WATCH: Cop Ruthlessly Beats Dog, Picks Animal Up and Rams Its Body Into the Ground



It is little wonder that advocacy groups have turned their attention to the Ramsey County sheriff’s office of late.

October 22 is the National Day of Protest against Police Brutality.

However, these campaigners are seeking justice for a member of law enforcement – a German Shepherd named Boone that was assaulted by an officer he assisted.

Just over four months ago on June 15, Brett Berry was nominated by the department to accompany the dog for canine certification trials. He was Boone’s K9 handler.

Berry was staying at the Black Bear Casino and Resort with other deputies when he physically assaulted the dog.
The entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

The accused officer appeared in court last week and a pre-trial date was set for January.

A clear case of animal cruelty

It all started when Black Bear security officers escorted a visibly distressed Berry out of the casino’s bar.

Around five minutes after being shown the door, the cop starts assaulting Boone.

The disturbing footage shows that the dog approaches Berry, wagging his tail. First he slaps the dog then ruthlessly grabs him by the collar and drags the animal along before slamming him to the ground.

The panicked canine runs away from his handler but the enraged man chases after him and repeatedly strikes him with an object he is holding in his left hand.

Then Boone ended up running between the two entrance doors of the casino when he got stuck between them.

As if his previous ill-treatment was not enough, Berry hit Boone so many times that one loses count.

“Our silence should not be confused” 

Sergeant John Eastham of the sheriff’s office said the department is not taking the matter lightly. However, there has not been much comment from the authorities.

In response to this he said: “Our silence should not be confused with inactivity or apathy”.

The 47-year-old officer was charged with two misdemeanors – animal cruelty and assaulting a public safety dog.
Andrew Henderson is a St Paul resident who organized a protest outside the sheriff’s office on the day of Berry’s court appearance.

He says the community would like to see the officer dismissed. In addition to this, suggested it would be a good idea for the deputy to volunteer at an animal shelter.

The people gathered at the protest wrote chalk messages on the sidewalk.

As the country gets ready to rally together to declare their rejection of police brutality, one note on the pavement outside the Ramsey County sheriff’s office sums up exactly how things should be. It reads – “badges don’t grant extra rights”.

Watch the video below showing the cop beat this innocent animal:

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  • Dmhalix

    wait a fucking minute if i did that to a police k9 i would be charged with felony assault and battery of a police officer, why the hell is this douchemonger only being charged with misdemeanors ??? of ya that’s right he wears a badge …………

    • John Mullis

      My thought exactly and that is a felony.

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    • RavensRayne78

      Thank you I was just going to say the same thing. If I hit a police K9 I’d be dead because cry baby would fear for their life.

      • WhiteEagle

        Right, he assaulted a fellow officer…not human but part of the force.

  • Where is video #2? This guy should go to the big house.

  • Prince Damien

    NOW COMES THE FUN PART! This isn’t the first time a service animal has been abused by it’s handler, once before it was shown a cop beating his attackdog and the ENTIRE department claimed that he was well within normal TRAINING standards, and was infact PROPERLY TRAINING the animal.

  • Debbie Salzer

    Was he charged?????

    • Anonymous

      Yes. He’s charged. With a mere misdemeanor. This should be FELONY charges!

  • Teresa George-Sargent

    why hasn’t anyone kicked his ass yet?

    • dillybar

      Because he’s a pig you will get 20 years so we need another pig to shoot him and he will get a stripes and a raise

      • Mike

        A shot to the head in a dark alley, no witness, no crime, just getting rid of trash!!!!

