Cop Repeatedly Molested Child, Sodomized Boy to the Point of Tears: Report



Fellow Cop Says That Officer Who Was Reported for Child Rape is “Not a Danger”

An “attorney,” Brant Bordsen, wrote a letter on his law firm company’s letterhead telling the court that Officer Jared Tomlinson is “not a danger or a threat to society.”

He has been fired by the law firm for using their letterhead.

It turns out that he used to work as a cop with Officer Tomlinson. reports as follows:


Bordsen was among the former co-workers of 30-year-old Jared Michael Tomlinson, convicted of preying on and sodomizing a child while living with a Gridley family. In a letter to the court arguing for leniency in sentencing, Bordsen wrote on company letterhead: “He is not a danger or a threat to society.”

The victim’s parents, and many others, beg to differ.

Continue reading the full report below.

OROVILLE — Officer Jared Michael Tomlinson has been found guilty by a jury in Butte County Superior Court for a despicable incident involving a young child.

Officer Tomlinson repeatedly molested the child and was found guilty of multiple felony counts including sodomy, oral copulation, and attempted sodomy, sources say.

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Officer Tomlinson was said to have originally been given “paid leave” by his department after being reported for the molestation.

It is only now that the jury actually convicted Tomlinson that the department went ahead and terminated him, according to reports.

Officer Tomlinson first began using his hands to fondle the young boy when he was only 13-yrs-old, according to the district attorney.

That was only the beginning, according to reports, as the molestation eventually escalated to sodomy.

Sodomy is legally defined as sexual conduct consisting of contact between the penis of one person and the anus of another person.

Officer Tomlinson molested the young boy roughly two to three times per week, according to reports.

At one point, Officer Tomlinson sodomized the child so intensely that the boy started crying, according to reports.

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Officer Tomlinson yelled at the boy when the boy would not perform certain sexual acts, according to reports.

Officer Tomlinson is scheduled to be reappear in court on April 2 for sentencing.

Watch the video below:

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  • GetSomeRufus

    Words alone cannot describe how fervently I pray for justice to be served once this scumbag is in prison. I have a feeling that my prayers will be answered. lol.

    • Ed’s bum

      If he even goes, he will be separated from the rest of the inmates, as child molesters are. I wouldn’t mind some street justice here, Skye’s idea about a shotgun up the ass sounds acceptable.

      • Margaret Kaufman

        No shotgun, slowly slice and dice, should remain alive for at least a few years with out his junk. Thinking maybe his hands should be gone too.

  • Reallytruly

    Kill him. Slow.

    • troy

      no don’t kill him! torture him everyday for years and then throw him into a septic tank that he used for those years and make him drown in it.. but only after fucking with him in there for a few days.or weeks or………. 🙂

  • Luis Matos II

    Fucking animal

  • Skye

    Rape the cunt with a shotgun than after a while pull the trigger …. Dirty cunt

    • Deb

      why use a word that refers disparagingly to FEMALE anatomy to describe this MALE monster? he’s a DICK, not a cunt, please

      • tpower242

        really, shut the fuck up, the point is ppl are pissed that theres a dirty scumbag like this, stop being so over sensitive…you are starting to sound like a cunt

        • Sparks13

          You sound like an impotent dick, obviously because you are one.

          • tpower242

            wow you have such a rich vocabulary. Your insult was almost as retarded as the bitch who gets mad at the word cunt

          • kaththee

            Wow, Everybody, Give Deb a break. No reason to attack each other. Women despise that word. It is just so unpleasant. But that scum bag child molesting cop deserves the worse names possible- dicks and c-words, whatever. We can all agree he is worthy of hate. I am a Christian. But I can’t forgive someone for something they didn’t do to me. That privilege is left for the victim and the family. We are free to hate his guts.

      • Kunta Kinte

        All you faggot nigger dick-licking cunt vaginas can eat the shit and AIDS off my clit!

  • Federico Gialone

    Wow yes kill him very slow and cut his fuckin dick off and shove it up his ass!

    • Colin Bluey Watson

      Sodomise him in return with his own riot stick wrapped in razor wire……. Then send him to prison with no treatment.

      • B. Richards

        Dang, he’d never be able to take a crap ever again if that was done to him! Oh well, he’s just another pedophile cop. Karma sucks for monsters like him.

  • John Dix

    He will get his in prison. Most other criminals hate child rapists.

    • Sniper Kitty

      Especially ex police child rapists….

