Cops Break Into Mother’s House Without Warrant, Beat Her Children and Kill Her Pet Parakeet

STATEN ISLAND — Evelyn Lugo, a 57-yr-old mother in Staten Island, is devastated after police officers broke into her house without a warrant, beat up her children, and murdered her pet parakeet, according to the lawsuit.

Evelyn’s bird, Tito, was a small parakeet that clearly posed no danger to the officers.

“It was a blue and green bird. It was really pretty,” said Anna, Evelyn’s daughter.

At some point during the break-in, officers caused Tito’s cage to fall off of a dresser and crash onto the floor, according to court records.

“I screamed, ‘The bird!’ said Anna.

That’s when police said “Fuck your bird!” and began crushing and stomping the parakeet to death, according to reports.

“I was shocked,” said Anna.

Evelyn shows photos of her parakeet, Tito. Source: NY Daily News.

Evelyn shows photos of her parakeet, Tito. Source: NY Daily News.

“The cops don’t even care about us humans, they don’t care about the bird either, ” Anna said.

It all started when the Evelyn was having a labor day celebration with her children.

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Her son, Edwin, was taking out the trash when police approached him randomly on the street.

According to reports, they stopped him and began interrogating him about a cone that was placed in front of the family home to save a space for parking.

Though Edwin had committed no crime, officers demanded that he present his identification immediately.

Edwin respectfully refused, informing the officers that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

That’s when one of the officers began initiating violent force against Edwin, as the other officers watched, according to reports.

The officer apparently had a grip around Edwin’s arm, attempting to restrain him.

Frightened, Edwin broke free from the officer and ran back to his family inside the home, according to court documents.

But the officers weren’t finished.

Reports say they then approached the home and began shattering windows.

After smashing the windows they barged in the house.

“It was completely uncalled for and there was no excuse for entering the home without a warrant,” said Evelyn’s lawyer.

“They threw me like a piece of garbage onto the floor,” Evelyn said.

George, one of Evelyn’s sons, suffered particularly gruesome injuries after one of the officers began repeatedly bashing in his head and face with a baton, according to court records.

Alba, Evelyn’s daughter, suffered from asthma and almost suffocated to death after officers shot her with pepper spray.

Cops then made “criminal” charges against the family. Those have now been dropped, as the family sues for unlawful search and seizure, excessive force, and malicious prosecution.

But the trauma done to the family will never be reversed.

“Ever since then I have been sick and depressed,” said Evelyn, adding, “I am hurt on the inside, in my heart.


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  • Jason O

    The 2nd Amendment is to protect yourself from these kinds of abuses. I can see why the NYPD do not want the citizens being armed. They then could fight back.

    • The police are proving that they care less and less about the constitutional freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. They simply do not care and even when they are smacked down on a particular offense by a judge they still aren’t held accountable for their crimes against the people.

      • Richard Frankenberg

        Its not the Cops place to know Constitutional Law… Its the Law Makers who keep giving them this power

        • Pat Richards

          No! WE give them this power, just as we give it to the lawmakers. What we give, WE can TAKE AWAY!

        • I couldn’t disagree more. Every cop in the country knows what the 4th amendment is. They all know what a warrant is. They all know what a use of force continuum is. They all know that the exigency to the 4th amendment that is the fleeing felon rule wouldn’t apply to someone who walked away from them during an inquiry about a traffic cone in a parking space. They know they are in the wrong but they are emboldened by the fact that their abuses are investigated in-house and the fact that the state attorney rarely pursues indictments against out of control cops.
          The laws to make them behave are there, but the people charged with enforcement are looking the other way.

        • raheem

          WRONG then why do they place their hands on the bible an take an oath to uphold something they dont need to know about? thats like me signing a contract to build a house and i dont know anything about the foundation.

        • oh, bullshit . they swear an oath to uphold the constitution . by doing so, they are responsible to know what it says

      • Vil

        The constitution NEVER gave you freedom. Please read it carefully, as this is a bad misnomer. The constitution exists to declare limitations to the federal government. It requires that people enforce it, and apathy is a key part of human nature. Freedom is the anomaly. Tyranny always wins in the end.

    • Arnt Johnsen

      Stand the ground act would do perfectly!

  • Hoss TheHulk

    When are the people gonna stand up and revolt….revolution needs to happen…..asap!

    • Freedom1Man

      This is how a million Jews were rounded up.

      • blumpkin


        • Freedom1Man

          They did not stand up and greet the SS with resistance, instead they ran and hid putting those would defend them at risk.

          If the Jews had resisted history would have been different. If they had not rolled over they would not have risked the lives of those would hide them and house them.

          • wtfbamboo

            blame the victims why don’t you

          • Freedom1Man

            If you don’t resist, then how will you explain that it was not consent?

          • wtfbamboo


          • Blake

            With that kind of thinking it’s a wonder why you are not already leading your own revolution? Oh wait… That’s right, you just want to spark the flame and watch; to participate with clean hands.

          • wtfbamboo

            I was not intending to spark any flames. I commented about blaming the victims as they were criticized for not resisting or not resisting effectively enough, and that their said lack of resistance was responsible for the suffering and deaths of many more. Where is the accountability and responsibility for the perpetrators with this rationale?

          • Tasha22

            There was also resistance at the Sorbibor camp and a number of people escaped.

          • actually, there was very little criticism … but a statement of fact

          • Arnt Johnsen

            And you mean that this has anything to do with the jews? hm, ok!!! turn the thing around, what are the jews doing now? Exactly the same shit as the SS did to them and that is justified u mean?

          • Freedom1Man

            I was using a historical reference.

            I hold no love for them however I have no desire to be rounded the way they allowed themselves to be.

          • clvngodess

            Again, Zionists. Not all Jews agree with the Zionist actions against Palestine. Let’s get it correct.

          • to clarify, israeli zionists are doing these things, not ‘the jews’

          • Vil

            Do you honestly think that it would have mattered? They were already disarmed. Today, we could be armed to the teeth, and it would not help at all. We can’t fight drones, UN troops, cops trained to do what they did there, satellite-guided weaponry, and the portion of our military (the majority) who will obey the president over the people. It was a pipe dream then, and it’s to the tenth power, the pipe dream, now.

          • Jon Rich

            The Jews comprised about 1% of Germany’s population. They wouldn’t have even made a dent in the German forces. By the time the Nazis were in Poland, where most of the Jews lived, the Nazis had tanks and the Polish Jews had nothing. I am entirely and utterly in support of the Second Amendment, for reasons up to and including resistance against a violent and tyrannical State. But to claim that the Jews could have successfully held off the SS is to be blind to the facts of history. Even the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising killed only about 300 or so Germans, by the estimate of the only surviving Jewish commander. Some 13,000 Jews were killed during the uprising. It wasn’t enough. So please, please, don’t misrepresent history, and don’t cast the Jewish people as cowards who would rather others do their fighting for them. The only “crime” that the Jews committed was the sin of being outmatched, outnumbered, and outgunned.

          • Jerry Herrera

            always go down fighting. Silence wins gets nothing nowhere.

          • Freedom1Man

            It took only 2-3% of our population to fight in our revolutionary war. There were Germans who where sympathetic to the Jews and even the German people started not liking the SS. As for their ineffectiveness, well, that speaks volumes about their lack of tactical thinking skills.

