Cops Threaten to Execute Man’s Dogs for Not Allowing Illegal Search

KANSAS CITY — It began one night when Eric Crinnian heard a loud pounding on his front door.

He was startled by the pounding, and given a recent burglary of his neighbor’s home he decided to keep a crowbar nearby for personal safety, according to Fox 4 Kansas City.

He cracked open his door slightly only to find a group of police officers crowded at his doorstep.

"My dogs are part of my family," said Crinnian.

“My dogs are part of my family,” said Crinnian.

The officers claimed they were looking for people and demanded to be let inside Crinnian’s home immediately.

Crinnian told them he’d never heard of the people they claimed to be searching for. That’s when an officer noticed that Crinnian had a crowbar.

The officer instantly drew his firearm and pointed it at Crinnian.

“I open the door a little bit wider and he sees that I have something in my hand, so he pulls his gun, tells me to put down whatever I’ve got and then come out with my hands up, so I do,” Crinnian said.

The officers continually demanded entry into Crinnian’s home, despite Crinnian’s making it clear that he’d never heard of the people for whom they claimed to be searching.

No-knock raids on American homes have increased by 4000% since the 1980s.

No-knock raids on American homes have increased by 4000% since the 1980s. Source: Global Research

Crinnian, a lawyer, advised the officers that he would allow them inside his home only if they acquired a search warrant first.

That’s when the situation turned ugly, according to the report.

Crinnian says that one of the officers began making violent threats.

“If we have to get a warrant, we’re going to come back when you’re not expecting it,” said the officer according to Crinnian’s report.

“We’re going to park in front of your house, where all your neighbors can see, we’re gonna bust in your door with a battering ram.”

The officer continued: “We’re gonna shoot and kill your dogs, and then we’re going to ransack your house.”

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Crinnian told reporters that he’s been terrified ever since the encounter.

He’s filed a report with the Office of Community Complaints, which is now being investigated internally by the Kansas City Police Department.

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  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Bring it on, bitches. Keep pushing, cops…

    • Anonymous

      When they break down that door with those intentions…i believe it turns into a self defense situation for the citizen….shoot to kill my friends. stop the tyranny head on with LEAD..and lots of it…

  • James Michael

    They are bringing what is about to transpire on themselves…

    • SlimJim

      And rest assured, it will transpire.

      • I need a Willy Wonka JPG of “Oh, you’re American? Tell me more about how you’ll stand up for your liberties.” due to the sheer irony of how apathetic, ignorant, lazy, and cowardly your nation is against it’s government.

        You’ve even got constitutionally amended rights to allow you to possess weaponry to engage a standing army in the case of tyrannical oppression, yet you’re pissing it away with anti-gun nuts restricting what you can own when realistically that amendment means you should be able to own freakin’ tanks and fighter jets by it’s statutory interpretations of a natural and ordinary interpretation (ie: to be able to resist an occupying government army, or overthrow a corrupt one, one requires military hardware) but nope.

        Pissing it all away. Red white and blue? Yellow, green, and brown.

        • George White Jr.

          Why don’t you come over and show us how it is done then??

          • As a legal academic, lawyer (the poor type (one could argue ‘the moral type,’ which are inherently linked)), and an activist who dislikes government ramming it’s unlubricated cock up my arse I have my hands full in my shit hole of a country.

            Besides, your country does not let people with criminal records visit, I don’t believe, and my rabble rousing has led me to serve significant time, because I don’t just talk shit on the internet, and I get out there and push back.

            My government _loves_ me, especially because I have a military and law enforcement background. Nothing rubs the ruling class up the wrong way than someone from their rank and file crossing the line. It’s a guaranteed way to see yourself spend every day in court.

            Although even with all the ground work I have laid here to apply direct lobbying pressure on my government to fight against stupid shit we still get constant losses (such as a censorship law that passed last month, allowing big brother to block IP’s of ‘pirate websites’ – proving the senators for both bipartisan parties here not only don’t represent US Australian’s but don’t even represent Australian companies but instead American companies in their statutory cock sucking!) It’s not something I could just rock up and do in another country.

            It’s something that you can only achieve if you have your feet on the ground there and have a connection with the people. You need to be ‘one of them’ for anyone to listen in the first place. So as much as I would like to be your warlord for hire, warfare in this century is a very, very different beast. Especially in countries where we are utterly disarmed and even a pocket knife or swiss army knife / multi tool will earn you 7 years prison.

            But one gem of wisdom I can pass on is; you won’t achieve anything sitting at home behind a monitor. If you haven’t been in prison for active campaigning for liberty and freedoms you have no right to lampoon on the internet about freedom. When American’s talk about freedom and liberty to us outsiders it looks as hilariously daft as Chinese talking about how democratic their country is.

          • As a legal academic, lawyer, and activist I would love to assist you in your glorious revolution. But your government have retina scanners at your air ports and do not let people in who have criminal records, and with my extensive background of activism I have been locked up plenty of times.

            So in lieu of being a warlord for hire I can only offer this advice; American’s talking about how free they are is as absurd as the Chinese talking about how democratic their nation is. You will not change this behind a computer monitor. You need a network of good people who really care, and a good core group of legal academics, lawyers, etc, who will ensure that you do not run afoul of easy take downs for minor breaches of the law. Obtain advice and consult far and wide, get people such as myself (but better and smarter) to give free lectures to your groups to educate them in how to be more productive lobbyists.

            Keep your heads down. Push. Don’t give an inch. And never stop fighting.

            Learn the rules, learn the loopholes and beat them at their own game. My shit hole of a country doesn’t even allow us to carry multi-tools or anything pointy; you still have some freedoms left we can only dream of. Embrace them and defend them.

        • margova

          Which Big-Brother infested country do you reside, Mr. Dip-Shit?

        • Nate

          This is best thing I’ve ever read.

  • tracy

    I hate pigs.

    • Erica

      I’m so glad you hate “pigs” – I happen to come from a family of them. My father was a life-long California Highway Patrol officer. He risked his life every day to keep the community safe from drunk drivers and road-rage incidents, he was gone for over 2 weeks trying to keep the violence from spreading during the Watts Riots, he was first responder on the scene of countless accidents and saved more lives than you can imagine, he has had guns drawn on him for pulling people over to advise them of safety issues with their cars, and yes, he has given tickets and arrested people driving in ways that could cost others their lives. A worthy object of your oh-so-attractive hatred. My son-in-law is Captain of one of the larger “city” police forces in southern California. He also puts his life on the line each and every day that he goes to work. He has been jumped by meth-heads so high they don’t even know they’re human, he’s been spit on, punched, called names, and threatened in countless ways….. all because he took an oath to protect and serve, and wants the community to be safe for my three little grandsons and all the other children in the state. My other son-in-law was on the police force in a major mid-west city for several years, until he decided that it was too dangerous to be a police officer any more.
      Yeah – you go right ahead and hate them…. but don’t you DARE call them when you’re in trouble, or a burglar is about to break into your house, or someone kidnaps your kid, or you are t-boned in a traffic accident by some idiot driving and texting…. yeah…. you go right ahead. I, for one, will be glad that there is one LESS jerk that my family has to clean up after.