    • Padge Vounder

      they go to “Club Fed” a cushy type of prison for law enforcement and people in the government with power. And he’ll probably get a sentence half or less what a regular civilian would

      • John Dix

        Prison is prison. Sure federal prison is a not as dangerous, but there are still dangerous people in them. He won’t go to federal prison unless he was tried in federal court. If he was tried in state court then he will go to pound you on the ass prison. He just might not be in genpop.

        • Gary Hall

          Actually, medium-security and high-level Federal prisons are very violent, since the Feds began locking up more and more gang members.

      • treeka

        I’d like to know where this secret so called “club fed” is at ?!?! I’m literally laughing out loud!! I’m not condo ing anything this monster has done! I think he should be hung in the town square!! But for you to think that a child rapist is gonna go to this secret so called “club fed” is stupid.. I think your stuck in the 50’s or you read to many books..back in the early part of the 20th century the mafia paid off government politicians so that if they went to prison they would be allowed special treatments..that’s how the name club fed” got stuck on don’t get me wrong some prisons are nicer an cleaner an have better food ..some are minimum security an some are maximum security an some are super max an that make all the difference..but as far as him getting “club fed” treatment ..he doesn’t have the billionaire status for one an two there’s nothing he can offer anyone that can help them in any I hate to bust your bubble but the Al Capone era has been gone for quite sometime..I see a lot of solitary confinement in his future an possibly an hopefully a toturesome death!!!

        • Leanna

          In some states they do have isolated areas of the compound and even some specialized prisons that are strictly for child molester’s (sexual crimes). Unfortunately our prison system has been forced to abdicate to such things in order to provide “fair and safe housing” – thank the ACLU. I think they should all suffer at the hands of the victim or the victims parents…

          • entarotassadar

            The ACLU are pedos themselves.

        • the truth is

          It’s called Mule Creek state prison large amount of sexual and high profile inmate

        • Colin Bluey Watson

          He may not have anything to offer them but you can guarantee that he’ll have information that can put more of them behind bars,

    • kaththee

      Criminals hate cops and child molesters. That is why they will send him to a special cushy prison where they send dirty cops, judges etc..

      • John Dix

        I work at one of those prisons where they send cops, and child molesters. It’s not cushy. It’s just like most other prisons. He’s not as hardcore as Corcoran, but it’s still prison.

  • Zhaliberty

    Where is he while he waits for sentencing?

    • These cops though.

      On paid vacation, the article states.

      • John Dix

        I though it said he go fired once he was convicted.

  • billy7720

    Hang him by his balls. This is just f***ing outrageous. I hope he meets all the guys he’s arrested over the years in prison. A COP’S WORST NIGHTMARE.

    • George Shuttleworth

      That’s the reason this is a, “double whammy,” for this nasty thing. A cop in prison AND a child rapist. He will definitely be segregated.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    The police department hired these brain dead idiot , And gave him time off with pay . They really don’t care how they waist our tax money do they ? Make them get insurance to pay off their mistakes , and stop using my tax dollar to pay for their screw ups .

    • D. Allard

      nobody seems to understand this. They are using our tax dollars and your right they don’t give a shit as long as it pays for their screw ups! Im sick of it. They should go after the cop personally, sue him. Not give him paid leave… geez really? Yes, good idea let them get insurance to cover their mistakes…I like your post.

    • Phil

      There’s union laws that says a police officer can not be terminated if he has only been accused of a crime. He must be found guilty first.

    • Jazzi Blonde

      Thats beyond a screw up, thats a sick motherfucker. And if an Officer on paid admin leave, is found guilty, they should have to pay EVERY SINGLE PENNY back to the taxpayers ! I propose that new law.

      • Sgt. Killgood

        I agree

    • Sparks13

      You do realize your ‘tax dollar’ would pay for the insurance don’t you? Your parents ‘waisted’ money sending you to school, that’s for sure.

      • Sgt. Killgood

        Does the Government pay for your insurance ? Or are you confused about what we are saying . On some jobs a person must be bonded before he or she can take the job . Do you understand ?

        • Sparks13

          I understand, but you obviously don’t ‘Killgood’.

  • Cori Morrison

    He should be sent in with the general population when he gets to prison… he’ll get the same treatment probably until his death. Sounds fitting to me

  • James M. Ray

    I’d definitely prefer much less use of the death penalty these days, but given cases like this, it’s hard to be *totally* against it.

