Cops Dress Up Like Paramilitary and Shoot Tear Gas at Non-Violent Group of Students

paramilitary cops


OHIO — Shocking video footage has surfaced showing police officers dressed in full camouflage and attacking a student gathering in the streets.

The incident occurred after the Buckeyes won a championship.

Thousands of fans began celebrating in the streets. There were no reported acts of violence, as the crowd was mostly peaceful but spirited.

That all changed when several officers dressed like a paramilitary organization swarmed in on the celebrators and began spraying them with mace, according to reports. 

The officers proceeded to shoot tear gas at the crowd, causing the students to choke in agony.

Officers say that the crowd failed to stay on the sidewalk.

Why such a “crime” warrants radical mass violence on the part of the police is a mystery.

The crowd naturally became uncooperative with police after being attacked, yet still did not retaliate with anything resembling the level of violence that police themselves carried out.

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Police reported that they were able to make a handful of arrests.

Indeed, it is well known that police will often instigate crowds in order to boost arrest records.

The higher the arrest records for a department, the more funding and career promotions they can get.

Police are often trained to taunt individuals or crowds just enough to arrest them and stack charges upon them, but not to the point where the individual or crowd actually harms officers.

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In this way, non-violent Americans are rounded up and locked in cages, generating massive profits for the State and giving police an excuse to ask for federal funding for more high-tech militarized equipment and weaponry to play with.

When police do this, it backfires over time, as it creates more disrespect for them in the community and inevitably leads to real harm on officers.

Watch the raw footage below to see police pretending they’re warriors and initiating violence on non-violent people:

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  • Gun toting cracker

    Who’s going to get paid administrative leave over this ?

  • Mitch Mitchell

    It is a pity the crowd did not turn on them they are out of control.

  • bill

    This will keep on happening until the thousands of you out there take action, the pigs are a few only get twenty thousand of you all together and think what you can do as one, that will frighten them. Take the war to them.

    • AtheistPilgrim

      And how often do you “take action,” Bill?

      • MediaSlayer

        how often to you?

        • AtheistPilgrim

          What does it matter? I’m not the one telling others that they need to take action while sitting on my backside on my keyboard.

          • bill

            No Kid of course your not. lol

      • bill

        Over the years many many times bud im now 60, started at 17 with being charged with attempted murder of three of our thin blue line over here, being the UK and never gave up for what I believed was my rights, still fighting to this day, so show respect to your elders boy !!! So does that answer your question Atheist ? we were doing it in the streets befor there were FB computers etc you had to. I never sat on my arse from the day I could walk.

        • AtheistPilgrim

          Sure thing, keyboard warrior. Anyone who says, “show respect to your elders boy” is obviously 12.

          • bill

            You are sitting on your backside kid, I unfortunately have to more and more its called old age and cancer, however I am proud of what I did in my life and would do it all again to protest at what I think is wrong with my country.

    • Humanswillbefree

      Bill, your 1000% right… As long as people allow this to keep happening, the police will keep pushing the envelope. This almost looks like a test run to see how much they can get away with. We are the many and they are the few, there is no way they could stop everyone, if they bum rush them. I am not condoning murder, but look it what happen in New York when two cops were shot in their cop car, the NYPD has literally stopped policing. I think this is where it is all heading though, it’s going to be us or them. They keep shooting people for just arguing back and pointing out their rights.

    • prime157

      As someone who was three blocks away… there were 89 fires reported in the area, and the biggest reason for the gas and pepper spray was not getting out of the way for emergency vehicles.

      Tickle high street on campus stupid for not letting emergency vehicles through. #gobucks

      • prime179

        sure there were 89 fires … sure there were

        maybe get your information on police violence not from those with a conflict of interest and track record of lying

        even inebriated pedestrians in the street move when they see ambulances and fire trucks with lights on

        no need for chemical weapons

  • Robert S.

    I’m sure that the PIGS will say they were “in fear of our lives” so for the well being of law and order (also known as submission) they maced the non-hostile citizens and actually believed they had the right to do so. Further those tear gas canisters have been declared as chemical weapons and their use has been banned by treaties making them a violation of international law . If tear gas is considered a weapon of war and ILLEGAL why are these psychotic PIG bastards using them.?

    • Robert S.
      Check out this link. We need to lobby the Congress to disallow ALL police use of tear gas since it is a BANNED Chemical weapon.

    • will

      because the the counties that ate the most white ran countries refused to abide human rights and Geneva code rules Ann’s instead wrote statutes/acts/laws illegally to protect domestic enforcement agencies so they can act like the terrorists they ate without fear of death our jail time which is protected under the immunity clause as well. That very clause violates the brining of the 3rd amendment and the bill of rights.