      • Jeramie Walton

        lady you are retarded….cops ARE THE CRIMINALS.They cause problems where there were none.Your father was a piece of shit pig…stupid fucking bitch….YOU and people as diluted as, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM RIGHT ALONG WITH YOUR PIG FAMILY

        • Petty Officer Shouse, USN

          You look like a crackhead and you probably are and you probably got busted for it and that’s why you don’t like cops is because they put piece of craps like you in jail so everyone can feel safer knowing that there is one less drug deal going on in our streets

          • Modsquad

            It’s looking like today’s officers are meter maids with guns, and everything is an expired meter.

          • Ethan Martin

            also. in all this banter, there was a good comment somewhere but i forgot. so the moral of the story is that arguing on the internet is dumb? got it.
            Yay Cops!
            and also,

          • BigI Mike

            Insulting others who speak the truth is not an adult thing to do. It’s folks like yo0u that crucified Jesus Christ, after all.

          • Erica

            Folk like me??? Italians? Romans? Jews? Uhhhh… nope. I’m native American, never crucified anyone, and don’t acknowledge the tripartite Christian god OR their nemesis Satan. And the church is the one who carried out the inquisition…. killing 9 million women… does that make all religious people piece of shit murderers?? By your standards, it must. Have a good day, mike. Oh, and I don’t know anyone named Dorher…. must be one of the men your mother slept with in order to conceive you?

          • The Hippie Hound

            YOU ARE NOT NATIVE AMERICAN, your pic (if that is you) are white as snow. I bet you don’t even have a C.D.I. B. card.

          • Nicole Lynn Spengler

            HAHAHAHA She is probably 1 tenth native American and that is according to her family who have no damn idea.

          • bryce

            I’m not saying your not, but you look about as Native American as a kangaroo.

          • Testosterone

            The Spanish =/= the church. History books. Pick one up.

          • Speakerofthe House

            If =/= means “not equal”, you need to pick up a history book. The Spanish were driven and ruled by the church. 600 years of torture, rape, killing and Dark Ages controlled by that largest organized child molestation ring in the world.

          • The Hippie Hound

            “You look like a crackhead…” Funny, he doesn’t have a pic in his avatar box, you must be the crackhead seeing things that are not there.

          • Nicole Lynn Spengler

            Pretty sure he was talking about Erica

          • Ethan Martin

            *shares my thoughts*

          • bryce

            Prohibition is the reason there are drug deals in our streets. Cops are maintaining and strengthening the very problem they want to fix. If you can’t see that IDK what to tell you. Besides, I could care less about what a crack head could do to me out there and more worried about the pigs. At least if a crack head attacks me I can defend myself w/ out being beaten half to death by a bunch of blue suits w/ tazers, clubs and a few felony convictions. The crack head may have a gun, still not as freaky or threatening as someone w/ a gun who feels justified in his decision to kill you. I get killed by a crack head, at least I will be remembered as a good person. The pigs kill me, then I’m just another bad guy to the rest of the public. Even if I did nothing wrong. Lets say someone records a crack head killing me. The crack head goes to prison. A cop gets filmed killing me, he gets payed vacation and at the worst a transfer. Fuck the police!

          • Testosterone

            Get a real job you welfare whore faggot. I hope an IED takes your arms and legs off and you get to have someone help you eat for the rest of your life. Scumbag.

        • Erica

          Bless your journey, Jeramie….I hope you never need a cop. And your words reflect an awful lot about who and what kind of person you are. I’m glad I don’t have to know you.

          • Doug Tankersley

            My father was a cop as well. I am real happy for you that your father was a cop and that you had a good childhood. My father was a cop as well, and I did not.
            Being a cop and having a hard job does not entitle you to the right to being a criminal. Nor does it give you the right to beat up little kids, abuse their spouses, and then go out and beat the shit out of law abiding citizens. If you cannot handle the responsibilities of the job then GET OUT! I am sorry but being a cop does not entitle your worthless ass to being a criminal as well. You need to get a clue and a life.
            When I need help, I WILL CALL THE COPS, in spite of the fact that I don’t like them. It is their job to respond to trouble and that is what they are paid to do. I help pay that salary. They are cops because they CHOSE that job, and they are not supposed to pick and choose which calls they go on. What would happen to you if you did only what you liked doing on your job?
            Perhaps your father and son are good cops. That doesn’t mean all cops are good cops, and a bad cop is what makes them all look bad. You are barking up the wrong tree lady. It isn’t those people that report on bad cops, that makes them look bad. It is the bad cops that make good cops look bad. Get a life.
            I take pictures of cops doing their jobs because someone needs to police the police. They are out of control.

          • EliWebber

            sorry Doug but it isn’t the cops job to protect you or anyone else . Supreme court ruled a long time ago that Police are in no way obligated to protect the people of this country , they don’t even have to answer a 911 call .

          • BigI Mike

            He’ll never find a good cop and since Chris Dorner was your papa one bad apple spoils the whole bunch erica, or whatever your alias is this week.

          • lauren

            Wow.. the whole point that is supposed to be made is the fact that not all police officers are good. We didn’t need a life story recap of all the police officers in your life, you were reading an article about a man who was threatened by the police! No one should be threatened in their own house by police officers that didn’t want to follow the rules, especially threatening to come back and shoot his dogs?? Are you kidding me??? Unless your sticking up for these scumbags I really don’t understand what your argument really is? We all know that some cops aren’t bad, but the fact is some ARE and they abuse the power that is given to them. End of story.

          • usc1801

            You’re a clueless stupid bitch. Cops are psychopaths that get cheap sexual thrills on killing people’s pets and beating the shit out of innocent people. SOME cops or good-most are bad.

          • Nicole Lynn Spengler

            Erica, just because you know someone who is a cop doesn’t make them all good people. People like you, who have never had to defend yourself against one, have NO GROUNDS to have an opinion on the MASS of them. “need a cop”? The only time I have ever needed them they are useless morons… arguing over jurisdiction while a violent criminal gets away. “need a cop” for what? So they can turn a victim into a criminal? So they can escalate a situation where a family is having an argument to the point of having a DEAD loved one? So they can SHOOT and KILL my dog because he barks at them?

          • Testosterone

            Nobody needs a cop. That’s what guns are for, idiot.

        • Erica

          And just so you know…. I am a witch, and I’d watch my back if I were you….

          • Scott Hartman

            Erica you and your family are horrible people! You are are going to tell this guy to “watch his back” just because he has an opinion that’s different yours. You definitely sound like the daughter of a cop aka PIG. And don’t worry I will NEVER call the police for ANY reason because, like I tell my children, they are horrible people that are more likely to hurt you or your loved ones than to actually help. Have a nice day! BITCH!

          • Erica Alikchihoo

            Bless your journey, too, Scott…. and thanks for the “Bitch” – Babe In Total Control of Herself….. love it.

          • BigI Mike

            It takes one to know one and you obviously know them all, eh erica, or is is Ms. Erica Dorher?

          • bryce

            I’ll bet you love the smell of your own farts too, huh? =)

          • Ethan Martin

            Generalizing cops is like generalizing food.
            Something upsets your stomach, are you going to stop eating?

            Makes sense if you dont think about it.

          • bryce

            Not exactly. My dinner might give me an upset tummy, but it isn’t going to storm my house, beat me, my family and kill my dog if I had a plant growing in my closet.

