Cops Caught Using Photos of Black Men as Live Target Practice, Shooting Them in the Head

black men target practice

FLORIDA — A disturbing report has surfaced online according to which police officers were using photographs of black men for target practice with live ammunition.

A woman in the National Guard discovered that her brother’s mugshot was ripped to shreds by bullet holes when she was at a firing range used by police.

The target contained all and only black men and it was used for “shooting drills” by police in North Miami Beach, Florida, according to reports.

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The photo with bullet holes was shown to the brother, Woody Deant, who was shocked to see that the officers had aimed directly at his forehead.

“The picture actually has bullet holes,” he said.

“One in my forehead and one in my eye — I was speechless.”

The Chief of North Miami Beach Police released an admission claiming that the officers should have used “better judgment.”

He denies that the officers used the photos of all and only black males for racist reasons, and reminded the public that the police department does have minority officers on staff.

He justified the use of the photos as a technique for drills to improve facial recognition by officers.

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Still, many can’t help but wonder why the officers chose to use photos only of black males.

Woody Deant, one of the men in the pictures, was arrested when he was 15-yrs-old for racing his car, but is now a married family man. He is concerned about officer’s looking at his face as a target for shooting, remarking that the mind of an officers is automatically “going to think target, target, target.”

Watch the video below:

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  • Cromwell

    Wow, what a surprise, Florida.
    “He justified the use of the photos as a technique for drills to improve facial recognition by officers”
    There simply is no way any pig can simply say they were wrong and apolagize.
    And they wonder why people hate them.

  • Lydia85

    These cops are like,

  • Charles_Miller

    Why are they saying these are “the worst possible targets”…? Seems to me that they’re the most realistic targets for training purposes, given that black males commit over 70% of all violent crime in America. What targets would you recommend? Schoolchildren? Unicorns?

    • Clive

      Silhouettes, like professional shooters use.

    • Alex Taunton

      I’d reaaaaaaally like to see where you got the 70% figure. I’m call in bullshit on that. And yes, milost departments use silhouettes instead of actuall photos.

  • Tsavo

    This just proves what I already knew. The pigs are taught to view us as the enemy and shoot first, shoot some more and maybe after everyone is dead, as a question or two. The black community must once again stop relying in the pigs and learn to defend themselves. it is down right ignorant and foolish to think the same police force which abused and murdered us for decades is suddenly on our side now, as if all the KKK affiliated cops up and left overnight. Whether you like it or not, the cops are not your friend and to support them as they murder your own people makes you worse than them.

  • Clive

    No, this isn’t racist at all. It’s just a page with the faces of six real, living, breathing, black men being used for target practice. This had nothing to do with target practice and everything to do with plinking at some “n*ggers.” I feel sorry for what the minority officers in the dept have to put up with.

  • Nat Turner

    This crap has gone on far too long. It’s time for the cops to pay.

  • Micaiah Joseph

    “He justified the use of the photos as a technique for drills to improve facial recognition by officers.” This could make sense. I would imagine the drill would have 6 similar looking faces, with only one or two being a greenlit target, the others would be innocent bystanders. The sniper would have a photo of the target(s) and he would need to be able to identify and eliminate the correct targets. If this is a facial recognition drill, why are all the faces eliminated? You obviously failed at recognizing the faces, or else the targets are eliminated in a particular order but thats not really facial recognition. That starts out as facial recognition and quickly becomes a process of elimination and y’all better have some ‘eliminated’ stacks of hispanic, asian, white and martian faces around or it looks really bad.

  • upagainstthewall

    Maybe it is time to check to see what officers throughout our country are using as targets. Perhaps it would be better to have them use pictures of their own family members. That way they could at least learn to try and exercise caution when using lethal force.