WATCH: Cops Shoot Unarmed Teen Boy to Death As He Lays on the Ground


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Dylan Noble, according to those who knew him, loved everyone, wanted to make people laugh, and thoroughly enjoyed life — until Fresno Police abruptly ended everything in a shooting on June 25 2016.

“We lost a very unique and beautiful soul,” a friend posted following Dylan’s untimely death at the hands of police, according to the Daily Beast. “He was never a man who believed in a day without laughter … He made everyone feel like family … He’s made his mark on this earth by always making people filled with laughter and joy.”

According to police, officers had been summoned to the area on reports of a man carrying a rifle, possibly driving a pickup truck. Dylan — who by all accounts appeared to have been caught in the wrong place at the worst possible time — had been driving his ‘jacked up’ pickup, doing donuts in a dusty field in the same area.

Police spotted Dylan’s truck and attempted to pull him over, though the young man drove several blocks to a Chevron station — something his friends surmised he did either initially unaware of the cops behind him, or to find an ideal location to provide identification since the elevation of his truck would have made a traffic stop on the street an awkward affair.

Shortly after pulling over, Dylan became yet another needless victim of police violence.

Fresno Police Deputy Pat Farmer attempted to justify the shooting to reporters in a press conference Saturday evening.

“The subject was told to show his hands,” Farmer stated, distancing police from the shooting death in typical fashion by refusing to use his name in discussing the incident. “The solo occupant of the pickup truck would show the officers one hand at a time and kept one hand hidden during the contact.

“The subject made a statement that he hated his life and made affirmative movement to the small of his back at which time he was shot several times by officers at the scene.”

Friends scoffed at the notion Dylan said anything about ‘hating his life,’ instead gathering it was more likely he said something to the effect of, ‘fuck my life’ — as in, ‘Oh, great, I got pulled over. Just my luck.’

“None of us who knew Dylan believe that for a second,” said Lou Standifer, the teen’s former English teacher, reported the Daily Beast. “This kid loved everything about life.”

Fresno Chief of Police Jerry Dyer explained Dylan repeatedly refused to show cooperate with commands from officers to show his hands, so “they felt that this individual was armed with a firearm. And that was based on the fact that he had placed one of his hands behind his back — his right hand — as he was walking toward the officers very rapidly. And at some point made the comment, ‘I hate my effing life,’ and then pulled his hand out very quickly.”

According to Dylan’s friends, they believe he may have been reaching for his wallet — and the fact no weapon was found on Dylan’s person nor inside his vehicle afterward would appear superficially to lend credence to the theory.

Even after suffering four gunshots — two, as the new video shows, after he lay severely wounded on the ground outside his truck — Dylan clung to life and was rushed to emergency surgery. But the effort proved futile and he later succumbed to his wounds.

The New York Daily News reported, Dyer stated the FBI, Fresno County District Attorney’s office, and Fresno PD’s Internal Affairs would all be reviewing footage of the killing. The chief also noted body cam footage from the officers involved — who have a combined 37 years on the force — shows the entire incident.

Attorneys for Dylan’s mother and father requested “an outside, independent investigation” in addition to the others, in a letter dated July 1.

“He was a beautiful soul,” Standifer lamented of Dylan. “He really was.”

UPDATE: 17 December 2016

The Fresno officers who shot and killed an unarmed white teenager last summer will not face criminal charges.
Fresno District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp and her office announced Friday they had found that Noble’s death ‘did not involve any criminal conduct’ by Fresno police officer Raymond Camacho and Robert Chavez.

Noble died on June 25 after being shot four times by police. Bodycam footage shows the officers telling him to show his hands and warning him that he will get shot if he doesn’t comply.

The police chief said last week that the first three shots fired at Noble were justified given the circumstances, but thought the officers had enough time to use other techniques instead of firing the fourth shot.

Smittcamp’s office, however, reviewed all four shots and declined to press charges. The police chief also previously clarified that the four shots had been ruled justified.

Noble’s mother and father have each filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the police.
Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer told the Fresno Bee last week that the first three shots were justified because Noble posed an immediate threat to the officers.

But he said the cops could have avoided firing a fourth time.

