Cops Open Fire on Man, Execute Him on the Street for Carrying a Small Pocket Knife


UPDATE (12/6/14): Man Who Was Executed by Police Was Innocent Street Performer

New reports from witnesses state that the man who was killed was a harmless street performer. Downtown Hollywood is filled with such performers.

They can be seen juggling, doing magic tricks, playing saxophone, or dressing in costumes. They get paid for their performances and are often able to make a living entertaining people.

The man killed would dress in a “Scream” costume, based on the film Scream, and often use a plastic knife to scare people as others laughed.

Other than startling people for entertainment, the man was described as “very nice” by an employee at a local bookstore where the man would sometimes rest.

If police had exercised good discernment instead of rushing in for a kill shot, he would still be alive.

LOS ANGELES —  A man in Hollywood has just been shot to death by police because they claim he was “armed” with a small pocket knife.

Multiple officers confronted the man after they “received a 911 call,” according reports.

It is not yet known whether the man was homeless, though many homeless citizens use small pocket knives to portion their food or fix their bicycles.

When police arrived at the scene, the man began to “approach them,” according to reports.

After noticing that he had the pocket knife, the officers opened fire.

knife compareAssuming it was not planted by the police, a picture of the alleged combination knife taken after the death showed that it’s similar to a Swiss Army Knife.

These can be bought at gas stations and gift shops as key chains. They are sometimes used by people to clean  their fingernails, open wine bottles, and open envelopes.

It certainly boggles the mind how a group of officers armed with semi-automatic weapons could feel “threatened” by such a tool. A better explanation seems to be that they just wanted some action and they were looking for any excuse to pull the trigger and be “heroes.”

A witness at the scene has come forward saying the man was not armed.

Jordan White witnessed the event and posted a video online and Tweeted that the man was unarmed. Police shot him at least ten times, White said, “for no reason.”

“Police just shot a man in the head 10 times for no reason right in front of me,” he said.

Witnesses at the scene said that once they heard the gunfire ringing out, they started running away and ducking for cover.

Evidently the police dumped their magazines on the man for the kill, rather than just, say, tasing him.

It is unknown how one man with a small pocket knife could possibly make a large group of armed officers “fear for their lives” to the point where they felt the only option was to execute him.

“I heard a series of four or five pops,” said Matthew Rojas, a witness who was at the scene.

RELATED: Autopsy Report Shows Cop Shot Homeless Man in the Back, Fired 14 Bullets Into Him

“The cars stopped, the people stopped, and immediately people started panicking,” added Henry Hodge, another witness.

A photo was taken by a witness showing officers standing over the man’s corpse, still pointing guns at him while he laid dying in the street.

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  • LawrenceNeal

    The ‘knife recovered at the scene’ doesn’t seem to have a blade opened. This, just after Police swarmed a train where a man stabbed four people, and tased him.

  • dean poston


    • David Harrington

      Hey Idiot…. Try doing back to the 6th grade, and learn how to spell. Moron !

      • Archie

        “Try doing[sic] back to the 6th grade”
        Mayhap you should be less critical of other folk, and a little more concerned with your own shyte.
        Idiot, moron??
        Enjoy Peace

      • dean poston


  • Joe L Rod

    this kind of behavior it’s condoned by high ranking political GOP figures!!

    • Don Batten

      Mike Brown Intimidated a store owner and then tried to do the same to the cops, HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED. I hope his step dad is proud of the out come. I bet if mike brown tried to hurt you you would defend yourself. GOD BLESS AMERICA! The world is much nicer with out people like Mike Brown around.

      • Drew Peacock

        I agree, Michael Brown was a horrible person to base all the rioting and protests about. So many truly innocent people have been wrongfully murdered by the police. Even Eric Garner is a way better example of police using unnecessary force.

        • Anonymous_Poster

          You two Caucasian are truly ill-informed. I would argue with you but whats the point?

          • Porst

            The Eric Garner case is WAY less of a grey area, so yes, it is a better case to get behind on protests.

