WATCH: Cops Admit They Have No Idea Why They Stopped Man, But Arrest Him Anyway


NEW YORK — A man is planning to sue the city after he was pulled over for no reason by cops and arrested.

The man left his cell phone on in the car, and the cops evidently did not know it was recording them.

The man can be heard repeatedly asking officers why he was being arrested, to which they don’t offer any justifiable answer.

Moments later, after they had isolated the man away from his vehicle, they begin rummaging through his car and cracking jokes about pulling the man over for no reason.

The cell phone audio then captures the following exchange between the two officers:

Officer 1: I don’t even know why we pulled him over.
Officer 2: Just put ‘cocaine test.’

“I knew something was wrong, so I decided to film,” said Benjamin Farias, the victim.

If Benjamin had not trusted his instincts and began filming, we have no doubt that his life would be pretty much ruined right now for several years.

He was also arrested so roughly by the cops that he suffered from a fractured wrist.

At one point the cops accused him of having an “expired license,” to which he responded by giving the officers legal documents proving that his license had been restored. The cops ignored the documents.

This is yet another example of why you should stay away from cops at all times, and if they approach you, try to get as many cameras pointed at them as possible.

Policing is not what it used to be. The new breed of cops are trained to arrest as many people as possible to fill prisons and meet arrest quotas.

Like little human vacuum cleaners, their primary goal is to scoop you up off the street and lock you away.

Their paychecks depend on it. They can sometimes even get career boots and score points at the department if they have more “points” chalked up on their arrest records.

It’s become almost a game among cops, to see which officer can arrest the most people.

europeans-using-new-techWhat Benjamin went through is most likely an instance of two officers who wanted to scoop up somebody random from the street to score more points.

They are not here to serve or protect but to make money off arresting you.

Avoid them when you can, but if they get in your business, do what Benjamin did and start filming immediately — it could very well save your life.

Watch the video below of the cops admitting that they pulled Benjamin over for no reason at all and that they’ll just put “cocaine test” in their report:

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  • Brock Lee

    Do u think these dumb ass uneducated pigs will ever learn,,,

    • They will learn, or they will perish. The Citizens of America will no longer tolerate the behaviors of corrupt officers. Keep the cameras rolling!!

      • Jbkorn02

        Haven’t had to use it yet thankfully but since I started seeing these videos popping up I got myself a Go Pro and it’s all ready to just flip on in my car.

    • Idothisstreetfam

      The only thing that will stop them is their own DEATH because these PIGS are too stupid to stop on their own!

      • TJHillgardner

        Yes. They are very stupid for the most part. Too stupid to ever question authority, especially their own.

  • Hector Ocasio

    Once i saw the headline I immediately knew it was the NYPD. Biggest criminal organization in the world.

    • Melissa Gandarinho

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    • stevebsr

      dont forget los angeles too

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    He’s probably guilty of something…..somewhere…

    • trailerpark arsonist

      Yeah he’s wanted for theft your mother claimed that he came and got her pu$$y and left…..

      • So I guess we don’t understand sarcasm huh?

        • P Feezee

          I don’t understand sarcasm, but I understand your mom’s sexual desires…

          • Oh a mom joke in the comments for another mom joke? How original.. That was a great example of sarcasm.

          • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

            She desired that you be aborted.

        • Jalil Al-Hamza

          How does one convey sarcasm on a comment thread, unless they say that it’s sarcasm? This person could be dead serious about the victim of this injustice probably being guilty of something, somewhere and it could be taken as sarcasm…

    • Melizmatic

      @ Observer…

      Not sure if using epic sarcasm, or just being a bigoted asshole…

      • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

        Could be both….

        • Melizmatic

          Of course it could.

  • Jack Langiano

    When did this incident occur?

  • Padge Vounder

    This is what happens when you give the worst kind of people too much power and zero accountability.

  • John_erox

    I love it when people use the law and constitution in their favor and don’t just roll over and take it up the ass. Bravo to Benjamin Farias for knowing and using his inalienable rights and handling it with dignity and seemingly without fear. If only the rest of us would wake up and join the revolution. We’ve had enough and we’re not going to take it anymore!

  • Dee Muhammad

    Hector ocasio’ how can they learn if the city continues to defend them .people keep saying they must have a reason bull ‘they had a reason to fuck a man with a toilet plunger also I guess. Sean Bell, and countless others

  • You guys might want to stop w/ the pop ups – it makes me not want to check out your links which otherwise would be informative.

  • Talyah FinallyFamous Medley

    We need to protect and serve our own against all threats foreign and domestic. Take up arms and realize we are all we have#IAmMyBrothersKeeper

  • Ricky

    look at that piggy someone should take him down an alleyway and whip him a little make him squeal

  • Ruth

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  • Bernadette

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  • Adam

    This happened to me on the high-way.

