Cops Abuse Paraplegic, Hold His Walker Out of Reach as He Begs for Help

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project


Battle Creek, MI — A video uploaded to Facebook over the weekend has caused quite the debate online showing Battle Creek police officers apparently abusing a disabled African American man.

The incident happened on Thursday, Dec. 15 as police pulled over a driver for a suspended license. The video shows cops yelling at the man they just pulled over as he lays on the ground immobilized.

The driver is politely telling police that he needs his walker to get up and instead of giving it to him, they yell in his face.

“You dragged me out of the car bro,” says the driver as he lays there helplessly on the ground. “Look what you just did to me.”

“How would you like to get up,” asks one officer.

“I can’t get up without my walker,” responds the driver.

The driver continues to plead with the officers for his walker, but they hold it just out of reach while screaming in his face.

Instead of allowing the man to get up slowly, like he knows how to do, the cops resort to what they know best — force.

The man is yanked from the ground and painfully dragged to the police car as he screams in agony. When they get the man to the car, he attempts to explain to the officers that he must unlock his leg braces in order to get in the cruiser. Again, they ignore him and apply more force.

Instead of simply listening to the man who is repeatedly telling them that his legs cannot fold unless he unlocks his braces, the officers continue to shove the man into the car. His screams of agony are hard to endure.

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  • Jason Douglas Saville

    Police officers who commit unconstitutional acts and violate rights deserve to be dead. Especially 1,000 pound fatass piggies. We have the right to absolutely fight the police. We have the right to absolutely ignore police and the orders that are especially unconstitutional. So police who commit brutal disturbing acts deserve to face death sentence. We are the only law abiding experts that vis the Constitution have the right to not listen to bad police state at all.