Think Cops Won’t Declare War Against You? They Already Have…

WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Government is now equipping police departments across the country with 13,000 high-powered, mine-resistant military units, according to a newly released video report by Blomberg (below).

These Mine Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) units were used in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Each MRAP weighs over 20 tons and is designed to protect against improvised explosive devices.


The units can be equipped with powerful machine guns to destroy targets.

This is in addition to the 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and 2,700 armored vehicles that Homeland Security is now equipped to use on American streets.

The move to beef up police departments with 13,000 MRAPs has left many wondering: what are police preparing for?

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Think cops won’t wage war on citizens? They already have.

In 1985, the police literally dropped bombs an American city, burning over 60 homes with men, women, and children inside.


They did this from a police helicopter in a Philadelphia neighborhood, leveling everything in sight after members of a back-to-Africa movement called MOVE did not leave their home.

MOVE members were mostly black and they were deeply critical of government policies, calling for black Americans to move back to Africa and return to nature.

move africa

Witnesses say that as MOVE members tried to escape the burning rubble, they were executed by police waiting outside.

They often held rallies in an attempt to wake up other Americans to the corruption they perceived in government.

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Eventually, police ordered MOVE members out of their house over allegations such as possessing unregistered firearms, “terroristic” threats, and being in contempt of court.

When members wouldn’t leave, police attempted to raid them and it resulted in an armed standoff.

Ultimately, police would burn them to death, including children, by dropping bombs on them from the sky.

Yes, police can and already have used warfare tactics against Americans.

On April 19, 1993, a small family church in Waco was overrun by police and federal agencies with tanks and machine guns.

The religious group — known as the Branch Davidians — held anti-government views and police suspected that they had unregistered firearms inside their building.

After refusing to exit their church and surrender to the police, a standoff began.


Over 70 men, women, and children were burned to death after police and federal agencies charged them with armored units and lit their church on fire.

The standoff lasted over a month, with agents using loudspeakers to blast sounds of rabits being slaughtered. Agents did this at night as a tactic to deprive the church members of sleep.

Agents also cut off all power and water supplies, forcing the members to survive on canned goods.

The Waco churchgoers held a banner of solidarity with other victims of police brutality before they were shot to death and burned by agents with armored vehicles and helicopters.

The Waco churchgoers held a banner of solidarity with other victims of police brutality before they were shot to death and burned by agents with armored vehicles and helicopters.

Eventually, police charged in with armored tanks and helicopters, gunning down anybody in sight and burning the building to the ground with families inside.

Law enforcement claimed that the church members fired the first shots.

That claim was later contradicted by a 9-11 recording in which members were heard pleading for help, saying “Here they come! Help, they’re shooting at us!”

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Yes, the police have already carried out acts of war on American soil against citizens who didn’t obey.

Those are just two examples. With no-knock raids on American homes increasing by 4000% since the 1980s, there are many more.

The question of “Would police ever fight a war against us?” can be answered with a moment’s pause to consider what they’ve done in the past.

Now they’re arming themselves to the teeth with 13,000 armored military units specifically designed for warfare.

Think they won’t try it again?

Watch the video below announcing the 13,000 MRAPs to Law Enforcement.

Watch the historical footage of the MOVE  bombing below in the incredible documentary “Let the Fire Burn”:

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  • Compliant Citizen

    Wow, we’re so “protected”, guess we can all turn in our guns knowing a holocaust won’t happen here…?

  • greenguy

    Anyone got any yellow cake? Actually, nevermind, don’t tell me, this is the internet and the NSA is watching

    • DezzNutz

      yellow cake is delicious. White or chocolate frosting, I dont care. 😉

    • Eiríkr Karl Sørengaard
    • david

      No , But i do have a ‘cook book’ , The FBI gives them out !

  • MichaelFibo

    Hail ODIN!

  • Tom Birmingham

    yeah totally edit out how D. Karesh (of the branch dividians) claimed he was jesus and had some freaky cult shit going on. They released (prior to the burning) all the kids that weren’t his (interviews with the survivors go on about how he would bless the women to carry his seed). The next day they tried to raid the place and those freaks went all jones town.

    Now I don’t know anything about this “move” thing. It’s very interesting though. I’m curious to know more about it.

    • turibe

      Regardless of how creepy Koresh was, he was known to frequently go into town. It would have made much more sense to apprehend him there.
      AFAIK, in the end they found no evidence to the allegations they had made against the Davidians of having illegal firearms..

    • baruchzed

      And you got this information from who? The people who burned the Branch Davidian folks alive…and you believe them…ever heard of critical thinking? Why would you believe the version the gov’t puts out when we know they lie and they killed all the witnesses??

