Cop Who Raped Handcuffed Girl, Has Been Shot by Woman — Officials Suggest Shooting Was Vengeance

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

San Antonio, TX — Officer Jackie Neal of the San Antonio PD, has been on paid vacation for the last year and a half for accusations of crimes that his chief referred to as “unthinkable.” After evidence linked him to this vile crime, he’s still been receiving his over-deserved salary of $62,556.00.

Neal, 40, was in full uniform, in a marked squad car and on-duty when he made a traffic stop on a Friday morning in November of 2013. He then proceeded to sexually assault a 19-year-old woman, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

He forced the young woman to bend over, with her face in the rear seat of the police car. He pulled her pants and underwear down to her ankles and sexually assaulted her, according to the complaint. At that point, Neal admonished her that if she told anyone, he would know where to find her and drove off, leaving her standing there.

Thursday night, Neal was shot in the neck by an unnamed female assailant. He is currently in critical condition.

While the name of the woman in custody has not yet been released, police suggested that the incident was linked to the earlier rape allegations, says News4SanAntonio.

The shooting happened at Neal’s home in the 9100 block of Arroyo Hondo in Helotes, Texas. Police were called to the scene shortly after 7 pm on Thursday and found Neal with a bullet wound in his neck.

In January of last year, the woman claiming to be raped by Neal filed a $10 million lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in San Antonio. She named the Neal, Police Chief William McManus and the city as defendants.

According to the complaint, Neal had been suspended for three days in September, stemming from “a morally reprehensible and inappropriate” relationship with a female high school student enrolled in the Police Explorer Program. Neal was an advisor to the program in which students learn about police work, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The complaint alleged that Neal had sexual relations with the girl, who was an 18-year-old high school senior when the relationship ended in February 2013.

Judging from the past allegations against Neal, the shooter could have been any number of former female victims.

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  • David Desorcy

    piga protect other pigs all the time, this lady should get a reward.

  • Scot Hickerson

    I’d acquit her if it was of the girls that was raped.

    • Mike

      I’d give her a medal, a new gun and unlimited ammo to finish the job, if she was a previous victim!

      • James Michael


    • Shinji’s Soul Reaver

      I’d acquit her even if she wasn’t one of his victims.

    • Rusty Shakelford

      I’d loan her my 460 WBY. If she hit this puke with that, he would not be in critical condition.

      • Dr. H. Sawyer, Jr.

        Hell, THAT is a BIG AMEN !!!!!

    • OND

      I would acquit her and then send her for target practice.

    • dill

      If she was raped and did shoot the officer i’d reward her with the power of a badge

    • Ron Rankin

      I would acquit her even if she wasn’t a victim

  • Patricia Prowlz

    You guys still paying him is an indicative that you condone it. FUCK THE POLICE, most of them are rape apologists, to say the least.

    • Ian Battles

      Show me ANY OTHER JOB where you still get paid after being accused of raping someone while on duty.

      • Tom Lowe

        President of USA?

        • Clint Jaysiel

          He probably should have said “any other job a common man can have”, because of course if you are elite, the law doesn’t apply to you.

        • Gaia Themis

          That’s libelous.

          • MsSunshine79

            Even with a question mark?

          • qweztionz5

            No, that’s Clinton.

        • E.F. Coleman

          usually does not have to rape has all the power in the world. Rapist are impotent and powerless and fear/ hate women.

          • Gold Brix


          • E.F. Coleman

            Which part do you doubt that rape is not about sex, but power, or most/all rapist are impotent and fear/ hate women.Impotence is not about sexual prowess but prowess in other areas of the rapist life.

          • Jared Crawford

            What if it’s the woman doing the raping?

          • E.F. Coleman

            the poor little male rape victim can try not to participate in his assault. Repeat, rape is not about sex, it usually involves a man’s fear of his own inadequacies, women have no such prowess issues.

          • Jared Crawford

            So you are saying a poor little female rape victim can try not to participate in her are a victim basher. It seems you are trying to make up for one of your inadequacies

          • E.F. Coleman

            No sir YOU mentioned what if the woman was doing the raping, (It happens so often).It is quite the norm to call / accuse someone who disagrees with you names, “ie victim basher, and my own inadequacies.” We hope your fears and shortcomings will never allow you to condone rape no matter who the victim may be. My last words to you on this topic.

          • Sandy Taylor

            I had a friend while in the Air Force, raped at gun point by 3 women, who then left him naked on the highway. He called me, I took him too the police and they laughed us out of the police station.

