Cop Repeatedly Molested Child, Sodomized Boy to the Point of Tears: Report



Fellow Cop Says That Officer Who Was Reported for Child Rape is “Not a Danger”

An “attorney,” Brant Bordsen, wrote a letter on his law firm company’s letterhead telling the court that Officer Jared Tomlinson is “not a danger or a threat to society.”

He has been fired by the law firm for using their letterhead.

It turns out that he used to work as a cop with Officer Tomlinson. reports as follows:


Bordsen was among the former co-workers of 30-year-old Jared Michael Tomlinson, convicted of preying on and sodomizing a child while living with a Gridley family. In a letter to the court arguing for leniency in sentencing, Bordsen wrote on company letterhead: “He is not a danger or a threat to society.”

The victim’s parents, and many others, beg to differ.

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OROVILLE — Officer Jared Michael Tomlinson has been found guilty by a jury in Butte County Superior Court for a despicable incident involving a young child.

Officer Tomlinson repeatedly molested the child and was found guilty of multiple felony counts including sodomy, oral copulation, and attempted sodomy, sources say.

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Officer Tomlinson was said to have originally been given “paid leave” by his department after being reported for the molestation.

It is only now that the jury actually convicted Tomlinson that the department went ahead and terminated him, according to reports.

Officer Tomlinson first began using his hands to fondle the young boy when he was only 13-yrs-old, according to the district attorney.

That was only the beginning, according to reports, as the molestation eventually escalated to sodomy.

Sodomy is legally defined as sexual conduct consisting of contact between the penis of one person and the anus of another person.

Officer Tomlinson molested the young boy roughly two to three times per week, according to reports.

At one point, Officer Tomlinson sodomized the child so intensely that the boy started crying, according to reports.

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Officer Tomlinson yelled at the boy when the boy would not perform certain sexual acts, according to reports.

Officer Tomlinson is scheduled to be reappear in court on April 2 for sentencing.

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