Cops Dogpile and Attack Innocent Man Over Bus Ticket


UPDATE (12/5/14): While state-run media has been acting like police brutality is a “new thing,” we feel that it’s important to remember that police have been doing this for decades.  This incident originally occurred earlier this year and never got any attention. One of the officers places the man in a brief chokehold but then lets go, likely because he knew he was being filmed. We now know that cops New York cops killed Eric Garner with a chokehold. Evidently they’ve been using this move for a while. If you have information about who this man is and whether he pressed charges for assault, please let us know.

NEW YORK — We’ve received reports that an innocent man was literally forced down to the ground and then swarmed by cops and hauled to jail over a bus ticket.

According to the report, it began when cops asked the man to show them his bus ticket.

He simply wanted to be left alone in peace -- instead they dogpiled him.

He simply wanted to be left alone in peace — instead they dogpiled him.

As he reached into his pocket to get it, they started laying their hands on him, presumably “for their safety.”

The man asked, “Wait… why are you putting your hands on me?”

That’s when the cops escalated the situation into violence.

The incident was captured by witnesses who were filming and the footage is now going viral online.

Friends, this is what happens when you live in a police state.

You’re minding your own business, when two losers in costumes waddle over to you and start harassing you.

They’re smaller than you. They’re weaker than you.

But their government — the judges, the courts, the prisons, and the people who support it — will back them up with copious amounts of processing and paperwork in case you try to defend yourself.

By putting on their government costumes, these otherwise lazy schlubs believe they have the right to lay their hands on you and assault you.

If you try to walk away or so much as ask them to stop, they’ll call their costumed partners to pin you down and haul you away.

Some will point out that this man was “yelling too much,” that he was “resisting,” that he was getting “out of line.”

To which we respond: yes, all of which is a normal, conscious reaction to assault. All humans have the instinct to protect themselves, unless they’ve been enslaved and demoralized.

What you see here is a man who hasn’t been domesticated. His instincts are alive. His mind hasn’t been enslaved and hypnotized to obey random strangers in costumes.

Look at the physical conditioning of this man compared to the cops. It took six cops, most of whom were out of shape and wheezing, just to restrain this man.

What would have happened if these six people had approached this man without their bells and whistles and costumes? What would have happened if, say, six average fat people started laying their fingers on this man?

Do you think he would have tolerated them touching him, even for a second?

This illustrates that their “power” is illusory. There is nothing inherently superior about someone wearing a costume and a piece of tin on their chest.

We are being ruled by the weak — but not for much longer.

Watch the video here (warning: strong language)

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  • withavengeance
    • whyawannakno

      totally different guy…

      • withavengeance

        I KNOW it’s not the same guy. But that one died, the M.E. ruled it a homicide and a grand jury refused to indict.

  • stacky512a

    in the meantime, everybody watches….hope the female cop didn’t hurt her ankle..

    • advqvqv

      Well, in their defense, they couldn’t do anything. It was the wrong time. They’d have been throwing their lives away, and we need people like those that WOULD interfere to not be in prison. A powder keg event is needed, but don’t worry… it will come soon.

  • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

    Only a matter of time until the witnesses comprise a group of people who are completely fed up with this shit and they tear the deserving pigs to shreds in the middle of the street.

    • Adam Brian

      Yeah that’s me man. I’m one of those people. I have kids a job etc…. But this cops intimidating assaulting and killing innocent people needs to stop. If the people downtown are going to let them get away with it then they need to be held accountable too. It’s no secret why police get away with being criminals though I hope.

      • PIERRE77L

        You know what to do If your in a situation like that.

        • Ryan R. Reed


    • Little Wing

      I’m kinda thinking that’s why we have the right to bear arms in the first place. A change is gonna come.

      • PIERRE77L

        Time to fight. Step up to the plate. Take back America.

      • Perspective

        Exactly why we have that right… If only people would STOP misreading it and understand that an INDIVIDUAL is NOT “a well regulated militia” we could easily police our own neighborhoods and ONLY need to call in Police to take custody of the criminals that have been detained for breaking “county laws”….. The only reason we even have a police force though, is because people CAN’T honestly police themselves…. We tried that before….. People just made it to where simply having a certain color of skin was breaking the law.

        • Erdman West

          Some VERY intelligent comments here!!! Thanks

        • Michael Guay

          When that was stated the well regulated were of the people as volunteers and everyone looked out for each other. It wasn’t a police dept. in which the people had no say so in who got hired. An elected sheriff and a deputized party of the people would be more in line with the framers intent. The people can form their own militia respecting the judicial system in place. By taking away the involvement of the people in securing where they live, politicians have turned many into apathetic sheep afraid to confront or even turn in a criminal.

        • Michael Guay

          Most of us have evolved to see past skin color… the police do need to be held accountable but not through false witness out of resentment. I like the idea of body cams.

      • Donna Long

        YEP…sure is. Obama is bringing in the militia. Think it’s bad now? Just wait…’ll then have plenty to complain about. It’ll be just like the Hitler regime….!!! You’ll wish we had …”the way it was”!!!!!!!!!!

        • Kenji

          Are you a small, angry child pretending to be an adult?

          • Jill Hodges Betts

            Are you Obama’s personal butt licker?

          • Ray Elmo Earls

            Are you speaking from personal experiencr. Or are you simply a racist.

      • Liberalismsucks

        Why do you think they use every excuse to disarm a citizen and continually try to destroy our 2nd Amendment rights? So they can enslave the population without fear.

    • Jack Mehoff

      Someone clapping back is the only resolution.

    • The truth

      He was resisting arrest and seems mentally unstable. The cops did nothing wrong.

      • what?

        Really is that what you see? I think your a idiot

        • Mylisa Shyanna Clay

          @The truth True, but he had a right to. Think about it, he did what they asked and for the first few minutes of the video you see he was trying to get his questions simply answered, and was staying calm.

        • Adam Crowley

          lololololololololololol……………….. you’re an idiot

      • Donna Long


        • Liberalismsucks

          Are you smoking crack right now, or just when you posted this “AGREED” to the other moron above “The Truth”?
          First you posted Obama is creating a police state. Most people agree.
          Then you “AGREED” when the cops violate a mans civil rights.
          It can only be 3 things;
          1. You made a simple mistake
          2. Your confused AND don’t have a clue so you should shut up.
          3. FULL BLOWN RETARD. (Another class, separate from the mentally challenged)

          • Keith Colquitt

            The police state was in place long before Obama became president, just ask anyone who is part of a hated minority group. It has affected segments of white America too but the general public wasn’t aware of it until recent years. Many people still don’t acknowledge that there’s a problem. I don’t think there’s been a huge increase in police shootings and incidents of police brutality; I think that there’s simply an increase of civilians who are recording these incidents.

      • SaySomethin

        He’s wasn’t under arrest until they call for backup fucktard.

      • SirTerrance Murphy

        I guess you enjoy getting your rights taken away from you or is it because it’s not you it’s happening to . If you don’t see wrong here you are either a cop or a moron !

      • That’s a joke. The cop instigated the entire situation by grabbing the guy until he snapped. You hold a man down (after instigating the entire incident) without giving him the decency of communicating to him, he’s going to lose it. I would have acted the same way. Thugs with badges, bored and pushing people to the breaking point.

      • Rachel Leigh Tucker

        He wasnt resisting arrest in the beginning of the video BECAUSE HE WASNT BEING ARRESTED!!! He was in fact being assaulted which then lead him to resist. Did you even watch the video or did you just glance at the picture? Come on man! Would you be cool if you were asked by an officer to see your bus pass and when you were looking for it he puts his hands on you and holds you down? FOR A BUS PASS Come on man, we all can see and hear the video. What are you not comprehending?

      • Liberalismsucks

        You must be a cop or just plain stupid. This wouldn’t be a story if it didn’t have merit. The cops need to talk to people like humans and not enemies they want to beat into submission over a bus ticket. Keep your damn hands off the people unless he touches you or tries to run. If police are here to protect and serve, how were they protecting or serving anybody in this instance? No justification for this arrest.

        • kel

          so true.

      • Liberalismsucks

        Not to mention the police had the man sitting down on a wall but then they couldn’t let him stand, they had to go for complete humiliation and submission by smashing him to a big puddle on the ground. I would have resisted too. Corn hole cops must be fired.

      • Jill Hodges Betts

        Yes they did. The second they put their hands on him they did something wrong. They asked for his bus ticket and he showed it to them. That was all they needed to see. They had no reason to put their hands on him. Actually, they had no reason to approach him and even speak to him for any reason. They engaged him deliberately and if you cannot see that then you are mentally unstable not the man in the video.

      • Ray Elmo Earls

        You cannot be seriously implying that you know more about this than anyone else viewing it. The truth is never obvious. I want to know what the final disposition of thus case is. If this man had no priors.. and what is in the video is the extent of his record then the police need to be held accountable. Period.

        • Keith Colquitt

          Ray Elmo Earls, what does it matter if the man had “priors” or not?! The past has nothing to do with what is taking place in the video. Even if the guy served time in prison that has nothing to do with the incident being filmed. The police ostensibly stopped this man because they believed he rode a bus illegally. They didn’t permit him to show proof that he had a valid ticket. The eyewitness was insisting that the man had done nothing wrong.

      • lou380

        you are either one of the cops here or a cop.OR JUST STUPID! dude was doing what officer ask him to do then reacted to officer touching him for no reason like any of us would had done.Officer just got upset because they had 0 on him so lets waist tax payers money and trump up charges on guy for speaking his mind..We my friend are allowed to speak with out getting arrested/..YOU ARE A TOOL,KEEP HIDING YOUR FACE.

