Cops Smile With Pleasure After Giving Teenage Boy Permanent Brain Damage

UPDATE (5/27/15) Mistrial Declared

It appears as though the officer involved in this attack will be — surprise, surprise — getting away with it.

As WMUR News reports:

The judge presiding over the case against a former Seabrook police officer declared a mistrial on Tuesday.

A YouTube video shows what some are calling excessive force by Seabrook police officers.

Jurors were not able to reach a verdict against Mark Richardson.

Richardson was charged with assault after video showed him pushing Michael Bergeron into a wall at the Seabrook Police Station.

The victim was a marijuana smoker.

Stunningly, the belief held by one of the jurors is that marijuana gives people “super human strength,” evidently justifying the officer in attacking the “super human” — thus the jury could not reach a decision.

— Continue reading below for full story and video —

NEW HAMPSHIRE — A video has surfaced showing a defenseless teenager getting his head rammed into a wall at the police station.

The officers can be seen smiling with pleasure after the boy's head was rammed into a wall.

The officers can be seen smiling with pleasure after the boy’s head was rammed into a wall.

After the teenager’s head was rammed into the wall, he can be seen collapsing to the ground.

An officer casually takes out his pepper spray and begins shooting the boy with it.

At that point the cops can be seen giggling and smiling with pleasure.

After four years, the department is now reviewing the footage and investigating the officers, according to reports.

The incident occurred in 2009, but the footage was released this week.

After reviewing the footage that was uploaded by the victim this week, Town Manager William Manzi remarked, “The Police Chief and I take it very seriously, it will be a real investigation. And it will be a thorough investigation.”

“The results will lead us where the results lead us,” he said.

The cops claimed that they arrested the victim for drunk driving.

But the victim reports that he was not drunk.

He says that after he had been released from a cell for booking, the police told him that he could collect his wallet and his phone.

But when he reached for his belongings, the police began choking him, he says.

His account gives the impression that officers were intentionally confusing him in order to have an excuse to initiate violence on him.

Judging by the looks on their faces, it certainly appears that they enjoyed what they were doing and may have been wanting to pick a fight just for fun.

“As I greabbed my wallet from the table he officer with the glasses came at me saying he never told me I could take my stuff and choked me against the wall then tried to grab the wallet from my pocket. once he got the wallet and my phone this is what happened,” says the victim.

He says that he suffers from permanent brain damage now.

He also says that he has a  “permanent lump on the back of my head” and “chipped teeth.”

The victim says he has permanent brain damage and chipped teeth.

The victim says he has permanent brain damage and chipped teeth.

After reviewing the video, police chief Michael Gallagher insisted to WBZ-TV that the teenage boy was “on something.”

“That doesn’t excuse any improper behavior on the part of the officers,” he added.

The officers have not been identified, but they are still bringing home cash given to them, under the threat of force, by American taxpayers.


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  • JohnComeau

    these coward thugs need to be strung up by the balls and left dangling by their dangly bits for a few hours.

    • fuckcops

      And then shot in the face.

  • Andrew Kurdziel

    You can just tell that these fucking pukes had their asses kicked all through their school years so they decided when they grew up they would become vengeful cowardly PIGS hiding behind a badge. Take any single one of these pricks without their badge and you could make them your BITCH.

    • portamenteff

      Yup, they got beat up alot when they were kids, so now they have to bully us to feel good about themselves. This is obviously sociopathic behavior.

      • Brandon L

        Cowards, bullies, abusers, liars, thieves, rapists, future murderers… they’re all attracted to the job. They just want to do it and get away with it…. and they do.

    • Batman

      Why is it always assumed they were bullied. I was bullied and I don’t act like this. Isn’t it just as likely…if not more likely…that they were on the football or hockey team and have acted like this their entire lives…rewarded for it their entire lives?

      • Slipmatwax

        They are given power and exemption from prosecution (and apparently a shaved head), that’s all they need

      • Christopher D

        The people that think they were bullied were in fact bullies themselves. Some may have been picked on, others may have been the bullies. Cops evolve into doing things like this because they get away with so much.