          • Nicole Lynn Spengler

            Could not agree more, Scott!!!! “watch you back” sounds just like something a “Good Christian Cop lover” would say.

          • deeeeeeERICAmerica

            you suck lady go cook a soup with eye of newt and toads warts and choke on a dick after and think about the times daddy touched you drunk off his ass when you were a kid after a hard time of fucking with people for no reason… your a witch good god that is the lamest thing i’ve read all night does witch mean something like this then…? Whore Infested Tapeworm Cackling on Hobbits?

          • Erica

            Why does it all boil down to perverted sex with you asshats???? You think that because someone disagrees with you that you have the right to call them slimy, filthy names and invent lies and puke-sickening sexual imagery for them? I personally think that anyone who can’t think of something intelligent to say to back up their feelings and beliefs isn’t worth the time of day….. you can call me all the names you want, and paint the most disgusting pornographic pictures of me that you can think of…. but that doesn’t change the fact that I am 60 years old, have more power in my little finger than you will ever possess during the whole of your lifetime. And you DON’T have the right to tar all cops with the same brush. No one said there weren’t rogue cops. No one said all cops were lily white clean. No one said that we don’t need to have oversight. But to say that ALL cops are bad is more ignorant than saying that just because you are a male, you are a rapist and sodomizer and that your IQ is right around about 40 because you think with your dick instead of with the brains the creator gave you. Yeah, I’m a witch…. and I’m too smart to mess up my life trying to get revenge on some little ass-wipe who can’t think of anything to say without using language straight out of a porno movie. When you can’t put a sentence together without using the words fuck, bitch, cock, piece of shit pig…. yeah, I’m real impressed…. And I’m also smart enough to know how to protect myself from your negative energy and how to turn it right around and send it back to you….. so if you’re uncomfortable during the next few days…. you’ll know why.

          • Guest

            You are to old to say ass hat.

          • bryce

            ALL COPS ARE BAD!!!! Until we have a separate police force that only polices the cops, they will continue to act like thugs who can do anything they want. All police need to have the same fear of getting busted that the rest of us have as well as cameras on there fucking heads. After a good 10 years of that, I’ll bet people will like cops again. Until then, they are a cancer on the community.

          • Justin James

            Really Erica? So if the “good” cops are so good, why don’t they do anything abut the bad ones? I can’t possibly imagine…… Ugh, people like you make me sick.

          • Sher. T

            Pigs that threaten people are the best! Also the ones like shawn damato in MA who smoked crack and drank liquor and crashed into another on duty officer. Pigs that have the better than everyone, self righteous, Ill just threaten you because I come from a long line of pigs family attitude are the best. Its very clear in what you typed why you grew up and became one. Self righteous bully.

          • Erica

            Takes one to know one…. doesn’t it? I am only your mirror.

          • bryce

            Guess it’s time to go to Walmart and get a new mirror. lol

          • Liberte

            Just like a pig-lover to threaten people.

          • Dapper Dab

            So you’re crazy?

          • BigI Mike

            Threatening people is NOT an adult thing to do, and you probably have 25 illegitimate brats running around tagging the entire neighborhood, and everything they did NOT pay for.

          • Erica

            Big Mike – yeah? I wonder how I lived to be 60 years old and have two gorgeous daughters and 3 Mensa-smart grandsons under the age of 10 without getting my feelings hurt by people like you? My ex-husband is a Vietnam veteran who served in the submarine fleet, and is now retired…. so NO… my daughters are not illegitimate and my grandsons spend their time playing soccer, baseball and the piano…. not tagging the neighborhood…. all because they are taught RESPECT by their parents (and yeah, their father is a cop). It’s a lot more than I can say for you. You were never taught to respect your elders, were you? Poor thing…. You don’t know shit about me. I am not Democratic or Republican. I did not vote for Obama. I hate the very idea of the Affordable Care Act, and I think the political system is running this country into the ground. I am intelligent, having been sent by my counselors to take college classes while I was still a junior in high school. I got all my wild oats sown by the time I was 19 (and believe me, they were wild). I held down a full time job in addition to my high school and college classes at the age of 16 – how about you? I moved to Wyoming by myself at the age of 18. I married and became a mother at the age of 20, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21. I was a La Leche League leader for 15 years, a Girl Scout leader for 10 years, I am a published author and I own my own business making prayer beads for the pagan community. I worked for The Denver Post for 14 years, and currently work for the state in which I live. I am studying under a spiritual mentor because I have been tapped to be a “Death Midwife”. I am also a very powerful witch, known even to curanderas in Peru, and shamans in New Mexico although we’ve never met on this plane. Now what part of all that tells you that I am not an adult, or that I was promiscuous enough to have 25 illegitimate brats running around tagging other people’s property? Are you an asshole who believes that women should shut up and lay back and enjoy it just because you have a dick???? I base that judgment on the same criteria you used to judge me. So we have differing opinions…. and differing experiences. All I asked of the “wonderful, tolerant” people on this forum was for them not to tar every police officer with the same brush. Yes, there are bad apples in every single job I have ever heard of…. police departments not withstanding. How about the military?? Are they not just highly trained killing machines??? Are you ex-military?? I’ll bet not. People like you who judge people like me and make wild assumptions on the basis of differing opinions would never be acceptable as soldiers…. they don’t take cowards who hit and run…. And make no mistake…. I do NOT threaten. When I say something, it’s a promise. And I’m a whole lot more adult and MUCH MORE powerful than you will ever be, puny little man…..

          • Antoine

            You sound truly demented. What man could possibly stay with you. I assume your ex husband hung himself to get away from you. And your grandchildren sound like little homos.

          • Austin Miller

            I’v never met a cop who respects anyone when they’re on the job. Your children are not respectful of others. How do i know this, you’re their mother that’s how

          • Nicole Lynn Spengler

            Burn! That was good.

          • Nicole Lynn Spengler

            Someone’s feelers are hurt LOL

          • bryce

            I am a former U.S. Marine. So the fuck what? I still disagree w/ your stance on pigs. I see where you are coming from though, because you have a family of cops. I’m sure they were very good to you. That’s great. I’m sure the Brown Coats of the Nazi Regime were pretty nice to their families too. Just say’n.

          • Jessica Coco

            People who worked for Hitler said he was a great employer. He was kind, sweet. If you were sick, he’d tell you to stay home and made sure you got sick leave. Did that make him a hero of the working class rather than the bankers who financed him?

          • Jeramie Walton

            Thank you,for helping prove my point.Erica.You can rest assured that i will not ever need the assistance of police….no one really does, cuz they don’t do much to help anyone.What you don’t know about me is that i am really one of the nicest people you could ever hope to know.but you think that even being related to someone with a badge puts you on a pedestal above the rest of us.And that shit is fucked up.pull your head out of your ass and look around…..these cops are crooked ass motherfucking thugs

          • Ethan Martin

            E-“and i spend my time defending myself on the internet!”
            J-“and i call bitches hoes and tell them they stoopid”

            “…and i make late comments on subjects people forgot about to people ill never speak to”
            -going to get a life now.

          • James Michael

            Yeah, better watch out, her family will find you and home invade you in the middle of the night for having a plant that never harmed anyone. Or use one of the other 60 million statutes to kick in your door and murder you and those you love…. Even she has the mentality……..

            Sh warned you watch your back…..

          • bryce

            Careful! She’l put a spell on you!