            Besides your claim means that the population of Germany was about 600,000,000 at the time.

          • Celeste King

            Yes, 2-3%, fully armed, and organized under military specifications. This was a different time though. In the 1930s, and 40s the German military was incredibly powerful in numbers, and their weapons were not muskets, single-shot rifles, and bayonets.

          • Bob Hoffman

            “Minutemen” were “military?” REALLY??? And here, I THOUGHT that they were storekeepers, farmers, blacksmiths, and the like–the things one LEARNS on Facebook… LMFAO BTW–Those “minutemen” had BETTER “weapons” THAN the “military,” on BOTH sides. sigh

          • Jules Winnfield

            “Fully armed and organized” LOL. Somebody doesn’t know their RevWar history…

          • anne lebel

            and please explain to me how it is all right for israel to murder,
            terrorize destroy homes, farms, and jail children steal land that they
            clearly have no right to all the while moaning about THEIR treatment
            from the Nazis? the pics of israel murdering the Palestinians and
            torturing children are carbon copies of the photos of the Nazis. i am
            ashamed of the us govt backing these war criminals, And sending billions
            of aid to a people who are so callous and without compassion. what
            happened to the world saying that the holocaust would never happen
            again? what is and has happened to those unfortunate to own anything
            coveted by the “holocaust survivors” to me these are not survivors,
            they are animals, and worse than the Nazis were.

          • wtfbamboo

            Anne I am in total agreement with you. I don’t think it was within Jewish victims’ access to effectively thwart their persecution in WWII. That being said, that does not justify the Israeli occupation of Palestine and their brutal treatment of Palestinians; nothing justifies that.

          • Jules Winnfield

            Only 3% in this country sent the most powerful military in the world packing back in 1776. Less than one percent of our population serve in the US military today, and it is the most powerful in the world.

            Never underestimate your own power, and never go down without a fight.

          • Zombie

            For interest sake, hitler never invaded poland, he invaded a section of germany annexed by poland during the first world war….

          • Puma Cabra

            Many high ranking German officers have been quoted saying that if the Jews had put up just a little more fight, even a concerted effort to ambush with bats and clubs behind their doors would have greatly discouraged the soldiers.
            If you lay down in the middle of a fight your are GUARANTEED to take a beat down.

          • Mary K

            Whoa buddy, what is it you think you know about the holocaust? You don’t sound very educated. I’m not Jewish, nor a historian, but from what I know from my public education (and common knowledge), the Jews trusted the German government at the beginning of the “rounding up.” Germany was already a war-torn nation at the time and there was much confusion about. Its pretty silly to compare stupid macho cops to the Nazis, who were carrying out organized government-ordered genocide. All they have in common is use of violence.

          • Actually it’s not silly at all because you just described both with the same run on sentence.

          • Freedom1Man

            There is the problem, public education. Most of that misinformation was written by Rockefeller.

            The public education system is there to make you stupid. Search “Dumbing Down of America,” and maybe you’ll learn something. Just remember that, everything you learned in school was a lie.

          • Tony Anzalone

            As a public school teacher I can say that paranoid and stupid is no way to go through life. Get your act together.

          • Finnegan TE

            Because everything in just fine. Nothing to see here. Move along.

          • Tony Anzalone

            Don’t get me wrong, the police are little more than tools used by the elte to opress the poor but to say that public school teachers are involved in a conspiracy to teach children lies is paranoid garbage and makes this person look extremely stupid.

          • Celeste King

            Exactly Tony!

          • Bob Hoffman

            And today’s teacher unions are also “looking out” for our students, NOT their “members”—PLEASE…

          • Freedom1Man

            If I am so wrong, then why could you not pass a 4th grade test from, let’s say, 1877?

          • Finnegan TE

            Here’s a short one…
            “School Sucks ….”


          • Tony Anzalone

            OMG this is some seriously stupid propaganda here. You must be severly stupid to believe school started 150 years ago!!! There were schools in ancient civilizations heck During the Zhou Dynasty (1045 BC to 256 BC), there were five national schools in the capital city, Pi Yong (an imperial school, located in a central location) and four other schools for the aristocrats and nobility alone. Ever heard of Socartes? Plato? They were teachers you inbicile. Take your radical right wing BS and shove them up you rear. Nobody wants to hear lies, especially ones this stupid.

          • Freedom1Man

            But they taught their students TO and how to turn in thinking. Modern schools teach students WHAT to think and to NOT think.

          • Freedom1Man

            The Jews had declared financial war on Germany in 1933…. That is what you get from “learning” from the public fool system.

          • James Nimmons

            sounds ike you wren alive during ww2 and you weren’t in germany..i don’t think you know what you’re talking about

          • Freedom1Man

            Come back when you can use the English language.

          • BruinHistory

            Freedom1Man, I think you are a classic example of brain washed. Somebody has convinced you that blaming the victim is the way to go. You’re probably one of those guys who thinks a woman can’t be raped if she isn’t bruised and bloody.

            The Jews were one of several categories of individuals who were rounded up during the Holocaust along with gypsies, homosexuals, redheads and several others. Those that did resist were swiftly killed. Those that sympathized with the Jews were greatly outnumbered by those who turned in their neighbors.

            You can’t say that it only took 2-3% of our population and not expect to be laughed at in the process. 2-3% of our strongest men is different from men, women and children of all ages. They also weren’t all armed and trained and foreign aid was not coming to them. Your analogy is poor.

            Finally, the public education system is severely flawed, but it is exacerbated by idiots on the internet being cold-hearted bigots who believe revisionist history and mistakenly think they’re stronger than they are. Haven’t seen your name in the news any where and where I come from, it’s put up or shut up. So please, SHUT UP.

          • Herbert Napp

            Really tipped your hand to your worship of the state at the end there.

          • Freedom1Man

            I know that it was more than Jew rounded up.
            But the Jews would have you believe it was only them who were.

            I don’t believe in blaming most victims. However when you have a government that you’re not standing up to then, I will blame the victims.

            You’re claim that it’s a blame the victim game is a comparison of apples and bananas. Rape is non-consensual by it’s very nature. Being harassed by police is semi-consensual, The police only exist because the general population wants them to exist.

            You don’t know my name so you would not know where to look in the news. I have been arrested for standing up for the law and rights. I have put a wrench the machine and I have been on the news for it. I am trying to avoid an armed revolution. I would rather have peaceful non-compliance than an armed revolution.

            As far as my analogy, the police and SS will only do what they think they can get away with and still make it home at night.

          • Celeste King

            He would have been one of the many brainwashed Nazi-apologists…oh wait…he is.

          • Tasha22

            The Jews did resist in the Warsaw Ghetto, and held out longer against the Nazis than the nation of France. However, unlike German Jews, they were not disarmed, the Polish Underground (Resistance) helped them with arms. But it was not enough.

          • Enjoy being

            The Jews were heavily fluoridated, just as the Americans are now.