        • dicks

          Or cause there’s three limpwristed shitheaded cops with micropenis tossing around a teenager cause he’s fucking high, I’d be glad to form some sort of “super police” to police these dickbags and toss them into the wall til they’re further brain damaged, think they’d be making a case? yeah, cause brutality is fucked up. you nerd, ofc they were bullied.

      • joe foley

        yes yes good point

      • iceman _inheritance

        because most socio-psychopaths are not successful in their lives even in high school sports —they normally tend more toward being “loners” or have very few connections w/people and keep to themselves … they also normally see themselves as “righting wrongs that were done” to them in the past

        and they are not good at following rules

        either sexual or physical abuse or mental/physical (being bullied) abuse is kind of a causal factor it seems in sociopathology

        many times the people who participate in sports etc are more well adjusted then the ones who do not and a successful person (good at sports etc) is less likely to be exhibit socio/psychopathology …

      • Mike Gable

        It matters not why you or the cops behave the way they do. Their actions are what should drive the consequences. This is criminal behavior.

    • Stacy

      I think it is just as likely that they were bullies as kids, and want to continue to be bullies as adults. Now let’s see… Is there a career that affords me the opportunity to shove, tase, and shoot people and their dogs? Yes! Sign me up!

    • Bievahh

      I could also beat the fuck you of your old ass and make you my bitch but the law forbids me from doing it

      • Greg S.

        Watch out, we’ve got a bad ass here.

        • Bievahh

          why thank you for the complement

        • Andrew Kurdziel

          He’s no bad ass. Just another mamas boy coward

      • Andrew Kurdziel

        You must be one of those pussy ass cowards yourself. Don’t worry PRIX like you will be taken care of1

        • Bievahh

          Coming from the dumb uneducated idiot that has done nothing for this country and still bitches about cops yet they are the reason he are not in anarchy.

          • No, they are the reason we are headed for anarchy.

          • Ethyl Alcyhol

            I’m down for some good ol’ anarchy.

          • Brandon L

            It needs to happen. The current personality attracted to policing isn’t working for the people that pay taxes.

    • ShaeAlchemi

      Correction, it’s usually the bullies that become come cops so they can continue their abuse in adulthood…

      • Brandon L


    • Adrian

      They were likely bullies in the first place. That’s why they decided to become legal thugs.

    • Brandon L

      That’s true. It’s mostly cowards and bullies that are attracted to policing.

    • Doc Evil

      Actually, these ARE the bullies from high school.

    • Inspiridos

      It could be they were the schoolyard bullies all along … and they joined the force so that they could live out their sick fantasies. Maybe Andrew you were one of the schoolyard bullies and you know it … so it makes it easier for you to blame the person you’ve been victimizing all along. I think they are one of your breed and you just don’t have the cohones to confess it.

    • Chelsea Solis

      I’m pretty sure they were the ones doing the bullying in school

    • Val A Lindsay II

      I’d say it’s the other way around. I was bullied through school and still carry that baggage. Bullys on the other hand, that’s the power they know how to wield.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the contact information for Seabrook NH PD non-emergency.
    (603) 474-5200 – Also, here is a listing of employees there:

  • DanSimpson

    Apparently, the fucking police chief was “on something” if he is so goddamn blind to the fact his punk ass pigs acted illegally, and with hostile force against the teenager, for fun. Of course they will ALWAYS claim that they were in the right and the victim was the aggressor, they will never admit to any wrongdoing. I can only hope that someone takes these punks out, and rids the world of more stupid, low class, low morals cops. Kill them, dismember them, & either throw their corpses into a hog log, or bury them in the middle of a very large landfill. If you do it right, they will become like Jimmy Hoffa, gone with no hope of EVER finding any remains. And before some asinine fucking, self righteous goody 2 shoes defends the good cops, let me say there are NO good cops. The supposed “good” ones will always defend the scumbag ones, just because they all wear the same uniform. So they are just as bad.

