Cops Seen on Video Literally Climbing on Top of Restrained Man and Mutilating Him Until He Dies



BATON ROUGE — A deeply disturbing video has surfaced online showing a man dying after six cops dogpiled him and tortured him while he was restrained.

The incident began when Ervin Edwards, 38, was approached by officers at a gas station.

The officers accused him of “disturbing the peace.”

Once the video starts, Edwards can be seen being dragged into a prison cell by a group of cops.

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Once they have him in the cell, six officers can be seen stepping on his back, stepping on his head, pulling his pants down and Tasing him on his buttocks for over a minute.

The whole time, Edwards body was lying motionless on the ground.

Both his feet and his hands were handcuffed.

Cops tried to claim that Edwards was “resisting,” but that claim is contradicted by the raw footage.

Edwards’s family believe that the police are responsible for his death after viewing the footage, according to reports. 

“I just can’t believe it. The beating, the torture they did my brother,” his sister said in an interview with WAFB 9 News.

The family is still grieving and plans to sue the police, though the trial date has not been determined.

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Visual imagery of a motionless Edwards lying on the ground as cops dogpile him and torture him to death bears shocking similarity to what cops did to Kelly Thomas and Eric Garner.

It’s almost as if this strategy of crowding onto an individual and mutilating him until he dies is part of official police training.

We guess these cops will not be indicted, and that they “feared for their lives.”

Watch the videos below (warning – extremely graphic):

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports

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  • SirTerrance Murphy

    Each pig should be tracked down and shot .

    • Alan530

      Nope, but a civilian tribunal instead of a DA indictment would work. Don’t play their game; rise above it.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        I have a better idea. a citizen review board to investigate EVERY incident involving cops firing their weapon. no ties to city govt., cops, mayor, etc. rotate them out every 3 investigations so they can’t become corrupt, or powerful. and put the burden of proof back on the cops……as it should be

      • DrunkVegan

        Sure, it might work, but only if it resembles the tribunal from Battlestar Galactica…

  • Joe Clam

    Louisiana…. figures.

  • Cromwell

    I have absolutely no problem understanding why people are killing cops

    • Todd McCallister

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    • dxsmopuim

      NOPE ! None what so ever ! Actually, I think they are NOT dying FAST ENOUGH ! I hope and pray there are still enough honest citizens out there to rectify this situation, SOON !

  • Boko Hos

    These cops should be burned alive in front of their families. Absolutely despicable.

    • gotti G

      I gladly agree. I’ll kill one of these bitch ass officers my damn self if I see em in the street and send his dead body back to his wife and kids

      • Amos Understandin

        Not a smart thing to say on the internet. Dumby. If you ACTUALLY had any REAL intentions of doing what you say, you wouldn’t be talking about it on some facebook page. Fake ass.

        • gotti G

          Don’t have me Google your info and come find u and kill u bitch

          • gotti G

            I will do it to pussy so stfu for u and your kids and family winds up dead

          • margova

            Lose the attitude, Francis. Nobody is shaking in their boots over your dumb-ass. Its one thing to voice your opinion or facts… but, when a fellow American tries to help you because you’re a blatant idiot.. and letting you know you can go to jail for saying this shit on the net whether you mean it or not…. don’t show your ass. Be appreciative.. own your stupidity.. and say thanks. Its not the end of the world. Have some integrity and dignity. Be big enough to admit your wrongs. In lieu of getting stupid and defensive. Thats candy-ass shit.

          • Darrell Darrell

            Are you retarded? This is a terroristic threat and a federal offense. You have been reported to the FBI. Im sure they have your IP by now. Better hope you are not in America, clown.

          • ted mueller

            Reported him to the FBI? If you have dumbass alphabet agencies involved, he’s safe then. Somebody reported the supposed 911 terrorists to the FBI 3 months before 9-11. How’d that work out?

          • reality

            911 was an inside job just an excuse to invade 1 middle eastern country at a time for its resources and to rid of israels local enemies for them USA government is ran by jews and non jews in congress are paid by the jews yes the zionists are the real terrorists

          • ⓣⓗⓔⓐⓝⓣⓘⓢⓗⓔⓔⓟⓛⓔ

            Did you actually report someone to the FBI? Smh in disgust! Freedom of speech means nothing to a lot of Americans and that is so fucked up!!