      • Daniel Brock

        These folks were wackos but they did not do anything deserving of being murdered by the government. If you trust the government’s story every time something like this happens, you are an idiot.They were deemed by the white house to be a national security threat and had to be exterminated. What will you do when you are deemed a national security threat?

        • Adam Brian

          He won’t do anything cause he works for the government.

      • Adam Brian

        Exactly right. However Tom is probably being paid by the government to help direct the conversation. His next coment will be an attack on me watch.

      • Marlene

        If you followed the 51 days of these wacko’s you would know! I live in Texas and about 1 hour away. They (Dividians) caught there own compound on fire. Some of the dividians did leave because they knew if they stayed they would have died at DAvid Koresh’s hands. There where many ways out of that house once it caught fire and they all chose to stay period. Remember he was Jesus Christ and they followed him.

        • Rizzo

          Thats what i was thinking. If you’re not from Texas you probably dont know exactly how that CULT functioned but thats what it was, a cult. And they set their own compund on fire because they’d rather follow their “God”.

          • Tom

            Except there’s video evidence of the flammable ammunition used by the feds. It’s the exact same way they did Dorner in California. The ignorance is silly. Just like Freddie Grays broke his own spine. Can’t believe people believe this nonsense. Do some serious research and turn off that hypnosis box(tv).

          • corners

            in dallas they just blew up a suspect with a robot

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Calling something a “cult” does not justify murdering its members. If it is an extreme group, the members are essentially brainwashed and/or hypnotized without giving their informed consent. The most controlling groups use certain kinds of “meditation,” whether they call it that or not, to mess with their members’ ability to think.
            No, as the lady said, the building caught fire from both tends, where they found the remains of the flaming tear-gas canisters later. The building was filled with tear gas, the tear gas was ignited with canisters of the other form of tear gas, and the big cloud of tear gas burned quickly, producing poison gas.
            There is also a video showing a tank backing out of the structure with flames still shooting out of the front snout, whatever they call it. Barrel?

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          Tony Alamo (and I do not LIKE Tony Alamo) put out a tract before the murders at Waco. He was upset that someone called a church campus
          “a compound.” That was one of several things that got me thinking.
          He did not like someone calling his congregation or denomination a
          “cult.” That’s rather insulting.
          Someone had an arrest warrant for “David Koresh.” Fine. No problem. They could have picked him up any morning when he was out jogging.
          No. That was not what the wanted. They wanted to provoke a confrontation and/or violate his rights, so they did.
          The deal with Koresh was that he knew the Bible inside out and he was very good at arguing, pulling out any verse he wanted to defend the point he was making at the moment.
          As I said before, satellite images indicated that there were two machine gun nests set up to prevent the women and children from leaving the burning structure. Sifting through the rubble afterward, investigators found the remains of two tear gas canisters of the kind that are on fire when they hit the target area. The house was pumped full of another kind of tear gas with the nozzle on a tank. When that caught on fire, it was almost like an explosion and the entire upstairs area was instantly filled with poison gas. It appeared afterward that someone got in and out of the building quickly and shot Koresh in the forehead.
          If they could fill the upstairs area with a flammable gas which would kill people if they set it on fire,they could have filled the upstairs area with something gaseous which would have rendered everyone unconscious just as easily.
          After all was said and done, another vaguely related congregation invaded the property, over the objections of the property owner, and built a new church there, again, over the objections of the property owner. Whatever became of property rights? She owned the land, she let Koresh’s people live there and worship there and someone else comes along and steals her property.

          • Matthew Kissell

            Using a bible to attempt to prove a point is like me using a Steven King novel t prove a point. Both works of fiction.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            That isn’t relevant to the situation.
            He was .. “debating” people who believe that the Bible (their definition) is something akin to “the infallible word of God.”
            If he makes a point in a conversation and backs it up with a Bible verse he has cleverly memorized, they will be thrown off in any sort of argument against him.
            He has constitutionally-protected inherent rights (or, if you will “God given rights” ) to free speech. That includes quoting the Bible (whatever that means) to support his arguments. So, basically, nobody could best him in an argument.
            Apparently he committed numerous acts of statutory rape. So, at least, it is alleged. That, in itself, is not a federal crime and is not a capital offense. The Mann act prohibits (so to speak) “transporting gulls across a sedate lion for immortal porpoises.” Did he personally do all of that? If he did, there is a federal offense. If not, not.
            Did he commit any federal crime at all? Apparently, no evidence was found of that.
            It’s quite possible that his ability at argumentation led his personal belief system in a rather loony direction. I have talked to some people who had extremely strange beliefs. Others had possibly legitimate but very unusual beliefs. If he harmed someone, that is a different matter. Did he harm someone?

