Cops Surround Young Girl and Strangle Her After She Filmed Them


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They think they can do this to our children just because they wear badges and call themselves “government”?

CORPUS CHRISTI — A video has surfaced online showing two cops surrounding a young girl and initiating violence on her for filming them.

The incident appeared to begin when one of the officers asked the girl for her drivers license.

The girl knew her rights and knew that she was not legally required to display her paperwork.

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She told the officer “no,” and calmly asserted that she was not required by law to hand over her drivers license.

That’s when the officer begins speaking into his radio.

Just moments later another officer shows up in the view of the camera and starts getting aggressive with the girl.

The cop, who has been identified as Sergeant Lockhart, can be seen moving just inches away from her face and commanding her to show her identification.

“If you fail to ID, I’m going to take you to jail and that’s the law!” he shouted.

The officer replied admitting “You’re not being charged.”

“Then I do not have to show you my ID, sir.”

This seemed to frustrate the cop even more.

Suddenly he appears to begin grabbing at her and yanking her to try to place her in handcuffs.

When she realized she was being physically abused, the girl took a step back and tried not to get hurt.

That’s when the officers saw an opportunity to move in even more aggressively on her.

One of officers can be seen on the camera pivoting behind her and wrapping his forearm tightly around her throat.

He then appears to be twisting her neck back, placing her in a full choke hold.

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The girl was able to turn her camera on herself so that viewers could see what the officer was doing to her.

Her friends can be heard shouting in the background as they witness the cops abusing her.

Once she was placed in the choke hold, Officer Lockhart got up right behind her and placed her in handcuffs.

Watch Video Below

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  • bravesfandevotee

    Wasn’t there a Supreme Court decision earlier this year saying cops could be filmed at anytime?

    • Mitch Mitchell

      Does not stop them making up laws and lying. Thing is it needs to be backed up with a jail term for arresting (kidnapping) someone under false pretences.

      • Viva la Revolucion

        Are you still experienced?

        • Mitch Mitchell


    • BrunoFehr

      +bravesfandevotee, yes but there was also a supreme court decision that allows cops to lie to achieve consent.

      • Larry Burks

        Yes, cops are allowed to lie during an investigation. Remember that. ALWAYS. You have the 5th, and you can always say “I don’t believe you, prove it”…

        • wefreepatriots

          The 5th Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with identification.

          • Kevin Garrett

            You do not have to answer anything it all. I make the choice to not answer is a choice. You do have that choice under the 5th amendment (Protects against self-incrimination) that’s any info the police can get out of you. They will use it against you. That’s why you say “I choose not to answer.”

          • wefreepatriots

            The 5th Amendment deals directly with incriminating yourself. It has nothing to do with identifying yourself. Check out the article and for your “Fifth Amendment” argument, check out the SCOTUS rulings referenced in the article.


          • Kevin Garrett

            It’s a choice I would make if I had to deal with a dick like that. Austin police are big on jaywalking more so downtown. I would be she was downtown around town lake. I would not have my ID on me as well when I’m out working out. Who the hell does. This is just to make it easy on them to profile people.

          • wefreepatriots

            The law doesn’t say you have to have your ID unless you’re driving a vehicle. It it only requires you give your name and DOB. The article clears that part up at the very bottom. I agree though. Cops have 8 hours of bordem. They’re bound to do some stupid sh*t.

        • Evil Creamsicle

          You are only required to even possess ID if you are driving… so answer me this question:
          How can you be legally required to provide that which you are not legally required to carry?

          This cop is a criminal, and deserves to be treated as such.

    • James Scott

      Some police officers could care less what the law says.

  • yellowdogmichael

    (361) 886-2600 The Corpus Christi police dept where Sergeant J.E. Lockhart works. He must be stopped. Please call them and tell them to get these cops trained or get them off of our streets! Please, let’s flood them with calls!

    • Miriam Israel

      Got it, and done

    • Shelby L. Hieter

      First time I ever called for that. Felt GOOD! Everyone should call. This is NOT OKAY. And I’m tired of it. Change starts TODAY. This incident was federally illegal. Micheal Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Kelly Thomas, Oscar Grant were murdered. Thanks for posting the number. Please consider calling (361) 886-2600

      • ComeN’Take

        Brown and martin had what was coming. All the evidence proves it. No good thugs with zero respect for anyone or anything, just like all the people who have violently rioted and damaged others peoples businesses and homes.