    • Ace Flush

      Right, Dan….like tho other ones watching what the others did, and did nothing to help the victim !, the teenager in this case…..there is no Good Cops ….have to agreed with you and your plan to get ride of a cupel of them , as an example !

    • bcz

      Then do you agree with the guy who killed two cops? Finally someone agrees with vigilante.

  • Arnt Johnsen

    If something like this would ever happen my son (god forbid), I would personally track those up and forever give them a punishment worth their crime and i wouldnt spare on their kneecaps or elbows. What are wrong in this picture? If the cops aint there for the public then what is all this about? Employing bullies from school when they cant learn anything? Instead of calling cops its Wild West style, eye for an eye tooth for tooth… This behavior makes me really mad…

    • Moralmonday

      Those cops are low lifes! Its gonna end sooon!

    • Cheri

      If it was my son I would be sitting outside there door. And don’t give a shit what happens to me. They need to be fired no pay and there lips cut off for the smiles of sick human beings. And if they have kids and wives they must be miserable.

  • Connie Dunn Parent

    Pathetic assholes picking on this skinny kid just for kicks. I always looked up to cops and of coarse not all are like this but it makes you wonder. My son wants to be a cop but if you have to back your ‘brothers’ even when they are in the wrong then i think discouraging my son would be in his best interest. You can tell the cop in the back doesn’t agree with what these bastards are doing but did he tell? Oh hell no, because you don’t do that or everyone turns against you. Karma will get these effers, just wait and see.

    • Mr. Wrestling III

      If they tell they are run off the force. Google female cop in arrests fellow officer and read about the ordeal she went through. That’s why there aren’t any good cops left. They literally ruin the careers of anyone who doesn’t back the rest of the violent gang in blue.

    • Ruben M. Rivera


  • DonnaSweeney

    Dose this not make you want to,,,,,,,

    • jimmie redding

      Why didn’t they view the tape when it happened? What’s the reason for the tape if not to use in this particular case. I wonder how many more people they hurt later.

  • Rick Gwinn

    maybe alll the seabrook cops should be investigated they are alll guilty in my eyes for witnessing it and not doing anything about it anyone have any names?? lets post there scumbag names on facebook and hope soeone gives there assses a beaten and take there badges off them because they certainly aren’t fit to be cops!!

  • Jerry Fellows

    I will find them and god help them in hell

  • Jerry Fellows

    Kill a cop today

  • Rm

    How convenient to have a blind spot, the one cop looks right up at the camera. The kid was maced right before he falls out of sight. What were they doing to him that while time, tazoring him? Why did they bring him down to the end of the hall and then take him back outside? Why no audio?

  • Rm

    Copied: Why aren’t you releasing the goons names. The officers are Keith Dietenhofer, Mark Richardson and Adam Laurent <- the one with the glasses. Officer Dave Hersey is the one entering the video later who did the initial arrest.

    • nino

      this is whats needed people to stand up and point out those that do the messed up stuff. and we all should stand together and hold them accountable. Its getting to the point where we can do a better job policing ourselves. Why do we actually pay to be bullied and harassed?”

  • Rose

    Clueless losers how can they be in a postion of authority and not know they seriously hurt this young man, you stupid sick losers, this man will not be the same person in 5 or 10 years, he was stlll a a smart ass kid!! If that were my kid everyone of you would suffer the rest of your pathatic lives.., that hit to the head caused brain damage, at the very least a personality change.. you hurt my son, I hurt you..

  • paul

    Never trust the cops ever, they are the worst scumbags around… nothing but punk ass bullies.
    I’m not afraid of cops for the simple fact I have no respect for them. I grew up in a neighborhood were they would always harassed us for what ever reason. They are on a power trip, due to the fact they were pussy’s growing up and now that they carry a badge and a weapon they think it’s there turn to beat up on the helpless and weak. FUCK ALL PIG’S

  • BigI Mike

    What a sadistic bunch of animals – Paid for thugs thanks the the Damned Tea Party/John Birch Society / tough on crime a-holes.