          • Celeste King

            Um, no. The Jews didn’t have tanks, nor a vast army. They were civilians. Plus, Jews were a small minority in Germany, and would not have had the numbers to defeat such a large army, or all the brain-washed German civilians who were duped into believing Hitler’s rhetoric. The truth is that it would be futile to resist against a world power like that. Which is why it is so scary to hear of news like this, with cops abusing their power, and often going “unchecked”, or getting a slap on the wrist for their bad behavior. It is truly appalling, what some are able to do when given a badge.

        • Gary VeritasAequitas Coufal

          And…stand up for each other…or youll be rounded up into FEMA camps like worthless animals….just like the Jews…I think that was his point.

          • Jeramie Walton

            I don’t think that he meant it as stupid as you typed it….aside from the worthless animal= jews part,though,you pretty much have it.

          • Chris Wells

            I think you read it “Stupid”… Clearly the “Worthless Animals” part was in fact referencing Jews during the Holocaust, but was more specifically referencing THEIR TREATMENT! Not making a claim that Jews are in fact worthless animal… Jesus people,
            when will this ignorant nit-picking stop..

          • Jeramie Walton

            my bad. ii seemed to me as if you were belittling Jewish folk.sorry bout that i was then….and am now, REALLLLY stoned.sorry.

          • Logan Anderson

            When people realize that they were born human, and indoctrinated to believe everything else.

          • Arnt Johnsen

            as the jews do to Palestina?

          • clvngodess

            Zionists. Not all Jews agree with what is happening to Palestine.

          • David Beck

            Tis true

          • chef

            Jews have been here from the beginning of time. The state of Palestine, on the other hand, has not. It is the Jews that have bombs dropped on their country every single day. “The residents of Palestine are called “Palestinians”. Since Palestine includes both modern day Israel and Jordan both Arab and Jewish residents of this area were referred to as “Palestinians”.
            It was only after the Jews re-inhabited their historic homeland of Judea and Samaria, that the myth of an Arab Palestinian nation was created and marketed worldwide. Jews come from Judea, not Palestinians. There is no language known as Palestinian, or any Palestinian culture distinct from that of all the Arabs in the area. There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. “Palestinians” are Arabs indistinguishable from Arabs throughout the Middle East. The great majority of Arabs in greater Palestine and Israel share the same culture, language and religion.”

          • pyrodice

            Know the difference between Israelis and Israelites and you’ll go far.

          • Puma Cabra

            Oh shut up already. Everyone knows Israel is the largest Terrorist State in the world, second only to the U.S. But they are essentially the same thing.
            Just because “Palestine” never sanctioned the land according to western “rule” doesn’t mean that Israel, or anyone else, has the self appointed authority to wipe those humans, who have lived there for thousands of years, off the map.
            Israel lost. Period.
            I suppose we should just scrape you and your family off the block, and make room for the Native Americans, and Mexicans who were there before your asshole ancestors wreaked genocide upon them?
            HIstory moves on. Deal with it.
            Israel will one day pay for their atrocities.
            The world is now watching.

          • Vil

            Standing up won’t work. Fight to die on your terms, and kill as many as you can before they kill you.

      • Daniel Lewis

        Coming from a racist tea party bigot ? Oh, thats right,, you only approve when the cops are beating up Blacks, Gays, Mexicans, Hippies, Pot Heads, and Communists, but when they beat up a middle class White family, suddenly you care!!!

        • Hatshepsut

          Go away, libertard. Why don’t you do something, then? Oh wait, that’s right, political correctness won’t let you take action. All talk and no action from the ever-so-tolerant left.

          Suck my dick, fool.

          • raheem

            shut up bitch

          • You fool!

            Your such a dumb racist fool, your the the epitome of stupidity!

          • GrammaNahtzee

            Calling someone else dumb and stupid while failing to use correct grammar for one of the most commonly used words in the English language doesn’t make you look too good. It’s “you’re” such a dumb fool. “Your” is possessive, as In, “your” vocabulary level is below 5th grade.

          • Dave English

            You’re a cop, right?

          • Freedom1Man

            Tolerant of big brother stealing from others for his/her personal benefit.

          • Daniel Lewis

            Telling other men to suck your dick? Makes perfect sense, but don’t Republicans usually do that in rest stops- no wait, that’s airport mens rooms.

        • Freedom1Man

          I never said that I approve of that either.

          Nor do I approve of them beating up those, like you, whom are the self projecting type.

        • Tony

          Too bad they didn’t do that to you, you liberal freak. If anyone is racist, it’s liberals.

          • Tasha22

            Truth is, it was the democrats who founded the Klan, who pushed the Dred Scott decision, who lynched both white and black Republicans and Catholics, who opposed and filibustered civil rights legislation and stood in school and college doors to block black students from going in. It was Republicans who passed the 13th amendment and massively supported civil rights bills and who ENFORCED with federal troops the protection of black students going to school.

          • Celeste King

            Yes, but Republicans were considered Liberals in those times. Democrats, and Republicans have changed quite a bit over the last 70 years.

          • Celeste King

            And why is this even a discussion about politics anyway? This is about people abusing their power, and using it to terrorize others. All political parties should be against this type of horrid behavior.

          • Anonymous

            Spot on. Political affiliations are just distractions from the bigger problem, which is injustice. It doesn’t matter what you label yourself, moral obscenities like this cannot be allowed to continue.

          • Kyle

            Yeah idk why you people are talking about politics… American politics is a ploy to keep unintelligent people fooled into thinking they have control over the choices being made for them. We’re all sheep being controlled, until we revolt like the French did we’re doomed.

          • Elizabeth Conley

            The so-called “liberal” Left is a pack of crazed fascists. They talk about compassion, but they rain misery down upon humanity.

          • cori

            see my response above. not all of us fit into the same mold, you hypocrite.

          • Dion Gibbs

            No you mean Bush and his Repiglican guard of self serving profiteering scum bags who tortured and killed over 1.5million Iraqi’s and Afghani’s based on a LIE.

          • Deezle44

            This is accurate.

          • Lucius Liu

            Indeed, now Democrats are indistinguishable from the neoconservative wing of the Republican party. They are for endless and unconstitutional war, the continued erosion of our civil rights, and of course, more and more spending. Some people think we need a viable third party in this country, but to quote Dr Ron Paul, we need a second party.

          • Let me get this straight. The first republican, Abe Lincoln was really a liberal because he loved the black race and freed the slaves? Lincoln was a tyrant who unlawfully murdered thousands of Americans, suspended habeas corpus, and in many public writings detailed how he thought black people were subhuman and wanted to send them all back to Africa.
            “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” -Abraham Lincoln

          • Lucius Liu

            You forget forcing the passage of the Emancipation Proclimation..that was also Republicans.

          • Dion Gibbs

            When Republicans were deemed to be Liberals yes, since the end of WW2 and especially since the Coup against JFK politics has changed hugely and both Parties who work for the same business money interests, have switched liberal conservative sides but both are Neo Liberal/ Neo Conservative Capitalist idiots.

          • Lucius Liu

            No, you are applying hindsite. Republicans in Lincoln’s day were considered….wiat for it….Republicans. I know liberals like to look back and say oh, that would have been us…but liberals back then where more akin to modern day Libertarians. I coud not imagine liberals of Lincoln’s day advocating non stop war, indefinite detention of Americans, extrajudicial assasinations of Americans, torture…et al….so no, sorry, Demcorats cannot take credit for ending slavery.

