Cops Handcuff An 11 Year Old Boy And Break His Wrist At school

Michael Heise |

SAN PEDRO, CA – About three weeks ago, 11 year old Andres Munoz was called to the principles office to be questioned about an incident he witnessed.

The details of what happened in that office are scant, but according to Andres it ended with a school police officer grabbing his arm, twisting his wrist and then putting the boy in handcuffs.

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A hospital visit and X-rays revealed Andres suffered a broken wrist and has been in a cast since the incident.

It’s hard to imagine an 11 year old requiring that kind of force, and this doesn’t appear to be an exceptionally large and muscular 11 year old that you could mistake for a grown man.

Andres has no history of behavior issues at school, his mother says he is a good student and that he has not had any discipline issues.

She claims that the cop was violent, saying “”The officer was aggressive. If I would have done that to somebody’s child, I would be in jail.”

A great observation, highlighting the separate nature of “authority figures” over those they have authority over.

Andres’s mother is considering filing a lawsuit.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has publicly addressed the situation, saying:

“As in all allegations involving the use of force-related injuries due to police action, this incident will be thoroughly and expeditiously investigated,” said a statement released by the district’s police chief Tuesday. “

They have withheld further details.

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Do you think cops should be allowed to use this level of violence on our children? Let us know your opinion after the video below:

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  • freedom fighter

    Don’t worry, after an internal investigation the officer will be cleared of any wrongdoing…

  • Brandon L

    What the fuck is a cop doing in a school anyway? I don’t want a cop anywhere near my children.

    • Michael Cannon

      He was there to protect the school to prison pipeline.

  • Robo
    • Scott Marlowe

      Whew! Thank goodness I was worried there for a minute.

  • Brian Keith Smith

    Sounds like the cop was grilling the child & punished him for not giving the answers that little piggy wanted to hear.

  • Don Hanson

    Before my child is questioned by anyone..! I better be present or it’s your ass..

  • Cheryl Rosecrans

    In Louisville Ky a police officer manhandled a 13 y/o boy, flinging him to the floor. The officer was fired and faces charges of child abuse

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  • craig klucas

    what do the school officials have to say about this? Did they speak up while it was happening? If not, they should be fired. They should have accompanied this boy throughout.

  • Hayli

    Firstof all why the fuck was the child being questioned without a parent present second why was a cop putting his hands on a minor when by law they have to contact a patent before anything and 3rd if it was my child they would be in need of a few staff members and a police officer

  • jim

    this incident will be thoroughly and expeditiously investigated
    and no one will be punished

  • a friend

    Cops shouldn’t be allowed to use ANY level of violence on children.

  • Anthony Canchola

    LARRY H. PARKER get him 2.1 million

  • Mike

    Cops should NEVER be in schools!!! This cop needs to go to prison for child abuse, and they should let the kid take a baseball bat to the cops arm and break it good!!!