Cops Savagely Beat Woman on Video, Found Not Guilty. Taxpayers Held Liable Instead.


police brutality


Becky Behm was allegedly “drunk driving” and taken to jail.  She was released the next day but her night spent in jail would prove to be horrific.

Behm was beaten by 3 officers, punched in the face, swung head-first into a concrete wall, sprayed with pepper spray and left with no medical attention in a cell.

We can tell from the video that she posed ZERO threat whatsoever to these brutal tyrants, yet they persisted, escalated to violence and savagely beat Becky Behm.

According to a criminal case was brought against the three officers, Sergeant Richard Johnston, and correctional officers Jeffery Bieber and Justin Piro, all of Tazewell County.

Bieber and Piro were accused of using un–necessary force against Becky Behm after she was arrested.

Johnston was accused of neglecting his supervisory duties during the quarrel between the woman and the officers.

All three officers were found not guilty.

However, after a lengthy closed door session before the Tazewell County Board, a settlement was approved for $175,000 to be paid to Behm.

Apparently Tazewell County has a brutal track record with previous inmates; the payment to Behm is the third large sum paid to an inmate in the last few years.

Tazewell County paid $100,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former inmate Kody Leuallen, who claimed a jailer made her perform oral sex on him twice in 2005.

The county also settled a suit brought by inmate Charles Chandler for $440,000.

Chandler claimed to have been beaten by officers while he was handcuffed to a bed in 2007.

That incident, like the one with Behm, was captured on the jail’s video surveillance system.

The officers remain on the job, and the taxpayers held liable for their violent incompetence, as is the modus operandi for tyrant cops as of late.

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  • sickntired

    more thug cops,

  • one by one, these thug cops are gonna be found lifeless, lying in a gutter somewhere . i hope whoever puts them there never gets found

    • PigChoker

      let them live.. just sever their spine and leave them face down in a pile of shit. piss on them. break every bone in their body until fragments of bone make them look like a fucking cactus.

    • McBenz

      Here’s a tip, get rich in financial markets and then go on a vigilante cop killing spree or do what PigChoker suggested.

  • Lisa

    More police officers unfit for duty they can lock you up for merely touching someone and they batter this woman on camera yet! Very brazen they need to go as well as their superiors and the judge.

  • aztex2010

    Pull over someone for loud music?? Some of us are hard of hearing and always have everything loud and we also talk loud .. cops should pay more attention to crime .. is loud music illegal . driving down the highway .. Boo Hiss 🙁

  • michael92064

    Police union

  • Laurice Tatum BS, MPA, MS.

    Until the day taxpayers get feed up with paying punitive and compensatory damages for civil rights violations this kind of unwarranted violence will continue. This kind of activity hurt the representation of all good Officers. No excuse for such irresponsible actions by Officers. Officers like these remind me of the nail fungus depicted in the ad below entitled, “Best cure for Nail Fungus.” And I don’t mind saying this snide comment comes from a former Police Officer and Investigator of 28 years.

  • Hypno-crypt

    Hey man you gotta have sympathy for the devil, cops are people too. You don’t fight fire with fire, you fight it with water. Violence will never extinguish violence. Problems are solved by cold unemotional observation and thought, not righteous indignation. It’s just human nature to shit on people if you’re given the opportunity.

    • Stazzy

      Yeah because peace is working out so well for us…Sorry nothing will change without a civil revolution…not with the system in place. And no it’s not human nature to shit on people if you are given opportunity, I wouldn’t hurt someone innocent even if it was guaranteed I wouldn’t get caught, because that is not part of my nature. It’s human nature to protect ourselves and others at any cost, to survive but not to hurt people.

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

    Polio diseased can’t walk alone

  • Deeez Nuttz

    cmon dont ever settle if its wrong its wrong fight for your shit