          • bryce

            You spelled it wrong. You put a “w” where you should have put the “b”. 😉

      • Petty Officer Shouse, USN

        I agree, police officers put there lives on the line, they should not have to deal with crap from people like you who do nothing for others. You people only focus on that select few cops who have just had enough crap and are losing their temper. But what about the cops who save a child from being abducted? Are you going to say they are “pigs” to for saving a kids life? Because if you are going to say that then go to a country where there aren’t any police there to protect you and see how long you last. Good Luck.

        • Dirk

          I appreciate everything the old school police officers have done to investigate crimes and arrest lawbreakers. But you can’t deny the fact that the police today are quite obviously different to the old school and are increasingly being miltarized and used to harass innocent law-abiding citizens. No-knock raids on American homes have increased by 4000% since the 1980s. Source: Global Research. Is this because crime has increased 4000%? I think not. It’s because those in charge want the ordinary citizen to fear them, because we obey who we fear.

          • Macias

            How much is 4000% 1 to 4 is 400% they used 4000% to represent the actual numbers for a reason. Are we going to claim that the increase isn’t justified in the majority of the cases? Don’t fall for the hype these are just bad cops plain and simple.

          • Pamela J. Yearwood

            this is exactly my stance, Dirk…
            those officers who remain true to their oaths, who actually protect & serve the public, not the ones who have been possessed by the power of greed & love of control & manipulation…
            they are indeed being militarized to harass citizens & make them afraid by constant harassment…
            I have many friends whose parents have been killed in the line of duty, and I feel empathy & sympathy towards those who have put their lives on the line…
            once you start “defending” your stance (aka position) with threats of violence (I’m a witch, so you better watch your back”) then you lose all credibility & you actually reinforce the reason people are becoming so leery of those in blue…
            when you claim to come from an entire family of them & you spout off hatred, you’re showing that your family isn’t the tried & true good guys in blue…
            intimidation is not the same thing as obedience…
            this is ridiculous & everyone must resist any attempt that the new, cold-hearted men in blue are doing out of pure hatred towards all people in general…

          • Joe

            Obedience is not the same thing as freedom either.

          • Chris Loveless

            I’m not so sure that they are any different. The main difference now is, virtually everyone has a camera and recorder. I think cops were every bit as brutal and vicious 20 years ago as they are today. It’s just more easily seen now.

          • Antoine

            You’re a total faqqot. Hang yourself.

          • bryce

            So you think gay folks should be hanged? Wuh?

        • V

          They “put the[ir] lives on the line” when shooting people and their dogs, who just might try to defend themselves. The give people crap. It is their job to take crap and to represent public interest unemotionally. Impune murder, beatings, break-ins and abuse by militarized American police has become routine, not just the anamolous misdeeds of a “select few.” You also believe in a myth. Americans can’t just move to another country, largely because of American immigration restrictions. Iceland for, example would be a great alternative: they only just had their first fatal shooting by police EVER. Nowhere else in the “western” world are police so habitually violent. Here’s irony: German police don’t have the restraint problems that American pigs do. Now try to just move there as an American, especially as a poor and uneducated American, the primary target of your beloved oinkers. Ignorance hurts.

        • BigI Mike

          Nobody forced them to apply for the jobs and they knew they were high-risk jobs they were applying for, and that’s what they get paid the really big bucks for, not for running around being vigilante gestapos. That was under Nazi-ism, or didn’t you know?

        • bryce

          Where is this county? I’ll pack my bags right now!!! =D


        Erika….is evident that “PIGLETS: is contagious…your words transpire Hate and ignorance. If you was a normal person , like millions on the country, you shall know about the ABUSE AND CRIMINAL CONDUCT , UNARMED MURDERER OF PEOPLE( and dogs) “in the name of the law”….just because you are part of them( in some way) you are closing your eyes to the true….you will have a rude awake some day soon.
        ……. I HATE PIGS !!!

        • Erica Alikchihoo

          I’m not surprised you didn’t make it in the acadamy – seems to me like you flunked out of 4th grade. My 3rd grade grandson has better written and verbal skills than you do. If they had accepted you, I’d be worried you couldn’t read and understand the ticket book. Maybe the reason you’re so bitter and hate the “pigs” so bad is because they rejected you?????

          • bryce

            By that you mean they rejected the American people?

          • Justin James

            He seems perfectly qualified to be a cop, if you ask me..

        • Ethan Martin

          english muthafucka do you speak it?

      • dcs

        Erica, I’m curious what you think of this particular incident, and the hundreds of other recorded incidents of police brutality and aggression.

      • Will Deans Sr

        glad you are blinded by their “oath”. cops as a whole have gone totally corrupt from the top down. so open your fuckin eyes.

      • Shiznaw

        He puts his life on the line every single day?!? LOL!!! It’s probably due to the clogged arteries he’s getting from all of those fatty foods he eats in the car. This Lady is clearly living in the 60s/

      • Aubrey

        Erica….are you on medication?

        • The Hippie Hound

          If she is not, she should be.

      • JuStMe

        Cops don’t even have one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the nation…and almost half the deaths come from not wearing their seat belts.

      • BigI Mike

        Just because Chris Dorner was your dad doean’t make him a hero Erica or whatever your alias is.

        • Erica Alikchihoo

          Yeah???? Who the hell is Chris Dorner??? And I don’t NEED an alias. You want to check me out, google me. I’m as out-there as you can get.

          • bryce

            You don’t know who Chris Dorner is? Wow… lol

      • JoeWP

        LOL I live in California and everyone of them are corrupt. I have an uncle that is a cop the guy is so corrupt we don’t let him in our house.. So yea say what you will about how Honorable they are and forget the negative crap.

      • letitiapepper

        Erica, you sound like you should know that a bad police officer endangers all the good ones..So, please make a complaint to the Kansas City Police Department about the ONE officer who made the threats! Call the Kansas City police department Admin line: 816-234-5000.
        When the PR person tells you that “THE officer” who was involved is well-respected, say,
        “that’s not the one I mean. I mean the one who made the threats.
        That’s the one you guys need to fire, before he gets his partner killed
        by being an idiot.

        • Erica

          Agreed, Letitia…. just like the people on this forum, there are good, decent cops … and others I would turn in for inappropriate behavior in a split second. Then there are those I wouldn’t even share my air with. I HAVE called the Kansas City PD and filed a formal complaint…. the formal complaint line phone number is 816-889-6640. Just because I happen to have lived with and continue to LOVE the officers in my life and circle of friends, it doesn’t mean that I turn a blind eye to shit like this. Rogue cops are just that. Rogue cops. Not all cops are DIRTY. Not even MOST of them…. the majority of cops become cops because they are convicted in their hearts to work for the good of the community and the people they love. The bad ones, we weed out by CALLING them out, like this…. I’ll be watching. And as for the rest of you who have been so generous with your filthy name calling and bullshit….. just remember this…. I am your mirror. What you see in me is only a reflection of who and what YOU are. I’m good with that….. Bless

          • letitiapepper

            Thanks for calling. I’ve called two times, and Officer Stacy Graves called me back and left a message. It’s important that this be investigated, so that if, in fact, an officer threatened retaliation for refusing consent to a search, he doesn’t get away with it because his fellow officers aren’t willing to “snitch” on him. It has been so bad in my city, the City of Riverside, California, that our own State Attorney General sued the city and forced it to enter into a consent decree, because of years of police misconduct. Unfortunately, that oversight was a joke. The police had to wear voice recording devices at all times — but the recordings could be altered — could be, and were. It’s scary being a police officer, but it’s even more scary being a civilian dealing with the police. I speak from more than one personal experience, which, in the 1980’s, I would never have believed could happen. The groth of websites like this one tells the tale. And I blame the federal government, and federal money, for taking over and twisting local programs, and making asset forfeiture a source of independent -from-voter-review-and-approval funding. This country was foudned by people who were the victims of asset forfeiture by the King of England in cahoots with local law enforcement, and look how our recent government regimes have introduced the very stuff that made the colonists finally revolt: increasing taxers without actual representation, asset forfeiture, and a disregard of people’s personal liberty rights.

