WATCH: Cop Spits on American Citizen in Public, Smirks Afterwards



OAKLAND — A raw video recording has just been uploaded to YouTube showing a police officer literally spitting on an American citizen who was filming him.

Details surrounding the incident are unclear at this time.

But it appears that citizens were being questioned by the police.

As the camera turns to the cop, two things can be noticed.

The cop first appears to take something out of his mouth and throw it toward the man filming.

It could be a piece of food or gum, but it is unclear from the footage itself.

That’s when the unthinkable happens.

The cop can be seen arching his head and literally spitting at the man filming him, and from the direction of the camera, it appears that spit flew toward the filmer’s face.

Shocked, the filmer can be heard saying “What the fuck bro?”

Another citizen who evidently saw the spitting take place can be heard saying either “that’s harassment” or “that’s assault.”

To which the cop smirks and replies that it’s not.

Of course, if a citizen were to ever spit on a cop, he would be charged with assaulting an officer, arrested, and possibly beaten.

Possibly even killed if the cop were to use the old “feared for my life” trick.

But a cop spitting on a citizen seems to be perfectly OK.

To see the cop in the video appearing to spit on the citizen just shows the complete level of disdain and disrespect that some cops have toward those safely holding them accountable.

This article will be updated as more information is made available regarding the cop’s identity and whether he will face disciplinary action.

Watch the video below:

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  • Michael Smith

    Just because the pig claims it isn’t doesn’t change the fact that it IS assault to spit on someone.

    • Difdi

      Spit back. If the cop is right about it not being illegal, spitting back after being spat on is not a crime.

      If he’s wrong, then his act of spitting is an unlawful act of assault, and your spitting back is a proportionate use of force in self defense — which is not a crime.

  • Reallytruly

    He should be fired for that

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      fired!!?? he SHOULD be in jail!! charged with the same crime you or I would be charged with!!

    • susantsmurray

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  • yellowdogmichael

    And these same cops wonder why people are shooting and killing them, like the one in Texas… and the two in New York. And there will be more, I am sure, if they don’t stop doing shit like this. There are several cops in this video, where is the “good cop” arresting this bad cop?

  • Member548

    Two simple requirement would help out with the quality of police.

    You have to be 30 years of age or older, and you have to have a bachelor’s degree (not that I have all that much faith in universities now days) This means that for more than a decade as a person who has lived a normal life and worked a normal job and has had some time to mature inside regular society, it also shows they can at least complete some level of education beyond high school. I really don’t think this is too much to ask as, on average, police get better pay and benefits than school teachers.

    It wouldn’t be a cure all, but over time there’d be no one left inside of departments who have lived completely isolated from what it’s like to be a normal civilian, and their mindset and influence would wane.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      the only thing I disagree with is your use of the word “civilian”, which implies that their little pretend g.i. Joe/Rambo “army” is authentic. it’s not. no matter how many stars these “commanders” put on their shoulders, they are no more a general MacArthur then I am!!

  • Bruce

    In most, if not all jurisdictions, spitting on another person is considered to be assault. He probably should be charged.

  • Amazing Larry

    This is why less and less people are giving a shit when a cop gets shot. All assholes.