          • Spookie Bones

            Wow, all of you people are blind sheep pointing fingers at each other’s political parties. They are all one in the same, crooks and liars motivated by power and greed. Wake up!

          • leltroll

            Wait what……. A political debate? How about liberals and conservatives both are corrupt war mongers because they want oil.

          • Dave English

            …and Washington was a Democrat. So the fuck what??

          • Freedom1Man

            He helped create a republic, learn history.

          • Dave English


          • Freedom1Man

            And there was no democratic party back then, our founding fathers had read Plato’s works and said Democracy was only run by tyrants.

          • Dave English

            The point I was initially trying to make, was….It really doesn’t matter which side of the house you’re on, this is a police brutality issue, not a ‘my party is better than your party’ childish quarrel.
            How those times (you mention above) have changed, we now have a Democratic party BUT, alas, no Democracy.

          • Freedom1Man

            We are not supposed to have democracy, are you stupid or something?

            Our government was created as a constitutionally limited REPUBLIC!

            I don’t support democrats or republicans because they are just rival political GANGS!

          • Dave English

            Resorting to insults only shows your ignorance! The Founders recognized that no union of states could have been started
            as a “democracy”. That would have required a consolidation of the states
            into one big state where a simple majority could govern through one big

            They realized the way to go was with a “democracy of states” united as a
            Federal Constitutional Republic with a Charter that limited democracy
            as in “popular majority” of people to a specific function; to elect
            officials to constitutional offices who would honor the Charter and obey
            the limits placed on their power by the Charter.

            This was done to protect a minority of people in a majority of states from a majority of people in a minority of states.
            America in the present day is neither a Democracy nor a Republic, it is an Oligarchy.
            To put it in simple terms (and taking in to account the original issue of this thread) – You are fucked.

          • Freedom1Man

            Explain how a democracy, mob rule/rule by majority, protects the minority.

            Also show me the writings of the founding fathers that they said that they wanted a democracy.

            As for the form of our current government it’s a police state type Oligarchy.

            1: government by the few
            2: a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes; also : a group exercising such control
            3: an organization under oligarchic control

            This article helps to prove that it’s a police state.

            The actions of the FDA, BLM, ATF, etc prove that it, the government, is run by fascists.

            However the current operation/form of our government was not the topic of OUR discussion.

            So, in short, out founding fathers created a republic, they hated democracy and stated that democracy was even worse than the monarchy they were breaking away from, and each state was guaranteed a republican form of government.

            Given that the international negotiating group that was also supposed to mediate disputes between the states (the federal government), has ignored the charter that was constructed,creating it, as an agreement between the states (the federal constitution), the states no longer have any obligation to remain a part of the union of states..

          • Gregory Eastman

            Keep telling youeself that imbecile

          • cori

            Pardon me, I am liberal. I am SO NOT RACIST! Your statement is racist, by saying all liberals are racist. I hate everyone equally, thank you very much, and it would do you well to remember that not ALL of us fit into the same mold!

        • Kelvin Jones

          Is it just me or did you completely miss the photo of the friend of the family who is clearly of hispanic descent. Nice try liberal troll.

          • yes but in this case it’s more convenient for him to be white.

        • billy bob

          @daniel lewis are you an idiot or did you just not read or cant read the family were hispanic

        • Monkey Fall

          So anti big government is racist? You liberals are getting dumber by the year.

          • SirTerrance Murphy

            Followers of any party need too get a grip

        • RichardBelcher

          Wow your pretty intelligent for spewing a bunch of divide and conquer leftist terms to smear the opposition like your buddy, Saul Alinsky. You must be a pretty sad human being to hate as much as you do. Hope YOU are happy in your hate, retard.

          • Logan Anderson

            Divide and conquer is not only a ‘leftist’ term, but used by all to retain their power.

        • Calvin Bartlett

          This happened to a Hispanic family you fucking tool. You are such a fuking idiot you didn’t even notice that fact. BTW… Tea partiers are not racist… Remember Herman Cain? He was a Tea Party favorite and one of the founders. Do some research you fucking moron and stop being a parrot repeating things you have heard the liberal MSM saying.

          • Scott

            Us vs. Them partisan bickering is not the way to fight the encroaching police state, fyi.

          • Michael P. Molloy

            Herman Cain was certainly NOT one of the founders of the Tea Party!

          • Michael P. Molloy

            Herman was a former chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank and is still an apologist for this den of thieves!


          • Daniel Lewis

            Of course I remember Herman Cain, he molested women of any color!

        • MilitaryFrom DC

          Daniel Lewis,

          You are SO F**ng wrong.
          Merely on principle it is WRONG what the cops did period!

          This kind of behavior happens to all demographics. It’s wrong for cops to conduct themselves like this PERIOD.

          case reaffirms that there is systematic pattern and culture of behavior
          of police departments –I’d argue particularly urban PD–using
          excessive force against those whom they are sworn to protect and serve.

        • Man Guy Bro Bryant

          Umm pretty sure he cares and this family is Mexican if you didn’t notice.

          • Melissa

            You people are ridiculous, are completely missing the point, and are the reason these things go on and nobody gives a damn. You’re too busy fighting the details instead of agreeing that THIS IS WRONG and SHOULD NO LONGER BE TOLERATED.
            Who cares why it happened, when in the end, it HAPPENED. Come on, people! Revolutions are started by people forgetting their differences and uniting in a cause. And this is not the way to do it. I’m ashamed.
            They have you running around these silly side-issues and your own opinions so that you relinquish your own freedoms anyways, without your consent, and are too angry at each other to notice.

          • Puma Cabra

            It’s not anger, it’s fear.
            Most are too scared to make the sacrifices, and take the actions that would actually change something. So they hide in anonymity behind their computer in the comfort of their homes and talk shit on one another to no end, except to help further tear down any possibility of making any real change. Essentially doing the work for the powers that shouldn’t be. Good job.
            That’s far easier than effecting any real change in their own lives, let alone taking an actual stand in the face of tyranny.
            The Left/Right paradigm is far dead, and anyone still playing that ludicrous game, and identifying themselves as “Conservative” or “Liberal” is a complete fucking moron, and a tool of the State.
            …and the beat (down) goes on.
            Wise up.

        • William Cutting

          Uh, “Luis Ortega” doesn’t sound like a “white” name to me. Did you even read the article, dipshit???

        • Andrew Hagan
        • nyckat

          Hey numb nuts look at the photos and the names they ARE Hispanic- we do NOT approve of police brutality regardless of what race or religion!

        • bob

          I won’t be too unhappy if the cops do this to you after seeing tthis post.

        • kenpo5

          You’re a jerk, Daniel. Everyone is welcome in the Tea Party so long as you care about jobs, low taxes and your rights.

        • Nunya Bidness

          lets see your statistics on this…otherwise shut up

      • K Solomon

        *cough*BULLSHIT*cough*… but I do understand what you’re trying to mean

      • Deborah Martin

        This is also how the most famous Sephardic Jew who ushered in an age of the destruction of the Indigenous people of what would become all of the Americas. We have a day named for him, he’s CELEBRATED LIKE A HERO. The Jew’s name if you care to know, is none other than Columbus.