          • Heavy

            All deaths by police should be protested. Police need to be retrained to do their job, to serve and protect. Even the bad guys from themselves. No deaths by police. Could they not have shot the guy in the foot? The hand? No why? Because the result would be a law suit based on disfigurement. If the person is dead they won’t sue. the poor families don’t have the money. God awful is what I say, It’s an unjust system

          • bubba

            if somebody broke into your house tring to harm you would not shoot or if you were a cop with a family at home and some punk tried to attack you and take your gun you wouldnt shoot or if you were getting shot at by a gang of thugs come on now

          • Layla

            And you HAVE TO BE A COP. Do the words, innocent until proven guilty mean anything to you?

          • Heavy

            Exactly.. shit bang on.. so many people are just insanely ignorant.!

          • james

            So brown wasn’t in the wrong then? So he wasnt a scumbag that pulled a knife after shoplifting? Why dont you focus on actual police brutality like in this video rather than a bunch of scumbags that used his death as an excuse to nick a couple of tvs fromm target. He deserved to die

          • Anonymous_Poster

            James: He deserved to die? Such hate in your heart. I will pray for you.

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            you are stupid!

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            anonymous poster is stupid

          • bubba

            eric garner died cause he had bad health problems

          • Anonymous_Poster

            bubba: thats a typical caucasian response.

          • Duane Lewis

            fuck you bitch you got bad health. let me choke your ass then we’ll see how bad your health is.

        • Concerned

          Peacock did you know him personally

          • Drew Peacock

            No, that’s the point

        • Heavt

          Regardless of Michael browns present or past criminal history, we don’t want the police thinking they are judge and jury for they are not. ! So these are the attitudes that fuel the continuation of the police to think they have this right.

        • John Oliver

          Mike Brown was no saint.

          • Glenn Festog

            Darren Wilson wasn’t Judge Dredd either.

      • Flip

        So I should go to jail if I rape you, but I should die for being an asshole?? Yup god bless my backwards ass nation with our ignorant ass people.

      • SandyTodd

        In America, under the Constitution, when the police attempt to detain you without giving you the probable cause, THEY are the ones doing the intimidating. I do not know how this country got so completely ass backwards and upside down in citizens having the civil rights that are to be respected by the government. Yes, the police are the government.

        • Erik

          SandyTodd to correct you on what you mentioned. Police aren’t government they are private organizations hired by the government. For them to be a government official we the people would need to vote them in but seeing as how they just get hired and we don’t get to vote who become a police officer they are not government at all. More or less outlaws or vigilantes who live and act above the law cause they have government backing.

          • AlwysReady

            No Eric, they are government, they are paid with tax dollars, not private money; that is what government is what they are saying. Not all government employees are voted in, millions are on the payroll who aren’t voted in, IRS, Military, etc.

          • Janet Mcleod

            the police are government owned. It is the government who can change this appalling behaviour and stop the police murdering people whenever they feel like it. The fact that the government do nothing whatsoever about it means it will just carry on. And the fact that Darren Wilson got away with murder also paves the way for other cops to do exactly the same and get away with it.

          • bubba

            what darren wilson got to go home to his family thank god it was selfdefense against a thug who just robbed a store for cigars

        • bubba

          you try being a cop patrolling the streets of america where people done put there bibles away and have norespect for the law you do the crime you do the time fustice served

      • Maxx Schiebel

        The world is much nicer without people like Don Batten around.

      • julio

        What the hell…… So now your intimidated be big black people with out weopons…. Well I’m intimidated by white cops who rather take a life then save a life……can someone please remind me of why they carry tasers again…. O and please define non lethel force I must of miss that one in the dictionary…..

      • willies


        • Patrick


      • Frank Murphy

        Maybe if it happened to you you’d shut the fuck up

      • We dont need your god. You might though.

    • Meh

      Shut the F up. This is not a GOP or or a democrat problem. Its a government as a whole problem. People like you are ignorant and stupid. I wish the police would find a knife on you.

      • Nina Bartoletta

        Seriously? Because its definitely Republicans who have been loudly and actively supporting the killer cops–especially when they kill someone of color or different ethnicity–so they are part of the problem alright. People like you think other people dont realize this but, oh yes, they do. You, pardner, are the kind of loser who needs his ass beat by a cop. Even then I doubt it would sink in.

        • Rupert Chappelle

          Clinton burned down a church with the congregation inside of it. When did he become a Republican?