  • Irene Rowland
  • Mark White

    IF he goes into jail, the inmates will fuck-him-up.

  • Had_Enough2010

    What do you bet the parasite commits suicide in fear of what he’ll get in prison?

  • etyrnal

    Where are the voices of ALL the other officers????

    • good question . all those ‘good officers’

      • kaththee

        It is sad that the 10% good cops suffer because of the deeds of the 90%.

  • cilla

    Why are we so worried about ISIS? We need to stop the state funded terrorists that are given a gun and badge to do what they want.

    • B. Richards

      Exactly! The real terrorists are right here in the USA already and always have been. They just hide behind badges and government agencies. Like politicians and other folks in positions of power, who are some of the worst pedophiles around. Do a search for The Franklin Scandal that happened in Omaha and DC. That might open a lot of peoples eyes to what is really going on behind our backs. Of course, the media never, ever has commented on that disgusting debacle of a scandal. If they did, Americans all over would rise up and take care of that problem real quick!

    • kaththee

      Isis is really into that stuff. Our solders were forced to listen to children cry as they were buggered by the Notalls Muslims in Iraq. They were told to not interfere because it is their culture. Since prepubescent boys are not men or women it is a-okay to violate them. Evidentially is a religious loophole.

  • guest

    how about that psycological profile they all must pass to get in now?

  • just an upset citizen

    His disgusting ass should be in jail awaiting his next court date. If he does any time at all. It’s his first offense. I know someone who molested children for 40+yrs before he finally got caught. They gave him 9 Mos in county. I was 1 of his victims. I hope this guy gets his, I hate chomos.

  • Brad Canelo

    He won’t get a thing, probably a slap on the wrist (if THAT)!!!

  • Badnblond

    He is still alive why?

  • marty’s fan

    yeah kill him slow…

  • Gerald Fishel

    “At one point, Officer Tomlinson sodomized the child so intensely that the boy started crying, according to reports.”

    Really… is there a way to sodomize a boy with a level of intensity that he wouldn’t start crying?

    • Ginger Willingham

      that’s what I thought, too

    • D. Allard

      I was wondering that myself!! Shaking my head at such a stupid comment.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    I wish they’d put him in general population, because I promise you the other inmates will do far worse to him then the state EVER would. aside from him becoming the cell block bitch, when they get tired of raping him, or when his asshole is to big to be useful to them, he will be killed in the ultra violent manner he so justly deserved. and even then his troubles aren’t over, because god will do even worse then the inmates did by sending him to hell, where his REAL punishment will begin

    • rg

      your god watched as the child was repeatedly raped…
      there is no hell after death.
      hell i here on earth.

      • D. Allard

        your God? who’s God is that?

        • Jesus

          Read OP smh

  • Donald Johnson

    my personal opinion is everyday they should cut one joint off his body, cauterize it with a blowtorch, and cover it in tar. one joint a day. toes, ankle, knee, toes,ankle, knee,.. then fingers, wrist, elbow, repeat,. then leg at the hip, repeat, arms at the shoulder, repeat. if he is still alive,. ears, nose, tounge, then eye, eye,.. then after all thats done, if he is still alive,. a bullet to the head. thats only 35 days, and he should be all set for hell,..

  • BurningRider

    Someone should sodomize all child molestors with road flares until dead.

  • Andre Leonard

    If there was a case that merited being placed in the prison general population. This is the one. Let’s see how this bad ass feels being molested to the point of tears 3 times a day..

  • Kim Serrahn

    I think having him made into a eunuch is the order of the day.

  • Kenneth Pettingill

    Sick man. He should have been vetted properly which obviously did not happen in this case!

    • actually, he was vetted according to standards : low iq, obedient to ‘authority’ with a propensity to sadistic violence

  • Johnny Nukes

    No justice no peace no rapist police

  • Gen pop fun & games!

  • Dharma666

    This prick needs to have a hot iron rammed up his ass and hot needles rammed up his dick for the rest of his pathetic life.

  • Guest

    You guys this is a bullshit story, I know him very well, like my own brother, he was there for me when I had hard times with my disease and he is an amazing man, your all

    • Colin Bluey Watson

      Awe keep your hair on, he was found guilty by a jury of his peers.