          • Erica

            Letitia – I was born and raised in southern California. I know the cops down there. And yes… I agree that the profile of the country’s police departments HAS changed in the past 30 years. Yep – from meth-heads who will kill you for $2, to people who feel they have a right to the hard-earned contents of your home just because YOU choose to work and THEY don’t… I know that the police-state is getting more and more pronounced, but there are those cops who will turn in their fellow officers if they are “dirty”…. and MY family is in the first bunch…. they do not tolerate abuse of power in any way, shape or form. All I’m asking is that people don’t tar all cops with the same brush, and that if they DO…… that they never call the PD when they’ve been robbed or assaulted or their lives have been threatened….. because with attitudes like that, you don’t deserve the time and efforts of my cherished family….

          • letitiapepper

            Sad to say, another reason not to call te epolice is that they’ve developed BAD attitudes. Instead of “What can we do to help make things better?” , it’s “We can’t do anything about that.” Or even worse, “Lady, it’s not illegal for that guy to sit on the public walkway in front of your house — it’s a public place.”

            REALLY? What about my 1,000 foot TRO against this guy who’s broken into my house? Who’s broken my front windows? HE can sit on the sidewalk in front of my driveway, and you can’t do anything with the TRO that I’ve got? Really?”
            Response: “Don’t get hysterical. Do you know how many warrants are out there? We can’t take care of all of them,” as they stand there while the specific person saunters away.
            The neighbor who I was trying to help with these guys’ attitude had a dad who played golf with the Chief of Police. The COP got an earful at a golf game. The next time the guy showed up, they did a take-down in the public street when the guy was MORE than 1,000 feet away. Does breaking the law by arresting the guy when he was more than 1,000 feet away make up for the initial attitude in refusing to enforce the law? No.
            It shouldn’t depend on your dad playing gold with the Chief to get better attitudes.
            And this is only one story of way too many. Can we clone your family members? You know, what happens is that as things get bed, they don’t get better without a lot of effort. And police unions go to bat for all their members, pretty much, when some of those members need a different career. Like any who’d threaten an unlawful action in retaliation for a refusal to consent to a search.
            Which reminds me: in Texas, people with California or Colorado are being stopped without probable cause and searched for drugs, because marijuana is decriminalized or legalized in those states. Why? All to make money for the local Texas economy.
            If you have California or Colorado plates, boycott Texas. It doesn’t make any difference whether you have marijuana or not — you shouldn’t set yourself up for an ILLEGAL stop and search.

          • Erica

            Letitia – thanks for the warning about Texas…. those ole bubba cops are part of the problem. You know, I never said there WASN’T a problem…. I’m an old protester and activist from way back when. Kent State is as fresh in my memory today as it was when it happened. The guy who was filmed using pepper spray on the peaceful student protest in San Francisco a year ago – well, he had a few uncomfortable weeks when my circle got finished with him…. same with the guy who was shown punching a handcuffed woman in the face for calling him a name while she was drunk and sitting on a curb. Cops who take on the job for the right reasons are looking to protect not only the general population from people like Harlan Canon (google him), or Nathan Dunlap (both on death-row here)…. but to protect them (the drunk, high, or just plain mentally ill) from themselves. I am sorry you have had so many bad experiences with cops…. but I’ve had just as many bad experiences with organizations like ACORN who came to my door wanting to “get my story” about how the local cops who work my neighborhood (which is classic ghetto being “re-gentrified”) are so abusive…. and I’m sorry…. they’re just NOT. But I AM aware of BIG problems – hell, even here, we had a no-knock raid a few blocks away, where the cops broke into the wrong home in the middle of the night, and when the non-English-speaking home-owner, frightened for his life and not knowing who the hell was in his bedroom in the dark, picked up a baseball bat to protect himself and was shot and killed. Yeah…. there are problems. But, as I said – one of the worst things is the tendency for people (ANY people) to judge others by their gender, their race, their country of origin, their religion, their sexual preference, or their associations…. lumping the good in with the bad. The universal truth is that there is always going to be “good” and “bad” in ANY situation. Cops, doctors, lawyers, politicians (especially politicians)…. I happen to be lesbian, even though I am celibate….. there are people out there who want to kill me, or throw me onto an island with all the other “perverts”. They don’t even know me. I am a beloved mother and grandmother, I was a decorated Girl Scout leader for 10 years, I am a published poet and was a La Leche League Leader for 15 years. I worked for The Denver Post for 14 years getting free newspapers into the classroom with free curriculum to help the teachers use it to teach social studies, English, math, history, and science. I took pictures of the cops taking pictures of US as we organized a Columbus Day protest parade with the local native American community….. I have been a community observer for years. And this is not being said to YOU….. but I say to anyone else reading this….. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ME OR CALL ME FILTHY NAMES JUST BECAUSE I DISAGREE WITH YOU, AT LEAST NOT WITHOUT KNOWING MORE ABOUT ME. You want to ask me questions about why I feel a certain way…. and THEN make your judgments…. fine…. but do it with some backbone.

          • letitiapepper

            I know exactly what you mean about the tendency to lump everyone together. I was saying bad things about “the RPD,” and started catching myself. Because I knew some of those people and they were not all doing bad things. But they were complicit by not always speaking up. And no wonder — the bad ones will do bad things to them, too.
            So I started talking about the “kappas” in the RPD. Kappas are mythical Japanese critters that leave the river at night, carrying riverwater in the depressions in their heads so they can be on land and do BAD things to people. We need a word so we can talk about the BAD members of a police department, instead of about the BAD police DEPARTMENT or the BAD POLICE in general.

            But, as to ACORN, it’s not even a poor match for the kappas. I’m sure anyone would rather deal with BAD members of groups like ACORN or Scientology or the LDS Church than with BAD members of law enforcement. And we all know why that is, don’t we? Because no one else has the same kind of ability to KILL people AND to get away with it, as do members of law enforcement.
            And that, I believe, is why PDs seem to attract serial killers. Just as youth groups attract child molestors, and animal shelters attract sadists, I believe law enforcement attracts serial killers.

          • bryce

            The good of the community? They would have more luck feeding the homeless and starting out reach programs than beating peoples faces in and killing their dogs.

      • Julie Ann

        There are good cops & bad cops. They’re no different than anyone else. I hope that Erica would agree that anyone who threatens to break into a home to kill an innocent animal needs to be fired.

