Cops Suspended After Dragging Students Out of House and Attacking Them

The officer is seen holding on to the man’s shirt, while a woman can be heard asking numerous times whether the man is being arrested or detained.

Then, the cop confirms that he intended to take the man into custody. However, he does not specify the charges.

Less than a minute after the argument, the police officer barges into the apartment and violently attacks at least one of the men.

One person can be heard saying: “Please let go of him. You are illegally entering.”

Moments later officers can be seen emerging out of the residence dragging out two men and a woman – we now know their names, they are: Brandon James Williford, 21, Matthew Macia, 22 and Caroline Giddis, 22.

One of the men was pinned to the ground and tased, then one officer bashes him repeatedly with a cylindrical stick.

An Alabama student Jordan Johnson says he cannot make head or tail of the police’s reaction.
“Shocking. The guy was already getting tased, so why would you beat him when he was on the ground,” he said.

“I just didn’t understand what was going on with the cops. He was already like contained.”
Williford and Giddis are both from Tennessee, while Macia is from Johns Creek, Georgia.

One media outlet got hold of Giddis, shaken by the incident they say she sounded disturbed.

However, later on she contacted the reporter via a text message and said neither she nor her attorney would like to make any further comment.

The three senior students were charged with obstructing governmental operations and harassment.

Williford is a Metallurgical Engineering major, Guinness is pursuing a double major in Public Relations and Spanish, and Macia is majoring in Economics, Arts and Sciences.

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  • Jason Faulkner

    Just another day in the land of the free.

    • Trevor Punt

      there wouldn’t be money if it was free 😉

      • Patricia Kimbrell

        You’re an idiot Trevor.

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        • Trevor Punt

          what makes me an idiot?
          i bet you think the money you use actually has value! lol!
          when i know it is printed out at debt because the money you’re use is owned by a privet bank and not the government!
          look up where the federal reserve is in the phone book if you think it is a government institution lol

          • Samuel Hulin

            Yeah, you are an idiot, Trevor. There is a market rate for gold. Although the price does vary, you can go exchange US currency for gold. What makes money worth something is that others will give you stuff for it. Could be gold, diamonds, pizzas, it doesn’t matter, the fact that you exchange it for goods and services make it valuable. Surprisingly enough, that is also how you gain money, by selling your time. Well, maybe not you specifically, you really don’t sound like the job-having kind of person. Most people agree on the value of money. You are somewhere out in deep left field trying to barter for some peanuts.

          • Nicholas Romero

            Actually Samuel Hulin, Trevor is 100% correct. The “Federal Reserve Bank” is not owned, maintained, staffed or otherwise controlled by our Government. It is a privately owned, for profit branch of the World Bank. So how about you do your fucking homework and stop running off at the mouth like a typical ignorant American. That is all.

          • Shaun Jones

            “the money you’re use is owned”

            confirmed idiot

    • dxsmopuim

      I would love to start reading headlines about pig cop homes being invaded in the middle of the night by armed citizens. That would be cool.

      • ANARCHY

        Stick around, one day the people will tire of this treatment by their employees.

        • Laura Phillips

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  • Damien Malachi

    Paid leave of course, because they need a paid vacation; after all, beating up college students is exhausting.

  • Anon Ymous

    The video clearly shows several law enforcement officers who think they’re above the law and they can violate rights whenever they feel like it! Many of the officers that arrived as back up should also be removed!

    • Jason Douglas Saville

      Those donut piggy law enforcement officers deserve death. Just like President Donald Trump deserves death.

      • mike

        TRUMP, he’s controlled by Rothchild like all the rest.

  • Drakenfly

    And this is how cops get paid vacation and how judges acquiesce to them without batting an eye…

  • jim

    Stupid people with big mouths The cops are bigger, have greater numbers and guns. That alone marks you as a loser. Right and wrong is determined by a judge in a proper court. If you believe the court will side with the cops then that is all the more reason to shut your mouth and say yes sir because you will not win.


      Do you go through a lot of knee pads?

      • jim

        No…. unlike you and I don’t get arrested for running my mouth either.