          • Liberty4all

            Yep, a big reason it’s under reported. Same reason for male victims of domestic violence

          • E.F. Coleman

            anyone taking advantage of others is WRONG it does not matter the sex , race, motivation of the offender. Wrong is still wrong.

          • canucanoe2

            That is about the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. Rape is about power, and women too can feel inadequate and powerless. Misandry much?

          • E.F. Coleman

            Women when/if feeling inadequate does not resort to rape to feel better if your friend was taken advantage of by 3 women it was NOT to prove prowess. Anyone taking advantage of others is WRONG, end of story, goodbye.

          • ghanderman

            men dont rape to “prove prowess” men rape as a fundamental function of power and control issues. ANY violation of someone elses boundaries, whether its a woman or a man doing it, has everything to do with a sense of disempowerment.

          • ghanderman

            men can be raped. men can be raped by women, they can be raped by other men. get a fkng life you psycho.

          • ManlyMiketheCOWARD byLOOKS

            What kind of stupid bull shit are you spewing? Grow up bitch.

          • Liberty4all

            Just as wrong but the majority get a pass thanks to double standards. Here in Tx, I STILL hear grown ass men giggling they wish they’d had a teacher like whichever female has been charged with raping a young male student. It’s literally sickening.

      • Tori Skidori

        Any union job. Those dues pay for legal representation to fight being fired as you would in other jobs. It’s why we’re stuck with bad cops. bad teachers, etc…

        • Macorichi

          False, way too broad of a statement. Add detail or clarity or remove it honestly.

          • Tori Skidori

            Okay…Many union jobs then. Unions do a lot of good, but they also protect people who should be let go, preventing companies from performing at their best and other more qualified people from taking those jobs. Many employers who deal with unions have learned to just shift employees they would like to get rid of to positions where they hope they can do the least amount of harm. However, when it’s your child spending a school year with someone whom administrators acknowledge they get complaints about every year it can be a bitter pill to swallow. When it is easier to put up with a bad employee than jump through the hoops required to get rid of them there is a problem. That is where unions start to do more harm than good.

          • MediaSlayer

            I see people get let go all the time where i work do to lack of performance. Still need to clarify your statement. A little help clarifying would be “government positions”.

        • Carlo Baker

          Bull. Any other occupation it would not matter how good your union was you would still be arrested and charged. Unions are a scam but not on the level of the badge.

        • MediaSlayer

          Not true if cant even piss clean i’m canned withing the day. Your statement is false.

        • canucanoe2

          It is also why we get to keep good teachers that care who might make waves if they think the students aren’t being educated properly, or shortchanged in any way. Like any large organizations, unions can be susceptible to corruption. That doesn’t take away from the good purposes that unions serve.

      • Randall Cheuvront

        except you don’t understand the difference between accusations and a conviction. that’s why you hear the term “alleged” because in america there’s innocence until proven guilt in a court of law. of course that doesn’t stop any one of us from coming to our own conclusion but you’re suggesting the mere accusation means someone should be thrust into poverty for losing their pay. that would be a wonderful way to destroy people you simply don’t like wouldn’t it? also he was actually fired earlier this year so he hasn’t been getting paid anything and he lost a huge civil judgement for not appearing at the hearing. by the allegations he sounds vile but i’m making a point about proof versus accusation in suspension of pay. it would be too easy to screw a cop that you didn’t like making accusations of things that didn’t happen if they were automatically suspended without pay.

        • Drake

          “that’s why you hear the term “alleged” because in america there’s innocence until proven guilt in a court of law.” Would work if these pieces of human garbage were actually charged. Which 99% of the time isn’t the case. The police unions have massive power in OUR courts and why they rarely go to jury. The other reason for not charging…. You prove a cop lies, plants evidence, ETC, then all their cases can be brought back up and many people could walk based upon only the LEO’s testimony. Prosecutors don’t want to deal with retrying any cases said LEO was involved in.

        • canucanoe2

          According to the article, he was on paid leave for a year and a half. It would not take that long to investigate, and indict any other person. It would be understandable if he was on paid leave for a month or two, and then stop getting paid when he got indicted. That is not what happened. All cops receive preferential treatment when they commit a crime. Try again.

      • E.F. Coleman

        POLICE DEPARTMENTS especially if the police is white.

