Cops Bash 84-yr-old Man’s Face for the Violent Crime of — Jay Walking


NEW YORK — Cops beat an 84-year-old man so badly that he had to be rushed to the hospital.

His crime? Jaywalking.

Kang Wong was allegedly “jaywalking” across 96th street in the afternoon when a cop commanded him to stop.

According to witnesses, Wong did not understand the officer’s order.

“Wong didn’t seem to speak English,” said a student who observed the incident.

“The cop stood put him up against the wall and was trying to write him a ticket. The man didn’t seem to understand, and he started walking away.”

“The cop tried to pull him back, and he began to struggle with the cop,” continued the student.

That’s when officers from all directions swarmed in on Wong and started attacking him.

Kong Wang is 84-yrs-old and was beaten by submissive cowards in government costumes. Photo source: G.N. Miller/NY Post

Kong Wang is an 84-yr-old man who was beaten by submissive cowards in government costumes. Photo source: G.N. Miller/NY Post

Wong’s face was bleeding from cuts all over.

Then the officers forced him into handcuffs and locked him in a cell at the 24th precinct jail.

It turns out that Wong’s son, who has not released his name, is a lawyer.

In an interview with the New York Post, he said “The cops are playing games. They won’t tell me what he’s being charged with.”

Photo source: G.N. Miller/NY Post

Witnesses say the man didn’t understand English. Photo source: G.N. Miller/NY Post

When the son was in contact with the police, they would not tell him which hospital his father was taken to.

It wasn’t until the son went to the jail that he found out his father had been beaten, arrested, kidnapped, and locked in a cage for the victimless “crime” of crossing a street.

“Oh, great! Beating up on an 84-year-old man for jaywalking,’’ he said.

The New York Post reports that “neither the hospital nor the cops would allow him to see his dad until after 10 p.m., explaining that since he’d not been admitted, he was not a patient, but a ‘prisoner.'”

To add insult to injury, cops have stacked even more charges on Wong besides jaywalking.

He is now facing charges of “resisting arrest,” “obstructing governmental administration,” and “disorderly conduct.”

“He was just walking across the street with other people, and they picked him out. How could they do that to an 84-year-old man?’’ said Wong’s son.

The NYPD has assured the media that they are internally reviewing the incident.

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UPDATE (02/02/14): Victim Fights Back with Lawsuit for $5 Million




The New York Daily News reports that Kang Wong, the 84-yr-old man who was beaten by police after allegedly “jaywalking,” is now suing the city for $5 million.

The report includes an interview with Wong in which he states: ““I didn’t commit any crime. They made me feel shame. I was very humiliated.”

His “head, arm and ribs” are still sore from the incident, according to the interview.

Wong said that even though he crossed when the light was green, an unidentified officer approached him and commanded him to hand over his ID.

When Wong submitted his ID, he says the officer began walking away with it, causing him to be confused.

“I was very puzzled and I was very scared. I had no idea why I had been stopped,” he said.

Wong began asking for his ID back, and that’s when several officers began attacking him.

Despite posing no threat, officers reportedly pushed him to the ground and bashed him in his head until he passed out.

Wong has been part of the community for decades and owns a restaurant that serves Chinese-Spanish cuisine.  His restaurant is loved by locals, and he recalls serving police food many times over the years when they stopped in.

After beating and arresting him, the police trapped him in the precinct and did not give him any food or water.

Now, Wong has hired a lawyer and plans to fight back with a lawsuit for $5 million.

“We can have police efforts focused on pedestrian safety without violating the civil rights of our citizens,” said Sanford Rubenstein, his lawyer.




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  • shooter2009

    Here’s some advice if you live here…learn English.

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      God forbid u go to another country for vacation and someone beats u up because u dont speak the native language.

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        i hope it does happen to him..

      • shooter2009

        As a matter of fact, I was raised overseas and well-traveled…I speak Spanish, Arabic, and a little Italian. And, I know when to stop doing something when a cop in a foreign land yells at me.

        • Bad_dog

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        • elizabeth layton

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      Hes 84….cut him some slack you racist bootlicker

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        I have a college degree, I’m well-read, and can put a sentence together with proper capitalization and punctuation — unlike you.

        • Rey Lal Salam

          dumb craker, hope you get a bullet in the head while you travel the world you racist scum.

          • Thomas Brock

            Honestly we are giving shooter way too much attention..We need to be focussed on these asshole police that are abusing the American public because they ahve a badge and know they can get away with it so lets stop wrrying about shooter and worry about the cops.Nothing we say or do is gonna change the fact that shooter is a racist asshole so just let it go and concentrate your efforts where they may be able to make a difference

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      Lol. Wong article buddy. Kidding aside, he’s an old man. He’s not some illegal who cross the country to steal your job! Cut him some slack, would you?

      • shooter2009

        Did I say he was illegal? No.

        When Americans live in foreign countries, it’s wise to learn the language, like I did when I lived in Saudi Arabia.

        The same goes for foreigners who live here.

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      Please note that I am not calling YOU ignorant, but your comment IS, and it might just do you some good to do a little thinking outside your box. I would bet that the gentleman does know English. I have a sister-in-law whom I love dearly. She was a translator with the U.N. in Serbia, which is where she met and married my brother. I’ll tell you the truth, she has a firmer grasp on the English language than most posters to these sites—BUT, when she gets excited, angry, or confused, she always goes back to her native Serbian. That is natural; it is still the language she thinks in. So perhaps you shouldn’t be so judgmental towards this old guy. What if it were your grandfather? Cops (and the rest of us as well) should learn something: courtesy is free and it doesn’t make you look like an asshole. Much peace!