        • The truth

          Please come back when you’ve finished getting your GED. It’s hard to read your drivel with all the misspelled grade school level words.

          • lou380

            How do you spell GED?

      • foreverinchrist

        Hey truth, its dummy’s like that makes this possible in our society. I pray and hope we all wake up before its to late!

      • police state

        He was not under arrest, They were asking him about a bus ticket. From which i understand he gave them. They just wanted to make an arrest so kept pushing him.

    • Terra Stripoff

      i totally agree…

    • Tommie

      This is why the 99% must organize, register to vote, and run candidates. We must also develop economic strength by spending some of our money with our own people in our own neighborhoods. It can be done and hopefully is the next step up from BLACK LIVES MATTER and. I CAN’T BREATHE.

    • Anne

      yep and then they will cry that they have been wrongly attacked, these bastards are getting away with too much, they are not gods for fuck sake, we all need to help one another when shit like this happens, fuck that shit…makes me so mad watching these cops abusing innocent peoples rights to basic freedoms like getting of a bloody bus…WTF

  • Jag D. Panxer

    He needs to commit to a policy of deescalation. Not justifying the actions of these psychopaths, but when you’re dealing directly with armed vicious thugs with combat training, that their dying to use, its best not to provoke them. They have lots of friends with guns, who are also conveniently psychopathic, who would LOVE to harm if not kill you. Flapping your arms and screaming, prolly wasn’t the best option. I hope he gets a fat check from this.

    • D

      agree 100%. truth right here.

    • johndoe

      You know man, true. However, flapping his arms and screaming brings attention to THE issue. Satisfying the want and will of the “officers” will only allow for their continued control over the people.

    • Michelle Lee

      You just remember when they have you on the ground and a bunch of people are just standing there watching them do whatever they want to YOU, and also remember this if it ever comes to them rounding people up, we let it happen by not doing anything when we could have! Would people die, of course, but the question we must ask ourselves is would you rather die a slave or free, because if you are a slave you have already died!

    • DYEL

      Getting a fat check ain’t the answer. You know why? Cuz it’s YOUR money paying for it, that’s right it’s coming out of your tax dollars. You’re paying all around here for the thugs’ salary, the compensation package and the lawyers ready to defend these piece of shit cops, the complicit DA office and review panels who won’t press charges etc.

      • Jack Mehoff

        No trust me, the police feel it. That’s why they hate to pay it. Regardless where the money originated, it’s still their money. With your philosophy you’re implying that if your child pays for his own Jordans with his allowance, it’s still actually you buying it for him. That’s like calling all women whores because men pay for their company or attention and sex afterwards is given indirectly. DUMB! You pay taxes for public servants, but the money given is still THEIR money. When they lose millions of dollars in a lawsuit, that’s budget and resource money taken away from them. Each district gets one of those every year to operate from. It fluctuates depending on performance revues. Learn something

        • DYEL

          Those are terrible analogies. Because what happens in the police department is that they get a little talk > paid leave > pay out. Then guess who needs more money in their budget come the next fiscal year? It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Guess who’s going to end up paying the difference if it doesn’t get snatched from the education department etc. because policing budget > education, recreation etc.

          Another thing that happens is if it does put a strain on the policing force, the good cops suffer too. There’s so many services the police perform it’s easy to think of them as scum, if they aren’t getting paid then shit can’t get done.

          • Craig Carlton

            Dudes a troll. Ignore him he’ll go away.

        • Craig Carlton

          Troll plain and simple.

    • No, you mean the police do. In a big way. I don’t pay them my tax dollars so they can do this kind of crap. Unacceptable behavior by cops, period. They are not soldiers in a war zone, and I’m sick and tired of people blaming this behavior on criminals. Police departments are responsible for their officers’ training and behavior. Also, you seem to assume this man has experience with getting arrested and/or he should know some proper way to act when unfairly detained and threatened like this. I’m sorry, it’s intimidating and scary as heck, and frankly I’d be freaking out too. It’s absolutely unacceptable to expect that we allow officers to detain us/ask for identification when we don’t legally have to provide any/physically harm us simply because they are police. IT IS NOT US THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE, IT IS THEM.

      • geno

        one 100% jag is the kinda guy that if a cop wanted to hurt him or his family he would acted like the cop was supposed to do that because he is a cop and no matter wrong or right the cop is in the right in his eyes.jag you are a prime example of intimidated which is what you bargan for remember the damn police is not a arch bishop..or a damn pope he’s just another man..just like you are they applied to be on the police forces get it jag he’s not invincible,like he is jesus or god.

    • geno

      jag one thing when you continue to keep letting people have they way with you like your a piece of shit then you are getting what you thing there is always people watching the people somewhere..and the police need to keep there ass’s in some kinda respectful order..remember when they made one gun that the cops got there is 2 zillion more on the streets that fits everybodys fingers.this is sad because lots of people don’t say nothing and them police just wont leave them you know what a bully is,if not a bully is someone that keeps fucking with you until your defends mode kicks in which is natural then you end up kicking the shit out of them.which is not your normal mode but it takes over when you reach your limit of putting up with dumb shit..there you have it.and specially when the judicial system keeps letting them bastards kill young kids and beating women and up..i tell you all the court system is doing is getting ready to put a huge fire under there own ass..i wonder jag ask yourself what would you do if a cop killed your young kid or beat your mom or dad up…what would you do?.and the court made up a excuse,and your up at nite with this shit driving you crazy and you cant sleep.because of this stupid shit that should have never even happen…the police car says we serve and protect..not kill,frame shoot, and harass,and intimidate..not all cops are bad but its a shame that some will get caught up in this bs because of what the other dumb as thug cops are doing.they all should be psyco evaluated before even becoming a cop period.because some go to work just to start some shit on the beat..

    • One arrest, ONE incident like this, *even if not charged with any wrongdoing*, can seriously affect a person’s life. Job lost. Money lost. Home lost. Opportunities lost. It’s not easy to recover from that. SO many people are living check to check, including myself right now. That’s what I heard in that man’s desperation. “Please don’t do this!” How can you NOT freak out in that situation? Happened to me years ago…

    • Craig Carlton

      Why is that the victim is the one that needs to change? That’s like saying I don’t like , so don’t go in the park. I don’t want to be mugged, so stay out of alleys. Why does the victim always have to acquiesce to the the aggressor? It’s so backwards. These cops are going to one day have a rude awakening. Their power is going to be stripped away and they are going to have to atone for their sins. Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later.

  • D

    cops like this deserve to be shot and killed for not upholding what they took oaths for. Protecting and serving. this is doing neither. straight up harassment. hopefully the guy filming took this as evidence to help that guy out.

    • d

      not shot and killed. taking it too far. but shit like this gets me hot headed because I care about our citizens rights and these cops don’t care at all.

  • Diane Bitburg

    Of course, he will be charged with “resisting arrest”.

    • GP

      They can try, but how can you be resisting arrest without committing a crime? They never said he was under arrest or detained.


    I’m just glad that everybody is starting to realize we’re all in the same boat. When I read comments on these pages, I never see anything about “white cops” or “black cops” or “Mexican victim.” Keep it together guys! Unity is the only path to victory over these monsters.

    • Sigh oh sigh

      Niggers will never stop playing the race card. Their to stupid to realize most of us don’t want to hate them, but when %95 of your race puts so much effort into all their negative qualities then you leave people no choice. ITS NOT COLOR ITS HOW YOU FUCKING ACT!!!!

      • Jack Mehoff

        The fact that you dont know difference between THEIR and THEY’RE and TO and TOO makes you stupid as a motherfucker too.

        • Theresa McHenry Greer

          You are just DUMB!!! There, did I speak correctly??? Or am I a stupid MOTHERFUCKER TOO???

          • Todaysgreathero

            The next time you attempt (yes I said attempt because it was clearly unsuccessful) to insult someone by implying a lack of intelligence you should probably make an attempt to hide your own. I will explain

            (of a person) unable to speak, most typically because of congenital deafness.
            “he was born deaf, dumb, and blind”
            synonyms: mute, speechless, tongue-tied, silent, at a loss for words;

            Good day.

        • police state

          And your criticism of someone else’s lack of education while trying to make a point shows just how ignorant you are.

      • Mr. Thomas

        Black folk may act a little eccentric and wild not giving a fuck about anything. Bluntness is a weakness also however it is not fair to say that we don’t know how to act. You don’t see us shooting up schools or movie theaters and drive ins. You don’t see us putting our kids on leashes in the mall. You don’t see us getting walked over and cursed at by our children ect. Both races has its faults and I am the first to admit that. People fail to see why a majority of black people feel that that though. If someone treated you bad your entire life you learn to think negatively of that whole group of people not just the one. Now pass this hatred and dislike down generation after generation, this happens on both sides. So dont say its NOT a color thing because we ALL know that it IS.

        • michelle

          I totally agree with you. This is an intelligent synopsis

        • Erdman West

          It is the cops who should use intelligent, effective protocol when someone is acting out. There are many steps between a warning and beating the perpetrator senseless or killing them.

      • Quinn Harbin

        and then there is this idiot playing the racist card.

        • bigtrouble75fkd1 .

          Racist? The person he addressed began his statement by calling blacks Niggers…… Like damn. Does he have to spell it out?

      • will

        Sigh oh sigh XVXVXVXVXVX • 4 hours ago
        “Niggers will never stop playing the race card. Their to stupid to realize most of us don’t want to hate them, but when %95 of your race puts so much effort into all their negative qualities then you leave people no choice. ITS NOT COLOR ITS HOW YOU FUCKING ACT!!!!”

        Since you’re calling blacks stupid, that’s too stupid to.