‘I recognize that time and distance can become distorted during a stressful incident,’ Dyer said. ‘However, it is my belief that after reviewing all of the evidence in this case, that 14 seconds provided sufficient time to the officer to consider and employ other potential alternatives which may have minimized the need for the fourth and final round to be fired.’

Officers Camacho and Chavez still work at the department and will receive additional training.


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  • InalienableWrights

    Cops are mentally ill animals….

  • Michelle Troublefield

    All this shit is just too much. I just want to freaking ball my eyes out. What the hell is going on? Have people lost all since of decency, humanity, and love for the rest of mankind.

    • Karla Parrish

      <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq297p:….,….

    • Annette Wolf

      <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be86p:….,…

    • Sean

      Yes, the fact that the kid opted for suicide is sad and too much.

      • James Michael

        Stop trying to justify these murdering scumbags fucking action you freedom hating unamerican piece of shit…..

        • Sean

          An freedom has NOTHING to do with this. A FREE society is based on laws. Freedom does NOT mean you get to act and do whatever you want and damn the consequences. Had this kid followed instructions he would definitely STILL be alive and most likely have story to tell his friends….probably anarchistic, drunken, drugged out ones like yourself who think that they are above the law and can act and do what they want. This is a FREE country or we would not be having this conversation, dipshit.

          • James Michael

            Hey ignorant….
            free NOT under the control of another….
            MEANS exactly that I can do whatever the hell I want to do until MY actions cause you a loss by my wrong action….
            and your beloved treasonous STATE can stick all of their malum prohibita bullshit statutes right up their asses….

            I AM NOT their child …..
            And you asshole ad hominem throwing monkey…I do not do drugs …..of the lege nor illegal kind….
            Because your daddy says you can put legal chemicals in you and not to put other things in you….
            You are a well trained obedient child…..
            Go ask mommy STATE if you are allowed to talk to us bad old free people….
            or you might get in trouble moron.

          • DMNTD

            Why don’t you project MORE fear into everyday life…you already sound like a cop.

  • Jordan Franklin

    Only when cops are not allowed to investigate themselves will justice truly be served. Drawing weapons before even exiting the vehicle in a simple speeding incident shows premeditation. Such a crime by an average citizen is punishable by life in prison, without parole in California. Why are police treated any differently?

  • Sean

    I would have shot him as well. From the footage they gave him EVERY OPPORTUNITY to comply with their demands to show BOTH hands, and then get on the ground and keep hands in view. He refused to ANY of it. He was in a jacked up vehicle well above the line of site of the officers so they had NO idea if he had a weapon. He kept reaching to his back (and I do not buy the wallet theory) even after being told not to MULTIPLE times. Yes, it’s a tragedy and an unfortunate loss of life. It is also EASY to armchair quarterback AFTER the fact. I do not think the cops overreacted or acted malicious in any way. Would I be upset if it were my son or friend? Yes. I would. But I also would look at that footage and say “WTF was he thinking? Was he stoned or drunk?”. His OWN actions lead him to get shot nothing else. So you can whine and cry and yell about the police but the fact is if a cop tells you to put your hands up in view and get on the ground at gunpoint you freaking do it. You do NOT make threatening moves or quickly approach the officer….not unless you want to get shot. Had this kid simply put both hands out the window and only got out when instructed and got on the ground he would have been fine and probably not even ticketed once they found out he was not their suspect. But nope, Darwin’s theory in play.

    • James Michael

      He had not committed any criminal act asshat….

      • Sean

        No, he did not. But how were the cops supposed to know that? Tell me. Put yourself in their position. You pull over a vehicle matching the description of one involved in a crime where a GUN was reported. The driver of that vehicle does NOT cooperate in any manner and and acts in an aggressive manner and in ways that indicate that he MAY be armed. What do YOU do, asswipe? Huh? Wait till you or one of your fellow officers…or maybe a bystander…gets shot? That is not how the fucking world works. You obviously have personal issues with police, probably due to run ins with them that did not go your way. A normal, sane, reasonable person will look at that video and see that the cops gave him ample time and chances to get down and not act in a threatening manner. Again, a tragedy, but nothing in that video says the cops were at fault.