          • Andre Jaeger

            Aethiests are the angriest people I know

    • Carl Petersen

      2 separate fires were set inside the compound, at opposite ends of the main bldg. Facts matter. It was an act of suicide.

      • Adam Brian

        And you are still listening to what the governmentand media says. How much does the government pay you to come here Carl?

        • Carl Petersen

          Bet you follow that pick-pocket Alex Jones.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Jones seems to be pretty accurate except that he will not criticize “Israel.”

      • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

        No, the fires were set with flaming tear gas cannisters after the government filled the building with a form of tear gas which would produce lethal fumes if burned. It was murder.

        • bozo

          This is true !

        • Tom

          Finally! Can’t believe ppl think they burned themselves alive when they did Dorner the same way. Ya, and Freddie Grays broke his own spine. That’s public edumacation for ya.

        • nmgene

          all of the bullet holes were fired from outside the building, they never proved that the people fired on the cops !!!!!!!

          • nmgene

            Where in the constitution does it say you must register your guns and they found no illegal firearms !!!!!!

      • Tom

        uh… Just like Freddie Grays broke his own spine? Remember that “rogue” cop Dorner? He was burned alive in the exact same way. Dig a little deeper.

    • Ginny
    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      freaks went all jones town? Sounds like double libel there.
      In Jones Town, the crazy leader forced people to drink poisoned Kool Aid and if they tried to escape, had them shot.
      In Waco, the Army, acting illegally in violation of the Posse Comutatis Act, ran over people’s cars with a tank on purpose to destroy them and then filled a building with a flammable tear gas which they set on fire with flaming tear gas cannisters.
      This particular kind of tear gas gave off lethal fumes when burned, so it was murder. Then they told the media that the Branch Davidians had committed suicide. They had not. Satellite images showed troops with machine guns preventing women and children from exiting the building after the government set it on fire.

      • Tom

        Thank you for informing the ignorant.

    • david

      The Media has feed you well ! You don’t anything about a lot of ‘things’ . ”freaks ” , Commies , niggers ,wet backs , spics , towel heads , camel jockeys ,Crazy Jimmy Carter !! If you read between the lines Your forced to notice someone (Group) Who is Never Criticized . They are the ONLY enemy ! not the ‘freaks’ .

    • Kyle Tellier


    • John Foytek

      the fbi deliberately lied about the branch davidians setting themselves ablaze. The fbi did it when gas tanks we’re ruptured by bullet fire

  • Robert John Pease

    Lol mine resistant ambush prevention vehicles that are completely vulnerable to EFP’S….. Let’s see 13000 of these and there is 50 state’s, guessing only the major cities can afford them so that cuts down a significant number of places to get one best guess on numbers would be 2 per major metro and then one scattered across the country to all the other suburban metropolis’s.. I mean it’s not like they don’t already have amored vehicles in use already…… Also you realise about half of the information you get is more then likely fabricated lies to single out people top be labled as homegrown extremists and conspiracy theorists

    • Jacob

      I live in a town with literally less than 1000 people. We can’t even afford to fix the roads, yet they can afford to maintain one of these.

    • Matthew Kissell

      We have 2 in the area whre I live. Im not scared. They pull shit and yes they will kill a bunch of people, but when it 500k people against 2 armored cars, they are gonna get drug out and dealt with by the people behind the vehicle as they attempt to slaughter the people in front.

  • Bill Berry
  • RageRats

    13,000 armored vehicles? We have over 15 million people with hunters licences not to mention all the vets with military weaponry, and regular citizens with guns. Each vehicle is going to need to make over 150 stops. This will be hilarious. Waco Texas times a million. I just hope all those rednecks will wake up and finally join us protesters, that they seem to hate so much.

    • Adam Brian

      You better just forget this idea. These people are where the new recruits will come from in times of turmoil. The argument will easily be that Obama blacks are comming to rape Your daughter and take your gun. Even this may not be enough so they will have to add in that then he will make you turn Muslim. Then here come the government paid rednecks. Seriiously though haven’t you figured out yet that cops usually live in the rural or suburban areas or they come from there. Just like the judges and the juries chosen to hear cases of police committing crimes. And this only happens if the prosecutor who grew up in a small town by the Chief decides to confer with the Mayor at the yacht club after golf on a private course. They will then make the decision to bring charges after their 5000 dollar republican dinner. Seriously have you people not yet figured out the politics of this yet. Lol

  • John Newcomer

    Hey, can I get one of those armored vehicles, too? While I have never experienced a roadside bomb, land mine, or IED on my daily commute to work (and pay taxes for it), there’s always that 0.000000001% chance that it could happen to me. o.O

    • Adam Brian

      Lol right

    • ImNotGivingYouMyName

      I don’t think there’s anything stopping you from owning one, I bet they’re not cheap though!

