Cop Shoots Family’s Cat to Death and Then Orders Them to “Clean Up the Mess”

Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project

North Catasauqua, PA — A Pennsylvania cop who chose to shoot a man’s beloved pet cat, rather than bring it to a veterinarian for a health check, will not be charged with animal cruelty — despite the rather murky circumstances of the animal’s killing.

Tom Newhart and his wife rescued ‘Sugar’ at birth six years ago, but just over a week ago, the cat managed to slip out of their home.

“I found the cat sitting right here,” said neighbor Mike Lienert, according to local 69 News, who also noted the cat appeared to be injured. Lienert then called North Catasauqua Police to help.

“First thing at the door [Officer Leighton Purselle] said it’s not politically correct but if injured we will put it down,” Lienert explained. Purselle then proceeded to the backyard pool area to check on the injured animal.

But Purselle, according to Lienart, didn’t bother to give the cat much of a chance, apart from some ‘poking and prodding’ it — and didn’t try to catch Sugar. Apart from simply hissing, the cat wasn’t aggressive in any way, Lienart noted. Nonetheless, Purselle shot Sugar — and told Lienart he’d have to clean up the mess.

A number of questions about the incident have surfaced as outraged local residents wonder if Purselle could have done more to save Sugar — and if Lienart’s original report the cat was injured, were true. So Newhart asked his vet to perform an exam of Sugar, after recovering the cat’s body from his neighbor’s pool area.

“No lacerations, no blood, other than neck wound on body,” Newhart read from his vet’s report.

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  • Paul Klinger

    What kind of person calls the police because a cat is in their yard?

    • malinga
    • Joann Maultsby

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  • Cliff

    If a cop kills my cat, there’s going to a police station burning down.

  • hickory

    These gun happy cops better realize not every one is going to take their shit, a 50 cal will take their heads off at 2000 yds, then some will have to clean up the mess and its a bad one, it looks like a big pile of hamburger,,,,,,,,,,,,,