        • angelajones


          • ComeN’Take

            If telling the truth means being an asshole, then I’m a big fat smelly asshole.

          • Ronald Woolever

            You sir wouldn’t know the truth if it punched you in the face, however you are quite correct in pronouncing yourself a big smelly asshole. Perhaps you should seek help for your issues with bigotry.

          • ComeN’Take

            I’m so bigoted for telling the truth, you’re right. Good job.

          • Ronald Woolever

            It’s not the truth you are telling sir, it is your perception of the truth. That is quite a different. You may very well be too small minded to understand this but your bigotry created a truth in your mind that doesn’t actually exist in the real world. There are cures for bigotry, but it takes a serious commitment and the ability to recognize that the things you presently believe are not even close to reality.

          • ComeN’Take

            You’re probably a cop or related to a cop. A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is a tell all. What it tells us is that a man was killed for a petty “crime”. So much for no cruel and unusual punishment. I actually do speak the truth, police are the foundation of the state. It’s YOU who should reassess their view as it seems you’re the kind of person who would lump this with brown and martin. Those were COMPLETELY different situations, they ATTACKED people. I’m not going to argue with you, you’re just going to wallow in ACTUAL bigoted ignorance because you can’t see the clear facts in front of you. At least I can differentiate between the different situations of shootings and see that the other shootings were warranted and valid while this one is a clear case of police over use of force and abuse. Later.

          • Donth8teme

            ComeN’Take glad to know you admit to it and while you are at it you may want to educate yourself before posting. Your ignorance is showing.

        • NunyaDangBisness

          Eat a dick racist cop-sucker.

          • ComeN’Take

            I’m so racist you’re right. Everything I said in that statement was racist. I think the most racist part of the whole comment was that I started it with the word “Brown”. How dare I.

          • NunyaDangBisness

            I think it was the “had it coming” part that showed it. And again I say, eat a dick, copsucker.

          • ComeN’Take

            Cause only blacks can have it coming. The fact is, you are incapable of articulating a suitable response so you resort to insults and swearing like an uneducated neanderthal. L8R.

        • Brimstone Hill

          Brown case is up for debate, Treyvon was flat out murdered. George Zimmerman is exactly the type of coward that most police/sheriff’s dept. recruit. Brainless sociopaths with chips on their shoulders. Just looking and hearing Officer Wilson I can ascertain that he has the Zimmerman complex. Sure, Brown ‘shoplifted’, but there were a billion other options Wilson could have taken. He chose to execute a man for a petit theft. We treat wild animals better than that.

          • Douglas Morgan

            He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. They got a bunch of scary bitches playing cop and trying to be bad because they got a gun. As soon as they get in a situation they cry that they feared for their life even though it’s 5 cops on top of someone who is handcuffed. People like this asshole see the video and say he shouldn’t have resisted because he moved probably to get some fucking air?

        • John Dix

          You’re sad

        • Douglas Morgan

          Trayvon was minding his business coming from the store. The asshole who killed him had no business fucking with him he wasn’t a cop? If you have someone run up on you when you haven’t done anything wrong you wouldn’t think it’s okay. Maybe it should happen to you or your family member so we can find out?

      • ComeN’Take
    • SageoftheSunWalkers

      I love how people are at each others throats…..exactly what our slavers want us to be doing….*face palm with a head shake*…if this thread was a class it would be called: missing the point 101

    • Blaine Butters

      Absolutely! Worthless cops do not to be in service and need more training if they cant do their jobs correctly! Makes me sick theres even pukes like this still working! I know their job inside and out and thats brutality! Needs to jailed himself for false arrest! Puke!

      • Blaine Butters

        Keep your personal shit at home before you go to work Lockhart! If you can’t? Quite you dirty cop!

  • Michael Fuson

    she has grounds for a lawsuit

  • Kanati

    Texas doesn’t even have a stop and identify law. A person who is not lawfully arrested does not have to provide ANY identifying information, not even their name. It becomes a question as to interference with what those cops were doing then. Was she interfering? How so? If she was not arrested, and was not under suspicion of having committed or immediately going to commit an illegal act, and was not directly interfering with the “investigation” that the officers were doing, then she was well within her rights to a) film and b) refuse to identify.