    • Robyn Ryan

      Why are their lives more important than the citizen’s lives?

      • ⓣⓗⓔⓐⓝⓣⓘⓢⓗⓔⓔⓟⓛⓔ

        They aren’t! They are just out of control and have been for far too long. Psychopaths. They claim there is no active plan for a police state….looking like they implemented the plan while no one was looking and we have arrived at Police State!! The question is what can be done about it? Something desperately needs to be done!!!!!

    • ⓣⓗⓔⓐⓝⓣⓘⓢⓗⓔⓔⓟⓛⓔ

      Good question!

  • David James

    just continues to prove the point that the pigs, CANNOT control themselves.

  • Trish House

    STOP paying for domestic terror. We didn’t ask for this shit, why should we pay for a egregiously violent government?

  • will

    unfortunately, the police war is a must. oppressors are far too stupid to realize that they’re wrong and illegal. It’s just what is. They’ll stop doing these actions that they get with once someone starts sniping them when it happens. Some oppressors get smart when they see that they’re outnumbered and turn good, others only get it after they themselves experience extreme fear, fearof death, fear of getting the same treatment they gave. this is the beginning of the end of the terror organization called law enforcement.

  • Dean

    Apparently Ohio is so broke they can’t afford this, but they can afford that…

  • Maxx Schiebel

    Why have none of these cops been executed?

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    our forefathers would be shooting by now.

  • Robyn Ryan

    They are a military force, folks. Without civilian supervision. The actual military needs to ban camouflage uniforms outside of combat zones. for their own safety. Physical and mental.

  • John J Publicus

    And this is how it begins… The fascist state in its full glory. What will We The People do? Will we end this? Will we tolerate it?

    Our hopes lie with the younger generation, this is why they are attacked so often without provocation. This is why they are minimized as ‘self involved’ and ‘disaffected’. Divide and conquer. Will you get out and vote, youth of America? Does what your belief of what America is to you move you enough to educate yourselves and participate in our dying Republic? Will you accept this as your cowed parents do? Will you rebel and seize this great nation back for The People and your children, or will your generation see the rise of the largest, most powerful fascist state in the history of the world? Will your generation (and mine!) see the rise of an evil that makes the Third Reich look like a Cub Scout outing.

    What do you say, youth of America? Your parents sold you out to the provider of comfort and false safety, what will you do?

    The world awaits your decision, your country weeps until you do…..

  • Aaron Dana Pendlesteiger

    and is there any wonder why random cops are being gun down?

    you brought it upon yourselves

  • raythemixer

    WTF?!?!? This is assault!!!

  • James M Ryan


    • Jessica Opal

      You just took so many thoughts right out of my head!!
      Get your guns…
      The Nazis disarmed the citizens…

  • James M Ryan


    • David Pierce

      James M Ryan The American revolutionary army wants you James M Ryan.

  • David Pierce

    Unarmed citizens have no hope of stopping law enforcement officers from committing a crime. Open carry, police the police.

  • me

    I wonder what would happen if many people called in to report things all at once. There’s only so many cops to go around and if they were busy on this there would be less out there harassing people. All hypothetical of course. ; )

  • doug

    Run em like bad waitresses (actually I respect a bad waitress more cause they are still providing some kinda service) Outta sight outta mind. We should report every harmless thing we can to loopkeep them sorry fuckers busy. A tire in the road, suspicious people who just happen to be gone now, a new scratch on the car, you know, real crimes. Hahaha. Great idea. Entertaining too. Then film everything to look for something to file complaint about….

  • shortygreensplat

    Your treated like dumb animals by low IQ order takers.when are you going to revolt.

  • OpenMindedPS

    Funny how they can have military gear but if you want a gun now a days to protect from crap like this its like pulling teeth. Go out support your 2nd amendment rights get fire arm training, then get a fire arm. Hopefully you never have to use it but seems like these trends are just the beginning.

  • jimmylightfoot

    oh great who butthurt Bill? Grandpa sounds like he needs his nurse to change him.

  • Humanswillbefree

    This looks like a test run against college students, to see if they can implement this in bigger protests. Remember you are the many and they are the few. If the crowd was to turn against them there is nothing they could do to stop it. They would have to seriously reconsider their tactics.

  • rat

    lol … this is funny. ToO MUCH FUN WAS HAPPENING! meanwhile … cops walking through like they’re watering daisies lol… i kind of enjoyed this video… ” fucking college brats and their music! ” lol

  • rat

    meanwhile in related video land… lol