      • James Laroy McClintock II

        You might be surprised… some of them are cheaper than suvs

      • Sabrina Surovec

        Exactly. You can buy some stripped-down versions in gov’t auctions in pretty much any major city with a base present.

      • david

        make you own ! The first hand held ‘cannon’ was made 650 yrs before 3d printers were invented !

    • Femanon

      Last I read about 17K for an armored car that will take an RPG round. So cheaper than a new SUV.

      • Matthew Kissell

        At that price you can get 3 for an average SUV or pickup today!

    • well the roads are SO BAD in my county everyone should be gifted with one of these as the roads are destroying our cars at such a fast rate.

  • Darren C

    they still won’t go to the East Side.

  • Toby Nixon

    Every fucking time and fuck you NSA.

  • Guest

    Every fucking time, fuck you NSA.

  • Toby Nixon

    It’s related.

  • Kaecyy

    Institutional racists simply have no idea yet how much they’re being used, owned, and profited from by the same system that’s perpetrating the centuries-old World Civil Class & Race War on our African AMERICAN brothers and sisters, and destroying the ability of Earth to sustain human life for all of us.

    To paraphrase Supreme Commander Eisenhower, remember— ultimately every armored vehicle, every gun, every sonic weapon, every cannon, every chemical weapon canister, every bullet, every arrest, every incarceration, and every killing is a win for the war industry, the prison industry, the healthcare industry, the drugs industry, and the banksters, and a loss for every single one of us.

    Wake up, boys and girls— and that means you cops, too— your fingers are pointed in the wrong direction.

    If Citizens United or the methane plumes bursting from the ocean floor haven’t made it clear to you all that it’s time to revolt against the injustice that is threatening the fabric of our civilization, the waste that is threatening our survival as a species, and the corporate oligarchs and government quislings behind it, let me make it clear here, and what I believe we should start to do about it— through the lens of part of my personal experience of this corruption.

    I practice the sacred art of the Japanese sword in the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu, perhaps the oldest remaining sword sect in the world, and I get stopped all the time by various combinations of security guards, troopers, stormtroopers (riot shields, etc), and gestapo (no uniform). For my WOODEN katana, no less— what is called in Japanese a bokuto… a fancy word for a stick!

    Usually the police are relatively cool and I actually have a good time talking to them, but both in my personal experience and with even a casual perusal of the historical and contemporary record, there are a LOT of bad apples in there, far, far more than the police can possibly have, IF they want to have even a shred of legitimacy as an institution.

    Obviously, they do not.

    Sometimes, they actually want to search you, or even see your genitals.

    In public.

    They claim to be searching for weapons, but I’ve had them not even touch my phone and camera and go straight for anything else, anything soft, I have in my pockets (so it’s best to have an erection, boys).

    This is criminal, police behavior.

    The police do this because a weapons search is actually a pretext for police to break the laws that govern them— and the social contracts under which we tolerate their existence— in order to search you for drugs. And this in turn is because of their filthy, vile, and corrupt World Civil Class & Race War on a Selection of Drug Users, which the US government has been expensively and ineffectively waging against our own people and the people of the world since 1937— with about one million POWs and counting in the USA alone.

    Even taken by itself, without their many other crimes against the public, this slow-burning genocide of a war invalidates the police totally as an organization.

    And so their questions and searches toward this corrupt and criminal end are deeply offensive to me— both personally and as an American, particularly one of Japanese descent— and particularly when they have already snuck up on me in force (like some kind of Pearl Harbor in reverse) and interrupted my religious practices because some xenophobe, some racist, some myopic, or some PTSD-wracked survivor of the Second World War has flipped their lid and called in the strike… ON A DUDE CARRYING A STICK. (Though this trouble does not eliminate my cultivation of compassion for those afflicted with these four terrible illnesses… three of which I have also suffered from myself.)

    Once the police have determined that I am in fact carrying a stick, and not a sword, it is obvious to anyone who believes in liberty— to any real American, for example— that apologies from the security forces and dismissal are in immediate order, and any further interruption of my religious practices, especially to feel me up and to gaze upon my genitalia, is at the least a violation of my religious freedom, my freedom from unreasonable searches, etcetera etcetera.