        • Erica

          Absolutely, Julie Ann…. I don’t have an issue with getting rid of ROGUE cops…. MY issue is with the assholes on this forum who tar all cops with the same brush. Just like YOU should not be called a whore, a slut, a bitch, a cock-sucker, or any other name just because you’re a woman…. neither should my father or my sons-in-law, or the beautiful and dedicated law enforcement people who currently share space in my circle of friends be the object of hatred and loathing just because they want to protect and serve their communities and the people they love. Sometimes it’s a challenge for me, but I just have to remember that the people who have cursed me out and called me filthy names are actually looking at themselves in the mirror and defining who THEY are…. a bunch of people who are making fear choices every step of the way on their life-walk. Me? I choose LOVE, and while I am not blind to the dark side, I will work to change it through the power of my will and my magick, and NOT by calling someone I don’t know and have never met, slimy and filthy names, and using the kind of language that tells me their IQ is about 40 because they can’t think of anything intelligent to say.

          • Victor

            You need to see a psychiatrist for a psychological evaluation lady.

          • bryce

            I’ll say it again. If the good cops stick up for the bad ones, then there are no good ones.

        • Justin James

          If there are so may “good cops”, why don’t they do something about the bad cops?….Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      • george

        No one is forcing anyone to be a cop. If it is too dangerous, GET A DIFFERENT JOB!!!

        • george

          Stop your complaining, like I already said, If it is too dangerous, DONT BE A COP, GET A DIFFERENT JOB

      • James Michael

        Well I guess they should start obeying their oaths and stop committing crimes every single day….. and that is every single one of them…..and that is a fact….

      • Melissa

        She said pigs, and pigs is the derogatory term for BAD cops. Not good cops. There is no reason to become defensive. You should want to be informative, not angry, if you’re trying to prove a point .Anger only makes people listen less. I think you need to take it into context that we are on a website dedicating to finding BAD cops, not good cops like your family, and bringing them to justice. All good cops deserve praise. I feel they would also agree that any BAD cops deserve to leave the force, and I’m sure if any number of your family that had experienced a cop perform any less then their best, they would have been against it, too.

        • Melissa

          And not only that, but to tell us what your family went through as far as “bad people” doesn’t testify how they responded to good people. It shows that they put themselves in harms way, like ALL cops do. That isn’t anything new, unfortunately. It comes with the job, and everyone knows it. If you make it through the academy without understanding this, then I’m starting to understand how some of these ‘cops’ make it…

      • motah

        Too bad they didn’t kill your son in law like I’m sure his department has to so many if I was in a car accident I’d call the fire department and ambulance not the Gestapo Fuck you and your family Erica wtf is your pathetic excuse for an existence even on this site

      • Herbert Napp

        Hi Erica, you are living in the past. This is the year 2014.

      • bryce

        It has always been me that’s protected my self. When people broke into my house w/ guns, it was me that fought them off. When I have had to defend my self from being robbed in the streets, it was me that fought them off. Cops have never done a damn thing for me or my safety. They have only complicated otherwise simple situations. 90% of the time cops come after a crime has been committed, not during. I’m sorry but you come from a family who in my eyes all have a worthless profession. They strike more fear into a community then they do comfort and it’s because they are not held accountable for their actions. They get away w/ murder all the time. It’s gross. There is a reason we call them pigs, because they are less then human. Most of them anyways. They way I see it the good ones still stick up for the bad ones in a pinch, so there really are no good ones. They will all beat your face in at a peaceful protest w/ out thinking twice when ordered to. Half of them could care less about the order, they just want to beat your face in. Vile creatures. Way more of a threat to our safety then some tweaked out meth heads. A meth head might beat you up and rob you, may even kill you, but at least they wont make it a point to kill your dog in the process.

      • Copsmackr

        Where does it state the government can have a police force? I don’t need they’re help I got my .45, you can call the police while someone breaking in your home I’ll just shoot em. Plus it sounds like you got daddy issues. So I guess the pig that told me he was going to kick me in the face while I was handcuffed and sitting down for the very horrible crime of littering. I’m no mans slave. But apparently you are Erica.

      • Copsmackr

        Sounds like you got daddy issues. So I guess the pig that told me he would kick me in the face while handcuffed for the horrible crime of littering. Is in fact a hero, I never thought of it that way. Please, your as dumb as you look. You can call the police when the boogie man breaks in, I’ll get my .45 and blow his brains out through the door. So looks like they will only be punishing your burglar, while I prevented the crime. Let us know how calling the pigs works out for ya.

      • Testosterone

        Shut the fuck up, cunt. Your daddy and son in law are part of the most corrupt police forces in the country. Why don’t you have them go shoot some more dogs or beat people for being black on a Tuesday night.

      • Jim

        “RISKED his life”? Somehow I don’t think 99% of cops “risk” their life everyday. NO more than anyone else.
        YOU list a whole host of assaults and other things that supposedly happened to him. I dispute 90% of that never happened DIRECTLY to him. It probably happened to other officers. AND you cannot extrapolate OTHERS experiences as your own and claim YOU are also in danger/being assaulted.
        AS or NOT calling them if we’re in danger? THAT’S FINE. Y’know why? Cause the last number of times I did call, it took them WAY too long to get there. AND they took NO real action. THEY wrote a report.
        NOW, lets examine “ACTIVE SHOOTERS” where the police activate their “SWAT” teams. VAST MAJORITY of the time, they DO not stop the shooter.IN fact an number of times its been the AVERAGE CITIZEN with a gun to stop them.
        SOMEONE kidnaps our kids? JUDGING by the arrest of a kid for throwing a snowball, the kidnapper was the cop.
        ONE less jerk your family has to clean up after? IS that before or after your cop relative is done eating his donuts? I’ve known quite a few cops in the military reserve. THEY are the biggest a-holes around. THINKING since they had a badge, that authorized them to threaten people that outranked them.
        CLEAN up AFTER? NEVER seen or heard of a cop doing that. SO you’re delusional. AND yes, I have relative cops too. LAZY, Overpaid, uneducated in the CONSTITUTION.

      • Humanswillbefree

        These dirty pigs are creating the atmosphere for retaliation. When it happens thay have no one to blame but themselves. You keep backing this savage behavior against citizens of America and there will be blowback, just like in New York.

      • Steve

        No one in your family is the upstanding, ethical person you are claiming they are. If they were, they wouldn’t stand by and watch their fellow officers beat, rape, and kill civilians. They wouldn’t sit quietly during or after these civil rights violations. They wouldn’t choose to side with the blue line rather than what is right or just. I would never call a cop for anything. One is far more likely to be assaulted or killed by a cop than what we traditionally define as a criminal.

      • Speakerofthe House

        And how many cops did he lie for to protect the Thin Blue Lie? If you say none, then one of you is lying. I happen to be one of those people who believe my eyes when I see the videos of cops being bullies, executioners and torturers. I also believe the reports the cops write contradicting the video. Right? Damned lying eyes. Or, is it lying cops?

      • EliWebber

        it all comes with the job. but getting up on your roof to repair your roof is just as dangerous. sad thing about cops today is they don’t do the one job that is their main job . and that is protecting the people’s rights . not violate them because they want to twist an arrest.because some questioned their authority.

  • Jason Foreman

    This is why people hate cops. they turn out to be bastards.