        Since you’re talking about the way one acts, according to your comment, you’re very aggressive and violent to actually be commenting about a group of people that you don’t know, understand, or even care to sympathizer with. Like probable cause is only for white people which is legal and right vs. in your eyes, blacks deserve probable suspicion, which is actually unconstitutional. You’re the only one to mention a race, even though every wrote person that’s fair knows blacks have it much more harsh from police, yet we didn’t mention got his color at all. Only race baskets are racist people, everyone else knows it’s about the race of the victim.

        • Oriana Perry

          You say it’s not a color thing…yet you start off with “Niggers…” You are ignorant and a contradiction to yourself. This is what you fail to realize.

          • will

            You’re about the dumbest person I this post learn how to read a post correctly

          • Jill Hodges Betts

            Will was responding to the idiot above. Sigh oh Sigh is the one that made the comment about black people being “niggers” and then couldn’t even tell the difference between their, they’re and to, too. It wasn’t Will. Just giving you and FYI.

        • Cendy Giron

          Does anyone know his name? Did he beat his charges? Did the people filming present this to the police station?

      • Al87

        Black or White, don’t we belong to the same race???

        • Craig Carlton

          Yes we belong to the Hu(e)man race. Hu(e) is equal to color. We are ALL colored regardless of the hue of your hu(e)man skin.

          • Jill Hodges Betts

            Best response I have ever heard! Bravo Craig Carlton!!!

      • Reneep34 .

        F U LOSER!!

      • mikal_nite

        First off, I’m no nigger, I’m a Black Man. Secondly, you’re too stupid to comprehend the difference an properly use TOO vs. To, and THEY’RE vs. THEIR. So muthufuck anything else you have to say in the way of social commentary. You don’t know shit about what 95%, excuse me %95 of my race puts effort into. You don’t know shit about social constructs and media manipulation. Fuck you you ignorant peenoss of a bitch. Your mom should’ve swallowed you.

        • Teresa Short

          I’m white, and the word “nigger”is not a color, as I have seen PLENTY of white people that I have seriously considered niggers just by the way they act…And I have NEVER met a Black person in my life, your skin is BROWN not Black

          • annieside

            and your skin isn’t white, it is tan. We are all shades of brown and no, no one should use that derogatory word when describing anyone.

          • Jerry Rose

            For a long time I thought that it was just that Johnny Reb couldn’t pronounce “Nigerian” or “Niger man” (someone from around the Niger River), but apparently the origin was an old, obsolete French word meaning “black”. No offense originally, but very badly used over the past few centuries, and so has acquired that unacceptable connotation.

          • Keith Colquitt

            Jerry Rose you should know that nigger is actually derived from a Latin word that meant black. The Latin word was never applied to people, only to objects. That’s why I believe that it was intended to be a disparaging term when it was dredged up to be used against people. Nigeria and Niger are derived from the Latin term.

          • police state

            I think you will find that both terms are correct both Nigerian and the French for black. But a lot of the original slaves would cry out for they’re country which was Nigeria and they pronounced Niger from which the term Nigger came about, Which showed the ignorance or the people at that time in history.

          • lou380

            Very well said.

          • mikal_nite

            So are u going to campaign to the White House to refer to “African Americans” and people of color as “brown” instead of “black”?

          • lou380

            And you are not white,stop using that horrendous word.

        • madbohem

          yeah, i don’t know what you have gone through. I have seen enough though that I am open to what you share about your experiences. I have at times, through an accident of ignorance, been wrong headed in my points of view… but i will always, always, challenge myself to have an open mind.

          I wish for a better world than this. It doesn’t matter if this situation is directed through bias, what matters is that if I accept this bias as valid enough to ignore the abuse of power. Because if i think there is safety behind my bias, because i happen to be on the side of the bias, eventually the abuse will find a way to justify putting me under eventually too.

          I hope that makes sense. Because not standing against this is awful. Even if i can’t understand all that it entails .. this is awful.

        • try me

          right and if it wasn’t about color you wouldnt have said Niggers, fucktard.

        • Liberalismsucks

          Hahaha, peenoss of a bitch? I thought I heard everything. I was raised in the city, served in the Navy and have gone thru 50 years of life, thats the 1st time I heard that!

      • donnadee

        Sigh oh sigh, you are a racist creep.

      • frank ridley

        It’s also how you spell. *they’re not their and the percentage goes after the number. Sorry you left me no choice you ignorant racist sack of shit.

      • jcts57

        @ Sigh oh sigh.
        I always get a cheap little thrill whenever I see some seedy, low-life racist impugning the intelligence of people of color; and in the midst of his/her noxious rant is betrayed evidence of hilarious stupidity. Sigh oh sigh, assuming English is your first language, one would think you could correctly spell its simply words. Fucking dimwit.

      • Mike K

        First of all these filthy cops should be put in prison for a long time. Watching this makes me sick to my stomach.
        I’d also like to say something to the ignorant P.O.S. who started his post with the “N” word and claims 95% “of your race puts so much effort into….negative qualities then….leave people no choice”. YOU MAKE ME ASHAMED TO BE WHITE. You are the very definition of white trash and the sooner your kind dies out the better this world will be.

      • bstill

        U quick to say nigger online but in person u gotta be a straight pussy ass coward, an wouldnt dare say that shit to me or any other black man u faggot! I hope u dont have kids, cuase ppl like u shouldnt b allowed to reproduce!

      • Lee

        How do you expect any black person to respond when you refer to one as the N word. Your hate is reflected in the derogatory term that you used. BTW, you need to brush up on your spelling. That reflects the dumb idiot in you.

      • Bonita White

        Well niggers wasn’t a great to state a race.
        I do agree…. Me being half blk I feel they do play the race card out…. And yes they are always trying to place the blame on the white culture… But now pple of all race are noticing hate crimes don’t have a color…

      • Tired of it

        So being innocent and riding the bus is wrong and a person should be treated that way? You will find your nigger where you got your first bowl of oatmeal.

      • PIERRE77L

        Right on, brother !

      • Craig Carlton

        Sigh is a Troll. Don’t let his propaganda get under your skin. Just ignore it and it will eventually go away.

    • charles

      I was thinking the same thing. Sooner or later people are going to realize there are whites and latinos being harassed just like the blacks we see in videos. Right now, too many people only see the videos but when a white suburbans family loses a child because a cop went too far, things will change but it will be too late for that family.

  • Party every day panda style

    Man, poor guy. Why does it take 5 obese cops to hold a man down. They should have a weight requirement. Lay off the donuts, fat piggies!!!!!

    • William Ware Jr.

      I’m hip – it always takes 5 or 6 cops to deal with one guy in every video you see.

    • doug bloot

      Bitch i ran you off prison planet, get the fuck outta here. You’re just an undercover, government goon. Fuck you bitch

      • Panda

        LOL! You didn’t anybody off anywhere, I’m still there. Too bad for you.

        • Woodland Echo

          What is it with these effing weirdos that attack you, they seem like gnats. Not one has shown any sign of intelligence. I get the same kind attacking my posts. They are all Liberal City Trash as near as I can figure out. Keep up the good work, their kind is going to get a rude awakening when the SHTF.

          • Panda

            This troll has been on my butt for a couple of years.
            Troll Lib trash can’t stand a hard core Patriot, I guess, lol!

          • Jill Hodges Betts

            His mind is gone from all the fumes wafting off Ovomit’s ass. That is what happens when you are his person butt licker. Sad but true. LOL

  • acmoreno

    When the least among us are not free, none of us is free.

  • Melissa Supersaiyan Earthseed

    How come they dog pile him for like a full minute or two? You’d think with 5 of the fuckers, they’d be able to effectively subdue one man. Or what the hell do we pay them for?

    • Michelle Lee

      Clearly to be the bus police and to harass people for nothing, it is what some of them specialize in!

  • fuckiraq

    You guys deserve this lol,pissing in your grave

    • Mr. Thomas


  • Abdellah Lavert

    I dont trust police period i dont believe in a good cop- why, because you dont hear cops boycotting other cops. They are a clan. they believe no matter what the other officer does no matter how horrible that it was justified. or lets remain silent. what we need to do is be as unified as the cops are. If they attack one of us they attack all of us. PERIOD!

    • c m

      you have a good point there, I never thought of it like that…guess if they spoke up they would be next in line…

    • geno


      • Jeannie

        The cops are easily as bad as some of the “gangs” that they are trying to disband. Especially lately. I’m so tired of them believing that because they decided to be “law officers” that they can treat everyone else like a criminal. Every person needs to be accountable for their actions. Cops and civilians alike. If you break a law there are consequences. Same for the cops, if they break a law, particularly when doing their job, should be held accountable. And it’s my personal opinion that if that happens the consequences should be more severe because of the training they have and the respect they think they deserve. The man in this video didn’t seem to do anything wrong at all, let alone anything bad enough to be treated the way he was. That was just wrong, in every sense of the word. I don’t care if he was raising his voice. He had every right to do that. Respect is a two way street. If they had shown him any respect at all I’m sure he would have been cooperative. I agree with the people that say a change is coming. You reap what you sew, people. And Karma is truly a Bitch.

    • Jill Hodges Betts

      Not true. You are just not aware of it. They do work behind the scenes to get rid of bad cops. A woman I grew up with, and is like a sister to me, is a police officer. She and those in her department hate dirty/bad cops and do everything in their power to get them out. It isn’t just us. Dirty/bad cops put their lives at risk too. Most of us don’t realize this and they don’t trust them. How can they depend on them to have their back if they can’t depend on them to do their job? My cousin is a retired police officer and the did the same. Good cops, and there are plenty of them, do NOT like dirty/bad cops either.