        • Ann Stone

          Wow. I’d never heard that before, but I’m damned if you’re not right.

        • George

          Columbus wan’t a jew you conehead. You couldn’t get a
          job as a dogcatcher in Spain at the time and with good reason.

          • Tyhcu

            wow name calling? how old are you? 5?

          • Jenni Lovsey

            Yes he was tard! Does teatard need a history lesson?

          • Lawrence Gaudette

            Would that be as in tard and feathered?

          • Lawrence Gaudette

            I looked up the lineage of Cristoforo Colombo, who found the lost continent of Native Americans and rescued them from Satan (and I have some lunar land for sale), and according to my research, Cristoforo Colombo was an uncut Roman Catholic. However, if you can assume in your insanity, that Adam and Eve were Jewish, and perhaps God circumcised Adam and Eve because he made a terrible mistake producing too much skin, and the pictures you see are a couple from Iceland, then you may somehow, in your delusional circumcised state of mind, consider EVERYONE as Jewish, even the Indians who never, ever set foot in India.

          • disqus_7XeFokRE9B

            Rescued them from Satan! The First Nations were a Spiritual People before your Brain got Circumcised.

          • Pesimistichope

            Dude I know it is hard to see sarcasm in written text but really bro way to jump of the metaphorical cliff. Now for someone that sanes comments.

          • Pesimistichope

            The Lunar Land Line was a def giveaway on the sarcasm thing.

          • nomorepropagandaaboutabuse

            he’s being dry and daft…it’s a joke…chill

        • Tyhcu

          that’s why Columbus day is considered Genocide Day!! Long Live The Native American Nations… I bet A lot of you don’t realize over 200 Native Nations are all Instinct or mix in other Natives.. Sad!! over 200..

        • Ybrik222

          Yes, Cristoforo Colombo was the inciting force of a horrific genocide… Because he’s Jewish? Are you insane? HE WAS A FUCKING CHRISTIAN.

      • michael

        screw the jews! what about Stalin ? every body jumps on the hitler band-wagon, but don’t say shit about stalin! he killed FARRR MORE of his his country -men than jew’s EVER were!!! do your history dumb-ass

        • Freedom1Man

          Yeah, I know that. But “Jew” is a hot button that is fun to push.

          The Jews are the ones that supported communism, they run the current world banks, and they are the leaders of the biggest terrorist groups in the world today.

          • Kevin Kidder

            Finally another voice to support this. I’m tired of people not seeing it.

          • And if you’re not careful, Freedom Man, they’ll raise your rent.

        • Ybrik222

          Stalin’s mass killing is of a different nature than Hitler’s. Stalin terrorised most everybody, and it was more him than anything. Hitler’s Third Reich involved a huge proportion of the country attacking a specific people within it.

    • Sean Hinchliff

      Hulk u speak the truth, lets make a page to get commited citizens to band together for the cause. we need numbers

      • Austin FilthyMaggot Chase

        Im down.

    • Arnt Johnsen

      There will be a Revolution, if this crap continues it will come quicker than they ever will expect!

    • Vil

      PFFFt. Right. A revolution will really work. Listen, I’d get behind one in a heartbeat, and I would OPENLY ENDORSE the killing of EVERY fuck politician in office. The problem is this:

      IT WON’T WORK!!!

      The ONLY reason why I’m even remotely behind taking down congress, the tyrant at the top, the senate, and all of the state governments that capitulate to this federal behemoth, is because I would prefer to get killed than to live in what is coming.

      That said, if you have ANY illusion that we can change anything, then you’re still a slave. We will NEVER be free. Tyranny always wins. Freedom is anomoly.

    • raheem

      tryna tell em smh

    • JukeJointJimmee

      Maybe when football season is over.

      • Logan Anderson

        give them circus’s and bread and they will never revolt, enjoy worshiping your false idols.

    • James Nimmons

      naaaah theres too much else to do..revolution is haaaaaard..

    • justmelilb

      Why ask when people will revolt? Gather and start your revolution the way it was done in the beginning. Start somewhere stop questioning and waiting! Many will follow

    • James Dore

      sadly, i don’t think ever as there are still people who believe that cops are there to protect you and law enforcement is necessary and the system isn’t being abused. 🙁

    • Aizail

      Hell. Yes.

    • Billy Taratko

      it wont happen. between the media control and the chemical cocktail that is our water supply most people have been pacified to the point that they don’t know and don’t want to know.

    • Tony Anzalone


    • David J Opdyke

      Soon very soon, just be prepared and vigilant

    • NG

      To see why revolution will not happen you only need to look at the string of comments following Freedom1Man. Citizens are divided and argue among themselves, blame each other, make accusations, separate themselves on political and religious lines. Don’t look forward to citizens uniting any time soon, they are not ready for it.

    • gogo D

      there will never be a revolt because all these people fight against each other in stead of the evil forces. Take a look below. Every single article like this i read i see idiots fighting over something STUPID. instead of fighting together. It will never end.

    • Rusty

      The proletariat will never rise …. or realize their power.

    • John Novak

      I’ll make the sacrifice after I get laid a few more times.

  • Juanita Michelle Edwards

    Wow, unbelievable! The NYPD is out of control! SMH

    • Tamra Louviere

      I wish it was confined to the NYPD…but it’s everywhere! Cops are bullies and the biggest threat to the American people!

  • Jay Killgore

    this is another case of law enforcement causing PTSD….this whole family now has to live with the trauma these pigs have imposed upon them..help end police violence and their Pandemic like spread of PTSD upon the American people..this entire family has the right to apply for and receive benefits through the Social security administration. I feel they need to apply immediately..sure this will mean that they will be receiving money from the government or us in other words but if enough people show that the pigs are responsible for thei PTSD then surly the medical community will start to chime in and since they got the money maybe their voices will be heard and an end to the pointless violence against the American people will begin.

    • Sarah

      You are exactly right. I know from personal experience what it is like to jump everytime someone knocks on the door and run like a crackhead to see who it is because you fear it may be the police to bust up your house for no reason but their own misguided beliefs.

      • HempShare

        And we know Cannabinoids are the best medicine for PTSD. Even more reason for them to put regulations on Hemp and Cannabis. So they can GMO it and bred out the medicines.

  • George VonSteene

    fire whoever is in charge of these motherfuckers

  • Jeff Hincks

    How the hell do you present ID when taking trash out, I only carry my ID when I leave the house, not taking out garbage

    • Gina de Miranda

      There is no requirement for presenting ID. It is unconstitutional to even ask. The Bill of Rights says that we shall be secure in our persons and property.

  • Tamra Louviere

    I really hate police…pure thugs! Bullies with badges! They are NOT there to help you and they definitely are NOT your friends!

  • Gina de Miranda

    What drugs are these cops on?

  • goyin

    You mean we need to start beating sensless those with none? I think that failed before… they wrote the second amedment to fix that

  • Pippiagain

    Hunt this morons down and take them out!!!~ They are never going to understand anything else. What kind of “man” stomps a helpless little pet to death!!!

    • Scott Bayer

      Look at the picture of the bird in the photo. It doesnt look like the bird was stepped on once nevertheless “crushed and stomped to death”. This is a situation where a recording of the incident would be priceless.