          • ZeroHostile

            Look at this tough guy on the interweb, BAHAHAHA, pussy…No need to google me boy, I posted via my facebook ID name, look me up it’s public… Come out here to the sticks and see where it gets you… Hell, bring some friends, fuck bring em ALL… Hope they can run 850 feet per second, cuz everyone of my little hollow headed buddies can , and I have a LOT of little buddies… Don’t be shy, I’ll keep coffee on bitch… When you hear the pitbulls and the mastiff barking, you’re at the right place…

          • Alan530

            Ditto here…just announce your coming the road to my town is lined with hunters, loggers, and growers who r friends…and 2nd amendment enthusiasts who believe in protecting

        • Francis Cugler

          I agree with the others, comments like them should be kept to yourself. You have to be explicitly careful with what you say on any public forum. Only as an example and in no way to be taken literal and for demonstrational purposes only, there is a difference between: Someone ought to kill those piggies versus If I see one they are good as dead.” The first part is more of an ethical statement or clause of what one ought to do it falls in the lines of ethics, where the second one shows direct consent or the will to commit a criminal act which in itself is a felony offense. Please be wise when you are saying things out of anger on the net. They do not call it the net for no reason, it was designed to ensnare you!

        • Google the term “agent provocateur”.

      • felixinmontana

        We are sick of agents coming on here and attempting to insight arrestable speech, that is why you hide behind that account, we are aware that the police can find you with ease and you are only hiding from the site users. If the police can find you they will. But they won’t will they? Pig.

        • divina6

          gotti G is a cop. .

      • Guest

        gotti G is a cop.

        • king

          I’m not gone argue over the web bitch tell me your location and I’ll come blow your fucking house up like 9-11 bitch

          • Alan530

            Wow. The idiocy astounds and amazes me.

          • ClintJCL

            And how would you know where the house of an anonymous Guest commentator is?

            Another impotent comment left by a commentator who is himself probably impotant.

      • Alan530

        And this type of comment is why the cause is ignored by media…try acting better than the cops, and progress will follow.

  • daren III

    theres no date …when did this happen?

    • DisraeliGears

      Near the beginning of the video it gives a date November 26 2013 and it looks like its 6:30 at night.

    • Chris

      Nov 26th, 2013

  • RandyBoBandy

    Hopefully the pigs learn that street justice doesn’t allow murderous cops to get off on technicalities like the typical US just-us system. The only problem I have with the street justice system is how they seem to target random cops.

  • Nat Turner

    Aren’t you used to it yet? After it happens enough times it will all seem commonplace! A few months ago I was outraged. Now, I expect it. What will you do when it comes to your neighborhood?

    • Prosta Chudo

      Open fire

  • Clive

    But, it’s the media’s fault that society is starting to turn against cops?

    • Common Sense

      Actually it is the media who is proving cops are not abiding by the law they swear to uphold. You must be a cop! No human being deserves this treatment. It takes 6 to kill 1 man. You guys are all the same. The media is unbias, seems even with this raw footage you would claim they are innocent. Here’s a little diddy, whatever you do will come back to you. “You live by the gun, you die by the gun.” This type of brutality is not going to be ignored for much longer by society. You figure it out. Society is begin to uprise, the same way cops fear for their lives. Individuals are fearing for theirs.

      • Andrew Beverley

        That was a question. I think he was being sarcastic.

      • Clive

        Outstanding job on missing the sarcastic nature of my point, Actually Man.

        • Jeremiah Benton

          I felt it.. the sarcasm

      • tracy.J.

        Common sense, One Word…..KARMA!

    • oooorgle


  • John’s Kawasaki


  • How bob

    This `bs` , or acts similar to this ,in regards of harassment by law enforcement-Lackeys, is also going on in Japan , toward Black males, ………..Did you all know that?!

  • Ovidio


  • So What

    Put them all on the end of a rope

  • Tom

    You can go watch 1,000 videos of cops killing unarmed people who are at a distance. When asked why they killed the person the cops ALWAYS (not most of the time) ALWAYS say, I felt that my life was in danger.