        • bigdaddy

          the first amendment says a person can say what they want so really getting arrested for ” running ones mouth ” would be a false arrest , also cops dont out number the citizens fool, spit the cop dick out of your mouth wannabe and get a life bwhahahaha , jimmy thinks he is going to go and arrest people for freedom of speech lolol

          • jim

            No I think they have guns and don’t piss off a person possibly willing to kill you to prove a point.

          • bigdaddy

            prove what point ? pigs are punks ?

          • jim

            I’m sorry I can’t be bothered replying to you as you refuse to see the obvious. You are destined for a short life with that attitude. Bye

          • flashwins

            Just because you are a boot licking pussy, that’s what your saying WE should all be?? Yeah pussy, do you.

          • Shaun Jones

            “You are destined for a short life with that attitude”

            and you are destined to live a slaves life of servitued with no respect or pride for yourself, you think some kids with an ego and power tripping are worth giving up your balls for, thats your choice.

        • Shaun Jones

          “dont get arrested for running my mouth”

          funny because you are not allowed to be arrested for running your mouth, its called freedom of speech, something you are doing and using yourself right now…..

    • quest2quest

      Jimmy, You just might be a pussy

      • jim

        No, just a little smarter than you. I don’t have a death wish, I just have sense enough to pick fights I have a chance to win. Btw I don’t have to resort to vulgarities and name calling to get a point across

        • Shaun Jones

          lol smarter, you think speaking up or standing up for yourself and using the law and freedom of speech to ask why someone is being arrested is reason to be abused and for the police to violate the law they serve to protect, hence pointing out “i dont use vulgarities” like it makes you somehow better than others, it really doesnt its that simple, im afraid you are a complete coward afraid to stand up for simple human rights like asking why someone is being arrested, something the police are supposed to inform you of when arresting you, instead they decide to arrest the person asking that simple question, keep living under your rock in fear my friend, it couldnt be more obvious, you are scared.

          • jim

            “President Obama Named ‘Most Admired Man In The Muslim World”

            Please don’t get started on this. I agree with you on this so it is no fun. The most celebrated non-holiday in the country will be when we are finally relieved of him.

    • Shaun Jones

      thats right give in and give your human rights because you are a pussy willing to give up your freedom, thats fine, but not for most of society

      • jim

        So you and others of your kind should pick up your guns get in a shoot out with some cops then tell me who wins. Remember Waco, Tx. I doubt there many who would follow you because i’ll bet they have better sense.

  • Ron Rankin

    american nazi’s

  • Timea

    Post the names and addresses of the cops please

  • Tiffany Case

    Half a dozen cops? I counted at least 18…that’s a lot further away than 6

  • Swapster_com

    You want this systemic problem to stop? Fire all the officers involved. Real simple. Somebody will happily fill the job. And the replacements will think about the consequences of their actions.

  • Glen Presnell

    This is what happens black, white, or brown if you don’t listen to the police’s directions refuse to follow what you are being told. Also the stupid girl yelling in the background never helps I hope that dummy learns a lesson to keep her big mouth shut. Then they aren’t even quoting the laws right he does have probable cause to detain the suspect who then runs in the apartment that’s aiding and abetting. As this is an ongoing flee from the law they have every right to enter the apartment and when you don’t follow the officers directions that’s when a bunch of stupid white people go to jail and get tazed. Now about the search omg so stupid that officer has every right to search for his safety that the combatant white trash don’t have a weapon they can use on them. When resisting you give the officer that right dummies. This is what happens to stupid people those cops did everything right as far as I am concerned. FYI put yourself in their shoes how would you like to be arguing with a bunch of unruly punks in a dark house outnumbered thank god there was backup! Now pull your pants up and start acting like responsible citizens that you should have been raised to be and stfu!

  • jayfordtheman

    absolutely unacceptable!!!! a complete violation of the law and a heavy price should be paid by the officers involved, awful!

  • Jason Douglas Saville

    Those motherfucking thousand pound piggy cops deserve death! Whatever the piggies did on this video was wrong. We absolutely have every right to ignore police and refuse to id ourselves. We always have rights to fight the police. The police who violate rights must be subject to death. So those cops need to be sentenced to lethal injection. Just like President Donald Trump deserves death.

  • mike

    I especially liked the young cop who came into the house shouting obscenities at the residents. I would have told him if he can’t have any respect to get the fuck out of home.