    • YetiFight

      Won’t be too long before every no knock raid is followed by the sound of a friendly shotgun blast and machine gun fire. Judges will suddenly have to rethink the death penalty on the thousands of citizens who on trial.

  • supbro

    Record every single police encounter.. EVERY, never let your guard down! Never be caught with your pants around your ankles by these criminals.

  • Woodstuck

    They have no idea what the wrath of their actions will be… They are pawns in the first line of NWO defense – And they think they will somehow survive?

  • Danny Vinson

    no knock warrants another concept by the 1980’s “personal liberty” movement of Reagan.

    • Jim

      Really? BLAMING Ronald Reagan? He’s been out of office 25 years. FAR past time to blame him.

      • Joe Clam

        It was implemented during the Reagan administration.

        • Speakerofthe House

          Nixon started the War on Drugs, including the no-knock debacle. Rat-gun expanded it at the behest of his Alzheimer controllers. The public trough money flowing into the pockets of our corrupt government have kept it going.

  • Arnt Johnsen

    What are they expecting these officers, allowing them to threat a civilian and threaten to kill his dogs without complaints? Doesnt these stupid officers understand that all wars have started with these kind of behaviours from either authorities or high classes in a society… Payback time will come!

    • letitiapepper

      Please make complaints! Call the Kansas City police department Administrative line: 816-234-5000.
      When the PR person tells you that “THE officer” who was involved is well-respected, say,
      “that’s not the one I mean. I mean the one who made the threats.
      That’s the one you guys need to fire, before he gets his partner killed
      by being an idiot.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      anyone still think Jade Helm was simply routine exercises? they are counting on ‘payback’ – and they have lots more ‘money’…

  • le

    They wouldn’t get that here, I would speak to them through the door. I have a chain that lets the door open a few inches,then I would decide if I let them in or not.

  • TheRuleOfLaw

    These cops really have small penises, obviously…

    • Erica

      Actually, no smaller than yours….

      • TheRuleOfLaw

        Then they’re women?

      • Richard Davis

        you need to get lost and quit trying to mindlessly defend your wrongful beliefs with retarded slander.

      • The Hippie Hound

        Congratulations, you just won the asshat comment of the day.

      • Austin Miller

        Have you been passed around a department or two? How do you know these things, Erica?

      • Ethan Martin

        ^cause making fail jabs at strangers is fun

      • Rework Oh Ryan

        They’d have to be small enough to fit in your mouth.

      • Rosco1776

        It only looks small compared to a canyon cunt!

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      wtf? murder inc. stock is rising and this is all you have to say, “I got dicks on the brain’?

  • Linda Lessa

    Alright … let’s get real here ~~~ There are good & bad in every profession. It seems these police officers might have been a bit strong in their approach but we must remember they deal with lots of unknown situations. That being said, I think they might need to re-think this particular approach.

    • BigI Mike

      One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

    • letitiapepper

      Really? You really think they need to “re-think” making threats of unlawful actions to try to coerce consent to a search?

      • Linda Lessa

        I could have used stronger more angry words but was trying to not “go there”. Sorry “re-think” wasn’t nasty enough for you.

        • letitiapepper

          Sorry, that sounded snottier in writing than it should have or was intended to be! No, I didn’t have something nastier in mind; I’m an attorney, so I was thinking that the KSPD should already have a personnel manual that lists things that are unacceptable, and the levels of disciplinary action that applies if people don’t follow the rules. Threatening people with an illegal act of retribution should call for a serious level of discipline; not firing for the first one, but a reprimand, a letter in the person’s file, and maybe some anger management counseling. The problem is that the people with whom I’ve spoken in the KSPD office apparently have already made up their minds that the victim is lying. And that’s par for the course. Years ago, when I called to report bad behavior of an officer to a Watch Commander, I was greeted with “why do you hate the police?” Well, since I wasn’t lying, and was only trying to tell them what one of their employees was doing that was illegal, one reason I COULD learn to hate the police would be just that kind of response.
          And there’s the problem. If a member of the public complains to a store owner about an employee, the store owner usually is polite to the customer, and does not immediately assume that the customer is lying. My experiences with the police is that too many of them, including in administration, are operating with a siege mentality, and we, all non-police personnel, are ALL the bad guys.
          And that makes them seem like the bad guys to us.

  • John Kochendorfer

    I dont trust cops from personal experience but this is still a he said she said .. I would assume a lawyer would make enough money to install cameras that records audio every time the motion detector went on.. sure the power and corruption goes to cops heads and they know the union, their boss ,the DA and the judges will do everything they can to cover up their crimes .. but I gotta admit Ive met a few honest caring patriotic ones

    • Sher. T

      Ive met a few honest caring patriotic Pakistanians, too.

      • justice

        There are no shortage of good people in any country. Pakistans police forces are nowhere near as militarized as America’s. Americans are the ones murdering civilians in Pakistan, or don’t you read the news?

  • Sean Hodges

    Something tells me most of the police today would have fit right in Nazi Germany

  • TMakonnen

    Unless there is an impartial mechanism for accountability, i.e. a citizen’s oversight board or some other entity who will not just rubber stamp the actions of the bad cops, not a fucking thing will change. The only reason this type of thing keeps happening is that there is no accountability.

    And where are all the good cops? They just make themselves and all the other hard-working and honest law enforcement officers look bad by not speaking out. The “code of silence” is the same amongst prisoners… should change.

    • letitiapepper

      True, true, true.

  • Wayne Darby

    Yeah. Nothing will happen to those pigs. We need for the nation to come together and take these uniformed gangbangers out.

  • Laura Cheng

    There are good cops and bad ones. These bad ones abuse their power and do whatever they want. Then the department cover them up. And leave the dogs along. It is a cowardly behavior to threaten to kill dogs!!

  • Karen Lynn Skelton

    I don’t know why it still shocks me to see all the name calling in any posts nowadays. Each of us has the right to voice their opinions, but geeze does it have to be that rude and down right nasty and mean? I respect the officers that do live by the oath, that do the right thing. I also am unsettled and mistrust the ones that are on power trips and feel the need to throw their weight around with threats and aggression. I have been on the receiving end of BOTH types of police officers. Maybe I live in a fantasy world, but I still believe that in ANY profession, the good ones out weigh the bad ones. For those of you that disagree with this, that’s fine, but geeze people, do you think you can disagree without all of the name calling?

    • lawrence

      you do live in a fantasy world

      • Karen Lynn Skelton

        Lawrence, yes I do to a point. And thx for not getting all nasty about it.

    • Howard Houston

      welcome to the internet

  • Ron Foster

    Reading the story points directly at the problem… “one officer began making violent threats”…it is the “thin blue line” that will protect that ass hat from getting what he deserves…fired, charged and put in jail for making terroristic threats. Any time the other cops just look away, or don’t tell the bad ones to just shut the fuck up…they allow all police officers to be made to look evil and corrupt. They are not all bad, and they are not all good. Get rid of the ass hats, and make sure there is zero acceptance for the bullshit behavior shown here. Every time you talk to, interact with or have any dealings with the police, you should protect yourself and record the entire event. If they won’t allow you to record it, invoke your right to remain silent, and tell them you want a lawyer present for any further questioning.

    • letitiapepper

      Really true. Call the Kansas City police department
      Administrative line: 816-234-5000. When the PR person tells you that “THE officer” is well-respected, say, “that’s not the one I mean. I mean the one who made the threats. That’s teh one you guys ned to fire, before he gets his aprtner killed by being an idiot.