        • Jordan Franklin

          So… for not committing a crime, it’s legal for anyone to shoot you? What country do you live in? Are you for the SS too? Shooting a man, bleeding, in pain and on the ground for reaching into the front of his shirt after cops assumed he had a weapon in the back of his waistband is inexcusable. I thought cops were supposed to have training to make them advanced in quick decision making and interpretation of events. Guess I was wrong and the country should just go to everyone suspected as a criminal, even though our whole justice system is “innocent until PROVEN guilty.” Last thing: you do not have to comply with illegal orders from any officer or any person if you have not committed a crime. Please do your research.

          • Sean

            I cannot believe how ignorant some people are. Cops are NOT juries. The “innocent until proven guilty” statement applies ONLY after you are arrested and go to court. In other words, a COURT cannot find you guilty simply because you were arrested. Go back to school and actually pay attention. Yes, the cops are trained that is EXACTLY why they shot him. The interruption was 100% correct. He was a perceived threat (real or not, but perception is the key here). He was suspected of being armed, he refused to do ANYTHING to alleviate that suspicion and only added to it by his actions. And YES you do have to comply with LEGAL ORDERS from a police officer. Asking someone to stop out of their vehicle and show their hands and get down is not an unlawful request if the officers have REASONABLE suspicion that you committed a crime. They had REASONABLE suspicion since his vehicle matched the description of one that was reported in a altercation involving a gun. Do not believe everything you read on the cop hater blogs. Their orders were fully legal. I love how young people simply do not understand the difference. Watch this report by every liberals favorite news channel, CNN. Hightlight: An officer can order a driver out of the car, legal experts say, but there must be some danger perceived. In this case, there was a definite perceived danger. You may not agree but I don’t expect you or James to EVER agree with that since you already have the notion that cops are evil and should allow themselves to be shot just because. I’m sure you both agree with the shooters in Texas and Baton Rouge as well. They were just acting on their legal right to kill cops, right?

          • Jordan Franklin

            Cops are not juries. Nor are they judges. Being declared immune to what would put anyone else behind bars for life, or killed themselves, is just wrong. Reasonable suspicion is only reasonable if the average person would see it as such. From the majority of the comments here, I believe reasonable suspicion of any crime being committed is out the window. Seeing an officer draw his gun before exiting a vehicle, before any orders are given to the driven of the perceived threat shows me that clearly there was intent to kill. Officers have other options in their vehicles! Tazers, bean bag rounds, body armor, etc. are readily available to every cop nowadays. The initial shot – perhaps justified. The extra 3 while he writhes on the ground in pain after clearly identifying no weapon in the front (suspected in the back) and the shotgun spray are overkill. Officers are not evil, people are evil. Saying “I don’t want to shoot you,” as you shoot someone time and time again does not justify homicide. Much like saying “STOP RESISTING!” as an officer arrests someone does not prove they were resisting (many videos evidence this). Every time I see a clown in a uniform with a weapon, I am wary. I do not trust those who claim to uphold the law, but only do so with force. American cops recently killed more people than the UK’s cops have fired rounds in the past 100 years; how does that make you feel? I believe the unrest between citizens and cops is on the rise simply because American cops refuse to analyze a situation as anything more than “MY LIFE IS THREATENED, THAT GUY WALKED TOWARD ME!” There are good cops out there that refuse to shoot. They only shoot when their life is actually in danger, as evidenced here:
            But again, it is not the good cops we highlight all that often. It is those who take the jobs of others (jury, judge, executioner) that need to be dealt with. If you believe police should be left alone to do as they have in this video, you need to rethink your beliefs.

          • Laurence Lee Pinney

            You’re right, so they just act as the executioners, with to trial. But that’s acceptable to you. It’s like 1984, were the oppressed defend their oppressors.

          • David

            You DON’T reach around your back and waistband when police are ordering you to show hands and get horizontal with weapons trained on you. You just don’t. Play stupid games……….

          • Jordan Franklin

            Cops DO shoot citizens more and more frequently. Cops SHOULDN’T be making split second decisions of firing as often as they do. They are TRAINED to look for weapons and analyze situation, supposedly. If you were INTELLIGENT enough to read my later comments, I did say the first shot was justifiable. If you think every bullet they fired is justified, YOU should be the one they decide to make their prey next.

          • David

            As he lay on the ground wounded he kept reaching toward his waistband. You had to see that.

