Cops Caught Shopping, Snacking, Making Out — Purposely Ignoring Urgent 911 Calls


MIAMI — Making you wait in line at checkpoints to check your ID and peer into your car.

Taking money from you if you drive ~5 miles over the speed limit to get to work on time.

Threatening to lock you inside of a steel cage, or taking more money from you, if you get caught ingesting a relaxing herb on the weekends.

Assuring you that you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself without them.

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Treating you as inferior to them.

Demanding your unthinking respect.

Every time you get paid for the work you do, a fraction of what you earn is taken from you to fund all of the above “services” — whether you like or not.

Most organizations offer you a refund or compensation if you’re unsatisfied with their service, but not this organization.

No, you’re stuck with this service no matter how bad it gets.

Imagine this. You find a long, straggly hair tangled up in your food. Your appetite is ruined, so you call the manager over and point it out.

“That’s unfortunate sir,” he says, looking down at the hair.

“But!” he continues, “if it weren’t for our restaurant, you’d have no other way to feed yourself.  So you’ll have to pay for the food anyway. We’re here to feed you.”

That’s about the same level of absurdity of having to pay for a state-monopolized “protection” service that never actually protects you, that claims you couldn’t protect yourself without it. Except it routinely steals from you, spies on you, beats you, and shoots your dog instead of leaving a hair in your food.

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We would like for this “protection service” to either provide real protection or leave us alone.

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  • Phasung Baccam

    Take their llicense away never let them become an officer again