      • raheem

        dude u can tell its layin on its back..the article says it was crushe n stomped doesnt mean it was..but doesnt mean they didnt kill the bird either..they way they have been killing dogs lately i wouldnt put it past these monsters.

    • KristaRichardson

      Agreed!! These kind of people will cause trouble no matter what job they have. Take them out of the gene pool.

  • Steve G Richko

    These bastards belong in prison, no excuse and no mercy on them.

  • HempShare

    Arrests = Sales. Don’t you want your police to be a successful business?

  • Steve G Richko

    Police are getting worse all the time , killing peoples dogs and pets every where

  • Deb Maddalena

    CH CH CHAA CHINGGG! Stick it to them.

  • Chris Baker

    OMG, I am SOOOO tired of hearing about these stories.
    All that cops are are just organized, “legal” mobsters. That’s all they are. It’s time the citizens fight back against the REAL criminals of this country!

  • Denise

    That outrageous. I’m so sorry that they killed your bird.
    What’s wrong with humanity.

    • Unlicensed Dremel

      It’s not humanity…. It’s cops.. and blue leftist/statist/fascist policies.

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Sue their ASSES!!!

    • Scott Bayer

      Thats foremost in her mind believe me. The sad part is she is only suing her neighbors and other citizens. Until the people that perform these illegal acts are directly sued and must pay these lawsuits out of their own bank account, nothing will change.

      • Scott Bieser

        Unfortunately the law shields bad cops from personal accountability. Until that law changes our only options are to take beatings or shoot back.

  • Frank Martinez

    I am tire of the cops saying that these guys are just the bad apples. They say that there are more good good apples that bad ones, way more. If this is so then why don’t the good cops do something about it , like defend the innocent victims of these crimes by cops?

    • Pat Richards

      Because there are no good cops. What they call a “Good Cop” is a cop who will lie, cheat and steal to protect a fellow cop. Not the law, not you and me. They’re only in it for the power trip. Power WE gave them. Power WE can take away..

  • Anthony Gooch

    Kill them….thats what needs to happen…..We need to take this country back before its too late.

  • NorthwestSenior

    Move here, if you can, to Moses Lake, WA where our police force obeys the laws of the state and federal Constitution. GET OUT OF THE EAST, WHILE YOU CAN….we in the Northwest don’t treat people this way…not in Central/Eastern WA we don’t.

  • Anonymous

    no wonder they want us all disarmed.

  • Phillipgalloway

    No damn wonder they want folks disarmed. Those sob’s needed shooting.

  • Dragnoxz

    There would have been a shoot out ay my house, and the attackers would not live.

  • Na_na99

    This type of thing has been happening since the 70s. Only when it started happening to white people did anyone care.

    • Scott Bayer

      Oh please!

      • Scott Bieser

        Sadly, it’s true. But perhaps now that the majority is awakening to the problem, something can finally be done about it.

  • Na_na99

    My mother was beaten in 1977 by police who said my sister didn’t look like her so she must be kidnapped. We’re biracial, my mother is black. No charges filed and my sister wasn’t removed from my home, but it was enough to beat my mother over.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Lucky they werent Black, they probably would have been shot dead..

  • MA

    Silence is consent. Fucking douche bag donut eaters are gonna get what’s coming to them if they keep up this shithead behavior. People just aren’t going to keep putting up with this.

  • Arnt Johnsen

    If this happened to me or my family i would get even, eye for an eye… The worst thing a government ever could do is letting these bullies and thugs act as they do without punishment and jailtime, what will happen when the people turn their backs on them and do exactly the same as they do to them?

  • Daniel Brock

    These thugs broke into these peoples’ house. A badge won’t stop 5 rounds center mass.

  • Abbi Orenstein

    Lemme guess, these monsters are still on the force and still allowed to “protect and serve”.

    • Pippiagain

      or maybe on paid administrative leave while being “investigated”. And we all know how these “investigations” turn out!

  • Heather Sirotak

    The INSANE ABUSE will never stop until those at the TOP of the Establishment Crime Syndicate Disorder are deposed. We’re living in an illegitimate, criminal Totalitarian Regime, where only corruption trickles down & only scum can rise. The police now hire dim witted, sadistic, sociopathic, authoritarian thugs, exactly the same way that Hitler’s Regime did, during the Rise of the Third Reich.

  • snakeguy

    pigs being pigs

  • Tom Jefferson

    these pieces of shit need to go to prison. i cant wait till the assholes try this shit to some well armed and prepared house and the family slaughters them like the pigs that they are.
    this is not to suggest that these slobs dont deserve a trial, but they should be prosecuted.

  • kim

    we must demand criminal prosecution for their criminal action or our society will deteriorate into a police state!!!!

  • Nubby Mcquilicutty

    Cops have really become the scum of the earth..especially in NY were there is zero accountability…

  • xXrefuseRESISTXx

    New Yorkers chose to live in a nanny security state. Well how’s that workin’ out for you now?

  • epaul48

    SHOW YOUR PAPERS! Cooperate or we will make up a reason to beat and charge you!! This kind of thing is happening all too often. If you see this kind of thing happening in your neighborhoods come out of your homes and at least bear witness to the crimes committed by those sworn to protect us. They will tell you to go back inside but you DON’T have to, don’t be intimidated or they will do the same damn thing to you!!!

  • Josh Daniel

    and they wonder why ppl rejoice when a cop gets his brains blow out the back of his head….fucktard system

  • Michael

    The very very shocking facts are that incidents like those happen every day, every week, every month, everywhere. All judges protect this conduct if a lawsuit is filed. They throw it out of court.
    We live in more of a police state than any nation on earth. 25% of our citizens are incarcerated, we lead the world in that category. O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Wake up people, if you don’t they will be at your door to wake you up with billy clubs, pepper spray,tasters, and meat eating dogs.

  • Matt

    first of all, public education and common knowledge,are at the crux of the problem. So if you claim authority on any subject based on a public education and common knowledge, show yourself the door. The only thing that jews have to do with this story, is that that they are behind the powers and principalities that are propelling this present state we find ourselves in.
    That said. I really hope that these Mossad wannabe cops get what’s coming to them.

  • Silver

    I would sue them for all they are worth, both professionally and personally. no one wants that kind of bad press.

  • Jen

    What is going on with the New York area and cops. It seems like I read story after story of New York cops doing obvious, illegal and violent things against people for little or no cause. Usually it is against black people. It looks like the family might be if not of mixed ethnic background, at least they appear to have a mixed ethnic background.

  • Moorhen

    Those cops are bitches

  • jeannie

    What is sad, instead of expressing condolences to the family, I see so many of us down here insulting eachother. We all get what we deserve. Let me know how it goes for you when its your house, your children, and your pets who are on the receiving end, and then I want you to tell me how much your petty differences in political opinions matter….

    • audreydc1983

      There is an epidemic of police shooting dogs in this country. With the existence of no-knock warrants, it is my worst nightmare that the police could barge in and shoot my 10-yr old lab mix just because he’s there. If they don’t care about the lives of dogs or birds, then they likely don’t care about the lives of human beings, either – and they are confident enough of avoiding prosecution to commit these acts.