    They arrested me and hauled me off to jail. Had to spend the the night and bailed myself out the next morning. Bail cost me almost 3,000 dollars and didn’t get I didn’t get that back for almost half a year. My car was impounded and that cost me 350 dollars, all of which was never reimbursed. I also had to pay the DMV an additional 300 dollars, all of which was also never reimbursed. Had to hire an attorney too. Luckily he was sympathetic and did it for free. My ticket was dismissed by the courts, but the DMV lady conspired with the cop, and suspended my license because I had “metabolites” of a prescription medication, i.e., “klonipin”, that I had been legally prescribed and hadn’t taken in over a month before the whole thing went down. The metabolites of benzos can stay in your system for over a month. I still don’t understand why my license was suspended. If metabolites can cause it, and if that is how things are done here in my state, i.e., Utah, then more than half the drivers here should have their license suspended. Think about, if anyone who takes drowsy prescription, then wouldn’t they also have metabolites in their system? Apparently they don’t give a shit about when you took it.

    Why did the cops do this though? One reason is because he could. The other was because I told him it was dangerous for him to tailgate me with his brights on and that it made it so I couldn’t see.

    They made me do a breathalyzer test 6 times, all of them were 0’s. They also slammed my leg in the door.

    Losing my license made me lose my job, a good job too, one that I really wanted to keep. Now I have a DUI on my driving record and employers don’t like seeing that.

    If you do research on this sort of thing, there are stories far worse than mine. I read about a guy that had the same thing happen to him, but he didn’t just lose his job and his license… he couldn’t afford to make his house payments and lost his home. His wife didn’t have the strength to stick with him through the hard trial and divorced him, took the kids with her, and left him homeless and lonely. He lost everything…

    These things happen for simple ridiculous reason too. I believe my assumptions to be accurate. One could be because some cops are having a bad day, or are low on quota, and or don’t like the way someone looked at them. The best reason I can think is the most accurate, and that is because some cock sucker cop was feeling insecure about how he couldn’t get laid even if he tried, a cop that is ashamed of the gut that hangs over his belt making it impossible for him to see his small flaccid penis that can’t ever get hard. So he has to go ruin someones life to make him feel better about his.

    9 out of 10 times, a bad cop is overweight.

    I hate cops, I fear them, and will never trust them again.

  • Emily

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  • Melissa

    He said “For cookies” not “Cocain Test”…because they found a cookie in his car.

    • Melizmatic

      He said ‘cookie’ earlier in the video, but towards the end of the recording he clearly says “cocaine test,” when asked by the other cop what they should write down.

  • Taylor Costello

    I’ve actually heard cops that arrested me at an illegal road block joke about how much they were gonna get their “stats” up that night

  • Jbkorn02

    Both cops should be fired today. No questions asked. Give them as much of a chance to defend themselves as this innocent driver.

  • S Louie

    If this doesn’t scare the shit out of EVERY ordinary new yorker..I don’t know what does. I’d rather so through another 9-11 than have our own treat us this way!!! TO know that you can be scooped up and have your entire LIFE RUINED because of a god damn QUOTA…!!!! you gotta be fuckin kidding me.

  • Antionsuld

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  • EbonyLolita

    What precinct is this?Today 19 cops in the fortieth precinct in the BX are going up on departmental charges b/c they LIED on their documentation for Stop & Frisks. There is NO accountability with the nypd so this is not surprising.

  • Ibcamn

    corrupt POS cops!all cops are corrupt!!

  • motorfingaz

    The NYPD is creating a powder keg that is going to blow when the people get fed up. Politicians have FAILED to regulate their sanctioned GANG

  • James Michael

    Funny I thought aggravated assault and battery kidnapping and false imprisonment and making up false charges not to mention treason were all felonies?

  • gregg M.

    Police officers are taking advantage of us and the system. They act as it they are above the law. They shouldn’t be speeding w/o just cause, talking on their phones while driving or using unnecessary brut force. The system is not going to help because it has been protecting them. We as “The People” need to seek justice and try and restore order. Unfortunately it’s come down to us against them and good officers that want to make a difference, and serve and protect are going to be caught in the middle. If you bad ass cops want respect, do your job of serving and protecting. That’s how you earn respect.

  • Jeff Ranger

    Traffic cops are no different then a criminals. Illegally stop and illegal search by the look of it.

    2. Assert your rights. (By law they are required to tell you why they pulled you over. ) If they refused then ask for their commanding officer and repeat the request until they do.
    3. NO chit chat. Keep your answers short and tell them nothing else. (They are looking for a crime to charge you with. They don’t care about right or wrong anymore since 2005. Its all about getting promoted or looking good on paper) Protect and Serve is a pipe dream thanks to the US Supreme court.
    4. There is no law that requires you to open your window more then a few inches and open only one window at a time. (The cop can claim he smells weed/beer if two windows are open. )
    5. Your not required to hand over your driver’s ID. The law clearly states you can display it. (Most cops hate that because they have stand there and write everything down. )
    6. Brush up on your local state laws about stop and identity. (Sadly the Nazi policy got started in some states. )

  • Craig Winans

    Since they weren’t fired their names and badge numbers should be posted so that anyone that has to deal with them can bring this video to court to prove that they are known for making up charges and their word can’t be trusted.

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