  • Ralph Moore

    Total badasses in an environment they control surrounded by a bunch of their thuggish friends

  • Greasegirlie22

    hmmmm… maybe ya’ll are forgetting the fact the kid was arrested for a crime…I use the term ‘kid’ loosely..Obviously it is a county jail, therefore he is over the age of 18 and not a ‘kid’….pull up your pants white boy. Follow the law and avoid jail and this won’t happen….Why feel sorry for a criminal?! Did the cops take it too far? YES, yes they did. Power hunger is alive and well in any industry…I don;t care if you’re a banker, a teacher, a law enforcement officer or a check out clerk…..some people are power hungry, and despite all of that THERE ARE STILL CRIMINALS running our street acting as thugs!!!!!!!! This is a battle that will never end….Just do your part, obey the law, raise YOUR CHILDREN WELL, and go on with your daily business…

    • Concerned mother

      Are you kidding me? Greasgirl22 you must have had your head slammed into a wall to even say something so stupid. Actually he is seventeen. What difference does his age or how he wears his clothes have to do to what was done to him? Brutality is brutality!

      • Daniel Hunt

        Greasgirl22’s husband is the one seen in the video brutalizing the young man and it is obvious she is quite proud of the way her “man” takes out his sexual frustrations on that young man.

    • Patrick J. Brennan

      By ” take it to far “, Do you mean BROKE the LAW & COMITTED a CRIME ? And if so …… Wouldn’t that make them CRIMINALS ??!!

    • TexasKit

      TrollGal, you have no shame. You are a disgrace to the “fair” sex.

    • Hatamoto037

      We’re not hear to discuss the victim. We’re discussing the behavior of the perpetrators.

  • Dean Gibbs

    Lord have mercy that’s messed up….
    Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
    Romans 12:19 KJV
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    Galatians 6:7 KJV

  • Amigi

    What’s sad, it’s like this everywhere.

  • Doreanna Paolina Leo

    It’s worse then having been bullied in school. These men were obviously subjected to either high levels of abuse and or humiliation as children in the home, consistently. This type of sociopathic behavior is ingrained young and by those close in relation to the victim. These are killers, these men should be receiving special theraputic help and nowhere in this field. However, the system chose them specifically for their outright violent tendencies, I guarantee it. The NWO is creating an army of local police forces to go Nazi Germany on us Americans and start the major global genocide and depopulation, and reprogramming the young for the their future satanic Distopia. This is not fiction. Its all apart of a massive long awaited plan….

    but there is a antidote to all this, ASCEND!

  • topaz5322

    Okay, here we go again. These so called officers of the law, are TRAINED, supposedly, to subdue and restrain offenders. Hello, if they are incapable of subduing a small built, young adult, what in the hell will they do when they face someone their own size. And. of course, it always take two or three big, over sized officers to take the offender down. We can’t even see the ongoing abuse this boy endured as he was out of sight of cameras. The smirk on the faces of the real offenders is disgusting, seems they have innate sadistic tendencies. Perhaps all officers of the law, of any position,, should undergo serious psychiatric evaluations on a year basis. It is so disheartening to see the widespread abuse by cops on people. Sad, sadistic, and disgusting. What really gets to me even more, is that we know not all are bad cops, yet even the good ones stand by and allow this to happen. I just don’t get it. If I was the Police Chief, I would be embarrassed to call these guy team members.

  • Aubrey

    Honestly most of these pigs are ex-military. Which is another reason there has been such a massive change in how the police act and react to civilians. These guys were conditioned to be automatic, and apathetic murderers. Sometimes it sticks, and we get these kinds of people. Other times it doesn’t and then we get our disabled veterans.

  • Scotty Monte

    Bullies with a badge ……But, GOD see’s all and they will get what is coming to them…….New International Version

    Psalm 11:5 “The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion.”…………Job 34:26

    He punishes them for their wickedness where everyone can see them,

    Psalm 5:4

    For you are not a God who is pleased with wickedness; with you, evil people are not welcome.

