Cops Mistake Man’s Diabetic Episode as ‘Resisting’ — Beat, Taser, Mace and Arrest Him

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Commerce City, CO — Carl Leadholm was in medical distress and needed help when he was targeted by five Commerce City Police officers. However, his innocence and the fact that he needed help was of no consequence to the officers who mistook low blood sugar for a criminal act. This week, Leadholm filed a federal civil lawsuit against the department for the abuse during that stop that left him beaten and in the hospital.

In November 2014, Leadholm’s blood sugar began to drop causing him to swerve while driving. This swerving caught the attention of five of Commerce City’s finest who pulled Leadholm over. However, instead of simply talking to the man and asking him what was going on, they yanked him from the car and began assaulting the innocent diabetic.

“It would have taken a simple conversation and this never would have happened,” said David Fisher, Leadholm’s attorney to CBS Denver. “They admit, we just went up there knocked on the window, pulled him out of the car to the ground, boom- start hitting him in the leg.”

According to Fisher, Leadholm had scratches to his face, baton bruises on his neck; he was pepper sprayed, tased and had two surgeries on a broken finger.

Leadholm would spend several days in the hospital as a result of his injuries only to find out he’d been charged with resisting arrest and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. All charges would later be dropped.

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“They just went straight to force, and severe force,” Fisher said. “It’s just poor training because as soon as the EMTs show up, they recognize the guy has a problem and they immediately start talking to him, he explains he has diabetes.”

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