          • daniel Allen

            nice Rupert. Just plain facts that likely will not shake this fool from her self serving adolescent emotional way of “not” thinking

        • Kuner1

          Have they? All the GOP guys did was ask people to stop rioting and wait until the facts were found. Granted, you don’t hear much from them about police brutality, but you also don’t hear much from the Democrats. Lets face it, both parties want to turn the US into a police state, the Democrats want a Socialist regime, while the most of the GOP would like nothing more than a theocracy.
          America needs new political parties and definitely new police officers.

          • Republicans are the ones constantly demonizing blacks and calling for them to just get over 200 years of slavery. Rudy Giuliani flat out said on national TV it was their own faults. So dont tell me that its not political.

          • Kuner1

            Are you saying blacks shouldn’t get over salvery? That will surely do wonders for race relations for the next.. 10 million years or so.
            You can’t force whites to apologise or feel guilty for slavery. Only a tiny fraction of the population actually owned slaves, no one alive today had anything to do with it, any immigrant family post civil war had nothing to do with it, any east european whites had nothing to do with it. If the left keeps trying to pressure whites with slavery, eventually 90% of whites will turn to the right. Maybe then, we can finally split up the country along ideological lines. It’s never gonna grow back together anyways. We should have a good clean divorce instead of a shitty marriage forever. We get to have our ultraconservative capitalist state where poor people die in the streets and you can have your socialist utopia.

          • John Oliver

            Dude.. The Democrats have always been behind racism, segregation, abortion (to kill off black babies) and welfare, which tore apart the black communities, and turned them into useful idiots.

          • Rob_Drury

            As soon as I meet a slave, I’ll be sure not to tell him to “get over it.”

    • Layla

      Right now, it is being condoned on BOTH SIDES.

    • EnufAlready

      Guess again, troll. he is a DEMOCRAT!

    • Nannette McGowan

      Joe L Rod, this guy is a Democrat as are most politicians in and around St. Louis.

      From wikipedia
      Robert P. McCulloch is the Prosecuting Attorney for St. Louis County, Missouri, a post he has held since 1991. A Democrat, he has historically had bipartisan support as a popular prosecutor and has won re-election in 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, often unopposed but by wide margins when he has had an opponent.[1]

    • editcat

      McCulloch happens to be a Democrat who ran unopposed in the general election. I voted against him in the primary because he is a hard-line pro-police zealot (no, that is not an exaggeration). I understand where he’s coming from—his father was a cop who was killed in the line of duty—but that doesn’t mean that I find his attitude appropriate for the office.

  • sam

    Lapd felt left out not being in the news. Bunch of POS cowards

  • Betterrogerwilco

    I carry a larger knife than that most of the time

  • echelon

    Officers responded to the location around 6:45 pm. after receiving a report of an assault with a deadly weapon, according to Officer Jane Kim with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Office.

    • David Harrington

      Aren’t they suppose to investigate the complaint, first ! The coroner took 15 bullets from this mans body! Was that really necessary? Sounds like the police wording often used for, “over Kill” ! But you know….. it’s only a matter of time until the numbers start to equalize. I’d have to imagine there’s a lot more citizens with guns, than there are police. Many of the weapons I see at the range, will make most cops piss their pants. Can you imagine looking back to what started it all. And I’d have to say it was an invitation by the police ranks. I have self control, but I can tell you, there’s a whole different mind set out here, that have no problem in standing on the front line! These folks are better trained in the kill shot then most veteran policemen. Move to the country folks. Get out of the city. That’s where it will all begin!

  • Alan Williams

    Christ….how many more people need to die?

  • sathya

    SOBs, I am getting angrier and angrier. We ALL need to get angry! these buggers need to be put on notice, we are all watching….. all of the time! John T Williams was shot in Seattle, a deaf Native American carver, he was holding a small carving knife, and was shot multiple times by a trigger happy idiot who was merely dismissed from the force. I believe he is working in Oregon now. I knew John he was a fixture in downtown Seattle, wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  • mike johnson

    everyone has to get in the action im not surprised the LA band wagon joined in the parade

  • Don Talley

    Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

  • Cromwell

    Well come on I can certainly understand why Cletus & Zeek and the rest of the einsatzgruppen felt they needed to shoot him.
    That does look an awful lot like a pill bottle( and the orange tip does seem to have been removed.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    pussies. I’ve dated girls with more balls then these cunts

    • willie

      I wouldn’t brag about that

      • Maxine Bruce

        he should

    • Tascha Shahriari-Parsa

      Can you not use police brutality as an excuse to flaunt your misogyny and dehumanize women?

