Cops Open Fire on Man, Execute Him on the Street for Carrying a Small Pocket Knife


UPDATE (12/6/14): Man Who Was Executed by Police Was Innocent Street Performer

New reports from witnesses state that the man who was killed was a harmless street performer. Downtown Hollywood is filled with such performers.

They can be seen juggling, doing magic tricks, playing saxophone, or dressing in costumes. They get paid for their performances and are often able to make a living entertaining people.

The man killed would dress in a “Scream” costume, based on the film Scream, and often use a plastic knife to scare people as others laughed.

Other than startling people for entertainment, the man was described as “very nice” by an employee at a local bookstore where the man would sometimes rest.

If police had exercised good discernment instead of rushing in for a kill shot, he would still be alive.

LOS ANGELES —  A man in Hollywood has just been shot to death by police because they claim he was “armed” with a small pocket knife.

Multiple officers confronted the man after they “received a 911 call,” according reports.

It is not yet known whether the man was homeless, though many homeless citizens use small pocket knives to portion their food or fix their bicycles.

When police arrived at the scene, the man began to “approach them,” according to reports.

After noticing that he had the pocket knife, the officers opened fire.

knife compareAssuming it was not planted by the police, a picture of the alleged combination knife taken after the death showed that it’s similar to a Swiss Army Knife.

These can be bought at gas stations and gift shops as key chains. They are sometimes used by people to clean  their fingernails, open wine bottles, and open envelopes.

It certainly boggles the mind how a group of officers armed with semi-automatic weapons could feel “threatened” by such a tool. A better explanation seems to be that they just wanted some action and they were looking for any excuse to pull the trigger and be “heroes.”

A witness at the scene has come forward saying the man was not armed.

Jordan White witnessed the event and posted a video online and Tweeted that the man was unarmed. Police shot him at least ten times, White said, “for no reason.”

“Police just shot a man in the head 10 times for no reason right in front of me,” he said.

Witnesses at the scene said that once they heard the gunfire ringing out, they started running away and ducking for cover.

Evidently the police dumped their magazines on the man for the kill, rather than just, say, tasing him.

It is unknown how one man with a small pocket knife could possibly make a large group of armed officers “fear for their lives” to the point where they felt the only option was to execute him.

“I heard a series of four or five pops,” said Matthew Rojas, a witness who was at the scene.

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“The cars stopped, the people stopped, and immediately people started panicking,” added Henry Hodge, another witness.

A photo was taken by a witness showing officers standing over the man’s corpse, still pointing guns at him while he laid dying in the street.

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