Cop Snaps, Bashes Mentally Ill Hospital Patient’s Face In — Judge Promises Him No Jail Time


Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Chicago, IL — Another disturbing video of another cop blowing a fuse has surfaced this week; this time the victim is a mentally ill patient who was restrained.

Officer Clauzell Gause, who is 6’6″ and 235 pounds, was captured on surveillance footage from the Jackson Park Hospital brutally beating a patient who had his hands cuffed behind his back.

As the video begins, Gause is seen manhandling the defenseless man before throwing him into the wall. After the man bounces off the wall, Gause then pummels his face, knocking him to the bed. Then, for good measure, Gause nails the mental patient in the face two more times with his left hand.

This incident happened in June of 2014, yet it took nearly two years for prosecutors to charge Gause — in spite of the video evidence showing him needlessly beating a handcuffed man. When asked by the Chicago Tribune why it took so long to charge Gause, Sally Daly, a spokeswoman for State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said they had trouble finding the victim.

Apparently witnessing the officer maim a handcuffed individual on video isn’t enough to charge him. The victim, who’s medical records documented multiple lacerations and swelling of his forehead from the beating, had to be found by the Independent Police Review Authority before Gause could be charged.

Not only was he not charged immediately after the assault, but he didn’t face any discipline from his department other than being placed on desk duty. Gause alleged that the victim, while getting his blood pressure taken, stood up and punched him. However, that is not captured on video.

“The Chicago Police Department has zero tolerance for misconduct or any activity which undermines the integrity of our officers and our efforts to rebuild public trust,” Anthony Guglielmi, chief spokesman for the Police Department said in a statement.

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