  • Tony Velez

    scum protecting scum or the police policing the police, either way, HELL is waiting for this POS

  • swahlifats

    hope this pig dies a painful death

  • wildman

    that is why you carry at all times- if you seen this then you could have came to the aid of a police officer that was being beaten and shot that filthy tin star thug in the fukin face

  • spike spiegel

    that pig must die #187time

  • Anonymous

    WHAT? This is a MISCARRIAGE!!!! He should not be getting misdemeanor charges…HE SHOULD BE GETTING FELONY CHARGES!!!!!!!!!! What the HELL is wrong with these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hafsteinn Helgason

      Mistreatment. I think you were going for mistreatment. A miscarriage is when an expecting mother loses her unborn child.

      • Jim Kuhn

        Hummm…where did you go to school? “Miscarriage of Justice” is a legal term, look it up, it has nothing to do with what you described when used in this manner…

        • Hafsteinn Helgason

          Where did I go to school? Really? Condescending me due to a lack of knowledge regarding legal terms. Not everyone went to law school my friend.

          I thought she was referring to “mistreatment” of the animal. She could have been a bit clearer in her comment.

      • Anonymous

        No. We meant “miscarriage.”

        1. the expulsion of a fetus from the womb before it is able to survive independently, especially spontaneously or as the result of accident.

        synonyms:stillbirth, spontaneous abortion
        “she’s had a miscarriage”

        2. an unsuccessful outcome of something planned.

        synonyms:failure, foundering, ruin, ruination, collapse, breakdown, thwarting,frustration,
        undoing, nonfulfillment, mismanagement
        “the miscarriage of the project”

        • Hafsteinn Helgason

          We? As to suggest that YOU are anonymous? Right…. I believe that.

      • Nancie Barnett

        he meant miscarriage of justice… this is a legal term.. look it up

  • roseanna calloway

    I figured on sending the FBI an email with all the details. They consider animal abuse a class a felony which is equal to homicide. Wait til they see the video on what this monster did to his K-9 officer. I will also send the monster a letter.

  • Ruth DelaCerda

    Looks like a psychiatric evaluation should be done on ALL cops. Part of inservice to joining

    • dillybar

      And drug testing

  • dillybar

    They spelt cop wrong it’s PIG thank you

  • Hafsteinn Helgason

    That little shit deserves to be beaten within an inch of his life, nursed back to health and beaten within an inch of his life again, continuously until he begs to die. A Promethean way to suffer.

    • Duke of Memes

      Okay you’re a tad out of control. We aren’t all barbarians, there is no reason to nearly kill this man and nurse and repeat the process. You’re being too emotional, people have done much worse things and have been punished much less. So I think you’re “sentence” is really fucking stupid.

      • Mike

        I say take him out to wolf/coyote country, tie him spread eagle to the ground, slice his stomach 5 or 6 times to draw blood, and smother his crotch in blood, so the animals rip his junk off first while still alive, and let the dog he abused watch. This would be true justice, and would help feed the animals while getting rid of a piece of shit!!!!

        • Lol at “while the dog watches”

          • WhiteEagle

            The dog he abused would probably try to protect him with his life.

          • Great point, actually.

      • wildman

        and you pussy bitch have proven you really are that special kinda fukin stupid, grow a pair or borrow yer husbands when you spit them out

  • Lee


    Subd. 2a.Misdemeanor.

    It is a misdemeanor for any person to intentionally and without justification assault a police dog, search and rescue dog, or an arson dog when the dog is involved in law enforcement, fire, or correctional investigation or apprehension, search and rescue duties, or the dog is in the custody of or under the control of a peace officer, a trained handler, or an employee of a correctional facility.


    Subdivision 1.Torture.

    No person shall overdrive, overload, torture, cruelly beat, neglect, or unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate, or kill any animal, or cruelly work any animal when it is unfit for labor, whether it belongs to that person or to another person.