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        can you not use my comment to flaunt your nazi feminism agenda

        • Patrick

          No, Tascha is right.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    If a pocket knife will get you killed by these monsters, what message are they trying to put out? Don’t carry weapons or anything that could possibly be described as one. What if he was open carrying?

    • guy

      You get shot an exra 5 times in the head

      • Michele Brown

        Lol. I’m sorry. Not funny. Crap.

  • Howard Treesong

    If they killed him for carrying a pocket knife that is just so bad… It’s like the police just don’t want to restrain themselves anymore. 5 to 10 shots? Into one man? Were they trying to take down the Hulk?

    • bubba

      well alot of people high on drugs these days

  • Phasung Baccam

    La police department has a long history

  • Laura W

    It never ceases to amaze me how police departments are always
    saying how they don’t understand why people aren’t more sympathetic when a
    police officer is injured or killed. Well it is their fault. Social media has
    exposed their brutality towards people and their pets on a daily basis and with
    everyone armed with a camera they will continue to be exposed. Their own
    actions have desensitized people to what happens to them—-and for those who
    aren’t yet desensitized it is just a matter of time. Police openly break the
    law without consequences daily as evidenced by all the available video online
    and they wonder why they are not given any respect. You have to give it to get

    A policeman used to be someone you could look up to and go to for help but not
    anymore. Now people tend to take care of themselves rather than call the police
    due to their lack of trust in the police. I have known some very good policemen
    in the past but can’t say too much about now. I keep seeing the words “Police
    State” used to describe people’s respective police department which doesn’t
    bode to well for policemen. Again you have to give respect to get it…….

    • just another invisible federal


    • Priest Apostate

      “A policeman used to be someone you could look up to and go to for help but not
      anymore. Now people tend to take care of themselves rather than call the police
      due to their lack of trust in the police.”

      I’m not ragging on you, but when was that time, exactly? I ask, because I’m 39, and I can not recall a time in which the police have either accused me (directly or otherwise) of something, or would only be there to take statements (which would result in nothing being done)…

      • Laura W

        Well I am WAY over 39
        Priest Apostate—lol– actually I just turned 60…and I can very well see why
        you have never had the opportunity to meet a good cop–that is because they are
        few and far between—unfortunately bad cop actions are so devastating
        that it overshadows the actions of the good cops. I personally don’t trust any
        of them at this point in time and would not call for a cop under ANY
        circumstances—and if I should happen to have an interaction with a cop I
        would film the entire thing.

        And as for not ragging
        me—I have raised 2 teenagers and managed to live though it so Been-there-done-that lol It’s all good…

        • Glenn Festog

          Same here. As a kid in Phoenix, my bud down the street and I would take our bb guns to the irrigation ditch on 7th Ave., set up our little green army men on either side, then shoot them with bbs. During one of these non-events a Phx Police Patrol car rolled up with two cops inside. “Have you boys been shooting at street lights?” “No sir, just our army men.” “Ok then, you boys stay out of mischief.” That was the end of it.

          That was then; I shudder to think what would happen to us now.

  • kill cops


    • B Sacks

      Indeed. ..

    • bubba

      go live in iraq or iran or pakistan the airport is open

  • Adriel Bernard Moody

    I don’t know how many people have to get killed or beaten for America to get the message. Blacks, Whites,Browns and whoever else will be victims of them.

  • B Sacks

    These cops are trigger happy p*ssies… and deserve to all die in prison for this execution.

    • Porst

      You act like a vagina is a bad thing.

    • guy

      And they probbly will

    • bubba

      quit looting,murdering,raping,doing and selling drugs, go tp iran or iraq and live

  • FoxDuper

    Oh you mean to tell me that he was coming to attack you with a closed knife?! Its crazy because that story would actually hold up in court on the cops side.

    • Layla

      Guess what….COPS LIE.

  • So What

    Put them all on the end of a rope

  • Susan J. Barretta

    It won’t be enough to put body cams on them. They have qualified immunity. Not good!

