Cops and DEA Execute Drug Raid on Apartment – Walk in On Coworker


By Max Chantha | October 20, 2015

MARYLAND – Any fan of the Wire will have seen the show’s shady depiction of complicity between law enforcement and criminals, especially involving the drug trade.

In the case of Officer Sarah Campbell, this portrayal of crooked cops proves to be true.

Campbell has been charged with numerous crimes production of controlled dangerous substance, allowing access to firearms by a minor, and marijuana and paraphernalia possession.

She was discovered after a Baltimore PD narcotics detective and DEA task force served a search warrant on her apartment.

She was arrested with another man, charged with similar crimes.

Though her $15,000 bail has been posted, she still faces serious time if convicted of all the charges.

According to the Baltimore police spokesperson, her criminal charges will be thoroughly investigated.

Following her criminal investigation, further scrutiny of her professional dealings and the department itself will occur in order to determine the depth of corruption.

It is both sad and telling when a fantastical TV show proves to be not so fantastical.

The collusion between police and criminals is likely deeper than any could believe, and Sarah Campbells across the nation expose this collaboration every time they are caught.

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As pointless and ineffective as the War on Drugs is, it is at least helpful in exposing those officers who will disregard the law for their own benefit.

Those who use their positions of power to seek personal gain should be swiftly and immediately removed from their offices; this, and an end to the tired, destructive War on Drugs will allow for a dramatic increase in police accountability and cohesion with the public.

Watch the video below:

Max Chantha is a writer and investigative journalist interested in covering incidences of government injustice, at home and abroad. He is a current university student studying Global Studies and Professional Writing. Check out Max Chantha: An Independent Blog for more of his work.

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  • Seatired

    How epic is this one…. $15K bond for a cop and $75K for her husband. They live in the same house, committed the same crimes and yet she is out on bail. Baltimore should be running out of bad cops soon.

  • I watched a local cop get 5 yrs probation for solicitation and indecent liberties with a minor. (He later hung himself…) Even if the court of law goes easy on them, the court of public opinion will NOT!

    I saw a young, white male get 3 yrs probabtion this week, for killing a mother & her premature baby in a car wreck. The baby was delivered, via emergency c-section, immediately after the accident (no doubt while a healthcare provider was pumping mom’s chest with CPR during the delivery).

    I’ve also recently seen a young black male get 20 yrs in prison for drug possession (Marijuana). He had just enough to nail him with “intent to sell”. He had paraphernalia & had not obtained a tax stamp (like you’re going to apply for an effin tax stamp, when it’s illegal to have Marijuana in the majority of US States…including this one). The last is a bullshit charge aimed at adding more time to a sentence, and/or a higher fine.

    Then we watch bankers, from HSBC, rob the public…and pay a laughable fine…but NOT ONE spends a single day in jail (not even county jail)! Who knew getting out of prison time was all about how much you could spend to buy off the Govt? Oh wait, hasn’t that been a topic of the #BlackLivesMatter movement? While I am not a part of that movement (erring on the side of the #AllLivesMatter movement, myself), I am really starting to take notice of the disparities in this system of corruption!