  • kyle wagner

    That officer is a little fucking bitch, why don’t u come to Wyoming and try hitting me like u hit that dog u worthless piece of shit because I guarantee u I hit back and I won’t stop till I’m being pulled off of u, I don’t believe in abusing innocents be it human or animal but u r not no innocent so I will have no problem beating the fuck out of u just like u did to that dog, to the rest of u in this discussion I’m sorry for the language I used I just get really aggravated when I see this kind of thing and a lot of u will say that this is a threat aimmed at a police officer but it’s not a threat it a promise and after seeing the video he ain’t no cop he is a piece of shit on a power trip so again I’m sorry for the language just speaking my mind. I’m done with my rant so everyone try to have a wonderful day.

  • Deborah Stanger

    This is supposed to be a felony!!!!!!!! Because he’s a cop, it’s only a felony!!! If he will do this to an animal, what’s he going to do with his wife and kids? I hear they gave him another dog to work with after this!!!!!

  • Mike

    This cop deserves to be gutted alive. I hope someone kills this POS cop. Please someone kill this cop for he deserves it!!!!

  • Nick Trench

    That pos sorry excuse for a human being should be executed…

  • selbys

    Piece of shit!! Charge this SOB with a felony. Unfortunately, it seems as though some (not all) officers are prone to abusing (even to the point of killing) the defenseless, be it animal or human.

  • sagitarrian

    they want it to volunteer at an animal shelter is this person nuts just prosecute and fine and jail and fire its fucking arse and not let it anywhere near another animal in its life fucking arsehole needs to be thrown on the ground then beaten by other dog k9 handlers

  • Detroitbatman

    Why do they say it would be a good idea for the officer to volunteer at an animal shelter???? Wouldn’t that be like a child molester volunteering at a day care? Keep this fvkin piece of shyt away from the animal shelter.

  • maxiemom

    Tell me, just why would anyone think that an animal abuser should spend any time volunteering, whether by choice or sentence, in an animal shelter?

    It’s the exact same thing as having a child molester work in a day care, or a rapist work in a woman’s shelter!

    Think before you come up with these suggestions!

    This POS should be charged with 2 felonies, not misdemeanors. This guy was abusing a fellow cop for heaven’s sake: you would think they’d at least take that into consideration when charging this scum!

  • Wodanson

    Please lock me in a room with this gutless psychopathic pierce of shit, then forget that he existed. I have years of martial arts training that I would like to share with him.

  • The weak and defenseless will always be easy prey unless the conservatives wake up and realize this brutality is dished out on everyone without regard to political affiliation.

  • Lizz Huie-Fulks

    He should be charged with a felony. He assaulted a K-9 Officer. !! He is a disgrace to the badge.

  • Beautiful Disaster

    Makes me sick!! He should consider himself extremely lucky if he gets off with simply working at the local animal shelter. He should be fired 1st and for most and NEVER be allowed to work with animals or any type of law enforcement for the rest of his life!! I would suggest that he also be stripped of his gun rights!! Studies have shown that people whom abuse animals are 70% more likely to abuse other individuals. This man is a ticking time bomb and allowing him to walk around with a weapon and badge is a truly disturbing!!

  • Nancie Barnett

    does anyone know that status of the police dog? has it been rescued?

  • Bernice Reynolds

    Hey Kyle, don’t be sorry for putting it like it is, and I’d bet you could get a lot of backup on your plan.

  • LeeAnn Young

    ..and don’t let him off by pleading he’s an alcoholic or gambling addict.

  • Mira
  • Aussiejewels

    I cant believe what I just saw!!…A cop beating his own loyal, K9 partner??…My heart breaks for the poor canine!!…No animal should have to go through that!!… His abuser is an inhumane MONSTER!!…He needs to remember Karma…He may come back as a dog!….If not, I hope he burns forever in HELL!!…

  • Aussiejewels

    People who abuse innocent, defenceless animals are nothing but cowards!!…They wouldn’t dare do that to someone their own size!!…That cop should definitely lose his badge!!…He’s obviously not fit to be in the police force!!..

  • Jeff InCali

    one issue The Young Turks you need to get corrected here the majority of cops are liberal Democrats and we all know it’s the liberal Democrats with the violent rage issues not the conservatives