  • Michael Guay

    Are they asking for a bus ticket because you can’t just sit or you are loitering? It’s about authority… thanks democrats for your vision of our neat orderly society in the future… just don’t be poor you better stay home and just go out to use your fed owned ebt card and make sure you have your bus card….

    • KW

      Always a ignorant bastard to join in on the conversation….Can we meet?

    • me

      Michael really? Democrats? Republicans have been in office during the times that this has happened, simply because you’re just seeing it doesn’t mean it hasn’t gone on for far too long. I’m 50 plus & can’t recall a time that it hasn’t happened.

      • Michael Guay

        Pushing more regulations, taxes, and laws to control is a democrat thing or do you pay attention to what they are doing in your name? This is a taste of socialism soon to be statism if they allowed…

        • Quinn Harbin

          give me a break. strawman argument.

          • Michael Guay

            Since when is the truth a strawman argument?

    • SupaB

      this has nothing to do with politics…this has to do with ego-driven douchebags getting a badge & a gun, and given authority to run roughshod over pplz rights, and with no repercussions…

      • Michael Guay

        I agree to an extent. It also has to do with politics as well as the mentality of the authority figures and law enforcement…those that keep pushing more and more restrictive laws and taxes because more money is always the answer for them brings more and more enforcement of those things…like getting killed for selling loose cigarettes because the taxes are way overbearing. It’s not just the enforcement but the ones who tell the enforcers what to crack down on.

        • No man, this has nothing to do with “politics”. Which from reading your comments, isn’t something you actually know anything about. All you’re doing is parroting talking points. Simple, poorly formed ones at that, that sound like something a child would say. I’m sorry, you can’t blame everything on Obama.

    • Dude, you really, REALLY need to exit the entire combative realm of Dems VS. Repubs. Everyone does. It’s outdated, it’s inaccurate, and they’re ALL screwing us. Open your eyes and stop eating what some idiot is feeding you.

    • geno

      you are a damn fool..and need your mouth sewed shut your comment is the most profound thing coming from a suppose to be human,or are you just some type of thing..dumb as stupid man,that cop had no reason to be fucking with that man its called harassment fuck nutts people like you and the way you think is part of the problem..put yourself in them people shoes then you maybe wanting to take your blindfolds off quicker.talking about authority its called bullying.cant you see better then that because your a cop don’t mean you suppose to be disrespectful to the community you suppose to protect them not fuck with them rather you want to or not one of the things you don’t want as a cop or any other person is to make people afraid of you because if you do you are in more danger then they are because a scared person will be more dangerous then you are.and will get you when you least ready and catch you off them cops like that had better watch there ass and quit this type of shit..before these citizen start reacting in a formible way in large numbers in these communitys

  • Swisha

    Notice all them cops fat af, fucking pigs!

  • smab

    I really wanna know what exactly happened after all this.

  • This is a nice video but we need the context, what city, time, place, bus route, name the cops and the force (transit cops? city police?). Then we can hold them accountable, get disciplinary action, and sue the agency for damages. From what I see on the video, they never legally detained him, never arrested him, never told him why they were physically putting hands on him. Then when the other cops came, they tortured him, and choked him out. All because he lost his bus ticket. He didn’t resist if they put their hands on him first, because he asked why and they never said he was being detained or suspect of any crime. Under the 4th Amendment it is unconstitutional to detain people without charge.

    • SupaB

      so wait…you’re telling me you didnt see the huge ass NYPD on the squad car parked right behind them in the background?? As to where exactly in NYC, this looks like Washington Heights. We don’t have TA cops no more….TA & Housing police all merged with NYPD years ago.

      Cops all over, not just NYC, are gettin wild reckless with the disrespect…

    • Sonja Prophet


      • You are a Moron

        Its the Bronx you fool

    • Zion

      Looks more like Pelham Parkway in the Bcc not far from the 2 train. Been a minute but it might be the Bx 12

    • Michelle Lee

      He didn’t lose his bus ticket, not sure where you got that, I am almost positive he said I gave you my bus ticket and ID

    • Misanthrope

      That is Pelham Parkway in the Bronx.

  • David Martin

    Disgusting Why does it take 4 then 6 of them to do that when he has done nothing, you can understand why he gets distressed when he’s shown his ticket and id and they still continue to hold him. SKUM

  • Thomas Bowling

    I am starting to feel afraid FOR the cops. People will start to attack back

    • mnyama


    • Aaron Dana Pendlesteiger

      good cops are going to die because of the bad ones

      its just a matter of time

      • Mr. Thomas

        Is that what it will take? It sure is what it took for us to fight back. Good kids and innocent people being assassinated by law enforcement

  • jo

    The cops are having some fun with their usual prey

  • MariJane MacKenzie

    There’s no date on this, no names, or where it took place. If you want to be a voice for justice, then it’s facts that are important. I’ve watched this video several times, and yes I believe the cops escalated the situation, but I also see that the man in question didn’t help his situation either.

    • Kieya Smith

      He had his ticket…. in what way didn’t he help his situation. Or does he not have the right to ask why he is being touched for no reason. They refused to say why they were holding him. I suppose he was suppose to sit there and wait til they got tired of harassing him. They clearly was waiting for him to become irrate.

      • Denise


    • youdumbass

      facts don’t mean shit when cops choke people to death on video and get off scot-free. wake up fool.

      • Mr. Thomas

        CORRECTION…when they CHOKE BLACK people they get off scotfree. There was a story mentioned on RickySmiley Radio show of a white boy that was choked by the law and died. That officer was indicted

  • Stayjasi

    What was the outcome in this situation? Was the man charged with a crime? Were the idiot cops reprimanded?

  • Cherrie Walker

    Who ever wrote this article did a very good job. I enjoyed it and yes if we do not fight now the few who are wealthy and large corporations will own us. I have always said we were being reduced to mere peasants with no rights as the King’s Knights and people would come through the country’s side to shake the peasants down for their taxes. A bus ticket was not a reason to treat this man the way they did. He was Black and they feel they can get away with it. I am sharing this article. Continue to stand together as strong as you can and I am already standing with you.

    • Michael Guay

      Two parties but both controlling whether by dependency to the government or to corporations… both can make controlled citizen/slaves.

  • wow

    And the dude almost kicked the man in the face! Right around 4:27, that’s bullshit man

    • Maria Christine Alfeo

      i seen that on the video, its soo pathetic already

  • VapeLife

    Thats not true actually, once they site you you are free to leave. He cannot hold you, you have to say am I being detained? If no, then I am free to go.

  • Jeremyr3892

    Im so sick of seeing this crap, im a cracker(white) and i hate seeing these jack boot thugs get away with this kinda crap, i would get freaking irrate if someone put their hands all over me with no damn probable cause….its time to just whoop their asses in the streets and see how the hell they like it!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Thomas

      Agreed, And this coming from my white brother. Enough is Enough

  • Dcreighton

    So where the rest of the story , what did they charge him with?


    Stop your sh%t stop being thugs and you wont get in trouble bottom line obey the law and respect it. You know you talk all this bs but what if you where the cop in any of these situations and you had a family and the guy you where just talking to decided to make it very hard what would you do???? your job or turn your head and walk away? all of us get treated the same way, even I have been there but don’t see me posting videos for stuff I know I have done wrong. stop with the the rascal stuff that’s long gone time to move forward white, black ,Chinese or any other don’t make a difference. RESPECT THE LAW!!!!

    • MsMe

      The point IS he wasn’t breaking the law in the first place to be HARASSED by the police! That’s why he was so upset! Let’s see how civil you act when cops are in your face for NO reason. Those cops were wrong and didn’t want to admit they were in the wrong.

    • Ron Gilbert

      At what point was he breaking any laws? Police only have the authority to detain you IF they suspect a crime has been committed and they MUST state what crime they believe you committed. Not once in this video do you ever hear any officer stating why this man was being detained or even questioned. All they kept doing was telling him to calm down and continued to have their hands on him (ASSUALT! LAW BROKEN BY POLICE OFFICER!).That is what living in a free society is about and which you have shown that you detest for some. One more parting shot, respecting the law goes both ways and police officers are not the law.

    • Mr. Thomas

      Thats good that YOU think that way, sadly others dont. Racial dividers are still in place today and its really sad but it is our truth. This man was no thug, this was was minding his own buisness clearly and after providing what they asked for to clear their suspicions did they move on? No they abused power and illegally places hands on his for 5mins. I know its hard to understand being a person that im assuming is not caught up on color but look from the outside in. listen to what is being said not only by Blacks but by all races

  • Jon Ronser

    It’s funny. You guys all try to blame all of this stuff on cops. Do you guys see the arrest records of these low life that get “assaulted” by the police? No. These are true animals. No innocent person ever gets harmed by police. You all have to stop glorifying these criminal pieces of shit. They do nothing for society. It’s a shame you guys just listen to everything you hear, rather than look at the facts of these incidents. Why was the guy being so rude to the cops? Be submissive. Cops are on power trips, but if you just calmly comply with them nothing will ever happen. If you act like animals and make a scene though, you will get what is coming to you.

    • Tiana

      You sir, are an idiot

    • Dadd Spyduh-Mayne Jones

      go to bed keyboard lawyer!!

    • Ron Gilbert

      I’ll ask you as I asked another obvious racist. What law did this man break for the officers to question him in the first place (It is required by federal law that a police officer must answer why a person is being questioned or detained and protected by our Constitution, for which you might want to read)? At what point did they ever answer his question of what did he do to warrant this ASSAULT? At what point did either officer answer to him regarding why they were requiring his ID in the first place? The question is, why were the police so rude to him and why should he have not made a scene to obvious tyranny? Those officers broke the law the moment they laid their hands on him without just cause.