    (sarcasm) You should try this the next time you beat your wife or decide to shoot your unarmed neighbor, just tell everyone that you felt threatened. You can kill people in the United States if you feel like it. You don’t need any reason to kill someone – just remember to say you felt threatened. Tell people that your neighbors hand was going towards their pajama bottom waistband and you didn’t know what was going to happen next. (sarcasm)

    Nobody try that, I’m only illustrating a point. I don’t want anyone getting hurt. I want us all getting along and making good memories and a great place for our children to be raised in. I think we all need to turn off our televisions and head over to city hall.

    • Alan530

      That makes this atheist scream AMEN!

      • Derek Diaz

        Here’s anouther smarter atheist saying calmly: he had it comming.

        • Julian M Williams

          Shut up

        • Jason Hersh

          derek diaz, you faggot. stfu with your pussy ass. No one gives a fuck to hear your disgusting bull shit comment. Bitch.

          • Randy

            I notice in all of your comments you have to resort to cussing and don’t even know that words like “bullshit” are one word. I must know two things. Do you have more fingers than teeth and do you even have a high school diploma?

        • ⓣⓗⓔⓐⓝⓣⓘⓢⓗⓔⓔⓟⓛⓔ

          One of these days someone could be saying that about your child! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          are you fuc#ing kidding me!!!!???? say that when they murder/torture you, or someone you care about. it’s fuc#ing morons like you that have allowed these douche bags to get away with this shit

        • AJ Ward

          Another* coming*

          You’re not very bright.

        • Mea Dunford

          He had being brutally tortured to death while helpless coming? even if he commited a crime “disturbing the peace” that’s not something ANyone HAS COMING. Saddam Hussein was given a better cleaner death.

          • Mea Dunford

            your the reason people think us atheists are immoral douches.

        • 3% R US

          You have it coming when someone kills you. But hey, you’re godless evil scum so who’s surprised there? I especially hope it’s a cop that does it.

        • Tell me how a shackled and handcuffed man, regardless of his crime, had it coming. Now if he was white they would have taken him to burger king and buy him a meal like they did Roof.

    • ⓣⓗⓔⓐⓝⓣⓘⓢⓗⓔⓔⓟⓛⓔ


    • Waking Up

      It’s going to take a revolution.

    • Either have a revolution, fight the coppers, or leave the backward country of bullies.

  • Tara IslandGirl Gordon

    He might have been arrested on good cause but once you are arrested and subdued the police can not take revenge on you for what happened. This man was down not moving and they kept on doing what they did. They contributed to his death no doubt in my mind that’s what they did.

    • ted mueller

      contributed? you mean caused!

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      it is cops job to KEEP THE PEACE, not shatter it!! it is also their job to arrest, when a law has actually been broken. at no time are they supposed to deal out ANY punishment. that is the job of a judge, or jury

  • Centurion AE

    Make no mistake about it blacks need to organize a militia and fight and kill cops if necessary to stop them from freely killing us. we shouldnt have to live in terror living in America. Yes theres problems in the black community but you cant assume every black is a savage. Thats when they leave us no other choice but to wage war on the police departments of America. A lot of people will die im willing to die myself more than one time but what has to be done needs to be done. Turn America into a warzone if necessary.

    • Justinnmattie Wilkos

      Its not just blacks that need a militia its people need to take a stand against what’s not right rather urbblack white yellow or orange what is happening isn’t right but also two wrongs don’t make a right if a Asian was killed by a white man should a different Asian go kill a different randemn white man for it NO so why are there people killing randemn cops if u are going to do something it should b on the one that did it in the first place

    • Shane Walter Pond

      Be careful what you ask for… Cause clearly your not educated enough to see whats knocking on america’s door… Can you guess? Yes war.. A war that would forever change America as we know it… maybe for the better maybe for the worst… But its a war like no other, i can assure you of that…

      • LBoogieLCB

        Like no other? Dude, America has been at war for the better part of a century with different countries, did you think the war wasn’t going to come knocking? I think it’s time America stopped worrying about other countries and started taking care of what’s wrong in this one, and that’s the war of citizens vs. over-militarized police. Look around and see how people act, when police ride by, most people look away…why? Because of fear. And the sad part is, the police are the ones who are scared. And what do people do to things or people that they are scared of? They kill them, so, ya know, f**k the police! And by the way, people shouldn’t fear anything except God. Now, He’s who America needs to fear knocking at our door. This country isn’t anything but a modern-day Sodom And Gomorrah.