  • Jesus Potto

    Misleading title #42229230978720374081874039743 for these posts.
    As far as I know, the guy stabbed his homeless friend because of some argument, went down into the subway where he saw another homeless friend of his, told him he stabbed the guy and the friend told two police officers standing outside the subway entrance.

    When the guy came out he had the knife in his hand, the officers told him to drop it, he didn’t, they shot him.

    • useless eater

      Do you have a source?

      • Jesus Potto

        Did I say I did? How do you know that the cops shot him for no reason?

        • useless eater

          IOW, you completely made it up.

          • Jesus Potto

            Yes you fucking dumbshit, if you actually read the fucking comment you would see that.

          • useless eater

            “As far as I know, the guy stabbed his homeless friend because…”

            – Yeah, somehow i missed that part.

  • gonz

    In my opinion educate yourself in all aspects of each incident that you choose to judge and rant about . First check the source and ask yourself, what is their motivation for posting this? Are they a fair and impartial credible news organization? What does the video show versus the narrative? Are they trying to sway my opinion one way or the other? Now a couple commom sense tips that will keep you from having force used against you by law enforcement, comply to lawful orders is #1. A lawful order by a police officer is just that whether you agree with the cop or not and I bet 90% of people arrested disagree although they are a lil biased lol. Second show them your hands and keep them empty, police will never bring lesser force than what is in front of them. Example, police will not get in a fist fight, they will pepper spray or tase or use a batton, police will noy tase a man with a knife they will shoot him, that is what they are trained to do to preserve their lives in a very career. Police officers have their families they need to provide for and truth is the only person to blame are the non-compliant, agressive people. You feel you were arrested unjustly? Go ahead and record, file a complaint, and handle it that way.

    • useless eater

      “Second show them your hands and keep them empty, police will never bring lesser force than what is in front of them”

      — Just like in Michael Brown’s case, huh gonz?

      and thanks for tips. 🙁

    • Chuck McCoy

      What crap! They have to act like cowards “to preserve their lives in a very career”? Do you mean a dangerous career? Which they have chosen? Nobody gets drafted into these jobs. Being a police officer isn’t as dangerous as many other occupations. It’s safer to be a cop now than any other time in the past half-century. About a hundred out of about 700,000 cops are killed in the line of duty each year, most of them in vehicle accidents and most of those while not wearing seat belts. Here in Albuquerque, NM, there have been only ten officers killed by gunfire in the whole history of the department dating back to 1886. The police have killed over twice that number just since the current mayor was inaugurated in 2010 in shootings the DOJ has reported were unjustified. You’re giving carte blanche for police officers to make bogus arrests on anyone they please and telling the victims to submit calmly and complain later. Oh, yeah, that will show them; file a report and get them in real trouble! (smirk) Your attitude is that the police will never behave unjustly; that attitude is usually taken by either police officers or those who haven’t had to deal with them.

  • FTP

    This doesn’t even say if he was white or black. What are you trying to do? Focus on the real issue?

  • HighwayStar

    Hey…police-men…good job….you really know how to work on the “too many human-beings on earth problem”. Now that you murdered a street performer who was known as harmless, nice and friendly….when will you start shooting at babys in their buggy when they hold their milk bottles towards you? Could be it is not milk the baby is drinking. Or….when do you come with machine-guns armed because you heard there´s a kid in his bobby-car driving too fast? With the 12-year old you started….now…when will you keep going on? And we all know…you will never be forced by law…sit in jail for murdering. Even not when you kill your partners. Really …. good job!

  • Wendy Sumrall

    It’s obvious they’re cowards but are they really THAT cowardly they have to still have their guns pointed at his dead/dying body?!? Pathetic..

  • Rg

    The article never states the actual reason they shot him, does it???

  • InsaneTech

    Pussy ass cops got it coming, I hope someone gets them.

  • Layla

    When you are not going to be held accountable for killing people who “may be a threat or had a criminal record”, the murder by cop is going to continue.

    These cases need more investigation. If you can continue to kill without consequence, you will continue the killing. NOT GOOD POLICE WORK.

    • bubba

      gang violence in this country or people on drugs i mean damn come on

  • Concerned

    they’re Pitbulls with guns–unpredictable

  • Chuck McCoy

    And they wonder why people don’t respect them …

  • Kirk

    Assuming it was not planted by the police, a picture of the alleged
    combination knife taken after the death showed that it’s similar to a
    Swiss Army Knife.