  • JoeCushing

    I can’t stand that cops have their own special charges to be filed against them. It’s not excessive force; it’s assault and battery. It’s also destruction of property, whatever that charge is called. Oh and breaking and entering, lets not forget that.

  • Geno Cidal

    People will never stand together & revolt, especially in America because their 2 busy defending their criminal parties that hand in hand have destroyed this nations liberty, this nations wealth, along with the American people who have become the most gullible bunch of fucking jack in the box morons you could ask to have as your fellow citizens & that’s why this post has turned from screaming about the goddamn police state into your fuckin political sports games.

  • James Michael

    Personally these criminals would have been shot dead, like the terrorists they are if they invaded my home…….

  • Wiliam Prince

    once again, when the revolution comes, and it is coming, the cops will be the first to go on trial and be executed.

  • Guest

    just shoot the pigs no problem FUCK THEM !!!!!

  • Guest


  • David S

    don’t be hurt –hurt the pigs violent pigs that did this-sue them, PUBLISH their names and addresses for the public to deal with them- do NOT take this at all and get them charged !!! FUCK NY PIGS !!

  • gary u. trance

    Today, we are all Tito.

  • Tony Anzalone

    Sure the cops are unwitting tools of the elite used to opress the poor but there is more to this particular story we are not being told.

  • Bree Mousseaux

    fcking pigs.

  • Mark Carlson

    This is WHY Obama wants to take our guns. If they would have tried that in SEVERAL other areas in the U.S.A. there may well have been dead cops!!

    • DD

      and then there really would be a reason to break in to their home, kill their pets, beat them and arrest them! good plan bro, then we can send people like you to prison and not have to deal with you.

  • Joey Um Beargrease

    what bullshit!!! America look at your fucking history, nothing but violence. War is your only weapon!! Students and the workplace killings is a common thing. 20 children killed mean nothing to you!!! This incident is common, you just don’t see it. hell in 1860 you went to war with yourselves because you had no one to fight, The native people were at peace because of bullshit policies. In Canada, police have been beaten up on us Indians for kicks because they know they got the justice system on their side. get over it!!

  • VLF

    Everyone arguing with each other on this is exactly what they want. whether it happened to white, black, Hispanic, or any other family is still Unacceptable. This meaningless attacks from the law enforcement is getting way more out of hand as the years go by and we need to do something about it. We need to wake up, trust one another, and work together to stop all this so we can resume the rest of our lives in peace.

  • Kobutsu Malone

    My heart goes out to this poor woman and her family. I trust that they will obtain legal assistance and file multiple suits against the police.

  • Josh Whitley

    fuck them police what gives the the damn right

  • we are standing up and allot of them are getting killed too.

  • Elizabeth Conley

    When are municipalities going to reign in their thugs? This is gross.
    As a citizen, I would be sick at heart to know that police maintained by my tax dollars had committed such violent, malevolent crimes. Why don’t people care enough to change their local governments.
    Until we all go to the polls and vote for decent leaders, nothing wil change.

  • LindaTX

    I once was holding a garage sale and did not know that the city had a new regulation that required a permit. A police officer stopped by and told me to shut it down. I guess I was lucky not to be thrown to the driveway, pepper-sprayed, tazed and taken to jail. Gawd, I miss the good old days!

  • Scum Bag

    fucking cocksuckers!

  • Anonasone

    Anyone commenting here that is “arguing” with someone’s comment is exactly what’s wrong with this nation. Divide, and conquer. Look what police do on a daily basis and walk freely without a slap on the wrist. don’t bother commenting I wont be back. it makes me sick to see people wasting their energy attacking each other, when that comment could be an email to a senator, or public servant of any kind. Stop fighting each other… that’s what “they” want you to do. you’re loosing.

  • Lois

    I’m glad you reported this but when I read the source story I saw that you took major liberties with the embellishments. To the point where the reporting wasn’t even true. It’s tragic enough without unsourced add-ons, I’m afraid that could revisit people in the alt media community badly.

    Your work is so important which is the only reason I reach out to you, never to criticize. There was no way for me to contact you about it either….

  • sophia

    I don’t understand all the hate on this page. These cops aren’t going to care what ethnicity you are, what religion you practice or your political party. This type of abuse of power is happening all over the US. People need to quit their bickering and come together to stop these corrupt police officers. These type of incidents are investigated by local and federal agencies. The FBI has an online system for submitting a complaint. We can submit complaints to our local state attorney general’s office. We can also file complaints with the police department where the officers are employed.

  • JonEdHil

    Well, after reading most of the comments posted here, I almost (stress “almost”) think we deserve these pigs and whatever they do to us. There are both liberal and conservative ideals that I hold dear. What’s funny is that most of you do too. The problem is how certain people only hear what they want to hear. For example, I am against abortion, but I am also against capital punishment. Left-wingnuts call me a fascist for the first position because they stop listening once they hear that; right-wingnuts call me a communist for the second because they stop listening once they hear it! Most of these arguments are so petty and juvenile, and the posters calling for sanity are just ignored! We get the government we deserve.

  • Badjib

    Noticed a lot of comments about Israel vs. Palestine. I would like to point out to all the Americans that say that the Israeli’s should be forced to leave Israel and give the land back to the Palestinians that I will see you all in Europe when we are forced to give the USoA back to the Native Americans. I mean fair is fair, if we say that they have to give up the land they took through military conquest then how can we rightly keep the land that we took in the exact same way. And I know some will say that we have signed treaties from the Natives but considering most didn’t read English and weren’t even real chiefs of any tribes I can say that those treaties hold absolutely no water, and that is not even including how many times we went against said treaties.

    BUT!!! That is not the point, the point is that Police brutality should result in the police officers immediate termination, and their being banned from ever taking a role in any form of law enforcement/military work in the future. That and whatever city they come from should be required to give the family at least $1,000,000. People should never fear their Civil Servants, that is right folks, the Police work for us, just as all politicians do. I honestly believe they have forgotten who actually signs their checks, I also think we should refuse to pay them until they remember who it is they are supposed to be appeasing.

  • iadd

    Jesus Christ what the fuck

  • DrAy-Yo

    This happens daily. Corruption runs deep and no one knows if they will be safe when they do finally stand up to these tyrants. We went from the land of the free to land of the scared slaves.

  • Clark Mcclafferty

    Take these gutless copper bastards to the cleaners and make them pay in court. I hope they end up in Jail so big bubba and the boys can teach them a REAL lesson!

  • Jean filsdeRichard Plantagenet

    I guess we can just keep competing with one another for our own personal human rights and the necessities of life, while THEY, an organized ranked and classified cooperative minority, class, clan and oligarchy working together, collectively, stick it to us all. The solution is simple, but not for the divided competing classified polarized confused misled: http://jfdrp.webs.com

  • Patrick Farrell

    Next time pull out a shotgun and shoot the pig in the head.Thats waht they all are, pigs, liars thieves bullies and cowards.

  • fuzzy77

    If they would have been properly armed they could have done whatever was necessary to eliminate the threat from the home invaders.

  • jake

    all the cops involved deserve to die. I hope someone has the decency to put them down like the rabid dogs they are.

  • Kimberlee Clark

    Ah, this family is Hispanic

  • dede

    Ok it doesnt matter what political party you loyalties lie this is bullshit why not stand together to revolt instead of bickering over nothing

  • dede

    Also why not be you instead of following the leader ……my heart goes out to the family

  • gogo D


  • blairg23

    You know you can sue the police department for this right?