      • Centurion AE

        It’s you’re as in you are, clearly you’re not educated enough to know the difference. Secondly I’ve spent years in college. Last, education has nothing to do with this topic you nit wit.

        • Shane Walter Pond

          Well i am very happy for you having the ability to attend college.. But your still wrong years of college and all 🙂

      • Centurion AE

        Also, learn how to type and use periods properly before you try to insult someone else’s education level.

        • Shane Walter Pond

          Does it bother you more regardless of my periods and poor typing that i am still right? people normally elude to grammar when all else fails..

  • i hate po


  • Ms. Hayes

    This is getting ridiculous… Its sad, And i find it really messed up that most of these deaths are justified, its crazy i can guarantee eventually its going to be war….. Citizens against the law, they c are corrupt and can get away with taking peoples lived its not right, whatever is coming for them they deserve every single one of them….

  • qwkinuf

    The real irony is that Sheriffs & District Attorneys don’t recognize the fact that if they would vigorously prosecute and imprison Bad Cops, it would create a win-win-win situation. Bad cops get removed from society, the public trust is re-established and the Sheriffs / DA’s win re-elections.

    • Jeremiah Benton

      But that would only make sense. And if it makes sense then is not going to happen.. sadly. Tho I believe 100% in what you said.

    • ⓣⓗⓔⓐⓝⓣⓘⓢⓗⓔⓔⓟⓛⓔ

      Plus the private prison system will still get it’s ever precious money!!

  • Candy Shop Gurls


    • John Miller

      Its not black vs white , its have vs have not with the cops being used to keep us in our place. I’m talking the top 1/10 of 1%. The wall street type people who destroyed millions of lives and looted the savings of every American. Not 1 was prosecuted and they were given bonuses. The people who can buy lobbyists to buy congressmen to pass laws against us and profit from our misfortune. Laws are being passed every day that restrict our freedoms and we foolishly follow like sheep to the slaughter.

      • Derek Diaz

        Nope. The problem is people like you that vote for hand outs and feel entitled to other peoples work and effort. The lazy sack of shit that wants to steal by proxy and tell himself he is a good man for doing it.

        • Dan

          I’m so confused how you deduced all that from John’s post…

        • Just Wondrin

          You mean like big corporations that are subsidized by taxpayers?

        • John Miller

          Nope its about police policy that not only allows but encourages criminal behavior. I’m a white middle aged republican by the way with a Masters in Industrial Engineering. I have always earned my own money and have others who depend on me for their paycheck. You on the other hand are a fool who has never had an original thought but instead regurgitates the same old story thats you’ve been lead to believe is the truth but your not smart enough to look deeper.

          • ⓣⓗⓔⓐⓝⓣⓘⓢⓗⓔⓔⓟⓛⓔ


        • Kuroi Ryuu

          You sorry ass piece of shyt go crawl back up into the rotten hole you crawled out of

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          you mean like you wetbacks who come and steal American jobs, living here illegally, selling dope, and doing drive by’s

          • Mea Dunford

            Gary, do your research, illegal immigrants actually contribute positively to our economy. Regardless, all humans, all worthy of respect. Do you really, truly, blame them for trying to escape whatever hell they are living in? Would you like to be deported to their country? You were born here you lucky shit, it’s not like you earned it.

          • Joe Palooka

            So adding a half trillion dollars to the national debt every year is contributing to the economy?
            Prison,welfare,hospital services ect….