    • Larry Burks

      Yep, after all, this is STILL the United States. Even tho Texas seems to be, and always have been heavy handed.

    • wefreepatriots

      She was involved in a fight. Breach of the peace is a crime. You’ll probably want educate yourself.

      • Kanati

        SHE was involved in a fight? That’s not what I took from the video. It looked to me like she was a bystander, filming the incident. That is not a crime and not probable cause to detain. If she was involved in the altercation which led to the police involvement then you are certainly correct and the cops could detain. However, until she is lawfully arrested, she does not have to identify herself.

        • wefreepatriots

          Incorrect. In Texas you are required to identify yourself when asked by a Peace Officer. She is not required to show her ID but cannot refuse to give her name. Here is another article that might help:

          • Kevin Garrett

            Peace officer LOL you are funny.

          • wefreepatriots

            That’s what they’re called. Take it up with whoever makes the decisions on naming things.

          • Drakenfly

            Fourth Amendment Amendment IV shoves that law up their ass…it over rides ALL state laws unless the person is arrested..

          • wefreepatriots

            Incorrect. The law has been upheld twice by SCOTUS both in Terry v. Ohio and Hiibel v Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada.

          • Evil Creamsicle

            Not sure what happened before or after the video, since I will believe only what evidence I have seen, but from what I was able to see in the video, she was never asked to identify herself. She was asked, specifically, for her ID. Had she been asked for her name, she would have been required to provide it, but she was not [in the video]. She was asked for ID, which you admit she is not required to provide.
            And how could she be? After all, if you aren’t driving you aren’t required to carry ID, let alone provide it when asked.

      • felixinmontana

        You have just committed an act of “Breach of Peace”:
        Using offensive words in a public place likely to incite violence.

        The police have been notified. Please remember that police responding to any criminal action can and will use any force necessary including and up lethal force to hold you responsible for those words you just typed.

  • Jason O

    Texas’s law requires a person to provide their name, residence address and date of birth if lawfully arrested and asked by police. (A detained person or witness of a crime is not required to provide any identifying information, however it is a crime for a detained person or witness to give a false name.)

    Texas Law

    • Drakenfly

      Fourth Amendment Amendment IV shoves that law up their ass…it over rides ALL state laws unless the person is arrested.

  • David Seastrom

    Someone figure out who that old fucking pig is that called her a “jailhouse lawyer.” She seem to know the law better than these pigs. This is why I’m happy I don’t live in Texas. Police down there not only act above the law the judges support it as well.

  • Carlos_Miller

    Please refrain from cutting and pasting the articles I write in their entirety. Here’s an example of how it should be done.

    • fucm

      it doesn’t matter. plagiarism is a myth and anyone can get away with it. #smh

  • Larry Harrell

    looks to me like she just got paid!!!! she ought to include the pigs be fired and charged with assault and kidnapping and false imprisonment!!!

  • Brad Canelo


  • StopTheTyranny

    Please call or email the Corpus Chrisi Prosecutor’s office and demand they press criminal charges against Lockhart. He clearly acted outside the law and his oath to uphold the Constitution. That makes his actions, at the best, assault & battery.

    Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Physical Address: 120 North Chaparral, Room 240
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9277 Corpus Christi, Texas 78469-9277
    Telephone Number: (361) 826-2530
    Fax: (361) 886-2567
    E-mail: [email protected]

  • Bill Pasteurfield

    Kick him in the nuts, then headbutt him with the butt of a tree trunk! The time is coming when cops are going to be afraid of the community. People are not going to stand for this disgusting public display of criminality for much longer.

  • ted mueller

    Wasn’t Texas one of the states whining that they shouldnt ask latinos for id because it was racist and assumed that they were illegals?

  • Bluff Rat

    This is in the parking lot of the Flour Bluff Whataburger. So the police involved would be CCPD, Nueces Sheriff’s Dept, and/or the Constable’s office.

  • WarrenHart

    This is the Corpus Christi police dept facebook page if you want to leave a comment.

