Cop Who Put on Ski Mask and Beat Woman With Baseball Bat to be Released for “Good Behavior”


WALNUT CREEK, CA — She thought it was just a normal night — she never expected a man to run up on her wearing a ski mask and beat her with a baseball bat.

The woman was on foot and walking to her friend’s house in the neighborhood, but was startled when the masked attacker came out of nowhere and began beating her.

Another citizen saw her being beaten by the attacker and bravely stepped in to intervene, allowing the victim to escape.

Days later, it would turn out that the masked attacker was Walnut Creek Police Officer Gregory Thompson.

Officer Thompson pleaded no contest to beating the woman with a baseball bat.

He had been wearing gloves and a ski mask during the beating.

After beating her with the bat, he also saw which car belonged to the woman and smashed her car windows out.

The attack occurred around 2 AM on an August morning.

Officer Thompson for some reason believed that a window in his home had been vandalized.

Evidently he reacted to this by putting on a ski mask, arming himself with a baseball bat, and taking to the streets.

When he saw the woman walking outside, he decided that she must have been the one responsible for his vandalized window, and that’s when he began striking her with the bat.

When he was investigated, he initially denied involvement and said that he had been sound asleep that night.

But that story didn’t fly, when a firefighter came forward who happened to be in the area and said he saw Officer Thompson removing his mask and gloves and putting them in his car.

Officer Thompson has now “retired” from the Walnut Creek Police Department.

He was sentenced to only a year in jail, but will get to be free again after just six months because of “good behavior.”

Watch the video below:

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  • maxiemom

    If he hadn’t been stopped, he probably would have killed her, yet he got what amounts to a joke of a sentence. He’s a cop! He should be held to a higher standard than the rest of us, not a lower one and get off almost scot free because of his badge.

    • dxsmopuim

      YOU would have gotten a 10 year MINIMUM !

      • maxiemom


  • Theres

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  • Bernadette

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  • Deb

    In Texas, assault with a deadly weapon equals an automatic 10 year sentence, even if you are not injured, just threatened.

    • Michael Smith

      For you and I yes, but not for a cop.

      • dxsmopuim

        ’cause they’re such good people, don’t you know ?

  • H Steven Mead

    So we have a system of government that says fuck anyone abused by a cop they have more right then you do. Everyone should remember these cops and beware they are out on the street most likely capable of doing their evil shit again.

  • bill


    • dxsmopuim

      Pigs aren’t dying fast enough ! I relish every story I read about pigs getting slaughtered !

  • BigGat

    Felony = no firearms get em!

  • dxsmopuim

    He should have been sentenced to a baseball bat UP HIS ASS every day for the remainder of his natural life !!!!!!!!

  • Nomad

    So how did they figure out it was him?