    • Zion

      I can respect to some degree what you have expressed. Mr.Lynch, NYPD PBA rep stated that “these people need to learn to be submissive even if what the police are doing is wrong”. So my question is how do you explain or justify those deaths or injuries caused by police to young black men that are not armed or with no record or even with a record and had not committed any crimes in the moment that they are being “detained”? How do you explain a young man shot and killed in a stairwell and not crime was being committed? How do you explain a FDNY Black Lt, off duty in his paid for Lexus being harassed by NYPD and being “detained” for potentially driving a stolen vehicle until he identified himself as a FDNY Lt. Then being asked by the police “why didn’t you tell us that from the beginning?” Should that make a dam difference? The criminal in the act of a crime, I give you that but unarmed, no past record, past record but out of trouble and on and on and on……how can you foolishly assume that every person is an animal? All anger come to a boiling point. And trust when I say, it will come to the wrong person on the right day who has been pushed for the last time. Be careful what you say because not everyone will have a open mind like I do.

      • Mr. Thomas


    • Mr. Thomas

      So your saying that it is perfectly fine to be stopped and harassed by officers for no reason. its not about guilty or not its about right from wrong. He provided everything they asked for and they held him for 5 mins, Submissive? how long would you sit there with hands on you? you have to put yourself in these situations. Its abuse this goes beyond harassment. Your making assumptions on these peoples past some may have prior arrest records others may not. I myself have fallen victim to this sort of abuse SOLELY because I am a BLACK man. I am a Black man raised in a White neighborhood a White wealthy neighborhood. I went to private schools my entire life. All i knew where White people and yet if i venture off into an neighboring suburb i instantly get pulled. I get asked why am i there, where do i work that i can afford this car, am i in possession of anything illegal? No matter what I reply its never the right answer and i get asked to step out of the car. I know they need probable cause to search a car and they low life cops will make a reason if you ask…. i once said no because they had no reason to and i was snatched out the window and pinned on the ground. Others i comply and they ramsack the car trow everything around and send me on my way. It is not fair but its the life of a black man i know many people dont understand because they dont see color they just see people which is how its supposed to be but it truly is still an issue. I am a law abiding citizen i pay my taxes and i pay alot of them. i work for a major corporation im salaried at almost six figures a year. this pisses some cops off that a young black man has already accomplished more than they have in a few short years. I dont have a record but yet i am followed in stores daily, i get pulled over for no reason often and harassed and lied to so they can see what i have in my car. i have broken up fights in the public being a good citizen and ended up cuffed next to the building because im a big black man that happened to save the day and they refuse to believe that. Its so much deeper than any of you white people that defend these malicious actions of the law enforcement. officers need to have consequences when they abuse power. Mike Brown RIP was shot six times..unarmed. The officer refused to obey the LAW which states in the state of Missouri Cops can no longer SHOOT at a running suspect yet he did and ZERO consequences. Trayvon Martin..Fake ass rental cop killed him none of his stories of what happened lined up. People took his side and felt bad for him for whatever reason now the same people that let him go are wishing they ruled differently because he is out there acting a fool shooting hitting etc..Eric Garner.. Broke up a fight and got attacked he didnt resist arrest he was a Huge man if u feel someone grab you from behind fat people just cant turn their head and look to see who is it he turned his whole body and that was considered resisting which caused him his life. The two people in cleveland two years ago that were running from cops at a not so high speed killed each shot 20 times both were unarmed 13 cops fired over 130 bullets none were convicted of murder cleveland law says only two cruisers can follow during a chase but 61 cruisers followed. 12 year old boy shot dead within 3seconds of officers arriving. they never made it out the car before he was killed over a toy gun he was playing with in a park that was only occupied by him at that time. the stories go on and on. its racial profiling because they assume we are all up to no good…. this is my reality. I have to teach my younger relatives to keep their id cards and registration under their visor to avoid being killed trying to reach into the glove box to grab it so the cops dont think think they are going for a weapon. This is my reality. Whats yours? #lifeofablackman

    • ackeegrl

      What was worth an arrest here? A two dollar bus ticket? They give speeding people a traffic ticket that’s worth a lot more and tell them pay the ticket or see you in court….Why don’t they arrest someone who is actually committing a crime worth over &$10. One way of keeping prison population full and employing more cops is to randomly arrest all the blacks that is called institutional racism…….They are GIVING him an arrest record .They know it will follow him and keep him on their list……They like to mess up people lives because Black lives don’t matter….to them.

  • Rogue101

    Is it protect and service or comply or die now a days with American cops its hard to tell

  • wildman

    some dark night ,a fake call for help ,a dark alley BANG and problem with that one solved

  • Jonathan Bloom

    They can’t win people. If this continues to a certain point, there’s no reason why people would not be justified in challenging the governments monopoly on coercion.

  • William Echevarria Jr

    The man definitely have some mental issues – he wanted to intimidate the female officer and the Big Boss was there to keep him in check.

  • Dave

    As far as I can see, this is the harassing and bullying of a man minding his own business while waiting for a bus, is it? What right do they have to “see his bus ticket”!? And when they continue to illegally hang on him, it soon becomes clear they are doing it just because they can – a piggish power trip, pure and simple. Does the man protest and challenge their piggish behavior? Yes, and why shouldn’t he!? And six cops putting him face down on a filthy sidewalk – for what purpose? This is just a pack of wild dogs in cop suits crusing around looking for victims to pile up on. Disgusting, and it must STOP!

  • April Nunez

    Why were they asking him for a bus ticket in the first place?

  • James

    I’ll be the one to say it despite this not needing any more reiteration. Thank you Chris Rock. If you’re going to act real crazy don’t be surprised when the cops beat you up. The one time i didn’t shut the fuck up and put my hands behind my back I had a mouth full of concrete too. If you think getting hassled over a bus ticket is ridiculous how about being pulled over because you got into your car through the passenger door. Fuckers thought I was stealing my own car. I could have flipped out when they tried to handcuff me, but i knew i wasn’t doing anything wrong so I let them cuff me in front of my house, make fun of my skinny jeans, and grab my balls to their heart’s content. At least my shirt was clean and they ended up with a handful of duck butter. I’m not looking to argue with any of you internet warriors, but if you have a funny police encounter to share (topic being stupid shit police pull you over for) or at least a good point contradicting or supporting my shitty claim go ahead and comment back to this.

  • So over it

    I love how there is no recording going on prior to the police trying to subdue this man. So are you telling me the police just approach random people and expect them to get down on the ground to be handcuffed and carted off to jail?
    I grew up in a shady area, hung with some shady thugs, and have NEVER had the police approach any of us that weren’t causing a scene, unless it was to get more details of what was going on.
    Seriously, show the events leading up to the altercation, or at least a narrative explaining what the camera guy actually witnessed. More credibility, ask others to comment on what they just witnessed.
    The whole story, or it’s just a clip of the end result of a fool not complying with police orders. They do like to have some people cuffed prior to talking to remove the fear of their safety our the situation going awry.

    • Mr. Thomas

      Yes its happens all the time, most people thats never encountered it are to naive to believe it.

  • Mr. Thomas

    So your saying that it is perfectly fine to be stopped and harassed by officers for no reason. He provided everything they asked for and they held him for 5 mins, Submissive? how long would you sit there with hands on you? you have to put yourself in these situations. Its abuse this goes beyond harassment. Your making assumptions on these peoples past some may have prior arrest records others may not. I myself have fallen victim to this sort of abuse SOLELY because I am a BLACK man. I am a Black man raised in a White neighborhood a White wealthy neighborhood. I went to private schools my entire life. All i knew where White people and yet if i venture off into an neighboring suburb i instantly get pulled. I get asked why am i there, where do i work that i can afford this car, am i in possession of anything illegal? No matter what I reply its never the right answer and i get asked to step out of the car. I know they need probable cause to search a car and they low life cops will make a reason if you ask…. i once said no because they had no reason to and i was snatched out the window and pinned on the ground. Others i comply and they ramsack the car trow everything around and send me on my way. It is not fair but its the life of a black man i know many people dont understand because they dont see color they just see people which is how its supposed to be but it truly is still an issue. I am a law abiding citizen i pay my taxes and i pay alot of them. i work for a major corporation im salaried at almost six figures a year. this pisses some cops off that a young black man has already accomplished more than they have in a few short years. I dont have a record but yet i am followed in stores daily, i get pulled over for no reason often and harassed and lied to so they can see what i have in my car. i have broken up fights in the public being a good citizen and ended up cuffed next to the building because im a big black man that happened to save the day and they refuse to believe that. Its so much deeper than any of you white people that defend these malicious actions of the law enforcement. officers need to have consequences when they abuse power. Mike Brown RIP was shot six times..unarmed. The officer refused to obey the LAW which states in the state of Missouri Cops can no longer SHOOT at a running suspect yet he did and ZERO consequences. Trayvon Martin..Fake ass rental cop killed him none of his stories of what happened lined up. People took his side and felt bad for him for whatever reason now the same people that let him go are wishing they ruled differently because he is out there acting a fool shooting hitting etc..Eric Garner.. Broke up a fight and got attacked he didnt resist arrest he was a Huge man if u feel someone grab you from behind fat people just cant turn their head and look to see who is it he turned his whole body and that was considered resisting which caused him his life. The two people in cleveland two years ago that were running from cops at a not so high speed killed each shot 20 times both were unarmed 13 cops fired over 130 bullets none were convicted of murder cleveland law says only two cruisers can follow during a chase but 61 cruisers followed. 12 year old boy shot dead within 3seconds of officers arriving. they never made it out the car before he was killed over a toy gun he was playing with in a park that was only occupied by him at that time. the stories go on and on. its racial profiling because they assume we are all up to no good…. this is my reality. I have to teach my younger relatives to keep their id cards and registration under their visor to avoid being killed trying to reach into the glove box to grab it so the cops dont think think they are going for a weapon. This is my reality. Whats yours? #lifeofablackman

  • TherealWanda Jackson

    I really feel that the police are told to do this…To any race that does not obey…They are told they will not be held accountable by the courts…It’s time we hold them accountable…

  • The Man

    Dead pigs are the most efficient forms of fertilizer… the overabundance of testosterone produce unexpected results in the ground. I read this in a study over at the ‘Onion’…

  • ThatG

    to be brutally honest, if he hadnt got an attitude and just went about this peacefully, even if they were wrong from the start, all the craziness wouldnt have happened. I wish people would start recognizing that resisting arrest or any police measure is illegal and in addition only causes more strife. But, what I find very interesting is how they had him in a chokehold and then a few moments later pulled his arms back to handcuff him. The officer who chokeholded Eric Garner never laid his arms off of Eric Gardner’s neck, even after he had stopped resisting. With all the policemen that surrounded Gardner, I don’t see why after a certain point his immediate response would of been to take his hands off his neck and force his arms back for handcuffing. Would of avoided killing him.