  • Jeremy

    fuck all police fire them all this shit would stop then there no different then some gang banger on the god damn streets protect and serve my ass

  • HaHa

    There are ALWAYS people dressed up at Hollywood & Highland. ALWAYS. What the hell cops! It was probably another street performer that called in the bogus 911.

  • John Miller

    Shoot first ask questions later seems to be the newest cop training. There are a lot of better ways to diffuse a situation than murder. Too many innocents are dying. How many need to die before something changes. Being a police officer isnt even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs but they make it seem like every day they are going into battle.

  • Rosalie Cortez

    Doesn’t surprise me the police are getting out of hand!!

  • MFM008

    What is going on in this country.

  • Robert Slick

    Cops just want to kill. This is what happens when you change from Peace Officers to Law Enforcement Officers. No concern for peace. Or human life.
    How can anyone with a semi-automatic weapon feel threatened by a pocket knife?
    If you’re a Law Enforcement Officer who feels threatened by a pocket knife, PLEASE, do the world a favor, put that gun under your chin and blow your brains out. You’re worthless for keeping the peace. Eventually, you’ll be the one holding the gun in a situation similar to this.
    And may God have mercy on your victim’s soul, but not yours.

  • Chris

    Those STUPID COPS should be FIRED ASAP!

  • Miller T

    It is VERY rare that a Game Warden ever shoots anyone, they walk up on
    people armed with guns and knives ALL THE TIME and can often subdue
    their subjects without incident, maybe you street cops could take a
    lesson from another State Agency, the Department of Natural resources?

  • Jeffrey Oviatt

    more whites are killed by police each year then blacks its around 2 to 1

  • CaddyOne LoveChrist

    Man, as if it wasnt bad enough being black in america, you cant even wear black around cops… RIP brother… God have mercy on those cops souls..

  • SuperSpeller

    I suspect LA cops STILL lack a proper training program as this sort of behavior has been going on for years with no discernable decrease. Gun happy killers are being hired instead of “officers of the law”. Part of why those persons with above average intelligence won’t be hired. Shame on LA for promoting the thug life and denigrating the honor of police.

  • Saint

    Those idiots could have hit innocent bystanders or incoming cars. You know they can’t shoot straight.

  • Grumpy

    I hate to say it but I completely lost my faith in our government and police… Growing up I wanted to be a police officer. I am so glad I never pursued that profession now. I am sickened by the lack of morals these thugs have today. They are not the peace officers they once were… A police officer use to be a hero. Someone you could count on no matter what…

    With the aid of our government they have become militant,brutal and a domestic terrorist themselves… We the people need to hold these criminals accountable! They are not above the oath they swore.

    And as for the 14 rounds shot into the back of this victim that is murder.

    • bubba

      you better be glad we do have police are you a person who praises rapist,murder,looters,child molesters,drug dealers,gang members the airport is open

  • Nick Chiodini

    What a lie. I was there. I live 3 blocks from this shooting. This man was NOT nice. He was a dangerous person who has had many run ins with the police. He was actively assaulting a woman. The police did everything they could to subdue him. Anyone that actually knows what life on the Blvd is like is grateful to the LAPD who protect the INNOCENT tourists and residents from the drug infested lunatics that regularly dress up and solicit money on the blvd. You and your lame ass website need to get your facts straight. Next time you’re in danger, call a crackhead.

  • angel_above0819

    There is always to sides of a coin. I do not trust the media because the shit stirrers and what to things in an uproar. Police helluva more good than bad. They put their lives on the line every day. Maybe you did the see the pictures of man attacked by a man carrying a small knife. All I have to say to all of the people that bashes policeman should go walk in their shoes.

  • Lamar Green

    May these men be the cause of their own demise. I will say that all cops are not bad cops. But why are these devils out to kill black men and boys? They are afraid of the future. They know that the future has People of Color rising and the Caucasian race in the decline. Their way of life as they know it is coming to an end.

    • bubba

      go back to africa if you dont like america you racist the airport is open the 3rd of the month is coming up

  • Ben

    And people don’t understand why other folks get upset with law enforcement. THIS kind of stupidity makes everyone want to get better people, better training, better oversight and proper punishment for people that are too stupid to be police officers.