  • Crystal

    This is horrible He is only doing what he was taught..the LAW I hope those police get fired and have to make a PUBLIC Apology to Crinnian

  • Neapaulitano

    An internal investigation is always biased. Criminal charges should be filed, and a jury, not a judge or DA who works for the same folks the police do, should decide guilt or innocence.

    Kansas Statutes, Chapter 21, Article 34: Crimes Against Persons
    KSA 21-3419: Criminal Threat
    (a) A criminal threat is any threat to:
    (1) Commit violence communicated with
    intent to terrorize another…

  • snakeguy

    typical thug behavior

  • Howard Houston

    What these police types don’t understand is, they can be doxed easier than most.

  • Great documentary trying to bring national attention to this issue. Check out the trailer:

  • Joe Draper

    I do not hate, humans that have become Peace Officers or LEO or whatever, I dont like it when I see or read for that matter all the haters on both side of this issue.

    Not to far back in time a Marine came home from the bullshit wars, and wanted a new life for his family, I will not go into it, but he is dead, the family hopefully well get enough $$ to start a new life, without her husband or a dad to their 2 children. It broke my Spirit, in many ways. I was also raised by a copper. He was an alcoholic. He stated to me that COPS are the lazy people he’s ever known.. I never believe him, I believe him now. cops are human– I know its hard to believe. but that doesnt excuse what happen to the marine, & I will never forget Him, he Opened my eyes to how fucked up are police really are. I dont hate them, it only gives them power and is really a waste of this life.

  • Harry

    Vote liberal this is what you get!!

    • letitiapepper

      It makes no difference for whom we vote– haven’t you figured that out yet?

  • phoper

    This is why we have the Second Amendment. Several friends with 12gauge shotguns loaded with buckshot could change police policy in that town.

  • Alex

    Fuck pigs, worthless scumbags. They’re never around when you need them only around when you get fucked.

  • letitiapepper

    can call the Kansas City Police and tell them it is NOT okay for
    officers to threaten people who refuse to consent to search:
    Non-Emergency Police Response: 816-234-5111
    Administrative line: 816-234-5000

    KCPD Headquarters Building
    1125 Locust
    KCMO 64106

    They will tell you not to believe everything you read. Their PR person (look, they already needed to have hired a PR person!) will tell you that the officer in question is well-respected, etc., and would never lie. Not exactly a neutral opinion.

    (I don’t think you’re even allowed to be a police officer unless you are willing to lie “in the line of duty.” The KSMO website says, What does it take to be a KSMO police officer, and I told the person who answered the phone, “Apparently, it takes being willing to threaten to shoot people’s pets if they won’t consent to a search!”)
    I told the woman that I believe the dog owner, because something very much like this happened to me, and I KNOW some of the police will lie. Not all of them are bad, but they are getting tarred with the same brush. Siege mentality is taking over.

  • letitiapepper

    FYI, there were multiple officers present. So please call the Kansas City police department Administrative line: 816-234-5000.
    When the PR person tells you that “THE officer” who was involved is well-respected, say,
    “that’s not the one I mean. I mean the one who made the threats.
    That’s the one you guys need to fire, before he gets his partner killed
    by being an idiot.
    I know police officers who are not bad guys, but they, like us, are scared of what’s going on, and they, like us, can be targeted by their own fellow officers. Let’s start working to weed out the increasing numbers of bad cops for all our sakes!
    One of the bravest guys I know is a police officer, who was targeted by members of his own department for speaking out, threatened with no back up, and more. Every time I called him, I was afraid he wouldn’t answer the phone, that they would have killed him.
    So, call and ask to leave a message for the Chief of Police, pronounced “fortay,” accent on the last syllable, and tell him to discipline the bad guy, exonerate the others, but tell the others that in the future, they need to publicly stop the one who’s going off, so the victim of misconduct sees it was individual misconduct, not the department’s policy or practice.
    This kind of constructive criticism will have a better impact than mere angry calls!

  • Julie Ann

    Glad that Eric Crinnian stood up for himself and his dogs.

  • Kevin

    When they shoot your dog shoot the pig!

  • disgusted citizen

    Besides the fact that at least one of these cops likes to exceed and abuse his authority, the really sad thing to see is that they think nothing of killing or threatening to kill innocent dogs. I would defend my dogs with my life just like I would any other member of my family. These are family members and we are their pack, we need to defend them and push for legislation to make it a criminal act when harm comes to them that should be investigated as thoroughly as crimes to a human if not even more thoroughly. Many people bring on their own trouble and unfortunately dogs get involved in it, BUT THE DOGS ARE INNOCENT VITIMS in these cases. PROTECT THEM!!!!!

  • Shawn Foster

    Well Eric i would be very careful from now on you maybe used to be able to trust the police but you can’t anymore
    just be vary Vigilant of the police for about the next year and maybe you will be lucky and nothing will happen. But be vary careful.

  • Tess

    How can these threats be legal????

  • Richard Davis

    Not every single individual is corrupt or hateful in law enforcement but… it is because normality for them to act this way and therefore it needs to stop before it continues with the Nazi-like checkpoints and illegal search n seizures. We need to keep an eye out for ourselves. Purchase a camera and set it up in your vehicle and have a camera/smartphone ready to record as well with remote storage incase if “someone” tampers with the evidence.

  • Matt

    Erica, your son in law and your father are nothing but worthless pigs. Explain rodney king? Explain the innocent deaf native wood carver in seattle who that oinker shot for no reason, or the 90 year old woman they yanked out of a car and tasered and gave her a concussion for what? Is an elderly woman really that much of a threat when she hands her paperwork over? Erica, you need to quit running around claiming that everyone on here is stupid because your worthless family enjoyed the pig life. Go fuck yourself.

  • Mike Young

    Isn’t it amazing that all reports of all police misconduct are always investigated Internally by Internal Affairs who just happen to be fellow police officers upgraded in rank to Detective, No External Investigations by Private Investigators are ever done who would report their findings directly to the Prosecutor. This and all Internal Affairs Departments or Divisions of Police Departments should Investigate Police wrongdoings should be fully investigated by Private Civilian Investigators who have no affiliation to the Police department or the Police officers, that way a truly non-biased Investigation would happen, as we all know Police Officers in all ranks usually protect one of their own

  • James Michael

    Time to start shooting… The real terrorists…..

  • Ethan Martin

    this is why closed minded people label all cops as “assholes”. Many fail to realize that there are and will always be fucked up people in every profession. Are humans assholes? Yes. Are cops humans? yes. Thus some cops will be just as fucked up as other humans who are not cops.

    • Dane

      Bullshit, most cops are legal terrorists.

  • Christopher Wingrove

    Erica, all cops enforce arbitrary legislation that infringes on the rights of everyone. So yeah, no such thing as a good cop, unless you know of any who have quit due to the corruption within their own department; which would then make them “good” but then they would not be cops anymore, soooooooo no such thing.

  • margova

    I cannot get over at the number of sheep we have in the US who still think cops are the bomb. These roaches need to be met hard-n-heavy when they come knocking or pounding.

  • Trudy

    Aim small Miss Small

  • RB

    I am sure they will investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong.

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