Cop Sexually Abused Children as Young as 13, Used “Position of Power”

GLENDIVE – Former police Officer Taylon Bain has been sentenced on four counts of sexual intercourse without consent and one count of sexual abuse of a child, according to reports.

Reports indicated that there were at least four girls, between the ages of 13 and 16, who were victims of the molestation.

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Many other victims are believed to have not come forward yet.

taylon bain

Bain was diagnosed with multiple deviancies or compulsive predatory sexual interests, according to reports.

He was described as using his “position of power” to “groom his victims,” including his time as a police officer in the Glendive Police Department.

One of the girls said she thought that what Bain asked her to do sexually was “okay because he was a policeman.”

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Bain also got a job working at a dance class with young children, and he volunteered at the community’s Special Olympics program.

Judge Simonton noted “Even though you pleaded guilty to the four instances of sexual intercourse without consent it appears that there were many more…”

“Your lawyer indicated you have a deviant sexual condition. I agree. Unfortunately that condition is uncontrolled,” the judge added.

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Bain was then sentenced to 32 years in prison, with 24 of those years suspended.

He will be registered as a sex offender and be required to take annual HIV tests, as well as monitored whenever he is around anybody under the age of 18.

The judge said that there were likely additional victims and that incidents like this are generally “not the whole story.”

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  • Ria Dayz

    This is just sad and disgusting. I don’t trust men, cops, or any men in power…and what better reason. Its too bad our systems let scum like this become people we citizens are supposed to trust.

    • J

      Because woman won’t abuse power right? Like the female lawyer on Zimmerman trial. Sad thing is, every race color and sex has betrayal and deception, as to how far people will go is there own agenda, not to accuse men or woman on global scale. So sick of sexist people.

      • Kirat Bending Rodriguez

        I am too, J. I’m a crass punk, and we do not tolerate sexism.

    • Sharolaid

      Gay guys are an exception though bacoz they is basically like women.

    • Doc

      Wait, there are still people stupid enough to trust pigs???

      Also, this isnt about gender, this is the product of a culture of corruption, and decades with no oversight… The same thing would happen with any group of low iq people with dominant tendancies who are fed steriods and told the people are their enemy…

      • luke

        these were young girls, not stupid people

  • Kevin of Maplewood

    8 f-ing years!? 24 suspended? The judge needs to be locked up with him.

  • V

    Think about what would happen if a normal citizen committed the same crimes, rape of 4 or more minors.. theyd be locked away for life. A cop does it, 8 yrs probably isolated and cushy because hes a cop and cant be in general population in jail. And all it takes is 6 months – 1 year of schooling at a f*ing community college and you can be a cop, its like a golden ticket for these f*ing pieces of sh!t to do sick sh!t and get away with it. America is so ass backwards and ready for a revolution, wake up people we are being pacified, abused, taken advantage of, and our rights are being taken away one at a time on a mass scale. God have mercy on our children’s children because in the direction we are going this wont be the same america we all used to know.

    • Stazzy

      Only 2 out of 50 states require college education to be a cop. I think this explains quite a bit.

      • bullhunter6x6

        College pedigrees are the problem. this guy is a piece of garbage. The judge was involved with his mother, and her girlfriend. the problem starts with a broken home, no dad and a bi sexual mother. These things are a cocktail for disaster, not allowing young bain to see right from wrong. Mix all together, allow to set during early teen years. Take out as a young adult and now you have a monster. A completely demonic and evil reaper of the inosence of little girls.
        lack of morality explains alot, not a lack of collage.

  • Melissa Supersaiyan Earthseed

    It should be MORE jail time for the fact that he used his ‘position of power’ to essentially rape children. He deserves double the sentencing time. These kids, their parents, trusted this man. And if he worked in a Special Olympics too, I’m certain there are so many victims that can’t even tell you what happened…

  • rlhndrsn

    i’m just not shocked over being shocked! this is amerika. this is justice in amerika. and on the opposite side of things, a man can get life for being convicted over a false accusation with no proof, just an accusation.. and a cop who knowingly and admittedly molested children gets virtually off with a slap on the hand. go figure. yep. justice in amerika.

  • David Desorcy

    Pervert freak Judges always let other fellow perverts off lightly, everytime

  • David Desorcy

    pervert judges do this for pedophile pigs

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

    Child rapists aka police pederasts aka white pig and their toilet monkeys can prey on the innocents and CHIKDREN while the rest of us are in a civil war from us, eu, un pederast child raping pOlice terrorists!!! And yes polio disease is a problem!!!