  • Larry Burks

    Thank GOD the Supreme court has ruled on filming cops, that it’s totally legal. I hope more bad cops see this as the threat to their evil deeds…

  • Heathen Priest

    Here is the the statement the Corpus Christi Police released in regards to this.

  • Disco58

    Fortunate for me I suppose that I’ve never been in this situation, and hope I never am. In all honesty, if this happened to me, I’d either spend a lot of time in jail, or die on the scene, because I would fight back, hard, and I know how to fight.

  • wefreepatriots

    This woman wasn’t detained simply because she was filming. She was involved in a fight and was uncooperative with police. You guys will believe anything. She refused to identify herself.

  • wefreepatriots

    LMAO all the Flour Bluffers have a law degree. Everyone knows that. They bought it at the pawn shop. Probably on layaway.

  • Truth

    Before starting a one-sided riot: know the facts. This is also posted on the website.
    (the picture didn’t post so read it at the website)

    • alconnolly

      Thank you for linking to the official response. It clearly illustrates that the police department approves of illegal activity and will cover for and lie about it, giving lie to the whole “one bad apple” argument. The official statement claims she was detained for interfering, but the officer clearly states on video it is for not giving her ID to him and the interference could only be filming so the official statement is contradicted by the recorded facts and shows once again that the corruption is official and not an aberrant officer.

      • Truth

        “Your attitude = I will not under any circumstances see your point therefore you have none. I will call names and point fingers while saying that is what the other guy did. I will not address the actual points made because of course they are valid and I must cover that fact up.” Your own advice fits you perfectly. I can see from your 400+ posts that no matter what, you will be on the negative side of any conversation. God bless you.

    • George

      Written by the police, for the police.

    • Truth

      Officer disciplined for asking woman to delete video (Video): Read all about it and calm down:

      As found on the website:

      CORPUS CHRISTI – A Corpus Christi Police officer was formally disciplined after dash cam footage showed he asked a woman to delete cellphone video of her being placed in a chokehold by a county official, Chief Floyd Simpson said.

      “I’m actually glad she didn’t delete the video,” Simpson said Tuesday of the footage posted by the woman last month that has reached more than 70,000 views. “It gives us an opportunity to make sure everyone understand our policies.”

      Senior Officer Jerry Lockhart’s personnel file will now reflect the incident, which Simpson said was brought to his attention by news reports with statements from the woman, Lanessa Espinosa.

      “I was … placed in handcuffs and put into the cop car,” Espinosa told the Caller-Times in a Facebook message Monday. “I was told I was free to go and to delete the video. I pretended to delete the videos so I would be released.”

      The county official, who police said was a Nueces County District Attorney’s Office investigator, was patrolling the restaurant off duty.

      District Attorney Mark Skurka said Tuesday his office also is “looking into the incident.”

      Simpson said after viewing the entire dash cam video it was discovered that Lockhart did request that the video be deleted.

      Lockhart took responsibility for the statement he made on the video and was formally disciplined, Simpson said.

      He and the county official were investigating a fight involving 10 people Aug. 16 at a Whataburger in the 1100 block of Waldron Road.

      In the cellphone footage Espinosa is heard saying she “plead(s) the fifth” after Lockhart says “I want to know who you are so I’m requesting your ID. You fail to ID, I’m going to take you into jail. That’s the law.”

      The county officer restrained Espinosa using a chokehold while Lockhart handcuffed her on suspicion of interfering with public duties, according to a Corpus Christi police statement released Monday.

      “The officer is talking about failure to ID but his actions are dealing with the fight,” Simpson said. She was not arrested.

      “Our officer preformed the way I wanted him to perform except ‘I’m going to arrest you if you don’t give me the ID’ … and the piece about deleting the video,” Simpson said.

      Simpson said he plans to send a department memo Wednesday citing state law on identification.

      “A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information,” according to the Texas Penal Code.

      • alconnolly

        If you think for one minute that the officer would have seen any negative repercussion from his illegal command that he would only end the kidnapping (if he said she would be free to go if she deleted the video it means his only cause to detain was to coerce her to comply with the illegal command and therefore it is kidnapping) if she had actually deleted the video and therefore had no proof of her claim or ability to create buzz on social media. Then you my friend are rather clueless. The only reason there is any action is because there is proof of the lies and illegal actions on the officers part. Considering you are a new account and only have commented on this, it increases the likelihood you are a shill for the department. But let me know who what you are in real life if that is not correct.