  • Paul Reynolds

    If you let two cops start shit like this then it will continue. If they have to bring 20 or more out of fear, they would have not wasted their time with it. Also stay away from the donut shops.

  • M.

    Viva La Revolution

  • Michelle Lee

    If you would like to see some of the comments that cops say about us check this cop page out…and feel free to share it, I think people should see for themselves what they say and how they talk about the people that they are suppose to be serving!

  • jim

    they no reason to put hands on him, he did show his ticket so the cops should have left
    being angry is not a reason for the cops to detain or arrest

  • Rosetta Latham

    then you have people wondering why others have problems with cops

  • bill

    I am amazed at how many people just walk and drive by, why the fuck don’t you pussies ever help each other, what is wrong with America. If this happened in front of me I would be all over those pigs asses. And yes I was charged with three counts of attempted murder on three pigs for running them over age 17 so don’t leave wise arss comments. I stuck up for myself and would for anyone else Black, White, Yellow I don’t give a fuck what color you are. I am white and English and PROUD. Has America lost its Balls ?

  • This is an old video

    What I saw was a guy that probably had a warrant for his arrest for another crime. It may have started as the bus ticket issue, but when they ran his name it most likely came back with a warrant. The cops were probably anticipating trouble if they tried to handcuff him so they were stalling out for back up. Fearing that the guy would run they held on to him (lets get real…it didn’t look like either of the first two cops would have caught him if he ran).

    The thing is that when you run a name and find out that the person has a felony warrant you don’t tell the person and put them in a fight or flight decision. For some people, once they know they’re going, the fight is on. If he’s a third striker looking at a life sentence the fight is on X10. The person knows it’s their only opportunity to get away because once they’re in custody it’s lock-up time.

    I know there’s a bunch a of cop haters here, but if you anything about the job, you would see they actually did a good job with taking a combative resisting person into custody.

    • Mr. Thomas

      Thats BULLSHIT if this were the case his numerous attempts of asking why they were holding him would have been answered. It is illegal to detain without cause, thereby if there were a legit reason one would have been said.

  • bongo

    No. Advocating resisting arrest (even implicitly) is a stupid idea. Police chiefs in major cities (particularly Bratton in NYC) have been advocating harsh punishments for “lifestyle offenses” (eg fare hopping) for over two decades now, under the auspices of “broken window theory”. The idea is to create a level of fear and apprehension in would-be criminals (along with everybody else) that discourages them from crime. This is all monitored carefully by a system called CompStat, which tracks arrests and gives officers a quota of arrests per month (all of this was kept secret until exposed by the ex-cop Adrian Schoolcraft, who has since been harassed and threatened). As unfair as it is, giving the cops ANY reason to believe you are resisting – raising your voice, using profanity, moving your arms quickly – and they are more than happy to add that charge to your sheet. As we have seen from Eric Garner’s non-trial, citizens must be ABSOLUTELY above reproach in dealing with the police, because the legal system is biased in favor of police. The way to deal with police brutality and overreach is 1) ALWAYS film police 2) remain COMPLETELY calm and 3) prosecute any injustice to the fullest extent of the law (hire your own lawyer — most PD’s are either incompetent or crooked, in my experience). The officer in the video claimed he “had a complaint”. If it was true, he was lawfully detaining the man while the suspect’s name was checked. If it was false, and the man in the video had remained calm, he would have had a legitimate case against the officer for assault and unlawful detention. That charge would have been on the OFFICER’s record. The legal system is not great but it can be used against the police as well. But if you wile out on them you completely give up your credibility in the eyes of the law. Don’t resist, that’s what they WANT you to do. Resist in court.

  • Fuck the Police

    Nothing but a revolt will solve this. Full on genocide.

  • Scott Downey

    I’m just glad someone was there to record that could keep his/her composure. I would probably be in jail with the victim. Or dead.

  • louise

    american police use force for everything. was this all over a bus ticket? in the uk we wud just get a fine. in America the police will slap cuffs on u. Barak u need to do something.

    • Mr. Thomas

      Its out of his hands Louise, He is only one man. This is the fight of the Citizens its time to put our democratic rights to work

  • elmo

    this happened me in Brazil in 2008. And it was Christmas Day!

  • Annie Oakly

    We all need to stop all of this foolishness, we do not need a Civil War here on our homeland. And what is Rioting going to solve, it’s not going to solve nothing, in my opinion youll lower yourselves just like the Police do and create more problems. We all must get along!!!!! Just stop it!!!!!

  • Fuck These Police

    Cops are so extra… I don’t see why someone would have to go through all of that when they paid and got ID, Ticket. The only thing I see wrong was his attitude and the way he spoke. However I don’t see how that was wrong either. He used “Sir” and tried to be polite which is a normal and good thing. Like 6 cops had to come and doggy pile one innocent guy. And that gets on my nerve. My image of Police since childhood has been ruined all because of these types of police. Some police are cool and understanding but the ones like these seem so stupid and unreasonable. Using and abusing their authority like this isn’t justice, on police cars it says something like to serve and protect our people or whatever but they should just scratch that out cuz these videos are everywhere and it isn’t giving them good reputation. The mans got ID, and his ticket, and the police are ganging up on him just because he doesn’t worship them and treat them like they are kings/queens. Tsk tsk. Society is so messed up now it’s ironic.

  • James Dean De Jong

    I absolutely detest and become infuriated about seeing this and would find it hard not to jump them. That would be my first response.
    Then knowing more i would decide different.
    The man is opposing. Why not show the busticket and not starting a dicussion. You have the ticket or not. If They want to take you in dont resist and dont turn it into a show. Cause If They Cant do it with one Then 2 or 4 or 6 will Come.
    Why make it difficult when a false arrest can be dealt with later and If They are correct arresting you Then why resist?
    It’s not an excuse for violence but in many cases, not all but many you see the person resist and Just making it difficult. So Who is to blame? Id say both parties.

  • Josh

    This is ridiculous. You mean to tell me that bc the cops put their hands on this man they are in the wrong. The dude reached into his pocket, for their safety they put their hands on him to restrain him in case he decided to do something foolish like grab a weapon. I’m not saying he had one but an officer doesn’t know that. Secondly the reason the man was picked up of the stone wall was bc ge couldn’t produce the ticket and he started getting excited. When the man was stood up he started to struggle, BIG PROBLEM. If you don’t want to be handled by the police no matter whether you are in the wrong or not, do not struggle. Its called resisting and that’s why the situation escalated. Had the guy stood up, shut his mouth and let the officers do what they needed he would not have been shown that aggression. When the police tried to subdue him he fought back. If they are in the wrong , epsecially with this case, do what the officer says, don’t struggle and don’t talk unless spoken to. Had he got on the ground and put his hands behind his back there would have been no issue and had the cops persisted to be violent then you have a case for police brutality and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Let the cops make the mistake. You can’t prosecute this. I’ve seen the cops mess up and the got the ever living shit suedout of them and the dude won. The drew their gun on an unarmed person, who ssitting on the couch in his house and was yelled at to get on the ground. He did as asked with hands outstretched. The cop mounted him with the gun to his head and his knee just below his neck. The cop handcuffed him and drug him outside. That cop got reemed by his captain in front of the man and me. The man then sued.

  • Jebadiah Ross

    This is not a African American, American Indian, Mexican American, Scottish American, Eastern Indian American or Caucasian (aka mixed white) American thing. This is simply an American people thing period. The police state AND congress powers that be VS. The American People.
    Sigh oh sigh, before you comment you really ought to educate yourself. If you want others to listen you don’t start by opening with an attack with a word not used by anyone educated, civilized or both. Your lack of compassion for a HUMAN speaks volumes. Your feeble mind easily manipulated to perpetuate this racial nonsense.

    If humans weren’t meant to mix then why is every mixed race child so very beautiful?
    It is proof in itself we are meant to love and mix with another.

  • Miguel Padilla


  • Azuel Red

    I believe that any person with this kind of power (cops) over other individuals will abuse it sooner or later, especially when they can legally kill anybody they want…..Their are a lot of racist who are cops and they use that badge and gun as the rope and the tree…IJS..But God knows all, you always have to pay for your evil ways…Karma is a B**ch


    Time to get did of them like ISIS.and those politicians and useful idiots are dead Men. This happened in 1972 Sept 21 Martial law for 24,years. True gun control, police or military state .Suspensión of habeus corpus. No to these Draconian measure. Rise and fight. Let 1776 Reign again.