        • Gold Brix

          wow. just wow. while i half-way agreed w your prior statement, this one just suggests you are racist. congratulations, you’ve joined the countless other racists of the world that thinks its somehow ok to be racist just because you are ANYTHING but WHITE. silly woman, you are very foolish.

          • E.F. Coleman

            you however are Not silly, a woman or very foolish.But when you disagree with another’s viewpoint your only response besides rational reasoning is YOU resort to name calling.I’ll stay,silly, woman and foolish. Goodbye.

          • Mechelle Owens

            For you to use the word White, proves you are a racist! No need to say that. Wrong is wrong and this situation is wrong! But why say the word White? Unless you feel some diatain against calling BS, you are a racist!

          • E.F. Coleman

            You are right I have disdain for whites or any color person who rapes.

          • ManlyMiketheCOWARD byLOOKS

            You are one retarded ass bitch.

          • E.F. Coleman

            neither you or your mama is “one retarded ass bitch”, but I still disagree with you both.

          • Mechelle Owens

            E.F. Coleman, YOU are a racist.

          • dr_sn0w

            I don’t think she got that because you replied to me by accident.

          • E.F. Coleman

            So what I can be anything I choose, there may be one or two white people who could be racist also. Rape is wrong no matter the color or occupation of the rapist.

        • canucanoe2

          You moron, he said any other job BESIDES the police.

          • E.F. Coleman

            you sir are not a moron, name calling proves my point,. ie donnie trump losers only recourse.

          • Mechelle Owens

            The proper word here. Is rasict and you would be taken more serious if you did not show precitious to any certain color!

          • E.F. Coleman

            do not need to be taken serious I know I’ve hit a nerve of truthfulness when you people get so unhinged. white, Black, men, or Women rape is wrong.

          • Andrew Mutz

            but when you have to identify that they are white or black that is racism

          • E.F. Coleman

            This cowardice rapist happens to be white so……..

        • Mechelle Owens

          EFColman…I agree with you on most of your views, but why do you have to made this a WHITE thing? I mean, i was behind you 100%, but then you had to bring RACE into it. Rapist come in all colors and ALL colors get away with it. Let’s talk about people in power getting away with it instead of saying WHITE cops! I’m so sick of this. Fight the demon and stop putting a color on them. To me, this is reverse racism, plain and simple.
          Yes he is a rapist, yes it is despicable, but color has nothing to do with it!

        • Todd Jensen

          You are responding to the question “show me any other job” (implying other than police) and your answer is Police?

      • Gosurfn

        Just ask our pos potus, don the con trump about that. : | smfh

    • JoeCushing

      It may be the result of unions and their lack of desire for being sued by the other side. I’m not condoning the state in anyway. The state is a criminal organization and they do cover up and block punishment of crimes by themselves. I’m just looking for truth is all. It’s likely due to union influence.

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    More people are going to take “JUSTICE” into their own hands as they do not see that cops are ever truly penalized for their crimes. In time I see armed groups of people standing by as cops do their jobs, and armed citizens make sure they do it right, by force in necessary. I also see groups of armed citizens going out and delivering justice to criminal cops that are not properly prosecuted. Then this will be all the government will need to eliminate the 2nd amendment. Then Civil War II!

    • Mathieu Hubin

      Yep. That’s pretty much the way I see it happening.

    • Sandra

      Not in your lifetime, or your childrens or grandchildrens etc etc lifetime. That sounds more like a wish. Remind yourself to call 411 instead of 911 if you ever need help. Not every officer is bad. Just like not every accountant, server, cook, conductor, cashier.

      • Daniel W. McCullar

        Really. You have the amazing ability to read intention and emotion in print. Wow you are fucking amazing. And FYI, I use to be a cop. I know more about what is going on that some sheep like you.

      • James Jamestown

        I’ll call my glock or the fire department if I need help.

      • Deborah Lee

        I would never call the police under any circumstances. My parents raised me not to trust them. The last time I was in trouble I called my neighbors. If you were African American you would understand that. Yes there are good cops and bad cops but I cannot take the chance that a bad one will show up.

    • James Jamestown

      Or we could just not have cops that answer to the state. I realize white people love cops so much they can’t fathom a world in which they don’t exist but do try.

      • Nahalban

        Wow quick play that race card before someone fails to notice. pathetic troll is pathetic.

      • Capt Turk

        Don’t think for a moment that “all” white people love cops. I’m a 65 year old , retired professional, educated, white male, and have absolutely NO love of cops. I feel only fear and loathing whenever I see one. Blacks, and/or minorities are not the only ones that hate cops.