    My apologies for the fear of the ignorant public, but that’s why I meet them halfway, as an educator, and use the WOODEN STICK in public and not the metal sword, and I smile to the people I can’t avoid altogether. Hell, I’m so friendly, sometimes I even show the kids the basics of how to chop a man in half in the traditional Japanese way. (Kids love me.)

    The fact is, whether it’s Detroit or Denmark, the police everywhere in this world have such a long history of abuse, racism, murder, and corruption, they should all go the way of the SS and Kempeitai— they should be outright DISBANDED, and replaced by a totally new, unrelated, post-police organization geared toward the 21st Century— enshrining human rights and our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness above ALL else, and especially for those already marginalized, such as minorities, women, LGBTQ people, and those in poverty.

    The police forces we have today routinely disrespect, violate, oppress, and abuse all of the above, and many more. In their everyday abuse of power and neglect of their duties, they commit or facilitate as many crimes as they solve, if not more, and greater crimes at that— societal crimes, which though less dramatic and less immediately tangible, through their pervasiveness, their perversion, and their origin in the seat of government affect everyone and do more harm to more people than any single serial killer or terrorist cell ever could— yes, even the ones who fly planes into buildings.

    The police, the injustice system, and the prison industry are fingers of an iron fist slapping the pool of our civilization, creating waves of criminality and personal and social destruction across the entire surface and undercurrent of our society, drowning those who cannot afford to build a life above the tsunami of corruption devouring the victims of their corporatized and internationalized World Civil Class & Race War.

    This leads to historical and contemporary ironies such as the police unapologetically protecting America’s most powerful, influential, corrupting, organized, and dangerous criminals (who harm us all, including themselves)— such as the ones on Wall Street— while beating the crap out of dedicated, peaceful patriots exercising their Constitutionally enshrined rights (who harm no one)— such as the ones in Occupy Wall Street.

    Events such as the Memorial Day Massacre of 1937 in Chicago, by police, show us that historically, actions such as this are not an anomaly but rather the standard operating procedure of the police— which shouldn’t be that surprising, since after all, that’s the same year the current World Civil Class & Race War on a Selection of Drug Users began.

    “The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races,” said Harry J. Anslinger, original Prohibitionist and founder of Second Prohibition, in 1937. With First Prohibition just a few years gone, it was through the the delegalization of cannabis— perhaps the most industrially useful plant in the world and the safest in the entire pharmacopeia— that with the support of corporate oligarchs William Randolph Hearst, Andrew Mellon, and Pierre S. du Pont, Anslinger and his allies managed to ensure that the American people would always have an enemy in our own government.

    Of course it goes back much further than that. The genocide, the marginalization, the repression, and the disrespect of sovereignty toward the only REAL, real Americans— the Native ones (the rest of us are really only immigrants, and illegal ones at that)— is also an ongoing series of government and later stages police war crimes. Texas Rangers, anyone? COINTELPRO, anyone?

    Our police forces, who nominally work for us, and whom Americans really do pay and pay through the nose for the pleasure, are an occupying army with too much time, too many resources, too much power, too little to do, and no meaningful accountability— a combination that Mother History tells us is ALWAYS toxic for the surrounding civilian population. Roman Empire, anyone?

    One “bad apple” in any organization dealing with the public, particularly an armed and dangerous force like the police, is one far, far too many, and in our conditions only the tip of a vast iceberg— an indicator of perhaps hundreds more. The simple fact that it is nearly impossible to hold the police accountable for even the most outrageous and on video of their countless criminal acts (YouTube, anyone?), combined with the official unofficial Blue Code of Silence (“testilying”, anyone?), reveals what a medieval and obsolete organization the police, our courts, and our “justice” system really are— totally unsuitable to their legal duty and stated aim of “protecting” and “serving” the entire public equally, from Wall Street Wally to Occupy Otto to Janitor Joe.

    I’m sorry, but it’s the motherhumping 21st Century, girls and boys— the rich, the powerful, and the many have enough in their favor already, without an occupying army in their palm that busts everyone else’s chops, and delivers them into a selective punishment system rigged in favor of the affluent.

    It is also impossible for any civilized, intelligent, and educated person to accept the fact that in most if not all places in the world, the police are permitted to touch, molest, injure, incapacitate, or kill any of us with little chance of serious consequences, whereas to kill, to incapacitate, or even in many cases to even TOUCH a police officer, no matter how criminally the police may be behaving, in fact if not always law carries grave consequences, with a vast burden on the victim to prove police abuse before the rights of civilians to defend themselves against these frequently hostile, occupying soldiers are legally accepted.