    Psalm 5:5

    The arrogant cannot stand in your presence. You hate all who do wrong;

  • Heavensmile

    Seabrook and it’s surrounding areas are awful places to live

  • Tj Timberlake

    After the teenager’s head was rammed into the wall, he can be seen collapsing to the ground. An officer casually takes out his pepper spray and begins shooting the boy with it. At that point the cops can be seen giggling and smiling with pleasure.

    And this happened in 2009, and they NOW say they will investigate themselves…Gee I wonder what the outcome will be?? Have they EVER not come back and say WE INVESTIGATED OURSELVES AND FOUND WE DID NOTHING WRONG?? They break into the wrong house throw flash bang grenades into a babies crib, causing the innocent family over a million in medical bills and found guess what >>>> WE DID NOTHING WRONG,,,,,WE WILL NOT HELP PAY ANY MEDICAL BILLS,,,,WE WERE “JUSTIFIED” IN OUR ACTIONS” , So basically WE HAVE BADGES SO WE CAN HURT KILL MAME, Men, Women, Children, Babies, you Dog, and it’s ALL “JUSTIFIED” Because we have a badge !!!!!

  • Ellie_Light

    Wait just a second here. That kid is white so their is nothing wrong with this. According to Sharpton, 0bama, and Holder, police violence can only be against blacks (and possibly other minorities). So this obviously is not police violence.

    • Sherry Gillespie

      You’re just a stupid as you look. The bleach must have trickled down to your brain. It is not a race war it is a class war. Wake the fuck up or shut the fuck up.

      • Thomas Phillips

        Well said

  • CitizenBrain

    Cut the Gestapo agent’s balls off and force them to eat them.

  • Ryan Baldwin

    I still don’t understand why people call cops “pigs.” Pigs are smart animals. Even the dumb ones are good for bacon.

  • James Dewitt

    It seems that COPS get away with so much because most of the time, or from what I am hearing from numerous news reports, is that they are either looking to have some fun, or looking for some sort of excuse. It is time for COPS, mayors, governers, leaders, Police Cheifs to stop treating these dispicaple acts as “excuses” or just pretend it is not as bad as people make it out to be. The reality is it is extremely bad. It is time try to get to the bottom of the story; try to get to the truth.

  • Tony Velez

    these POS give good cops a bad image, hence the lack of respect for cops these days, shameful

  • Glenn Munkelwitz


  • Dave Ledsham

    I’m 100% sure if this happened to me, I would be looking for that cop

  • david

    Nasty fucking pigs, I hope someone puts a bullet in their heads. I guarantee you they were and are complete psychopaths who were bullied for being weak ass bitches.

  • ShaeAlchemi

    Wow, I am local to where this happened, and since this has been going on, there has been no mention of brain damage done…tabloids need to get the facts, yes the cops were out of line, what’s worse, is the one smiling had a mistrial declared because a juror decided because the kid was high on pot, he had super-human powers…

  • Yup Nash-Shannon

    We should insist on the death penalty for the whole lot of them.

    If you are a cop who does nothing when you witness corruption or abuses, you should also die by electric chair.

  • peter

    when are americans gonna pull their heads out their ass and hold their elected representatives to account

  • Syn

    If the claim is that he was “obviously on something”, why was he released from his cell to begin with?
    When you lie, at least make it believable. The fact that these officers are comfortablke enough in the jail/ police station to assault a person and smile leads to the belief that this behavior is commonplace.

    I’m also stumped by a juror believing marijuana gives ” superhuman powers”.Superhuman snacking abilities, possibly. If that was the case, every state with legalized marijuana would have crime reports off the meter from ” hulk” attacks.
    During jury selections, don’t they ask potential jurors questions concerning the facts of the case to determine if it would lead to a prejudicial judgment?

  • Erika Domnick

    We should just close down the courthouses and use them for the homeless, or a soup kitchens, or maybe turn them into skate parks….at this point, it makes no difference to me, all I know is there ain’t no fuckin justice going on in em!