          • Jordan Franklin

            After they called out they suspected a weapon in the BACK of his waistband and his hands are slowly moving about near his waist on the FRONT. You had to hear that. You try getting shot and staying still afterwards, it goes 100% against the nature of a human being to survive.

          • David

            Sorry, but I’d do exactly as the cops did. Once he’s proven himself a threat and still reaching for the waistband area, front or back, it’s time to stop the threat.

          • Jordan Franklin

            Once 2 armed officers shot a man time and again instead of de-escalating the situation or approaching and cuffing, an armed citizen should have stopped the threat and put down the murderous pigs.

          • David

            So I sit back and take a bullet because I’m not certain if he does or doesn’t have a gun?

          • Jordan Franklin

            Using your brain must be hard. You have at least 1 other armed officer with you, you have shot the “suspect” multiple times to the point he can’t resist, and you continue to tell him to stop moving even though you shot him. If he had a weapon, it would be either in his hand or on the ground behind him, as the officers stated it was in the back of his waistband. Given that the weapon isn’t in his hand or in that general area, it can be assumed it’s either on the ground behind him or he never had one. But again, I’m just using simple logic and reasoning here, not shooting unarmed citizens multiple times.

          • David

            Nobody knew if or where he had a gun. He was acting either suicidal or complete bonkers. That places him in the category that says you can’t predict his next move. Because he was reaching behind him means nothing. Reaching to the front waistband constitutes new threat. Police don’t take chances like that. They like going home at end of shift as much as anybody else. Your “simple logic” equals dead cops.

          • Jordan Franklin

            When did “protect and serve” become “blue lives matter more”? When were the cops’ lives ever at perceivable risk? When did cops stop taking a second to think the guy may need help because he’s unstable? My simple logic equals less dead citizens, and more bad cops out of jobs. 965 people were fatally shot by police in 2015, 564 had a gun. That’s less than half. The fact is, it is more dangerous to drive a public transit than be a cop. Cops have killed more citizens in the last 4 years than we lost American soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts combined. If you see this as a good trend, you can go ahead and support bad parasites yourself. I would like to see accountability from public servants, and have them actually serving the public for once, not killing we the people in ever increasing amounts every year.

          • David

            330,000,000 people and the police have shot 965. That’s not bad numbers. Half had guns. How many had knives? Baseball bats? Cars as weapons? Tell the whole story. A gun is not required to use deadly force. Yes, there are bad cops. Cops that have murdered. Same with doctors, lawyers, plumbers,…..get the point?

          • Jordan Franklin

            When did doctors, lawyers, plumbers, etc. get the slogan “to serve and protect?” No matter the percentage of murders by police, it is unacceptable. It is their job to serve and protect; why do you think European countries don’t arm their officers with lethal weapons? Doesn’t seem to really matter how many facts or points I make though, you still seem to love society’s parasites. Parasites who kill people like you and I every day. People who are trained less than hair dressers and given lethal weapons. People who break the law and go unpunished.

          • David

            My point is that there are bad apples in every profession.

          • Jordan Franklin

            So the point changed from “These officers did nothing wrong” to “there’s a few bad apples?” The point should be these officers are some of those bad apples. Let’s see society take action against for once.

          • David

            There is no action to take against them. He chose “suicide by cop”. Once again…..don’t reach for your waistband when cops have weapons trained on you.

          • David

            No. My point has not changed.

        • James Michael

          That is what facts evidence and probable cause is all about guy…THEY HAD NONE…..

  • art

    if he was suffering some kind of mental episode,or was off or just
    begun taken some kind of anti depressant….this clearly shows someone
    not in their right mind…what if he just broke up with his girl or
    found out his girl was cheating, I could go throw dozens of
    situations….I am sure if this was anyone of our relatives we would
    want the police to use nonlethal force.

  • James Michael

    Another cold blooded murder…….by scumbag ass feral traitor animals…..More Dallases on the way…

  • Ja’Nae

    I understand he wasn’t listening but why shoot him?!

  • David

    Ok, picture this kid breaking into your home at 2 in the morning. You’ve got him at gunpoint and he reaches behind his back near his waist line. What are you gonna do? You have less than a second to decide. That’s what I thought. No different than these cops situation.

  • Majah

    After he had been shot three times and was lying on the ground, what threat was he exactly to those trained, armed Officers??