Cops Beat 14-yr-old Boy, Claims Mother — Cops Deny It

Mikael Thalen reports:

The mother of a 14-year-old boy who was arrested for shoplifting last week has accused several Tullytown police officers of brutally beating her son.


After the boy and his 19-year-old cousin Jordan Gibson were spotted by Walmart Asset Protection, police were called to the scene to arrest both males and a driver for retail theft.

“What he did was wrong. He was coerced by a 19-year-old. He does know better,” said Marissa Sargeant, the boy’s mother.

According to police, after the boy was handcuffed he immediately took off running before deputies could place him in the back of a police cruiser.

The Bucks County District Attorney claims that police, fearing for the boy’s safety after several warnings to stop were ignored, fired a Taser, allegedly hitting the boy in the face. The boy then, handcuffed and unable to brace his fall, fell forward and struck his face into the ground. Sargeant says the markings on her son’s face tell a different story.

“That doesn’t sound right. There’s no way, if he was running from behind, that he would get hit with a taser in the front of his face,” said Sargeant. “The picture speaks a thousand words.”

Sargeant believes the officers must have punched or kicked her son in the face and demanded he not tell anyone. According to Sargeant’s Facebook page, the incident not only left her son with 2 swollen eyes, but a broken nose as well.

Cops say they "ordered him a pizza."

Cops say they “ordered him a pizza.”


Following the arrest, Sargeant claims police ordered her not to come visit her son at the police station. Fearing for her son’s safety, Sargeant drove to the station anyway where she was allegedly denied access and told that her son was alright because police “ordered him pizza.”

“I’m so hurt… he’s 14, he never deserved this,” Sargeant added.

While the District Attorney initially had no plans to investigate the incident following review of the department’s report, an investigation was soon opened after the boy’s picture went viral online. The boy’s family is currently filing suit.

This is not the first incident of police tazing a young child while simultaneously fearing for their well being. A naked 11-year-old autistic girl was tasered by Oregon police after she was found helplessly wandering a freeway last June. Similarly, police denied any wrongdoing in the incident as well.

Mikael Thalen | Story Leak

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  • landonthegr8

    Is there really ever any wrongdoing by the police unless it gets media attention? And even then, they don’t care about offending the public. It still usually only ends in a temporary paid leave vacation for the abusive police while the “investigation” takes place. Only, of course, for them to determine that no wrongdoing took place. Theft is wrong. Assaulting children is more so. The police are no longer required to protect citizens according to a Supreme Court ruling in 2005. Which is why it doesn’t say “To Serve and Protect” anymore. I think they have taken that ruling a bit further than it was intended.

  • divina6

    The police say they have statements taken from witnessses. I’m very close to the case of 13 year old Andy Lopez, murdered by a Sonoma County sheriff, and I know what the police do to witnesses. If there is any video evidence they destroy it. They harass the witnesses, they bully them. All of these things have happened here. And as far as them having a transparent investigation, that’s a joke. They work to cover up their crimes. From Emmett Till to now, nothing has changed. I hope for justice for this young child and his mother.

  • Donald Johnson

    Got to get these cops under control, or there will be Hell to pay one day.