  • Thomas Phillips

    As i preach to everyone when it comes to cops……savagely resist instantly rebel and completely retaliate

  • Danny Sexton

    worthless fuckin pigs with a badge….should be lined up and shot through the fuckin head….take that smirk off his face…

  • Malik Wilson

    As a man who has seen and heard of this too many times to count, it is very sad to see their faces enjoy doing this to people as if it is nothing more than something to do, I don’t know why or how anyone can not hate this type of thing happening to anyone, black or white.

  • Randall Williams


  • Inspiridos

    It is becoming more and more evident who the actual criminals are … these are nothing more than thugs (the officers). The system is too corrupt to bring any real justice. There was no … no … justification for this violence at all. We are in dire need of good police officers but in this climate as oppressive, dirty, and bigoted as it is … it cast real doubts that any good police officer would long last around these thugs.

  • jjdoe

    The result of too many steroids, total disregard for the law and human rights, and the lack of any fear of prosecution. One cop may not be bad. But when they gang up, their paranoia and insanity rises.

  • Betsy Albergo

    Ever think they were just laughing one out of nervousness which is possible. Lots of people do it. Or laughing at the kids pants hanging so low. There’s no sound so we don’t hear what was going on at the moment. The kid probably said something disrespectful that’s why he got thrown up against the wall. Cops are not doctors and could not tell her had brain damage (so they say) or the kid was just Hugh cuz he wasn’t walking very well before the incident. You guys are getting desperate for stories it seems. Cops laugh they are wrong. Cops act mad they are wrong. Cops can’t have any emotion when it comes to this site. Even no emotion gets comments. Ever think maybe the cops are so “tough” on these people because they are tired of arresting and deing with the same people over and over again for same reason? Not that they were bullied it whatever. Maybe they are just tired of the stupidity of senseless crimes that they have to deal with. I’m sure they all joined to make a difference but having to arrest a guy for pot I’m sure wasn’t the way they wanted to make a difference. But it’s their job. Just like we have jobs. I’m sure at your jobs most of you have gotten rude with a customer or whatever at least once after dealing with them constantly or same problems constantly. Everyone has a stress in their jobs. Just remember cops have stress in their jobs. As well as the possibility of getting killed and shot and not going home. So think of that next time you get angry at a customer or client. Imagine them possibly having a gun and shooting you for not getting what they want or because you inconvienced them. I’m again police brutality and letting bad police off and all that. But it’s a case by case or at least should be. Maybe we should make a page with all the good things cops do and you should check out that page as well. Because of course if you only look for “bad ” policing that’s all you’re going to find. Do a search for “good”policing and cross match and see if there is a difference. I haven’t done it and don’t plan to because I know how only bad stuff is reported because it sells newspapers and stuff.

  • steven

    More cops using steroids and cocaine. Both of these drugs are dangerous by themselves but when you mix the 2 you lose all sense of empathy, and then some idiot gives them guns and badges. “We don’t need your stinkin’ batch’s” Cops should be drug tested anytime they are involved in any kind of violence. You’ll be surprised at how much coke and steroids they use.

  • Aaron

    Dude’s probably gonna have seizures and migraines and mental health problems now due to traumatic brain injury. LAWSUIT.

  • Cadence Wallace

    I’m sure these guys got Ds and Fs in high school.

  • ….Now we know who played too much GTA…….

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Sociopaths. They all need to have their heads smashed. It is time we the people make this “war on cops” the media is hyping up a fucking reality.

  • dxsmopuim

    Pigs are NOT dying fast enough America !

  • Johnny L Clay

    Dungeon workers

  • crazytrain2

    I almost have less of an issue about the slam than I do with the smiling. He turned to say something when the jailer attempted to put him against the wall, albeit too hard. He was clearly stunned and wobbling when they laugh and spray him. This shit is wrong.

  • Hittman

    I’m sadly going to have to stop sending people to your pages.

