Cops Shoot Family Lab and Rottweiler In Florida

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This happened at my mom and dads home in florida. The police responded to an accidental input of the alarm system. It was corrected seconds later by my aunt, but it was too late. She thought my parents were already home. She was visiting my mom and dad.

This is body cam footage after they responded 45 minutes later. To just ”check on things”.

Both dogs have never bitten anyone. They were just coming up to say hey. The three dogs are on electric collars that runs the property line. The beware of dog signs in the front of the entrance and just before entering the courtyard are obvious.

Clearly if my aunt knew anyone was coming over we would have put the dogs up. She was in the pool area waiting for my mom n dad to arrive. The alarm had been turned of for 45 minutes after going off briefly for about 10- 15 seconds.

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  • Hearseman

    This officer should be euthanized. He is a danger to the public and himself.

  • jack

    If it was at my home there would have been return fire in a larger caliper.

    • Donnarcoley

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    • Keith Cameron

      I concur.

  • Spiffy Pooches

    WTF this is uncalled for that cop was a pussy to shoot those dogs.

    • Deborahjwisdom

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  • Steven Hulbert

    Worked in LE, ops support. I can tell just from the body cam footage they aren’t “charging” him, and they’re not pitbulls like he stated! He knows nothing about animal behavior, he’s a liberal cop in a liberal city and kills the dogs needlessly, but his agency was dumb enough to hire him.

    • Green Lantern

      Totally so – anyone who has any clue about dogs knows they came out to play or greet him – what a useless paranoid ass – should be fired and charged – never to be in a position of power again.

      • Mike Okey

        Conservative cops kill unarmed blacks on a daily basis.

    • Adrien Chandler

      Liberal? I know lots of cops and the last thing I would call them is liberal. And HTF do you know his political leaninigs? Are you a f^cking psychic? Do you know this man personally? Lord…

    • Mike Okey

      Little Stevie I think you need a dictionary. Look up liberal. Moron.

      • Steven Hulbert

        You’ve proven you’re an idiot. Florida is a liberal state, when I want your opinion I’ll give it to you

        • Mike Okey

          Thank you for proving my point. Idiot. ” Florida is a Liberal State ” That means every person is a Liberal? The Brown Shirt Police force is Liberal? Better than getting a dictionary. Get a flipping education. Just because you’re an inbred child does not mean you have to stay Stupid!

          • Steven Hulbert

            “proving my point”? Florida is a traditionally liberal voting state, that’s why it’s called a caucus state dipshit! Educate yourself! “Better than getting a dictionary”…Brilliant….Having known cops from Fla, many are liberal, it’s the way their trained, you don’t know shit!

  • Ellie_Light

    I’m guessing the postman wouldn’t have killed those dogs, nor the pizza delivery guy, or UPS driver. This cop is scared of his own shadow and is a pussy likely to kill someone who doesn’t roll down his window in time.

    • Kim Pruett

      100% agree!

    • Draco

      The post man would NOT have delivered the mail to that place….simple as that.

    • JD

      100% AGREE with you Ellie Light. Police are pussies!!! To quick to kill anything or anyone that does not bow down to them. NOTHING BUT A GANG OF THUGS

  • maxiemom

    Filthy coward! “They backed me into a corner, Ma’am”. LIAR!!! “They were pit bulls. They Charged me!” LIAR! They were not pit bulls, and they did NOT charge your cowardly a**! Cops like you need to be fired, jailed, and kept from carrying guns, ever. Coward!!!!

  • Draco

    Fuск those dogs. They shouldn’t have run at people. What kind of people don’t teach their dogs respect? ..People with dead dogs ..I guess.

    • Nuwan Abeywardena

      Yup here’s another f’tard. Cops will get away with shit like this as long as retards like this are around. 100% with one of the comments above…..the only good cop is a dead one!

  • Duane Arbanasi

    All cops are stupid disgusting cowards. More evidence that the only good law enforcement terrorist scumbag is a dead one.

    • Wren

      I concur! Only good pig is a dead pig.


    There is no doubt these dogs were not vicious. Very obvious with their body language they were just coming to greet. This cop should be fired at a minimum. Sick of the excuse “I was in fear for my life.” From the videos I have seen this is a lie at least 90% of the time!!! We have two large friendly dogs, and they always run up to people to greet them. Looks the same to me. Another cop will get away with this!! Shoot my dogs and you’d better run, cop or no!!

  • Keith Cameron

    Oddly enough, every day in America veritable legions of Letter Carriers, UPS, FedEx Drivers, Cable installers, Meter readers and a host of other occupations interact with Dogs without shooting them.

    Shoot my Dog and I’ll shoot you back.

  • Diggity

    No pit bulls even there…no fucking corner to get backed into either…typical lying piece of shit that should be real proud of! Good job guys! Atta boy! Fucking disgusting!.not to mention that any of those rounds discharged could have easily ended up inside someone else

  • Wren

    This is why cops are enemies. Cowards are dangerous. And cops are the biggest cowards you will ever meet!

  • Natorade

    These useless Asshats dont even know how to handle dogs on their own, and were supposed to trust that they will serve and protect us, get a new fuckin job #notfortheweak, whats a scared lil pig to a big bad wolf?