Cop Reported for Rape Got “Paid Leave,” Now Charged for Trying to Rape Another Woman — Gets Released Again

BULLHEAD CITY — Earlier this month, Officer Jesse Hoag, pictured below, was placed under investigation after a female college student came forward and reported him for raping her.

According to the report, Officer Hoag held her down in his vehicle early in the morning and began penetrating her by force.

Jesse Samuel Hoag

A female college student says she was forced to have sex with this police officer.

The student had known Officer Hoag because a community college nearby was allowing him to teach classes on the process of how to become a police officer.

According to the report, Hoag got the student into his vehicle after drinking beer and started trying to have sex with her.

The student states that when she told him to stop, he threatened to hurt her.

At that point, he “held her against her will and forced her to engage in sexual intercourse,” according to the affidavit.

After he was finished raping her, the officer said “sorry” and told her that he would turn himself in, the report states.

Investigators searched Hoag’s vehicle and found that the girl’s eyeglasses had been broken  during the struggle and left in his vehicle.

Instead of being charged and convicted after the rape report, Officer Hoag was allowed to keep his job as a police officer and roam free with “paid leave.”

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Now it appears that Officer Hoag has just tried to rape another woman, having been recently brought in again and charged with felony attempted sexual assault.

According to the latest report, Hoag met a woman at a bar in Laughlin. After exiting the bar, he began trying sexually assault her in his vehicle.

This time, however, the woman was able to escape after struggling against Hoag’s attempts.

She ran back into the bar and reported the sexual assault immediately.

Later the same morning, Hoag is reported to have surrendered himself, and he was finally booked into a Laughlin jail.

But not for long.

He has since been released again after posting an unspecified bond.

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The question many have is, now that he’s been reported for raping one student and reported again for trying to rape another, will Officer Hoag finally be terminated from his job and convicted, or will he get another paid vacation?

Do you think he will be convicted and brought to justice just like any ordinary citizen, or do you think he’ll remain free because of his state-privilege?  Let us know your opinion below…



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  • spaghetti

    I bet he gets probation and assigned “special duty”. Probably going to make him the new DARE officer or some shit, then we hear about how he molested 6 children, 2 teachers and they put him on crosswalk duty. He gets more probation after he is found to have sexually explicit images of mentally handicapped animals engaged in lewd acts with the officer, but he gets altered duty and is now the chief of police.

  • Jeff Flynn

    They’ll pull the Bill O’Reilly tactic of claiming a setup to discredit police officers.

  • Jason Argos

    I tried twice to share but Your pathetic handcuff key advertiser is exchanged for a picture of a man harming women! DO YOU KNOW HAY FILMING COPS.

  • Richard Small

    I served in the USMC. Because I served our government, that means that I can physically and sexually assault whom ever I want? Bs. They would throw my ass under the jail. This is everything that is wrong with this country I used to be proud of. Fuck that fat lil piggy!

  • 437232

    Paging Eric Frein. Oh wait. He’s currently busy having to fight off the criminal cops within the system who are currently hunting him, while simultaneously avoiding the dumbed down ignorant citizens who have been convinced by the media that Eric is an “evil coward”.

    Meanwhile, cops continue to act with impunity.

  • Bodinky100

    Why doesn’t the police across America put their money together and buy some tropical island in the carribean and when any police officers does what these creep did they are automatically sent to the island for a nice long holiday in the sun, paid of course. When they are finally aquited they come back all rested and tanned with full back pay to once again serve and protect us. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea fellow slaves?