    • TheChris

      You want to speak English? Go back to England. This is no longer a colony. People were speaking multiple languages here in North America for years upon years… Spanish in Florida, French in Louisiana and Canada, Not to mention the Plethora of Native American languages. I despise that knuckle dragging attitude….

      • Guest

        I have to disagree with you here..This should be an English speaking country..

        • Kevin Holmes

          this should be a multi language country… yes people should learn english giver enough time.. I am Native American and I wish I could speak the language of my cultural heritage… We were here first why aren’t you whiteys learning Native American languages fucking double standers, If this was our land that you took away from us learn our languages… How stupid does that sound to you.. fucking hypocrites….

    • Mohammed Peter Goldstein

      Ever hear of the First Amendment to the Constitution? Why do hate it so much?
      It seems you need a strong authoritarian government to make you feel safe and secure. You should really consider moving to a country that has one established and quit screwing up my country. Consider North Korea. I’ll help you pack, comrade.

    • Texsheva

      I DO agree…it’s beneficial to all, but an 84 yr. old man??? Perhaps he was here visiting??? No excuse for a cop to do this.

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    “Disorderly conduct.” Please explain just how “disorderly” and 84 year old man has to get to be a threat to ANY society?!

  • Eric_Jaffa

    In Manhattan, people need to walk across the street when the sign says “Don’t Walk,” because there are turning cars preventing one from walking throughout the time the sign says “Walk.”

  • Mason Myers

    This is why people need to stand up and figure out this is not going to stop its going to keep escalating. We need to have a genocide of all the dirty cops with power trips.

  • neo

    that’s someone grandad.. pair cunts!

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  • sickntired

    NYPD hire nothing but dumb asses in the world,, the NYPD cost NEW York so much money in lawsuits.. thug cops all need a good ***** down

  • Tom

    I always love hearing that. Police are conducting an internal investigation. They are determining if they acted appropriately. Guess how that will go…

  • MissStef

    I really despise cops.

  • sheilam22


  • Christopher Potas

    “internal investigation” is cop speak for FUCK YOU

  • Texsheva

    This is nothing but WRONG!!! Some cop who doesn’t know how to handle people and is power hungry. Fire his butt.

  • petkeeper

    They are out there and they are mean to people instead of protecting humans. I am so pleased that Mr. Wong’s Son is a Lawyer – I also hope he doesn’t cop a plea, no pun intended. He needs to kick the officers asses. Get Mr. Wong some money for abuse and discrimination.

  • SafetyDave

    Bullies become Cops so they have license to pick on people.

  • Randall Williams

    hey shooter , you and your sperm eating , pj boy buddies come to fl and let me catch you jay walking, I will declare citizens arrest and beat you to a pulp and see what kind of excuse you will use for breaking the law or want to hear you say that you didn’t do anything wrong to deserve the beating you got just for jaywalking . the bastard profiled the man first of all and and not only asked for the mans id , but took it without even an explanation wnich all the above is illegal in this country .

  • Impeach Obama

    PIGS have always been PIGS, it’s only now with everyone owning a video camera in their cell phones do we see just how far the PIGS have gone. It’s time we end the government game of imprisonment. America is the Land of the Free and if we don’t fight back, these Moron PIGS will completely destroy it. END THE POLICE STATE !!!

  • scuttlebutt

    People have to hold their city governments ACCOUNTABLE!! People cannot expect results if they don’t do anything. If the police are corrupt you can bet the whole city gov’t is too. Time to start speaking out people and hold their feet to the fire!!

  • Tom Birmingham

    When your average police officer is a D student this kind of thing will continue to happen. 60% to pass the test and their target number is 64% for hires, any higher is discriminated against for being too intelligent. No shit type COP IQ CAP in a google search and see the court cases on it. When your average officers is a below average idiot, he will immediately and unhesitantly default to violence. If we want the system to change we must change the hiring practices of the force and expunge these morons from positions of authority and power.

  • Djimba Vallinor

    Have something to say about this? Given that you read it here, you’re preaching to the choir 🙂 I’ve been sending a different story to the White House every day, sometimes to Obama, sometimes to Joe. Next month is Congress. Make a pledge to send someone in power a Filming Cops article (or other worthy cause) every day for the month of February.

  • Brandon Gault

    Another story of a poorly trained cop who unnecessarily created a violent encounter with a minority and his colleagues that joined in the abuse instead of stopping him. Now taxpayers will be responsible for the mess they created and they will receive no discipline or training on properly dealing with the public they are paid to serve.

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    We need more and more people to sue. Hopefully that will make the cops stop their thuggish behavior.

  • MistyH

    “Disorderly conduct” is their catch-all for illegal arrests. When you hear that, know their victim is innocent.

  • dagobarbz

    I’d like to give NYPD an internal review…

  • dagobarbz

    At some point, surely the citizens of NYC are gonna get tired of watching their tax money swirl down the NYPD toilet of lawsuits against abusive pits. Don’t you think?

  • dbltapp

    Lighten up – at least they didn’t taze and shoot him.

    • Kevin Holmes

      yeah because they only roughed him up not taze him… he’s 85 years old all you people who says to learn English can go fuck themselves…