      • Asper ACT

        People calling for security to be decentralized, privatized, and have the monopoly of state police abolished, are mostly white males.
        Black protesters against police brutality do not have a solution other than sue departments and spend more money “training” police.


    THey need to stop saying “sexually assaulted her” , and say he RAPED her. sexual assault makes it seem like he just felt her up , which is also a sexual assault but sounds gentler. It was a violent rape as he threatened her life. And 3 days?? Why cuz the girl was 18? I hope he dies.

    • Genghis Khan

      The 3 days does not stem from being 18 as that is not a crime, it would stem from having a relationship with someone who he meet as a teacher figure.

    • Tom Lowe

      The 18 year old girl was a completely different one whom he assaulted while serving as an adviser to a school program. She was underage at the time. This creep Jackie Neal is a serial rapist and if still on pay then the entire chain of command above him should be in prison along with him.

    • Gold Brix

      too bad the bullet missed its mark by a few inches?

  • DJ Cross

    I hope this PIG dies.
    He needs to be sent to hell or HANG him from a tree.

    • gcdugas

      send him to hell BY hanging him on a tree

  • Marishka Noyb

    What a PIG

  • Marishka Noyb

    If it was Vengeance it would have been much worse….lots of bullets in different places

    • Tom Lowe

      It was probably self defence fighting off another rape attempt being made by serial rapist Jackie Neal.

  • Drakenfly
  • James Michael

    I have warned you traitors and felons …It is coming.

    Olmsted v. United States, (1928) 277 U.S. 438
    “Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds
    contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it
    invites anarchy.”

    • gcdugas

      you say “anarchy” like it is a bad thing…. which it is not… it is the ultimate goal

      • Asper ACT

        Self-governance = Anarchy

  • Rusty Shakelford
  • judithica

    So the high school student was 18 when it ended? Lol, statute of limitations not apply to rape of a minor, or just cops?

    • Michelle Parish

      Depends on how old she was when it started. Age of consent in Texas is 17.

  • Dustin Stinson

    if cops don’t start doing right people will, we out number them billion to 1. They need to start doing what they are paid to do.

    • Sandra

      If Lawyers dont start doing right, we’ll outnumber them. If Servers dont start doing right, we’ll outnumber them. If Grandmas dont start doing right, we’ll outnumber them. You give responsible ,legal, intelligent, gun owners such a bad rap when you say stupid cowboy BS. Be quiet. You may up on the mentally incompetent list and not be permitted to own any weapon the way your mind works.

    • Genghis Khan

      So there is .40 police officers in the USA?

  • Rex

    Uh huh… a forcible rape allegation, and a statutory rape allegation, and she found him at home.

    NOT in jail, NOT in court, NOT in the “unemployment line” (he was still a cop)… at home.

    That sounds more like someone that’s realized the Justice System won’t take out it’s own trash, so she decided to help. Of course, since he’s in the Blue Mafia, she’ll likely spend the better part of the rest of her life so far back in jail they’ll have to shoot biscuits at her with a shotgun.

    It’s a shame, really. If they’d have done to him what they would have done to us… locked his as up, and fuck you on the bail… her life might not have been ruined.

  • JoeCushing

    I see lots of people are talking about this, so I will copy my reply to this for the main thread. Why they pay cops on leave for these things:

    It may be the result of unions and their lack of desire for being sued
    by the other side. I’m not condoning the state in anyway. The state is
    a criminal organization and they do cover up and block punishment of
    crimes by themselves. I’m just looking for truth is all. It’s likely
    due to union influence. It’s probably in their contract that they have
    to be paid until proven guilty. I doubt the contract has anything in there about them having to reimburse the state for that pay if they ARE proven guilty.

  • Cee Hep

    What other state job pays you for a year with a rape charge and other sexually misconduct over your head. This is straight bs, if they would have done their job and fired that rapist, he may not be looking at death. Another department that needs a house cleaning. In custody let that woman go, she did his job saving victims

  • Jay Chavana

    Why the hell were they still paying him? If he was found innocent in the end, they could have retro’d his pay…but in his guilt, why wasn’t he in jail himself?!

  • Mike B

    Good. This is what happens when police refuse to hold their own accountable. America is supposed to stand for justice, so when justice is withheld, the people will do whatever they can to achieve it.

