Him “Smell Her Feet”



Had it not been for the bravery of a Houston woman, a police officer would have continued to believe that he could subject innocent civilians to his sexual fetishes.

However, one person’s courageous decision to come forward has landed him behind bars.

How it all unfolded

Twenty-seven-year-old Cy Fair ISD officer Patrick Quinn pulled over a female driver more than a year ago; she was returning home from a friend’s place in the early hours of the morning on August 11, 2014.

At first the cop told the woman that her insurance had expired; later, he claimed that he could smell marijuana on her as well.

She agreed for him to search her vehicle – Quinn ordered her to wait in his patrol car.

The officer returned with a marijuana grinder, which the startled woman said was not hers.

In a blatant move to manipulate her, he asked what she would have done had she been in Quinn’s position.

She told him that he should let her go right away.

Nonetheless, the sexually perverted man had other plans.

He told her that she was free to go on one condition – if she let him smell her feet because he had a long time foot fetish.

Realizing that she had no way out of the sticky situation and the only tactic to avoid jail would be to succumb to his demands, the woman decided to remove her shoes.

This is when Quinn had a second thought, seeing her remove her socks he told her that it was probably best that he did not smell her feet, because then he would want to lick them – but the afterthought did not mean that he was ready to let her go.

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