      • Candy Shop Gurls

        I agree but that 10% is not as direct effective as the working 20 %

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        and I’d add to that the foreign bought and paid for lobbyists. they buy our “leaders” with their oil money! Saudi Arabia, and israhell are the two biggest enemies of “we the people”

      • Mike Krall

        You are spot on! I tell people this and they just don’t get it.
        If all te regular people got together and stood up against this, we could win.
        But we buy into the race baiting and all that garbage while they figure out how to kill all of us. I hate this whole race war thing so bad. I really believe Martin Luther King when he said we should judge people by their character, not the color of their skin. He was right on about that and if working class and regular common americans could just get that in their heads, maybe we’d have a chance. thank you for what you wrote.

    • Jimmie Speed

      Only white folks are saying this. You can stop syaing this. OK!!!!

      • Candy Shop Gurls

        For 1 im not white im black from chicago west side and the fact is i can say what i want when i want if you mad go suck your thumb some people choose to look at things in tunnel vision but when you choose to look its black cops and white cops killing unarmed black and white men the urban or middle class is under attack

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        so let me guess, you are one of these blacks that have daily pity parties, and believe that only blacks are victims of police corruption/brutality. I’ll freely admit that blacks get it more often then whites, but we sure as hell aren’t immune from it.

      • Jimmie Speed

        Please go and waste your time somewhere you are needed. To make a statement that agrees with me and then state a fundamental fact is ludicrous.

        13% (blacks) of USA population cannot be compared to 70% whites.

        Blacks are killed disproportionately.

        Instead of accepting that you run around talking shit.

        I’m an agent of change and if you google my real name there you can see that.

        Not hiding on the Internet talking crap. And I’m definitly not your status quo so save the drama and go create a website to spew

        • richardruscoe

          Well Jimmie, they’ve killed whites over twice as often this year. So things are looking up.

    • Clint Jaysiel

      it just so happens to be a black guy by total coincidence
      i’m sure we can find the same situation and treatment with a white guy, right? Getting gas, then tortured to death? Find me the story.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        how about Kelly Thomas….for starters

        • Clint Jaysiel

          Kelly Thomas wasn’t getting gas. He was a homeless mentally ill man. It’s not the same situation. Find me a non-homeless, non-mentally ill white guy getting gas at a gas station and ending up tortured to death by a group of cops.

          If we’re talking about situations similar to Kelly Thomas – That’s a good question. I’d imagine it’s pretty easy to find stories of cops beating black homeless disabled people to death. But the reason Kelly Thomas is remembered so well is not because of the brutality – pigs do something like that weekly – but because it’s the kind of story that usually happens to a black person, but happened ot a white person, thus making it unusual enough to become viral.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            oh are you fuc$ing kidding me???? has there been riots for him?….no. I’m so sick of hearing this shit from idiots like you. if you had half a brain you’d see this isn’t a white/black issue. but all you want is a reason to be a worthless welfare case so you don’t have to work and blame all your problems on someone else. and btw, the only difference between Thomas, and this guy was the gas thing. I fail to see what buying gas has to do with it

          • Clint Jaysiel

            No, there hasn’t been riots for Kelly Thomas because that type of shit doesn’t usually happen to white guys. It does every day, of course, but not like it does for black people.

            It’s not hard to look at the details of stories and figure this out. I’m sorry you lack the nuance to see the forest from the trees.

            But instead of discussing the issue, you resort to personal attacks, proving that you lack the ability to back your statements with logic and reason.

            I almost certainly make more money than you, by the way. No welfare here. Richer than 85% of people my age in America. None of this is irrelevant, but you seemed to bring that up as if it somehow strengthened your argument.

            It doesn’t. Name calling makes you look like an impotent old man shaking his fists at the children unable to make an actual point.

            At least you admit that you fail to see.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            you’re just a fuc#ing idiot. and I don’t really give a rats ass how much money you inherited, or what business you started with daddies money

          • ClintJCL

            So, you declare it’s not about race, and when I point out that it is, you call me names.

            You are the internet equivalent of a crazy old man standing on a soapbox shouting things at people, who is ignored because he can’t express his ideas in a way that would convince anyone.

            You don’t care about how much money I have, says the man who mentioned my money first. You said “All you want is a reason to be a worthless welfare case”. You started talking about ME and MY MONEY. Amazingly, when I pointed out I am not on welfare, you stated screaming that you don’t care. About that topic you just started.

