Cops Shoot Man 7 Times, Execute Because He “May Have” Hurt Police K9 That Was Attacking Him

Sabrina Canfield | Courthouse News Service

NEW ORLEANS (CN) – A dead man’s father claims in a federal lawsuit that his son was shot seven times by cops because they believed he “may have hurt” a police dog.

As recounted in a complaint filed Tuesday in New Orleans, Darien Greenwood and a friend entered a Tammany Parish house without permission on October 20, 2015, and were discovered inside by the homeowner.

As the owner called the police, Greenwood and his friend fled the scene in their Chevrolet sedan.

According to the complaint, deputies soon spotted the friend’s sedan on Interstate 12 near Highway 59, and began to follow it.

Realizing the authorities were closing in on them, the duo stop the car and took off on foot, running in different directions.

Greenwood’s friend, Dean Perkins, was captured by deputies within minutes of his flight, the lawsuit says.

But Greenwood vanished into a nearby woods where he eluded sheriff’s deputies for hours.

“When sheriff’s deputies located Greenwood, they released a K-9 police dog which attacked Greenwood’s right arm, right side and upper chest. In an effort to stop the K-9 from attacking him, Greenwood may have injured the K-9,” the lawsuit says.

At that point, the complaint says “two unidentified sheriff’s deputies opened fire on Greenwood, shooting him seven times. Two bullets entered his right arm then penetrated his left side, one entered his left shoulder, another his left arm, two in his back, and one in his left shoulder.”

Greenwood was taken to a hospital in Hammond, Louisiana where he was pronounced “dead on arrival” from “multiple gunshot wounds” inflicted by “police officers,” the lawsuit says.

Richard Greenwood says in the immediate aftermath of his son’s death, he requested information from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, including details and the names of the officers who shot his son.

“Despite repeated attempts to ascertain this information and promises that this information would be provided, nothing has been produced to date, not even the names of the individuals responsible for the homicide,” the lawsuit says.

“[St. Tammany Parish Sheriff] Jack Strain has failed to take any public action to date and communicate any of his actions with Mr. Greenwood, including but not limited to the production of an investigative report.”

All other reports that might have been filed by Sheriff Strain or his staff have also been withheld, the lawsuit says.

Reached by Courthouse News on Wednesday, Capt. George Bonnett, public relations officer for the sheriff’s office, said as a matter of policy the office does not comment on pending litigation.

Richard Greenwood seeks $1.5 million in regular damages and $1 million in punitive damages for civil rights violations, assault and battery, murder of his son, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The lawsuit was filed by Bruce Betzer of Metairie, Louisiana.

Published by Courthouse News Service.

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  • James J. Kennedy

    The American police are the real terrorist .

  • We gun down your son for possibly hurting a dog. Then, we make you guess who murdered him, because we’re not releasing any names. Have fun playing this game! Signed, The Endless Pork Buffet.

    • jennarrich


  • PatrickHenry

    Shtop qvestioning zee brown shirts.

    • Elladanderson2


    • virginiartaylor


    • PaulaTBrooks


  • Ash

    So you forget to talk about the criminal stabbing the dog a couple of times with the 5 inch knife, and thats what lead the officers to shot. Plus the picture is not from the actually case.

    • Brenda Taylor


    • Bettytvargas1


    • Lame Urinaldrama

      Since when is a guy holding a knife a threat to a guy holding a gun? Did the alleged criminal try to kill the cops with his knife? Because that is the only valid justification for shooting him. If someone is holding a knife, u shoot him in the legs… If he then, raises the knife like a throwing knife, and you’re a bitch ass who would rather kill a guy than risk dodging a knife thrown by a guy bleeding on the ground with shot up legs, then ok… maybe kill the guy. You can say, “Me and my partner are such bad shots we can’t disarm a guy holding a knife from 20′ away with our guns so we killed the guy.” Fine. No one’s going to argue. No one’s gonna give you a Cop of the Year medal for shooting the knife out of the guy’s hand, but… you at least saved your own skin.

      You cop people think killing a cop dog is the same as killing a human, but you kill civilians dogs all the time and no cops get charged with murder, right? Also, is it ok for a human cop to bite people bloody without stopping when the person surrenders?? No. So then it’s not ok for an animal cop to do it, right? Don’t civilians have a right to defend themselves from people illegally harming them?

      No.. I guess we’re just supposed to get maimed and killed and not complain, eh?

      • vivian greer

        well to begin with they broke unto someones house, then they ran from police, then they stabbed the dog. but they were just doing nothing when the big bad police just showed up and shot him. here’s a thought. stop breaking the aw assholes!

        • here’s a thought FOLLOW THE LAW and let a judge and jury decide, instead of murdering people in the street. Here’s another thought, QUIT WEAPONIZING DOGs and letting them tear apart humans. What kind of sick shit is that anyway!?! He has every right to stab a dog that’s tearing him apart.

        • Lame Urinaldrama

          That’s a stupid argument. Cops are not executioners. They’re not supposed to execute people.

  • So What

    Better if you just blow up the department

  • James Jones

    The police will settle, with taxpayer money, and business as usual will continue.