  • Shopgirl

    1st – I am stating right off that I am white. I HATE the word Nigger but it offends me to no end that if a black person says it and it’s fine but God forbid a white person say it. If you, the black people of our great country, are going to allow this word to be used by anyone and everyone of color then deal with others using it. If it offends you then STOP allowing everyone to use it.

    2nd – 95% of the black community are NOT criminals. I have great friends that are black and I adore them. However, the black community needs to accept responsibility for the members of the black community that are. What do I mean by that? Michal Brown was not a nice guy, nor was he minding his own business. Own that. STOP treating Michael Brown like he was Martin Luther King reincarnated. Did he deserve to die? God No! BUT did all of the citizens of that town deserve to have their businesses burned down? The members of that community acted like animals and refused to listen to ANY of the points stated by the District Attorney. STOP insisting that his death was racially motivated. The officer responsible was not out that night “hunting darkies,” he was doing his job and ended up in a horrible situation that he will regret for the rest of his life.

    3rd – I agree with the person that said we are all in this together. Its not about race its about decent people coming together and trying to find some answers. There is scum in EVERY color.

  • brandon1488

    this is why eric freign did what he did. he was tired of this police state bullshit.

  • krazykingkush

    Fn cowards. The whole lot of em.

  • Guest

    Over a bus ticket that HE HAD. THey bothered him for no reason whatsoever. SMDH.

  • Anon

    Maybe if the dude just shut the phuck up instead of running his mouth, he would’ve gotten let go with at most a ticket for not paying his fare(?). WTF is up with idiots that think they can get away with running their mouth off at the cops? It never ends well.

  • Anthony Hall

    This is the truth, nobody is going to assult the police because for one they’re too scared, secondly it’s going to get them no where, and lastly everyone going to pull out their camera and record and not intervene. Cut the bull shit out.

  • Jazz88

    Your literary tone of “us” vs. “them” and police state hysteria does you no service. Co-opting the language of radicalism just makes you seem like an asshole, and someone who can’t be trusted.

    Get 21st century, it’s not 1968 anymore.

  • josh

    At the end of the video as they were picking him up from the floor the white bald head one seemed like he kicked dude in the head. Am I the only one that caught that???

  • Kevin

    But not for long. I love that

  • Ebony Lashay

    But did yall see how the cop snuck a kick smh these cops ain’t shit yo !

  • Mark L Parkey

    I don’t like them, I don’t trust them, I avoid them. They are not for the people, they are against the people.

  • Allana Jackson

    I’m sorry, but this is messed up. Just because police officers have nothing to do in their boring miserable lives does not mean they can tear down the lives of the innocent. They deserve to burn in hell for their sins. They are using their political power to completely ruin the lives of those they are racist and hateful towards. They attack the poverty stricken and get away with it. This country and government is seriously fucked up….

  • Allan

    At the end of the day who do you call when you’re in trouble? You guessed it.. The same “freaks in costume” you are quick to judge and throw under the bus. Do they mess up? Yes, but at the end of the day you are able to peacefully walk down the street because of a proper police system that people are all of a sudden taking for granted. Go to most countries in the world and see how the police force is there. I am from Brazil and I have seen crooked cops.

  • bob

    People who wrote this article are clearly as thick as some of the idiots posting on here, i agree over the top policing but when you get morons writing an article that is clearly intent on inciting a a reaction by using stupid and pointless wording then what’s the point.

  • thomas baumgarten

    im orange

  • Tim

    Those cops were wrong but not all cops are like that. I don’t like what was said from the person who wrote this but who cares.

  • Cat Trahan

    great article

  • CityTo CityVista

    whats the update

  • xeltek

    Do you expect cops to throw cotton candy when dealing with people? No. They have the toughest job trying to keep the country safe, It’s only a matter of time when some people on the streets could pull out a weapon on anyone. The amount of high alert the country is in, and the amount of crime committed, you have to see the reasoning with strict policing, considering when it’s easy to buy weapons over there, and the past that haunts them with 9/11.

    And for some people to say white cops picking on black cops is racism, you’re being very stupid. You forget actual statistics here, over 6,000,000 white people arrested 2012 and over 2,000,000 black people arrested. Far from racial targeting.

  • Oriana Perry

    This makes me livid! And you wonder why we hate the police. I remember sitting in classes with ignorant white kids talking about the police are provoked. REALLY…where’s the provocation…??? The ones who defend police brutality are the very ones who’s never seen the struggle. We have to stand up!!! If not us…you know they won’t!!! And it’s not just marching, its seeing it and taking proactive actions…start recording, start filing reports, go to the meetings and having your voices heard, use all your gifts and talents to speak to all types of people! NAME NAMES & POINT OUT FACES!!! #StopPoliceBrutality #SpeakOut #DontStopUntillItStops

  • Natalie Blanchette

    I have seen this first hand a woman trying to find out where the cop was taking her son and wouldn’t listen to her so she touched his arm to get his attention and another cop grabs her and books her on Hindering OMG what is the law coming to. I stood there watching the whole thing … They were expecting trouble at the location that evening anyways so when nothing happened they provoked people and made stupid arrests .. I myself almost got busted for saying THIS IS BULLSHIT telling me If I cuss again I’m going to jail OK give me a charge! I didn’t direct it to anyone just the situation and Freedom of speech and not a child in the area … SO I can say what I want and this here shit is bull shit … Again he said stop or else. I was not yelling but watching everything going on … And I told him don’t assume everyone coming out of a restaurant bar is intoxicated … I wasn’t drinking 😀 I was The DD for the evening … They seemed to have every cop in the city there … to arrest 1 woman before my friends son got harassed by YES 3 very heavy police officers who if you ran, would not be able to catch a child … try 15 officers 1 bouncer for 1 girl supposedly starting shit in the restaurant OMG talk about excessive force ~!

    • Natalie Blanchette

      Didn’t think of filming it …

  • Tom Senior


  • Ken Hoey

    He wasn’t cooperating at all….secondly how convenient that some random person just starts recording video after the person is detained by the police…where is all of the video that led up to that point? Also since when is it alright to resist arrest? Nobody knows that a crime wasn’t committed….they just ASSUME that cops just happen to stumble upon an innocent man and started harassing him. Than he plays up the drama on the ground like they’re beating on him and hurting him all the while though resisting being cuffed. He made sure though he held on tightly to those $180 pair of beats headphones though right? I suppose since he was resisting arrest they weren’t allowed to force him to the ground to cuff him and they violated his civil rights because his face got frostbite? Next time they’ll say sir step over here to where it’s nice and dry so if we have to take you to the ground your face wont be on the ice….have a nice day!!!!!!

  • Erdman West

    Only the Fed can help cause the state and local WON’T!!!!! They are a big part [cause] of the prob!!!!

  • Erdman West

    Maybe it is time to post neighborhood watch snipers who can disappear after wounding out of control cops? Extreme?

  • Miss Sudo Khaleesi

    This enrages me. Keep your fucking hands off of him!

  • Donna Long

    I didn’t listen to this but in observing, it seemed the man was severely resisting. Had he been peaceful, nothing would have happened….also, maybe he was tassered not shot. Why oh why is this country, since the Fergasen outbreak, going against our police departments…..those that are there to help. What does everyone want……Obamas Militia? If folks are gonna do the crime, they have to expect doing the time. I know there’s bad in every group….whether it’s cops or churches……but what’s going on now is totally ridiculous. WE NEED OUR POLICE FORCES!!! ….. Not everyone complaining that the criminals are right and the police are wrong. Give it a break folks.

  • Capt. Black Strapp Molasses

    This guy sounds like a big Cry Baby, I’ve been stopped taken out of my car, tested for alcohol drinking released after passing. stopped in West Va. at a college house party locked up with a whole group of college friends just for making too much noisy, iv’e been yelled at, by Army drill instructors, iv’e been chased by dogs while delivering gas, apart of my job then. So What ! That’s what they do ! So they were checking him out for some reason and they didn’t want to be knifed or shot ! Just supposed that some cop had for some strange reason, stopped the Boston Bomber and wanted to check his Backpack and did, there would have been a lot less dead and crippled people today. And those guys were just plain oh college Guys !

  • Robert Marmorstein

    Police and thieves in the streets, oh yeah

    Fighting the nation

    with their guns and ammunition……

    Junior Murvin got it right. The biggest enemies of a free and open society are the Police and thieves.

  • Mylisa Shyanna Clay

    I seriously hate when cops abuse their power. I mean, this is straight up shameful. Cops are supposed to stop violence and harrassment, not start it. No words. Just…ugh. Disgusting. I think it could’ve also been just because he’s African American. There were a few others they could’ve attacked, but they just had to choose him huh? I swear racism is still very alive. Cops, do you job, RIGHT. Don’t feel good going home at night knowing your getting paid for locking up hundreds and thousands of innocent people. It ain’t right. I understand, though, not all cops are like this, and I want to say kudos to those cops that do thier jobs correctly, and don’t try to “protect” what isn’t harmful.

  • Noel Reid

    This article hits a descriptive bull’s eye. Well written… Not all cops drive past a donut shop, as it seems! Indeed, the fat ones are most dangerous, quick to wrestle (using their weigh like a ten ton boulder) and shoot, kind of “Dirty Harry” style! The Victim stat is mounting up, past the TOP of the Blue Wall Of Silence. I now find that the B.W.O.S. is outright comtemptable, for the most part. More and more, Cops aren’t being empathetic; they’re indeed becomingly to clowns in uniform!