            It’s just embarrassing to see someone shove panties up their ass so hard. Kind of hilarious, too. Watching tiny minds crumble is a hobby of mine.

            I went to college and earned my money. It’s pretty easy to buy a house at age 24 if you majored in computer science, and it’s pretty easy to have that house paid off, along with an $80,000 addition and a nice 401(k) [minus 2008 raping] by the time you’re 42.

            So you see, if the best you can do is accuse me of being on welfare — making up lies — then you are a useless commentator who is never going to be able to convince anyone, ever, of anything they don’t already believe in.

            Why you should choose to waste your time impotently making declarations that you can’t back up is beyond me. Maybe you’re not used to people calling you out on your bullshit. Maybe that’s why you whine like a butthurt little pussy when someone does?

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            I’m not interested in reading the novel you just wrote. and if you can’t see that cops are out of control, and are hurting ALL colors, then no amount of talking will change that

          • ClintJCL

            I never said that, numbnuts. You truly can’t read. At least you admit it.

        • richardruscoe

          I can’t forget his final moments at the hands of these subhumans. Our elite teach them they will not be held accountable. Believing this lie destroys our humanity. They know because they’ve done the research. Studies show 90% of us will do the same. We need to know we will be held to account.

      • Candy Shop Gurls


        • ClintJCL

          Yea no shit, that was bad stuff.

          But they did it to Abner Louima first. 10 years ago. And he was black.

          • Candy Shop Gurls

            he wasnt first these dirty ass cops been doing shit to us for years what im saying its not just blacks as much as some people would love for the world to see it like that but its Mexicans puerto ricans and middle class whites

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      exactly!! it’s a blue/khaki problem, not a white/black problem. and the judges are as much to blame as the Rambo wanna be’s

      • Candy Shop Gurls


        • Gary Williams Jr.

          I used to go and drink coffee in this skanky “restaurant”, every week day morning, the prosecuting attorney’s, and the public pretenders would meet, sitting at a table that was reserved for them, nobody was allowed to sit in that dining room. what they didn’t realize was, from where I usually sat, I could hear some of what they said, not all, but enough. anyway, they’d meet and discuss how a case would be decided. many times the da would say, “i’ll give him 3 months”, and the “defense” would often say, “no, he should get more time then that, he’s guilty”. I SWEAR TO GOD! I saw this little scene played out everyday, until the place closed down a while back. even when in open court, when a cop lied under oath, then told the judge, again under oath that he lied. the judge, while still pronouncing this person guilty of all charges, said “well, i’d hate to think the officer lied” and the defense attorney sat there silent, while this person was railroaded on a clear lie. that’s our justice system at work

          • Candy Shop Gurls

            the day is coming and the truth will come out

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            we can only hope 🙂

        • DiAnna DeFur

          they wouldn’t care..the fbi is also part of the problem…

  • margova

    It doesn’t matter if he gave them trouble while being booked. Once hes handcuffed.. its over. These cowardly pig-shit eating bastards murdered him for payback. All involved in this mess should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Conspiracy to commit murder… and murder.

    ALL cops are worthless pieces of pig-shit. Wake up people!! Cops are not our friends. I hope the Black Panthers clean some house on all pigs.

  • heagoodboy

    People hate cops… until they need them.

  • deborah

    Sue their azzes that is so much bulls—t it sickening!!!!

  • Gary Burch

    They are gonna say the drugs killed him….no the restraint asphyxiation killed him that 330 pound officer was standing on him.6 cops were trying to do what..he was already handcuffed…he was restrained already so what were they trying to do?

  • stone2125 .

    We would appreciate if you would post this video to your page. It is evoking and I opening. The music is set to a song that was written for our friend who was gunned down by police officers. We thank you very much in advance.
    Gunned Down:

  • Jessica Opal

    This was so hard to watch. He’s a criminal sure, but this brought tears to my eyes.
    Cops are COPS; not judge, jury, NOR prosecutor.
    They’ve gotten too big for their britches and another cop killing is coming soon. Mark my words. I called the last one…

  • Tsavo

    After this and a hundred similar cases all over the country, it ‘s become apparent that war is upon us. It is up to the men and women of the black community to fight back and we should be prepared to fight a down and dirty defensive/guerrilla war against Fascists Police Forces. As in bring everything we have to bear against them. Set up booby traps and IED’s(avoid head on fights)

    We need to set up ambushes whenever possible. Take every opportunity to hurt fascists military police. Make the imperialistic swine work for every foot of ground they gain. If they want your country, make them work for it, make that army of brainwashed cannon fodder earn their paycheck… one bullet at a time.