    And that’s only if you’re (un)lucky enough to be taken ALIVE after the fact.

    Now look at the statistics of crime rates by race vs searches and arrests by race vs conviction rates by race vs sentencing rates by race. Among the entire world’s prison population— yeah, that includes China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc (AND YES, we in the USA do lock up more people than each and all of them, and everyone else as well)— among the entire world’s prison population, one in nine prisoners is an African AMERICAN male.

    Lady Justice ain’t blind, brothers and sisters, but she sure as hell is white, and she’s a flaming racist to boot.

    Ladies and gentlemen— in fact, we have no “justice” system. We have a selective punishment system. An injustice system. The police, our courts, and large swathes of our private industry (no state with a private prison industry has ANY claim to justice or legitimacy, nor will it ever), working in tandem and mutually protecting one another like a network of Japanese bunkers on a Pacific hellhole, are a legalized protection racket, parasitically feeding off our society while giving a few of us with paler skin and bigger bank accounts the thin illusion of security and safety.

    “They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” —Dr Benjamin Franklin, Founding Grandfather

    As a pledge-bound defender of “liberty and justice for all”, and thus a real goddamn American— except under truly exceptional circumstances, I can no longer willingly cooperate with, utilize the services of, or respect the police or any other armed or coercive branch, of any government, that is existing and operating without the consent and support of the people who are most at risk in our civilization, that has a history of abuse coupled with a lack of accountability, that enjoys a de facto monopoly in society on violence even when behaving illegally or with criminal violence, or that is participating in, facilitating, or profiting from ongoing societal atrocities, such as poverty, social inequality, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, the destruction of the environment, or the 1937 to present World Civil Class & Race War on a Selection of Drug Users.

    Thus, as of today, I declare my independence.

    As of today, I pledge as my patriotic duty, insofar as practically, legally, or covertly possible, to no longer recognize or respect the authority or legitimacy of the organized, criminal organization known as the “police”, nor that of any other armed or coercive force of parallel, analogous, or allied disposition, such as the DEA, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the ATF, etc etc.

    In fact, I am exercising my democratic right as a proud American citizen, RIGHT NOW, and calling, loudly and clearly, for these obsolescent organizations to be disbanded immediately, and rebuilt from the ground up towards the humanitarian ends that I stated above.

    However, using my intelligence and my social aptitudes, to the best of my abilities I WILL respect and personally engage with the individuals in these corrupt organizations— many of them unprosecuted war criminals still at liberty, carrying weapons and the badge of government, yes, but also many of them good people with good hearts who have themselves been grossly disinformed and disserved by their government and society, as have we all— and in my engagement with these occupying soldiers I will try to educate and encourage them into reform, into disobedience, into resistance, or even into going the full Edward Snowden.

    You see, my friends, most actual cops I meet I really like, and I hit it off with them. We must all learn to love that which is outside ourselves, including our enemies. For this, too, is an important way for our rebellion to grow. And grow.

    And grow.

    I suspect that it won’t be too many years before we have a full on Underground Railroad going for these kinds of heroes, those brave enough to resist— I’m convinced that the more incentive and facilitation, internationally, that we can give whistleblowers to blow that whistle, the more of them will come out of the woodwork. And the better for everyone in the world.

    It will take organization. It will take resources. But it has been done, it can be done again, and I believe it will be done. (French Resistance, anyone?)

    Thus as an Eagle Scout and former POW, I will do my best, to do my duty, to the gods and our civilization, to help tune them in, turn them on, and drop them the hell out.

    I strongly suggest the rest of you do the same. Each of us, both alone and together— to the best of our abilities.

    If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably sharp enough to see the truth in what I say, and surely smart enough to make a difference. Let us do so— in any way that we can, for the rest of our lives.

    My friends— just because something is the law, it sure as hell doesn’t make it right.

    Total Civil Resistance is one key factor we must utilize toward attaining the post-police force we deserve, for the money we pay, to protect and serve ALL of us. Total Civil Resistance, in addition to seeking change through the legal channels, and through engagement with our governments.

    As Father History has proven, the legal channels for change available to us are utterly inadequate, perverted by those already benefitting from legalized injustices, and our resistance must move beyond the rigged selective punishment system to non-cooperation, divestment, and direct action at the least, and on up to outright espionage and sabotage where and when appropriate, available, and effective.