    Stop protecting rapists and murderers! Start holding them accountable for their actions, even if they wear a piece of metal on their chest.

  • Promontorium

    “the shooter could have been any number of former female victims” No, pretty sure it was just one. You meant, the shooter could have been “one of”

  • musikfanat22

    The state of the world is heart breaking…

  • lonnie93041

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • Arthur Dent

    Wow, how about an acquittal? Justifiable reaction to being systemically denied justice because a cop is a criminal?

  • Joseph Wisgirda

    Why is this man still walking free? And collecting a SALARY???!!
    Dangerous predators who make a mockery of public office need to be held without bail, as an example to others who would use the power of their office to take advantage of ordinary defenseless citizens.
    His salary should go directly to the victim’s family.
    All of it.

  • Whitepolice rape babyboys

    Hey dickless sacrifice rib of pederast child raping white pig who is also choking on my dick because it is nOw their GOD AND KING!!!

    White pig (mOnster cOw) your race is fkkkD~~~ alOng with your pederast child raping bbblackkk bleeding anuses and your mass preying on innocent soft juicy sex targeted children for your failed political terrorism and treacherous conspiracy to chOke on me… My penis actually, just like a pederast child rang police and government propaganda elite failur lOsers!!!


    White fkkk white your gapping thrOat fkkk throats and your bbblackkk bleeding anus toilet monkeys, caucpuppet failures selling out the people their children and cOuntry for a pederast child raping policing failed us/eu/un all from recessive diseased polio baby FAILURES!!!

  • Bj VanHooser

    This POS is worthless…however, those of you painting all cops with the same brush, is the same as claiming all black people are criminals.

  • Martin

    Although im usually against vigilante justice this is great! I believe in the right to a fair trial for all crimes like the constitution states. However when the law doesn’t apply to you what choice do we have? This ? would probably never have been brought to trial cause of how the system work. Where most people would spend time in jail when acused of murder or rape these cops get paid leave. What cboice is their when cope are never brought to justice. There needs to be more cases of this where the cops who are rasicts killers and rapists are killed like this. Send a messaage. If you wont bring them to justice we will ethier prosecute cops the same way put them in jail on bond and have a fair trial, or we will kill them.

  • Gaia Themis

    It is way past time cops started being held accountable for their criminal behavior instead of getting a few days off or desk duty. or no punishment at all.

  • Budman

    Thats the only way this ahole will pay for his crimes

  • Reigel Fetterman

    to bad she missed , more practice at the range ladies. One head shot or two shots center of mass , that s.o.b. needs killing !

  • Reigel Fetterman

    The courts are not going to protect you, cops cover for each other. And if it’s only a ” few ” bad cops , where are the ” good ” cops who should be speaking up and arresting them ? Here’s a thought , hold court in the street and let bad cops know citizens have teeth !

  • E.F. Coleman

    Besides still getting paid if he survives a promotion is next.

  • Casuelle Conik

    Good luck to both women here, and hopefully they can move past this situation. And I hope that the one who shot him can get off easy.

  • debgrabien

    She should have shot him in the penis first. THEN the throat. (Because, yeah, I am an “elite” member of the female gender who thinks this piece of shit should be hung by the scrotum as a warning to other predators who hide behind their badges.)

    You use the disguise of protecting and serving to pull stuff like this, you deserve to go down. And the SOBs who kept paying him a salary while this BS was going on need to go stand in court and take what, in any sane society, would be coming to them.

  • Mozart


  • mrmafaka

    Die pig die.

  • James Earl

    Perfect. Cops like him got a Frein up in Pennsylvania.

  • Jeremy Priestley

    She should have doupletapped

  • eliezercazares

    he had it coming, sadly, government is on the side of cops and they won’t let him die or let the avenger walk away like the cop did walk away after raping women and little girls.

  • Liberty4all

    Vengeance is the only justice we have.

  • hangdogit

    Good shot — but you should have used a Magnum .44 on the Bastard. And I normally oppose vigilante justice — but cops are above the law in the US. He would never face justice otherwise. You made him pay.

  • 1blueadept2

    glad the son of a bitch was shot, wish i could be on the jury for acquittal.

  • EL REY

    Even IF he gets indicted he will be allowed to plea deal get probation and pension.

  • Butch Taylor

    The same thing should happen to cops who shoot unarmed citizens.

  • Ipo Kahulamu

    Total fucks given: 0

  • Steve Walters

    Sounds like justice