  • David Dena Wiseman

    If this is true then they should have shot and killed the police I would to protect my family sorry to say. I respect the idea of law enforcement but in this case if true was breaking and entering with intent to do harm.

  • Pat Smith

    And the politicians up there are wasting time worrying how much soda people drink?

  • These cops did more to advance the cause of libertarianism with this family than any book, or video, or lecture ever could.

  • Carol Batten

    Repeal immunity laws for cops, prosecutors and judges.http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/repealimmunitylaws/

  • The Hippie Hound

    Stomp on this cops head like he did that poor bird, then the family should take turns kicking that cops balls into oblivion.

    • Elizabeth Conley

      Here’s the problem with that response: normal people don’t want to inflict pain and suffering on others, much less deploy deadly force.
      The only proper response to “officers” like these is permanent removal from the force and criminal prosecution. Normal people shouldn’t have to worry about being confronted by “officers” like these.
      What kind of liberty can we enjoy in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” if “officers” like these repulsive thugs run wild among us? It makes no sense.

  • Josi

    By what I’m reading here, these men have tarnished their badges, and in doing so, it has reflected on all Law Enforcement Officers across the nation, that is their worst offense in my opinion, causing the public to look at a badge with less and less trust, punish these assholes, but please do not add this to a pre-existing cop stereotype, there are good righteous, constitution upholding peace officers out there, just trying to make the community they serve a little safer. Don’t let these idiots rip our decent communities apart…

  • Ann Stone

    Name & badge number of the cop, please?

  • nyckat

    So sorry for your loss, I hope that you and your family have filed criminal charges against the officers involved. I know it wont bring your beloved beautiful Tito bird back. But they can not get away with this MURDER. PLEASE post the NAMES of these officers so we can know who they are and treat them with the same respect they showed your family- especially the family bird!

  • aztex2010

    No one cares until it happens to them .. and it surely will and is sooner rather than later .. every time anyone’s rights are violated under color of law .. it is a violation against the human people . .EVERY TIME.. this is how our rights have been slowly whittled away.. NOT ONE violation should be allowed .. and the only way tptb will listen is when their post prize possession is affected .. their bank account .. and few lawyers will take on civil rights cases and then only those who can afford to pay or when LGBT or other significant political rights are involved, you know the ones that DIVIDE the human people. With all the surveillance .. I keep wondering how the organized criminals who are controlling the world .. and police in every community are part of that Organized GANG.. are able to continue their criminal activities without impunity .. The real criminals seem to always get by with everything 🙁

  • Postol Front

    This is brutality, not racism people. Unless you know something we don’t.

  • why haven’t police been charged with intimidation, felony assault, breaking & entering, terrorism, false reporting … ???

  • Kevin

    Should list the cops by name so the people of Staten Island can place them all 1 at a time on milk cartons when they go missing

  • Zoriah Mattern

    holy shit “Fuck your bird!” I find it hard to believe, but I believe it all the same. all it takes is one roid raging ass cop to do and say some fucked up shit like that. That’s why I’m not allowed in “THE FINE ASS MOTHERFUCKIN CITY OF LAWRENCE!” for walking on a road while it’s under construction.

  • erik thorne

    Funny how the people that were all screaming for law and order are now the anti-government people. They also were the ones that called anyone questioning the Patriot Act traitors. Funny how they all changed once the wrong colored skin was elected to the White House.

  • Micheal McCheese

    Shoot them before they can kill you. It’s the only way to be safe anymore. It’s too bad we don’t have anyone we can rely on any more to protect us – we’ll have to rely on ourselves from now on.

  • Ricky Ross

    Massive surveillance of an entire nation, secret prisons, secret courts,
    secret laws, secret judges, secret police, secret interpretation of laws, secret list, secret hearings, secret evidence, militarization of local police forces, the largest prison population on earth, internal spy drones, millions of internal domestic spies, indefinite detention without charge or trial under NDAA, TSA violating the 4th Amendment thousands of times every day for the last 12+ years and now they are being deployed onto public streets to do the same, DHS & other Federal agencies purchase of enough ammo to sustain a 25 year war, DHS purchase of 9,000 armored check point booths from “Shelters Direct” in April 2012, theft of citizens private property via Asset Forfeiture Program, forced purchase of corporate commodities (Obamacare), Eminent Domain, Government Propaganda made LEGAL via Congress (July 2013) through the propaganda media, a call for the arrest of journalist, Eugenics Programs, endless wars, Taxation without Representation, Theft of TRILLIONS of taxpayers $$$ via TARP, etc, etc, etc,

    No one should be surprised by the actions of the police in the new AmeriKa. Clearly, we are now living in a tyrannical police state and as such, history tells us that the police will conduct themselves as the article above demonstrates!

  • Bendy Bentley

    Someone should take those assholes out.

  • Lydia Edwards Adams

    I would not dare be spitting out this horrible language at God’s chosen, the Jewish people. Shame. Bad cops are very common, they should be severely punished and the good officers commended and given more publicity. A huge amount of racism here, let us examine our own shortcomings, please.

  • Guys, stop arguing over stupid stuff. That’s not what this article was about. It’s here to inform us of the injustices we are facing in this country. Not who can sound the most like an activist and political science junkie.

  • intheknow

    When crap like this happens in our towns, we need to protest. I don’t care what race, culture, age we are, people need to go out and peacefully protest. We have all been sitting by and letting this happen for too long. Our Sheriff’s dept was featured a couple days ago, but they are charging this officer. This is crap when police can act like they can do whatever they please with no repercussion.

  • matt

    these cops should be executed in the public square.

  • Tom Metcalfe

    Cowards like Freedom Boy , that hide behind a pen name don’t have the balls to spew their venom under their real name.. Good thing they are of no consequence . He will be in jail someday getting his But pushed in an out of.

  • Daniel

    What? No NRA spokesman pining for an armed response to government overreach. Oh right these folks are Hispanic, no guns for them.

    I hope the cops do hard time in general population. Then they can protect their own asses and serve their cell mates.

  • Charles G.

    This is disturbing and sick. Do we live in Nazi Germany? North Korea? This is a fucking outrage. These cops need to be held accountable. Their employment should be terminated immediately and some charges need to be filed ASAP. Zero tolerance. Best of luck to the family.

  • Lorin Chane Partain

    this is why you don’t buy one of those cheap doors like this one. It’s no better then cardboard.

  • Edwin Lugo

    every lugo family has an Edwin lmao it was really bad at family events
    no i am not part of this family then again idk i could be hmmm

    but the cops are thugs and they should have handled themselves WAAAAY better

  • GeoWes

    American terrorist roaming the streets

  • hatethelies

    so the kid failed to comply, fled police custody and then the whole family thought they would help make some more violations. They can’t help it, they are following pecking order like any good animal would. No comply with written law, suffer written consequences. Tabloid fodder

    • Michael Sievers

      The cops had no reason to ask for ID, and why give the cops something they can use to charge you with a crime or use against you in a court of law? I am consitutionally protected from incriminating my self, and it is not my job to make the cop’s job easier.