Cop Shoots His Neighbor’s Dog in the Head, Executes It After It “Entered His Yard”

Jean Strong |

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — A Jacksonville, Florida woman is looking for answers after her neighbor, a Jacksonville police officer, shot and killed her dog.

According to Chelsea Pavish her dog, a basset hound mix, was able to circumvent a barrier and get into the yard next door.

Sgt. Bradley Shivers and his wife and two children, ages three and seven, were on their pool deck when Goose got into the yard.

According to the police report Goose “acted aggressively” and pursued Shivers around his yard as he tried to fend him off with a rake.

He claims that in the past on several occasions he had been successful in defending himself against the dog with the rake. Shivers then slipped and fell.

When he regained his feet he went into his house, got his duty weapon and shot Goose in the head.

He claimed “he was afraid” for the safety of his wife and children.

Shivers was removing a tree from his yard and had taken down a section of the fence that divided the properties.

Pavish reports that whenever they let Goose out they attempted to barricade the missing section.

She disputes Shivers’s claim that the dog was aggressive.

“Impossible,” she said. “He’s so lazy, very goofy. If he was afraid he would back away.”

Lunging at someone would be out of character. Goose was a rescue dog and had been adopted by Pavish a few months earlier.

He had never shown signs of aggression.

When Pavish heard the shot she ran outside and was able to get Goose and take him to a veterinarian where he had to be put down because his injuries were too severe.

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  • Gregg Allen Crossley Jr.

    Sorry but no. I’m a mail carrier. Do you know how many times I’ve heard “Oh my dog wouldn’t hurt a fly,” only to have fluffy try to take a peice out of me as I try to deliver their mail. Then they act as if I’m in the wrong for refusing to deliver if it’s blocking their box. So I’m calling bullshit. If it was brazen enough to leave the yard and come at the neighbors, then it’s apparently not the timid lazy animal she wishes to portray.

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