  • Doug Todd

    So – are these officers trying to collect the man’s bus fare? I didn’t see the bus? What started this?

  • Peter Handy

    Everybody seems to have a favourite bandwagon these days, which they are all too ready to jump on, and plenty of them are setting up sites like this specifically to promote their campaign. The trouble I have with most of them is that they just tell half a story. Some people just post a video of soldiers abusing women and children but give no clue even what country it is in. All the comments are referring to the bastard soldiers, when they don’t even know if it is a genuine video or a set – up job. many believe that the moon landing was faked but are willing to believe and comment on something with no source or date or location.
    This video shows a guy being detained, then jumped on by several police persons. What it doesn’t say, is why he was detained, unless I missed it, no mention was made of him actually having a ticket or not.
    Why were the cops waiting for him to get off the bus?
    Did a passenger, or the driver call them? If so why?
    Anyone who gets mad over half a tale has probably got half a brain, which being the USA, it is probably the half that contains the lynch mob mentality. Just saying that’s all. Oh and although I thought I lived in the land of reason, the UK is going the same way. Maybe it is pollution making us dumber?

  • Steve

    Soon we will be hanging these cops from trees. Just wait – there is a reason the second amendment exists. Eventually there will be bullets with their name on them.

  • Terra Stripoff

    i watched the video, i read a lot of good comments..where i live in canada , our city cops can pull over if there are three individuals walking and do road side searches, usually young men and doing nothing wrong they get away with it by calling it a swarm…my son had to leave his home to get away from the ever annoying police…i was left alone…anyways has anyone ever wondered why and when the fima camps will start getting filled and our young men will go misssing in the night never to be heard from again…fuck the police..they abuse there power all the time, we pay their wages…as far as what i saw ..pure harassment and neglect of serving to protect…i would get a human rights lawyer..i hope he did…that would be my advice..

  • Ed

    The cunt just got off someones head and dusted his trouser with attitude. Mate, why are black people still allowing people to disrespect us like this? I am tired of watching countless videos of innocent people get assulted publicly. Look at how this idiot still has his knee firmly on his head even when there are more than 4 officers present. How many officers do you need to hold someone down. Now he seems to have lost his ticket as well on the wet floor. I am sure they won’t pick that up for him. If it was a contraband, it will be the first thing the mother fuckers will be interested in.

    People actually believe they are not human from their actions. Have they ever sat down to think about the things they do. What if someone out there is treating your own son, brother, father, grandfather the way you just assaulted this man, would you actually like it? I am sure you won’t. He got up and dusted his trouser, after the poor guys face was restrained on the mother fucking wet floor. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

    This is my advice to you black folks, stop having kids around with random people. Get married, have children in a nice healthy environment. Look after your children, keep them in school, teach them the morals they need to live a good life and above all show them love. If we promote family, then our young ones will not have to have children at an early age, drop out of school, and then not look after this child proper which at some point will be taking away from her into foaster care. Then that childs life as well as the mother and/or father is very likely ruined. Then these becomes a cycle which causes people to fucking disrespect you and treat you and your generations in future like shit.

    Who is the black community that is used all the time in the society? Black community is not one random individual out there somewhere. You are the black community, I am the black community and in a whole we make the black community. So when you think your actions won’t affect me, then you are absolutely wrong. How many people have looked at you today and not have prejudice about you going about your business? I am not saying anyone is the R word. But people will treat you and I different from other people because of the mistakes of other people. Look at this guy for an intance, literally singing his innocence, they didn’t belive he actually had a ticket. I could tell instantly the guy was innocent and just wanted to be left alone. Look at how he was genuinely telling them he couldn’t believe they actually treated him the way they did. I am actually crying now. This could have been me or you or any of your loved ones. I am not preaching hatred here. Please don’t misunderstand my point. In this world, you have to gain respect from people and that is litterally the opposite of what we as a black commuinity seem not to be doing. Please read this and look into your life and start building that world where you wouldn’t be treated like a scum. God bless

  • John Redmond

    Yep militarized police force trained and brainwashed by the unconstitutional DHS and NORTHCOM. I encourage everyone reading this post to investigate the propaganda and outrageous training videos and manuals these criminal agencies are putting out to the police departments. It will totally shock you. Northcom even takes it to the extreme by recruiting boy scouts and training them in military tactics to take down civilians who revolt against the militarized police and are trained to kill such civilians.

  • MrFuckThaPolice

    JS. This is the reason that Gangs in america was started anyway. Now if the Crips and Bloods were to join forces to protest the reason they were created in the 1st place I bet shit gets real ugly. They really might want to reconsider their actions cause I promise you, people will not sit down and just watch for long. Jus Sayn Tho…..

  • Francis Tervil

    These racist cops have to understand that one day WE will be fed up and strike back. It’s human nature to defend ourselves and it’s human nature for people who are discriminated to join forces. Now we’re filming it. One day WE will be fed up and respond with the exact force that they’re using. Respect goes both ways. That man said that he had a bus ticket and they treated him like a criminal thug. Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled, but it’s a normal reaction to have when a fat lazy racist cop is grabbing you for no reason.

  • TrueBee

    It saddens me to have seen my brother beg for the freedom he already has. It saddened me to have seen yet again a man of Brown skin be racially profiled. Police over stepping their boundaries, abusing their power. Protest don’t seem to be enough. It’s time to beat the white man at its own game. We have to fight but positively to end this oppression in which they are trying to blind us from. Our hearts are aching while they’re fixing dinner plates, and the police have their backs turned to the homeless. How are you guys supposed to be heroic yet still demonstrate corruptive activity and expect us civilians to abide by your law? I’ll tell you straight up-fuck the “-ops” because we’re tired and hungry.

  • JD

    Why is it these videos Always have a suspect that wants to mouth off for 10 minutes instead of simply showing proof of innocence? We never seem to see a situation where a cop comes up to someone asks for some form of proof then punched someone when they say “yes, here it is”. Strange

  • kel

    God sees it. And they will be punish for any of there wrongness. God Sees All

  • Tony Morris

    I wonder if things would have gone down differently had the man not used profanity every other word with an aggressive attitude. I can understand the frustration of being hassled by the police, but these men and women are trained to always keep control of a situation. If someone becomes aggressive, they have to become more aggressive to maintain control. I’ve been stopped multiple times by the police for multiple things, but I’ve always maintained low tones and a calm and polite demeanor, and the worst I’ve gotten in the last 10 years is a warning for an expired license plate sticker. Even the second time I got pulled over for the same thing, they left it at a warning. Just keep your cool, be polite, answer their questions without any aggressive actions or tones and I’m willing to bet things will be just fine. If not, then you look much better than they do in court.

  • mmdccbslm

    i’m just saying

  • Bernadene Jenkins

    This should go”viral!”

  • harry j


  • foreverinchrist

    Is this what our tax money is going for to be abused by the very people we pay to protect us?

  • Mich John

    he kept saying he didnt do nothing. at first he didnt . well from what we see. but dont know what he did before the camera started. but then , he got up. cant do that. if your being held down you can not get up.if you are asking why they are doing what they are doing and dont tell you. thats because they dont want to. so just stop talking. stay seated and wait. the cop taking you is not the judge. they are the idiots that are taking you in. they dont do anything but that , take you in. the second that he got up, he made it worse. stop fighting it stop talking. just wait. its not worth it. its not worth starting up drama over something that is not needed. and yes. i have been there. i did nothing wrong. i was sitting in my car. stupid cop came asked what i was doing. i told him. he asked for id. i gave it to him . he took my wallet went to the car called in the info then started off. i called out to him saying he had my wallet. he started tossing stuff out the window from my wallet as he drove off. i did not start yelling at him . i just walked and picked it up. i am sure if i did, i would have been in trouble. it was not worth giving that cop the chance to do something. its time to show the cops that we are not going to give them the chance to use their force on us anymore. let them see that they are not going to bully us anymore. just sit there , say nothing.. maybe then they will see that they arent getting what they want and will go after the real criminals.

  • justsayin’

    I watched this video and did not see what I would consider a “dogpile”.
    The officers were leaning on the subject, but it appeared that all had their feet on the ground. The subject was being restrained, but he was not being beaten. The officers appeared to be using only that force necessary to take the subject into custody. They seemed to be using only strength techniques, not joint locks or neck restraints, which would have increased to probability of injury to the subject. I don’t know if the officers were actually justified in taking the subject into custody.

  • Cops always assault the smallest, weakest, and old, first because they are cowards. I’m only 5’5″ and 130 and 65 years old, and the corrupt cop that arrested me was 6′ and 250. He arrested me out of his jealousy because I never got married, had any kids and retired when I was 44. This prick has 5 kids, wife and mother-in-law to support. He first arrested me because 2 dope dealers tried to teach me a lesson that ATV riders can go anywhere they please, by trying to run me down on my own property. After I filed a complaint with IAD, he retaliates by getting a punk neighbor to go along with saying that I shot him with a shotgun. This is their MO, finding neighbors that don’t like someone and getting them to make the false complaint. And even when you prove it to be a false complaint, and you want them charged, the cops will not do it.

  • dez

    Don’t like it? Pay the fucking fare. Pull up your pants. Stop fighting with cops. Stop being in gangs, ISIS, raping, stealing, murdering, and all the other shit you fucking niggers are doing wrong.

  • M

    F**K All you people!!! Look into it, I dare you. He never had a ticket. That is theft. Then he resisted arrest. But don’t worry… I know… most of you scum will exonerate and validate him by saying “its only a bus ticket”. Because you know… its perfectly alright to rob and steal as long as its not you pieces of shit that he’s stealing from. Shove your ridiculous comments up you pathetic asses!!!