Cops Fatally Shoot Man 12 Times Without Warning for Holding a Garden Hose

SANTA ANA, CA — The man leaves behind his wife and 8-yr-old son. Cops rolled up in battle mode and saw him holding a garden hose (which they thought was a “gun”) — they issued no warning and fatally shot him 12 times. Now, three years later, his wife has won a civil suit against the police. She has been awarded $6.5m.

“The money doesn’t bring my son back, which is all I really want,” Douglas Zerby’s mother, Pam Amici, said after the verdict, choking back tears.

“I would just rather have Doug standing here next to me right now. But this is all we can hope for, and I’m very happy with the result.”

“The most important thing is they never announced their presence,” said the family’s attorney attorney, Garo Mardirossian.

“They didn’t give him an opportunity to at least cooperate, to do what the officers wanted him to do,” he continued. “The first time he realized there were cops there is when they shot him, and that just should not happen in America,” he said, according to reports.

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  • Justin Waffle Taco


  • Richard Kaczmarczyk

    Now days, pointing your finger at police can jeopardize your life. Cops are hyperventilate, thanks to the number of guns on the street.

    • psymansays

      You mean hyper-vigilant. Secondly, good job trying to put the blame back on the citizenry by saying the cops are hyper-vigilant because the citizens have guns “on the street”. For 200 years in this country, police have been dealing with an armed citizenry without all of these horrendous murders of citizens who were not real threats, but now that we’re a bunch of wusses in this country, they are flying off the handle at the sight of anything in the hands of any person and blowing them full of holes for no reason. If you want to stop that trend, you need to fix the character flaws in the men in this country created by the education system that has turned every man and boy into a puss who would have gotten their ass kicked inside out 50 years ago.

      • Richard Kaczmarczyk

        First of all, hypervigilant can be spelled both ways, and what are you? The spelling police? I was born over fifty years ago, so I was there, it is not a history lesson for me. In Science there is something called a threshold level, look it up, it applies to sociology as well.

        • Eric John

          Really , threshold level, what about our threshold level….and the people start shooting back then what…? There are more of us than there are of them, and if some goat fuckers in Afghanistan can hold off two Armies for 30 yrs, imagine what the armed citizens of the USA can pull off…?

          • Richard Kaczmarczyk

            Sure, there can be many threshold levels, but the physical mountains in Afghanistan, their their threshold was never conquered, nor the ignorance of it’s people, you can’t miss what you never had. As for American’s, the threshold of consumerism has been surpassed, people won’t revolt in fear of losing their possessions, they have much to lose. American’s value their goods, rather than their values. Afghans values, as wrong as they might be, are not goods. It is easy to buy off the American public, it has been happening for years, the 2nd amendment was used as a distraction to implement the tyranny of materialism through ignorance. Now the tyranny of gun ownership has come full circle, and police behaviours reflect this through their new threshold policies. Welcome to the 21 century, it is the shapes of things to come. Tyranny loves to use it’s full power, against it’s own people. It has turned it’s people from leaders to elitists, unable to agree on anything. As I said, there are many thresholds in sociology, gun ownership reached its threshold so a new thresholds in policing can be justified, this was not an accident.

        • kitska

          He wasn’t being he spelling police. You said hyperventilate, which means to breathe abnormally fast.

          • Ryszard Richard Kaczmarczyk

            So that got by me and my spell-check, hypervigilant is what I meant. The point still stands. As if you never make spelling, grammar or proofreading mistakes?

  • Dane

    Well, they say you are more likely to be shot by a cop, than anyone else.

    • Sven

      And they actually exist… to protect us. Well, that’s ironic!

      • Ty

        a federal judge recently ruled that cops have no obligation to protect the public but only to enforce laws.

        • rayb_baby

          I’m not exactly sure, but that might have been the Supreme Court Jerk Antonia Scalia. I know he said something to that effect.

          • Pase’ Doble

            That’s why they are called Law Enforcement Officers not Crime Prevention Officers, they only protect each other. If I hear one more… “it’s a few bad apples” I think I’m gonna puke.

        • anniemoakley

          Shouldn’t we the people have “No Obligation” to pay their salaries ??

      • Arnt Johnsen

        If you’r in USA that “protect & serve stopped 2005 by a court.

    • Ty

      the exact statistic is you are 8 times more likely to be shot by a cop then by a terrorist.

  • Desiree Seifert

    What a disgrace!!!.I would sue the shit out of that police department to the point of bankruptcy, and cops wounder why people call them PIGS!!!

    • rayb_baby

      What’s your point? They just did!

  • Stan Sands

    So the cops are so filled with fear that they shoot without clearly identifying that there is an actual threat. Yes people do silly things when they have had a few drinks, like hold a water spray gun as if it were a pistol, but the cops should take a few deep breaths and think about some options, like talking to the person or even having enough balls to sneak up from behind. It is sad that a young man gets a death sentence for such an innocent act.

  • jonah

    This must be why so many people in America want to own a gun. You have the worst police in the first world. How does the employment process even work?

    • James Nimmons

      recently the actual trend is to hire people with low iq

      • from_Chicago

        You are so wrong!! The actual trend is to hire college kids who think they are above the law and have no street smarts! Get rid of the book smart morons and give us back the street smart cops who don’t shoot at people watering their lawn!

        • Na_na99

          Actually, there is a town in CO that won’t hire people over a certain IQ as cops because “they get bored”. Wish I could remember the name of the town.

    • rayb_baby

      So which comes first? People armed because of bad cops, or crazy cops because so many Americans are armed. It sucks big time either way you look at it.

  • Robo

    Every one of those f#cking retards who thought a garden hose could’ve been a gun should be fired for gross incompetence.