  • hashleyk18

    This is stupid, I know him extremely well to and I was in court through this hole thing and this is a bullshit story, hear both sides of the story before believing a bullshit article and before you judge when you haven’t heard or seen both sides and He is a wonderful man and has done a lot for me and my alopecia and stuck by me at my hardest times. Your all fucken retarded, fuck you all and your bullshit

    • Colin Bluey Watson

      So because he helped you keep your hair on the young boy is a liar and the evidence the jury heard was wrong, Not to mention he was found guilty by a jury of his peers. I Wonder….. How would you feel if it was your son? You say “Hear both sides of the story before believing a bullshit article and before you judge when you haven’t heard or seen both sides” You fucking retard, THE JURY HEARD BOTH SIDES AND THEYRE THE ONES WHO COUNT. And if the judge didn’t call a mis-trial or direct the jury to find him not guilty. Then he IS GUILTY. You paedo loving gobshite.

  • Heartland Patriot

    Oh, that sick dude is hosed. A pedophile cop in jail? Yeah, he’s done.

  • Oiy Vey

    Well, if this is true, he is done. The proof will be in the medical testing on the boy including DNA left by him. The article does not mention anything about it at all.

    • Colin Bluey Watson

      He’s asked for bail to sort his affairs out so one would assume by that that evidence is already substantial. He’s aware he’s going to prison, even though it will be a legal respite home for police, politicians, judges and lawyers.

  • Colin Bluey Watson

    What are the odds he get released OR at best gets the minimum sentence? He’s a cop FGS, Special privileges will apply…….. !

  • Lisa LeBlanc

    Maybe we could let the child dictate the punishment; traumatized children have very excellent imaginations…

  • Mercedes Villarreal

    Sick mother fucker. I hope that u get u r in prison

  • el

    sooo.. i don’t think it matters whether or not people cry when you rape them; it’s already shockingly horrific and never should have happened.
    to include it kind of just sounds like it’s possible for rape to be worse if someone cries during it, which isn’t true.

  • Quadley

    Kill the fucker with 10000 cuts.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Not at all surprising coming from an SA.

  • Tamara Mcfarland


  • Kim Serrahn

    Put him in general population, I sure someone will “take care” of him.

  • Member548

    Dismantle all police unions. Require all officers to carry at least $5 million in liability insurance to cover the damages their actions may cause.

  • CoolTeeO1

    The only ones who take up for child molesters are child molesters themselves.

  • Tina

    Throw him in general population

  • Mike

    Here is the perfect punishment. This was done in Medieval times, and would be fitting for this POS cop kiddie rapist:

    One of the most sadistic of all torture techniques involved having a cage with one open side strapped against the victim’s body. It would then be filled with large rodents and a heating element which would be placed on the other side of the cage. The rodents’ natural instinct led them to flee the intense heat. In order to escape they would burrow through the victim’s body with fatal results. In this case since the cop loves sodomy so much, put the cage of rats on his buttocks, and the rats will tunnel right through his anus and into his intestines.

  • Dr. H. Sawyer, Jr.

    In PRISON…..he will become an after dinner mint for a 450 pound inmate named, ” Skippy “.

  • Warren Hale

    Castrate him & throw him in general population

  • Gillian Whelan

    So many sick and brutally painful torture devices/methods…let’s try some on this guy.

  • Ben Dover

    ……. “Officer Tomlinson is scheduled to be reappear in court on April 2 for sentencing.” So why is this showing up on my facebook now when the sentencing took place and I have to look for the update on my own?

  • xmax
  • Brenda Johnson

    The cops who defended him, allow him to spend some quality time with your child???

  • Nicole

    Fuck jail and prison, if he doesn’t make it there he’ll get it out here. No one is just going to let him walk freely around out here if everyone knows what he looks like.

  • jasonbasa

    isn’t it kind of weird that the law firm fired the lawyer? That is their Job. Lawyers do shit like that all the time. “Please let my client (an Axe Murderer) out on bail…..he will be fine”

    • jasonbasa

      ohhhhh……it wasn’t HIS attorney……it was just a friend.

  • Jeff Pearce Sr.

    Perhaps they are all guilty?

  • Jeff Pearce Sr.

    What policies were violated? How about what laws were broken? Is this a “Freudian slip.? Was that one sentence an admittance that laws don’t apply to law enforcement? Only policy violations?

  • Dharma666

    This pig and all the ones who backed him in court need to be killed. Plain and Simple.

  • cholula1111

    When far too many elected officials are criminals, and they are not treated equally under the law, then what are the people who must pay their salary and suffer under their treatment supposed to do?