    Pro-Freedom insurgent units should mostly avoid direct combat, and divide into combat groups consisting of 15 to 20 personnel, subdivided into three or four-man fire teams. A fire team should consisted of an anti-tank gunner, armed with Russian-made RPG-7s or RPG-18s, as well as a machine gunner and a rifleman. Small but flexible and agile force.

    Since military police love showing off its armored vehicles so much and they outmatch us here overwhelmingly… We should focus on eliminating as many of these armored assets as possible and while going for HIGH causalities against police forces.

    To destroy armored vehicles invading our communities, five or six hunter-killer fire teams should be deployed for ambushes, in second and third story buildings and in basements in the case of urban warfare. The snipers and machine gunners will be able to pin down the supporting infantry while the antitank gunners can engage the armored vehicles aiming at the top, rear and sides of vehicles.

    Pro-Freedom militias should set up ambush points of their own and lure the Military Police combat groups into ambushes(perhaps using armored vehicles taken from Police forces). Pro-Freedom fighters in hiding should open fire with devastating automatic and anti-tank weapons fire. No need for prisoners.

    Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, and Chechnya, etc… are examples of forces even smaller and more lopsided than their Superpower enemy holding their own against a more powerful enemy force of invaders. All is not lost until we give up… Only then are we defeated.

    So do not doubt yourselves, you are in a war for your peoples lives and right to exist. A right to freedom is not a given, you have to earn it. Sometimes that means dying, sometimes that means killing a whole lot of people you don’t want to…

    Yes, we are but the remnants of a once great people numbering less than our enemy. An underdog tale if I ever saw one. However, I believe that each of you warriors is equal to a thousand of their sickly soft children. You represent a force that could easily defeat an army of a million and one of them. It is time for you to awake the ones who sent you screaming into oblivion.

    You shall drag them out of bed by the hair, and remind them of what you are. You will remind them of what it feels like to live in fear. You will remind them of the sound your boots make against their throats. You will remind them that there are more things between Heaven and Hell than are dreamed of in their philosophy.

    There is a savage beast in every man, and when you hand that man a sword or spear and send him forth to war, the beast stirs… Good luck.

  • David L Grabill

    this is called murder by cop

  • David L Grabill

    soon people are going to hunt these criminal cops down and shot them if they don’t stop what they are doing and it will be the cops fault, they are already shooting cops in NY so keep up the criminal work and someone will have a bullet with your name on it

  • LORD X

    Someone PLEASE put a bullet in the head of each pig involved…. please.

  • Kenneth Moore

    Did you see that cop that was twice his size fully put his weight on him?

  • Anne Boleyn

    It’s no use just talking about it. I’m going to email that police department and tell them what I think! I’ve done it before with the Florida cops – I told them to expect and avalanche of emails, phone calls, letters etc, and reminded them that the whole world is watching them. I’ll do the same with these bastards

  • jaygoji

    Isn’t that sheriff from Family Guy or something?

  • SPC. Wright

    No indictment

  • Kingery Kyle

    How was he “disturbing the peace”

  • Anne Boleyn

    The video has been removed. But I’m going to write to these pricks

  • Rick Carufel

    Another case of murdering, militarized police murdering a citizen. The police have decided we are the enemy and they can kill us with impunity. The constant excuse of feeling threatened just illustrates they have adopted a double standard that the life of a police officer in more valuable than that of the citizen.

  • wildman

    and yet these tin star thugs don’t understand why AMERICA hates them and has NO remorse over them being killed. And for those fuking pigs involved here’s hoping everyone and everything you love dies a horrendous death right before your fukin eyes

  • I’m sure after a grand jury non-indictment and IA stamp of approval, these cops will be back to business as usual: beating, tasering, and killing more handcuffed people.