        • Truth

          I agree and so does the PD (as stated in the article). No argument there. But you seem to go off on one-sided tangents with one-sided facts. What is a “shill”? I do not work for them, just live in a beautiful city (which you do not) and have respect for our PD. You are correct that I do not normally troll this site nor make sites like this the bane of my existence. Nor am I naive enough to take everything posted online as a true reality. (It happened to be the one on my newsfeed)

          So I looked it up: shill SHil/ NORTH AMERICANinformal noun
 accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others

          Once again, I’m perceiving your words are very self reflective.

    • Evil Creamsicle

      If this is true, then the detainment was likely legal. ‘The Detainment’, of course, being that she would not have been free to leave, whether handcuffed or not. The entire video shows ‘Detainment’, even before she is handcuffed.
      She would be required to verbally identify herself.
      However, this does not change two things:

      One: The requirement of charges being pressed for ID to be required. By the own officer’s admission, no charges were being pursued.

      Two: The use of force during detainment was excessive

      This cop is still dangerous.

  • Wayne Darby

    Smack that old fat fuck!

  • The woman was well within her rights as stated in the fourth amendment of the constitution.

    Amendment IV

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  • bob

    When the cops grabbed her, her friends should have smashed those motherfuckers in their lying pig heads with some bricks.

  • Asante Collins

    Some police are Murderers doesn’t matter their color .they beat women murder the homeless throw bombs in houses with children. Kill children. … all are Crimes against humanity. They should be charged for that and ..excessive use of force… hate crime… they instigate violence they need to be executed, publicly. Hung from a tree. God has heard the cry of these momma’s justice will prevail. . Lol they are going to die for their crime. And the cops just watching they need to be charged as accessories. The Same Law that applies to us should apply double for them. This is who are communities learn from. COWARDLY MURDERERS. You will be held accountable for your reign of terror upon this earth.

  • Noone

    The new america…almost looks like irak.russia and africa

  • Drakenfly

    Fourth Amendment Amendment IV over rides ALL state laws unless the person is arrested.The girl has a lawsuit and needs to file it in a federal court.

  • bicyclist11

    Of all people to be unconstitutional with, a lawyer? Stupid, costly move.

  • Spiritart

    Any update on this? Was she taken in? Arrested? Any actions against the officer?

  • Susan

    Proof that these EVIL COPS can maim and/or kill any of us, any time, in any matter they see fit, for any and/or no reason whatsoever.

  • 80’s will always rule

    Texas pigs!

  • MartinTruther

    Could we please have a dateline on each story so we know when it was published?

  • Kanati

    Well the cop that choked her was forced to resign, and the cop that told her to delete the video was formally reprimanded. I’d say it’s a small victory, but a victory none-the-less.

  • Shane OBrien

    Hmmm, if you don’t want interactions with police, try something new, OBEY THE LAW!

    • AlvinBr

      What a crock. Tell that to Roger Carlos, just for starters.

  • Johnny Knee

    It’s a hell of a lot worse than any of you think and there is nothing any or all of you can do about it and when you do especially with proof they gang stalk .It’s a phenomena and most people do it from groups of little kids targeting the old person down the block to this whole forum . However I agree with everything this site wants to do because genuinely policing is about the creepiest immature thing life has to offer and Police “ARE” the people in society society has no idea what to do with . Police are much quicker to become violent than the worst criminals by unprecedented margins and ALWAYS LIE . THEY ARE LITERALLY LOOKING TO SINGLE OUT PEOPLE AND FIND SCAPEGOATS more than any other group on earth including those who live by the tinfoil hat .

  • Lynnda Gayle

    If she had nothing to hide she should have let her identity be know. She threw herself in to a police matter. Was he excessive….yes….but if she would have done what she was asked it never would have happened.

  • Golden Glow

    And these assholes want to know why they get shot. Hopefully, Lockhart gets his in the back.

  • magormissabib

    If she was just in the vicinity and not involved in what ever happened then she is not part of the investigation. At least I would think so.