    With our police and security forces, we have a situation like the Wehrmacht and the Imperial Japanese Army— it’s the organization that is evil and must be disbanded, but not ALL of the people in it. But for the rest, we Americans really do need a Nuremberg/ Tokyo-style war crimes tribunal to mark the end of, for a start, the World Civil Class & Race War on a Selection of Drug Users, and to hold accountable those who have perpetrated, profited from, and perpetuated this ongoing, slow-burning social and racial genocide, which has been tearing our society apart for nearly a century.

    Obviously, the same is true for the not unrelated War of Terror… it just hasn’t been true for as many years.


    “…with liberty and justice for all.”

    It rings proud, and great, but hollow. All of us Americans have pledged allegiance to a country that does not yet exist, and never has existed on the face of this Earth. And so it is our duty to fulfill that promise of our civilization, and to build that society— no matter what powers we must face, and what institutions we must tear to the ground to make way and achieve this.

    Anything less is the very definition of un-American.

    Brothers and sisters— please join the Rebel Alliance. The Empire is strong. We need every kind of help it is possible to give, from every person that can give it, in every place that they can give it— at home, in the workplace, on the streets, in secret, and out in the open.

    We want you, and we need you.

    I’ll see y’all in the future!


    Want to learn more about the world, listening while you do what you need to do?

    —Independent, non-commercial, ad-free news from a more global and objective perspective, including an outside, sympathetic look at the USA… without a dog in the fight. Frank, investigative, trustworthy— utterly unlike our own, mostly corrupted broadcast media in the US— the BBC asks hard questions of just about everyone but the Queen. If you’ve grown up with American broadcast media, be prepared to be shocked at how many important things are going on in the world that you’ve never been told about, and you otherwise never will be— the BBC has reporters on the ground in every region of the world, so dust off your world map. Bonus: almost zero reporting of celebrities… until they die.

    —Why, in the “Age of Information”, do few but our jesters speak the truth?

    —Don’t be fooled by the name. This is science-based common sense for a healthy society and a civilization with a future— with explicit and immediate activism opportunities, and excellent debate of ideas and best practices.

    Want further learning and activism opportunities?

    —Common sense total civil resistance, united.

    —Help us save the Earth. So we get to have a future.

    Who me? I’m an independent individual acting where I see I can best apply my limited time and abilities. I’m not profiting from any of these organizations. I simply want to know what the hell we should do to fairly and humanely save and evolve our planet and civilization, before the game is up for the most deadly and interesting species on the planet. (Look in the mirror.)

    I come from time and space as a warning to the human race— you have begun your most desperate centuries. Halt greenhouse gas emissions; enact peaceful resolution and social justice as transnational absolutes; plan and behave both scientifically and humanely; eliminate nationalism, xenophobia, and war; enshrine your biodiversity; learn to love each other— or go extinct.

    Your time is up, earthling savages.

    • John J Publicus

      I can’t believe that nobody has posted a reply to your post. What an incredible piece of writing, chocked full of information and resources at the end! I for one have copied it and kept it in my notes. I’d like your permission to spread your post around, it should be viral!

      • Kaecyy

        And I can’t believe I didn’t see this when you posted it! You are very kind, John J Publicus; I’m so glad my essay was helpful to you, and the answer is yes— anywhere you think it will help, in the spirit of the text, you have permission to spread it.

        These are a few fronts in a war We the Species need to win, and anything I have or can write or can do in the little time I have that can be helpful to that is gladly available to you and any other members of the Rebel Alliance to use as you see fit.

        All the best from Stockholm and the American Sector of Berlin,
        The Reverend Kaecyy Tay-McCarthy

  • Eevie

    They shot and killed a pregnant woman today who was brandishing a 4 inch knife. AR15 was used…i don’t remember how many cops shot her. What….are the cops too puny to take a knife away from a pregnant woman….anyone else had done this to her and her child, they would be on trial for the murder of not 1, but 2 people. They shot her in the stomach. wtf!!!

  • derek jones

    Don’t forget the Battle of Athens.

  • Marlene

    OMG David Koresh and his loons burned that place down! They where held up in there compound for 51 days. Koresh wasn’t leaving that compound alive, because he wasn’t going to prison. Some of this crap is so far fetched and the sad thing is people believe it.

    • david

      they could have taken Koresh as he casually strolled the streets of the local community . They needed Him Dead , Just like Jesus ! The Jews are crucifying the rebellious .

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      And, no, that is just what the media said.

      Usually, at least for the past ten years and more, you can rely on initial reports from local sources. Apparently, there were no really local sources in Waco, and they were pretty tightly managed by the feds.
      Once the reports go upstream to the networks, there is no more real news. It is all just propaganda.
      Any report containing the words “cult” or “compound” should be looked at very cautiously. This was a religious group living in a ramshackle house, better referred to as a campus or, perhaps, monastery.
      Attempts have been made by the totalitarians to shut this information down, but it has cropped up again in various places, including Texas and Alaska:

  • Ben Dover

    ….. and USA isn’t a mess?