    • Shady

      Fired? They fucking KILLED some dude, Robo. I don’t give a good God damn if they THOUGHT it was a gun — IT WAS A FUCKING HOSE. They need to be fired and sent to PRISON.

      • shprec

        I assume robo meant ‘out of a cannon’ 🙂

    • rayb_baby

      Fired????? Prosecuted!!!!!!!

  • Stewart Moore

    We have to keep the Nazi style police state going by keeping drugs illegal. If drugs were legalized and taxed and regulated, violent crime will drop in half, millions of jobs would be produced and billions of tax dollars would be available for new roads.

  • someonewholoves

    Hey guys look up the Kelly case in Cali.a few years ago., the random saliva, swab, and breathalyzer in Texas in the past week. It’s horrendous! How about the guy who was arrested for picking his kids up Tenn.? Yep, he did nothing wrong, EXCEPT he wasn’t following some moronic rule. This country is no longer free, they’ve stripped almost everything from us, and they WON”T STOP UNTIL THEY DO! #PRAY I heard they’ve been taking away guns in CALI. according to their threat level. NO warning nothing, Oh, just read last night, the entire border around the US 150 miles in from the coast is considered Constitution Free, meaning they can DO WHATEVER THEY WANT WHENEVER THEY WANT. HENCE< CONSTITUTION FREE! Look up Freedom Outpost. The new standards they keep adding to Obamacare. If you don't think this affects you your sorely mistaken. GOD BLESS! Luke Radowski? WE ARE CHANGE is a great one to follow. Also, David Blanche on the nuclear disaster at Fuku, along with leaking reactors in Kentucky and SC. Again< IT DOES AFFECT YOU!!!!

  • Arnt Johnsen

    Did this officer got jail time or he didnt got that at all for this foul crime?

  • Arnt Johnsen

    These acts might proceed to a civilwar not only in USA, when the governments law holding forces starts to kill people in stupid brainless acts might start the fire and if it goes of who is to blame?

  • Marc André

    Normal usa police work here…..

  • Gregory Yohnk

    It’s time to take back our street from the thugs, and by thugs I mean cops. They’ve become a worse menace then the criminals.

  • Jessica A Lopez

    These fuckin pigs always use that same fuckin story..”, he had a gun”…..that is some bs always…..they killed my homeboy 8 years ago….they shot him 100 time look it up it was in in La by the LAPD….On slauson and Vermont……..he had a phone on his hand….I fuckin hate thee cops they are the most evil people….its fucked up they have these badges and use them againt us, never to protect…..

  • Todd Reeder

    Police got a call about a man with a gun. Police reasoning could say they would be dead if it was a real gun and they had not shot first. One report says he was shot eight times by a handgun and shotgun. Police didn’t give any commands. They didn’t give him any warnings. The victim was intoxicated.

  • snakeguy

    typical thugs with badges

  • Jen

    Wonder who is really paying for this. The officers involved? No. The pd? Or the tax payers maybe?

    • Stazzy

      It all comes out of the tax payers money. In China a cop shot a pregnant women he got the death sentence and had to pay out of his own pocket. US is fucked up, no matter what the citizens pay for all the mistakes cops make, every time cops murders someone or does something messed up they get paid administrative leave, basically they get a free vacation and still get reinstated even when there is clear proof of murder and other crimes. It’s frightening and pisses me off. Cops never pay, citizens always do.

  • Reini Urban

    Civil lawsuit only? Murder is a criminal offense

  • drdias

    Hopefully the Insurance company and the Appeal Courts
    will not be able to Appeal down to nothing! The Courts have a nasty habit of appealing monetary awards down to almost nothing! Lets see what the courts do? My bet the Family will not see much over a few thousand dollars after lawyers fees and court appeals! Yes, the taxpayers are paying for this, the insurance company has most likely wangled it self out do to the malfeasance by the police officers involved!

    • rayb_baby

      Pretty cynical of you! It’s more then likely that they’ll end up with a nice fat chunk of cash. If it’s appealed, which may not even happen in a case like this, they’re still likely to win. They certainly won’t end with $6.5mil, but still with plenty.

  • Christopher Usewicz

    How did cops become a shoot first organization? They are here to enforce laws only? And if I walk across the street with a cell phone they will shoot me saying they thought it’s a game despite no aggression towards them? It is just a by product of the state our politicians have created. More laws, more penalties, less thought, less heart, less understanding, MORE FEAR. Everyone has to pay. No one gets away unless they are rich then it’s done in the name of progress and law. Welcome to 1984

  • Woodstuck

    I am sorry for your loss. I too await the cop karma train, and it can’t come too soon either. They have wronged, hurt and murdered so many innocent people… They thought it was for a job – They did not know it was to ‘give’ life, not take it away. There lies and life will cost them when the train arrives for them.

  • Mary Brockman

    no date provided as with most of these postings. Where and When required to validate info.

  • Gross Boy

    Look at the fucking idiot in the back @1:30

  • jjdoe

    I don’t understand why people become cops. Aside from the power trip. But you see them creeping up along the side of a car, like there’s a tiger inside! I couldn’t imagine having a job with so much paranoia in it!
    Low pay, high stress, too much temptation to use all that power… I’ve also never understood why someone would marry a cop! Talk about risky behavior!!!

  • not american

    more guns, more idiots, stop fighting outside your border and just finish off killing youselves you self serving sanctimonious arrogant twats

  • ben dover

    I will gladly be the executioner, and will donate the bullet free of charge of coarse

  • Ian Cochran

    Let me guess…no LEO was charged with any crime in relation to this murder of an innocent man.

  • Ian Cochran

    The only problem is, is that tax payers are going to have to flip the bill

  • LELO