Cops Enter Wrong House and Open Fire on Innocent Grandfather

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Cumberland County, NJ — Gerald Sykes, 76, and his wife woke up Friday night to their dogs barking and flashlights shining through their windows. Sykes immediately grabbed his shotgun and proceeded to the living room to defend his home. Sykes was ultimately shot by these intruders and was in critical condition.

Luckily Sykes pulled through. However, he will never see justice carried out against the intruders who shot him.


The intruders were cops.

On Friday, after the the state’s investigation into themselves concluded, they ruled that the troopers who went to Sykes’ home that night and shot him were justified — in spite of the fact that they had no reason to be there.

According to Sykes’ attorney, Rich Kaser, said Friday that the family was considering a lawsuit. He said the state’s decision was disappointing but not surprising.

 “The state was investigating themselves,” he said.

Sykes had done nothing wrong that night and was shot because of police incompetence. According to police, two state troopers were investigating a 9-1-1 hang-up call when they responded to Sykes’ residence. However, after police put the innocent man in the hospital, the attorney general’s office said it was discovered later that cops went to the wrong house.

Sykes never made a 9-1-1 call — until after he was shot by cops.

According to the police report, Sykes fired a single round through the sliding glass door to his home thinking he was the victim of a home invasion. He was correct, unfortunately.

During the incident, police officers fired four rounds. Three of those rounds struck Sykes.

Sykes was then airlifted to Cooper University Hospital in Camden.

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