  • Treesecup818

    As we are struggling with hate and divisions among. We could learn from the past decade to deal with the present.

    Hitler pointed out in 1923 that there are three main types of people in society.

    The first-type is by far the largest group, those who are dull enough and credulous enough to believe everything they are told without resistance.

    The second-type is a significant minority who believe most things up to a point, but are smart enough to detect poorly concealed lies, but then end up believing almost nothing once they detect that they are being deliberately lied to by the State and media, so often become radicalized and the State struggles to manage and control this type.

    The third-type is a tiny minority who believe nothing at all, they examine everything each time, take nothing at all for granted, and are difficult to fool for long.

    Hitler identified that only the first type mattered politically, in a democracy, and that all propaganda should be directed towards them.

    The second group could be suppressed and maybe coerced into compliance, or imprisoned, etc.

    The third type were very valuable, but dangerous, and if they would not cooperate it was best to be rid of them…El Muhager El Mancy

    • Treesecup818

      ‘It’s tragic to be born awoken in a system that wants you in a deep slumber’.

      Anthony Brown

    • Alex Reddy

      Hitler encouraged the German people to think for themselves and encouraged to become free in spirit and not to succumb to authoritative pressure, it was only communist propaganda what was banned along with stuff which corrupts the young, he cared about the German people and the German people loved him to the end even in the face of defeat, what you have been told about the national socialists is lies and

      • Matt Ingratta

        the national socilaists were assholes to jews, muslims, immigrants, gays, and the handicapped, and what the lady said up thread about how hitler used propaganda and what he thought of the population is spot on, the national socialists wanted to improve the quality of life in a germany that was poor due to its being made to pay war reparations for wwI but they only wanted life to improve for certain people, and went so far as to execute those who spoke against them, like the university students in the white rose society…

        • Rocky

          Their were Muslim Waffen SS units. The Waffen SS was actually pretty diverse. In addition to Muslims being able to join, their were quite a few African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Jewish soldiers.

          Don’t believe me? Just Google it.

          • lorkoos

            There’s no ignorance like willful ignorance. I’m talking about you…

        • Alex Reddy

          you watch to much hollywood buddy

        • Alex Reddy

          they were assholes to marxists, bolsheviks and communists, the type of people who were going around raping and torturing children and women, before youm spoout nonsense about national socialists doing the same, they would not want to rape a dirty communist

      • Jeremy Hodder

        You see Alex you’re part of the first crowd of people as are rocky. The simple minded

        • Ryan Fleming

          Thats ironic Jeremy, that don’t teach what Alex linked in that video. I guess 70 + years of rainbow loving has clouded ur judgement right? It takes someone who isn’t simple minded to look past the history written by victors

        • Alex Reddy

          go suck a dick with your fag rainbow

    • Heil Hitler

    • Ryan Fleming

      Nice lack of sources

    • corners

      “he third type were very valuable, but dangerous, and if they would not cooperate it was best to be rid of them”

      why was the third group of people valuable to the master of propaganda?

  • Derp
  • Carl Kelley

    The get tough on crime era dam the pervades prison industry will own and control the USA pretty soon

  • billybear3

    Waco was not a small family ranch. Raping children is not the actions of an innocent person. Koresh had already killed 6 agents then they tied to get him to,surrender for 93 days.

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      Like, so what?
      They could not stay in there forever.
      There are gasses (not tear gas) which could have been injected into the house
      to make everyone inside unconscious. A few might have died, but that is
      better than burning them alive, killing them with poison gas and machine
      gunning any women or children trying to escape from the basement.

  • Roadking

    Think “Ruby Ridge”!!

  • ResistTheNWO15

    F the pigs, and the godamn military. you kunts.


    who’s going to protect you from the protectors?

  • Pat Hirst

    Wow.. yeaaaah, no. Most police departments can’t even afford to adequately staff or buy another k9 or police cruiser let alone one of these MRAP vehicles. I’m against these bruiser cops taking the law into their hands too, but this article is just complete fear mongering, just as bad as the local news. Sensationalism and fear, conspiracy bullshit. Let me know when you have real news about my country to report instead of conspiracy theory end of times stuff.

  • Richard Rosario

    Paranoia is destroya…done your tinfoil hats.

  • samoanpunch .

    Really hate having to look through the discussions to find out how old articles are… Seriously unprofessional practice.