Cop With Five Pounds of Marijuana in His House Won’t Face Charges


Rick Hurd | Contra Costa Times

RICHMOND — A Richmond police officer found with marijuana in his home earlier this year likely won’t be charged with a crime, authorities said, but his future on the police force is undetermined.

Joe Avila, Bosco

Veteran K-9 officer Joe Avila has been on paid administrative leave since September, pending an internal investigation, officials in the Richmond Police Department said.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office has been investigating since the case came to its attention earlier this year but is not inclined to file charges, said Robin Lipetzky, the county’s chief public defender.

According to Lipetzky, the decision likely stems from evidence not strong enough to produce a conviction.

A search warrant affidavit obtained by this newspaper shows that Avila picked up a box containing about 4 to 5 pounds of marijuana from a UPS store on Nov. 25, 2013.

Avila then radioed a dispatcher to say that he would file an incident report.

Avila never did so, according to the search warrant.

Instead, in what several police sources have said is a violation of Richmond police policy, the marijuana ended up in his Oakley home instead of being placed into a department evidence locker.

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The matter came to officials’ attention after an officer was assigned in January 2014 to investigate Avila’s alleged failure to write more than three dozen police reports, the warrant said.

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  • useless eater

    I’m sure he’s had his piss tested.

  • he still had the pot? sounds like he was just a lazy person. He did not sell it, he did not smoke it, he just did not do his job.

    • George

      So since when is possession not illegal?

    • Tyler

      IT WAS FIVE POUNDS OF WEED. Thats wayyyy more than enough to be charged with intention to distrubute

      • Mark Kennedy

        people in Texas got life without parole for just one seed pre-1973 … never should have been against the law regardless

    • Oj Robinson

      another article states that “Avila told internal affairs investigators that he used full 2 pounds of
      the pot for the purposes of “training” his police dog to sniff out the
      illegal plant”

  • Mitch Mitchell

    You mean he wont get a promotion? Oh that’s right he didn’t kill anyone.

  • chevy

    Yep, A hard core thug!!! probably charge with a misdemeanor but commit a felony. SMH!!! The lacking in justice an the corruption in the ruler and the thuggish grand jury system. LMAO!!!

  • Pardon, this story goes against reason … we should end the drug war.

  • Ελληνας

    Dog did it……………………

  • CoolTeeO1

    Not right , because he is a cop , he gets off of any charges. This same cop won’t mind one bit ruining someone else’s life over a little bit of weed. There is no justice .

  • martymarsh

    The corrupt protecting the corrupt, prosecutors are some of the worlds most corrupt. It just depends on where it is going to take them.

  • Chaiyz

    lol. Right, we’ve investigated ourselves and have come to the conclusion that we’ve done nothing wrong. Case closed.

  • William

    Yes – the battle cry NO JUSTICE NO PEACE would fit MUCH better on an advocacy campaign……..

  • Larry Graham

    Really if that was us we’d be doing federal time.

  • Kennethpytn

    I guess that they will just charge this off as another BLACK crime. It keeps those Fake stats up.

    • Charlotte Johnson

      You are so right.

  • Barbie

    That’s how the world goes, you either have to be a higher up,no a higher up or explicit favors to get out of even a parking ticket. Have a friend who was told by an officer if she gave him a blow job he would forget about ticket. Sickening….

  • rsteeb

    Good. Nobody should be prosecuted for Cannabis. Now we demand EQUAL PROTECTION.



  • Randy Abernathy

    I actually overheard two cops laughing about torturing a cat with firecrackers. (details were pretty gruesome). Shows the mentallity of some of
    these rat turds.

  • A man with no name

    lol…Party at Barney’s house!

  • John Oliver

    What else is he going to use to plant “evidence” with..? Give the guy a break.. He is only arbitrarily enforcing the law, the way he thinks it should be enforced, which is perfectly ok with cop apologists these days, because cops are such great people.

  • DoubleStandards

    So this knowingly armed person with a gun, presumed to be conducting felonious activity (major drug possession) didn’t get a early morning SWAT no Knock raid?

    • JoeSmoe

      Oh, and they didn’t shoot the dog!

  • Charlotte Johnson

    KKK=Kops licensed to Kill Klan. This system is so full of them if we don’t start voting fresh bodies into these systems we are doomed. We can start by not voting for Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, Rick Santorium, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio,Jeb Bush or Jindal Old those old cowards in the Senate, Congress, House-they all need to go. Thomas needs to go too from the Supreme Court, he’s a traitor, and a bigot. The only thing these people are for are themselves. Obama is trying to do something about these injustices, but the old coons keep holding him back. Pay attention to the issues and who votes for what and how they comment on the issues. This will tell you how that person thinks. Once we clean out the main government, the bad cops will go to, they believe in following their leaders. Afterall, they’re all a bunch of cowards that have to be told what to do and usually they have a companion with them.