    Your content is great, but now that you’re putting TEN adds before every article, and a dozen ads to quack sites at the end of each article, and then annoying us with pop ups on top of *that*, I’ll be sending people to sites that aren’t as obnoxious until you clean up your act.

  • Hittman

    Another obivous case of murderous brutality, another hung jury.

    The system is working *exactly* as it was designed to – to make sure these murderous thugs are never held accountable for their inhumanity.

  • Santastops09

    These pigs , all three of them and the judge needs to be shot in the head..

  • Many K9 handlers exceedingly enjoy torturing their dogs behind the scenes, too. They laugh and joke about it, while hanging their crying, strangling, dogs to unconsciousness. And then, for good measure, they also like to kick them in the stomach and groin.

    So much for the “loving partnership” fed to us by the complicit media. In fact, our K9 unit became nicknamed “The Hang ‘Em High Club.”

  • dee

    The reason they do this is irrelevant. We need to get this under control. There was absolutely no need to use excessive force on this poor kid. All Lives Matter!! This is someone’s child. He was already in custody so what was the point of the brutal attack on him? And for the juror who thinks weed makes you superhuman, what planet is she from?

  • Carmen Diaz

    wow this is disgusting and he is laughing, and smoke does not give super powers that juror must have related to one of the officers, so sad.

  • Roderick Guillet

    Am I the only one who saw the kid trying to be a “tough guy?” Act stupid with cops you find out just how much crap they will take. Usually its a very small amount. They don’t have time to molly coddle “would be tough guys ” who were never disciplined at home. Billy Badass got what he wanted, a confrontation with a cop.I used to be a prison correctional officer, and I can tell you from experience, these guys always think if they act up and then get struck they will make millions in a lawsuit. Unfortunately for this punk, he wont ever know if he got what he wanted or not. I know I have heard inmates saying these things.

  • Mike Gable

    These disgusting human beings should have been weeded out of being cops by the psychological testing because they are mentally unfit for the work. That being said, it’s time that jurors started actually relying on actual evidence instead of the media agenda or the pathological need to back up the cops. Some cops deserve to be in prison.

  • Dan Knight

    piece of shit pigs is what they are. Tired of pigs being above the law and getting away with anything and everything. Pigs can even get away with murdering un armed innocent people. Really hope we get a up rising and people join together and take matters in their own hands and take out the dirty cops that are nothing more than a organized gang. Plus what the fuck was the retarded juror on to think smoking weed gives you super human strength? What a complete fucking dumb ass someone needs to slap that retarded fuck in the face and knock a little sense into them.

  • Nina Marrocco

    FKN PUNK SAVAGES!!!! Going up against someone one on one their size they would whimper and run away!!! COWARD’S have to have 3 or 4 of them to handle a teenager in a cell!

  • John Gentry

    how do we know that kid was not being a smart ass to them cops all damn day an that kid just pushed it to far an the cops snapped on him

  • Sweetpea

    Fricking pigs need to be fired & sued.

  • Darlene

    There are NO good cops…..there are bad cops and complicit cops.

    • Mydogrules

      How can you be so stupid?

  • Cyn

    This is just awful. It is heartbreaking to watch. Abusing a young kid like that for smoking weed! You would think that the city and the public would punish those officers to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Thom Prentice


  • Pamela Hunter

    Investigation Hell… where is the Fucking supervision of these Thugs throughout their day. The supervisors need to be held responsible also. They have all those cameras someone should have seen something. These guys need to be taught to rat out the thug… they need to be trained how to deal with abusive coworkers…. that should be a class in itself.

  • Paul Dooling

    sadistic pieces of chicken shit…drag him under the cameras to hide
    their dirty deeds all the while smmiling…I HOPE that Their kids are
    tortured * Needlessly …and cry out for Them to save them…{ and are
    TOLD THIS – afterwards”…and that THIS VIDEO …was The * Inspiration
    for the Vengeance that should be forthcoming…*** AS YOU KNOW…THERE