  • Alan530

    It makes no difference what substance the victim was on or his past record. He was being dragged shackled to a solo drunk tank. That’s where fucked up people yell and curse until they crash. His clothes were almost removed (removal req. In most psych tanks for inmate safety) so cut them off and let him yell. He cussed at you so taser him? Rookies start in jails so this is how you train people to become street cops? It used to be the jail time toughened a cops skin, now it must be how to yell “stop resisting” to an immobilized human being. HUMAN FUCKING BEING! Slaughter houses can’t get away with this.

  • Harry Hansford

    Biggest and most disgusting gang in the world – NYPD

  • Todd Giffen

    We need more people to kill cops because people feel threatened by them. “My life was in danger, the cop wanted me dead and they have shown to kill people they come across.”

  • Derek Diaz

    He had it coming in spades.

    Drug user. High as a kite.

    Clearly resisting despite your best efforts to doctor the tape.

    Had plates in his head, but still risked getting tased.

  • Ebola Nurse

    Unemployed Obama voters sure do eat well ..

  • Alan Rochin

    Well he was on pcp soo yeah

  • Alan Williams

    I’d question the coroner as well. I seriously doubt a cocaine overdose had anything to do with this.

  • Lefty Blitzer

    These cops, and cops like them, should be dragged into the street by THE PEOPLE and summarily executed.

  • Kuroi Ryuu

    They had no reason to kill him or treat him in that manner. All of them should suffer the same fate

  • WarrenHart

    Why is someones previous record always used to justify them murdering that person? Whatever this man did months ago or whenever is irrelevant to them tasering and beating the man to death while he offers no resistance whatsoever.


    These officers are lying, period. I don’t believe a word the police say when there trying to protect themselves in a situation like this. They’re always going to try to make it sound like they were justified.

  • Luke Cloud

    The cops new they were being filmed, and notice the casual demeanor. This kind of behavior is both expected and accepted within the police department.

  • Phoenixmarguerite Turner

    All of those cops should commit suicide! None of them deserve to breathe air

  • Alacatious

    What i think alot of people are missing (including most of those that die at the police’s hands) is that most police are taught by society to be defensive and jaded. Nobody calls the cops when they win the lottery and want to share. They call the cops when there is a problem, so the cops go there expecting a problem, and usually, they’re right. Its just plain dumb to pick a fight or resist or cuss out an agitated cop.
    To put it another way, if i told you that here is Spot the abused german shepherd..would you walk up to it and start harassing it? no!. You would leave it alone, because it would jump you (due to its history/experiences whatever).
    If you treat police with a little patience and distance,and dont argue/fight/resist them, they wont over-react.
    This is one of the problems that can be solved by people making smart choices in the heat of the moment.

  • Alacatious

    It is very tragic that the people that we hire to protect us do sometimes overreact and injure those that they are sworn to protect. VERY tragic. But as a society we must understand that that these are the people that we hired to clean up the filth. Police are society’s garbage collectors. They take out the trash. All day and all night. OF COURSE they are going to be tainted by their experiences and assume that everyone is a problem and everyone is a threat. it’s the nature of the job.
    It is incumbent upon us to know that our hired watchdogs are angry and mean, and thats what we pay them to do. So when you encounter one of them, dont treat him like your little brother and fight/cuss/ignore him.
    I’m certainly not saying that all of these deaths are excusable. Im not saying that they’re not tragic. They are definitely inexcusable and they are very tragic. But they all share the same story. The cops arent the problem. We are.

  • 3% R US

    I really want names. Who were these officerS??

  • Lisa Drake

    I’m not watching this,I’m beyond mad already

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    Charley Manson must be roflhao…. what he did to start a race war, and was jailed by cops for, now the cops are doing it…

  • Daniel Baker

    Looks as if this family has six names to knock off.

  • Wendy Colby

    Chest compressions? He was dead when they first walked out of that room. Bastards. I think prison guards (known to some as scum of the earth) should be put on a list lower than cops.

  • richardruscoe

    Remember guys, if the law worked on our elite, the Pope, and the Queen, would be in jail.