Crazed Cop Pulls Gun on Teenager for Taking Too Long at McDonald’s


FORSYTH — A teenage boy was terrified when a  police officer aimed a loaded pistol at him in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

The boy, Ryan Mash, was simply waiting to get his food like anybody else — he never expected that a crazed police officer would pop up by his car window and point a gun at his throat.

filming cops point gun

He was simply ordering food and never expected a cop to point a gun at his throat.

Shocking footage of the incident is now making rounds online, captured by a security camera inside of the restaurant.

The officer, who was also in the drive-thru and in line behind the boy, became “upset” because it was taking too long to get his food, according to reports.

He exited his vehicle and began threatening to shoot Ryan.

Ryan described what happened in his own report of the incident:

“We were waiting on them to cook the food. And the cop — I didn’t know at first that he was a cop — pulled up behind us and waited about two minutes, two to three minutes…. And he got out and started yelling, yelling at us, ‘Stop holding up the drive-thru line,’ this that and the other. He walked back over to his car, got back in, and I said, ‘Sorry for the inconvenience, Sir.’ And he goes, ‘Who has the loud mouth?’ And I was, like, ‘I said that,’ not being smart or anything. He’s like, ‘Well, you never know who you’re messing with.’ And I was just like, ‘No, Sir, I don’t.’ He goes, ‘Keep your mouth shut.’ I was like, ‘I’m sorry.’ He’s like, ‘Well, you don’t know who you’re messing with. And there’s some crazy people out there.’ And that’s when he pulled the gun on me, and kept on yelling at me for about thirty more seconds. And then walked off.”

A spokesperson at the DeKalb County Police Department claims that the officer, who is a sergeant, has been charged with aggravated assault.

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  • Matt

    don’t fuck with fat cops when they hungry and missed their morning round of doughnuts. fucking pigs

    • FalleN

      tell it like it is brother

    • pyhlock306 .

      thats like geting the last doughnut

  • billbobaggins

    This story is nearly a year old. The cop plead guilty to two counts of aggravated assault and resigned a week after the incident.

  • sickntired

    his ass should be fired and charged with a felony just to make sure his ass never carry a gun again.. maybe a beat down too..

    • Man Guy Bro Bryant

      They should all be arrested for enforcing unconstitutional laws.

      • edoyle7

        Whoever thumbs down this is an fkn idiot.

  • deathfrogg

    It’ll end up with the psycho cop getting a medal, promotion and restored to duty. These things always do.

    • Hive Minded

      Which specific instance are you referring to?

      • Jeramie Walton

        which one isn’t he referring to?ya fucking moron.

        • making_pie

          LOL! NO shit!!

  • JonEdHil

    Sheriff says “the public rightfully expects more from its law enforcement officers”. Really? I can’t tell! I’m (pleasantly) surprised that this pig is facing any charges at all!!! And the sheriff actually said it was wrong! What is this? Hey, are we being “punked”?

    • Hive Minded

      Right on brother! We should get rid of the police. Or, maybe, we should go take that job and show em how it’s done! I could do it way better than this guy.

  • Rex

    And if he would have, justifiably, shot that cop in self defense he would have been charged with Murder.

    • Hive Minded

      Just like Zimmerman… SMDH!

  • matt

    aggravated assault are you fucking joking…… aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

    • Hive Minded

      That’s the same thing in Georgia.

  • Michael Blackcrest

    People think.. If a average person would do this.. What would happen? The police are NOT there for you. You really think for a second you would get a mild one count of aggravated assault???!!! NO.. At the very least you would get terroristic threats with a firearm. and here in PA thats 5 years, walking through the door at least.

    • spankit

      lol if you pull a gun on a cop in self defense they will call in an airstrike and probably invoke world war 3.

  • yo

    another taxpayer paid vacation for a cop….

    • Hive Minded

      He was terminated, yo.

      • Copkiller

        Good. Terminate them all

  • Why can’t the FBI do an investigation on Cult like organizations that a spearing on this trend all over our Country? This is the tone of all the Law Enforcement there is something irregular and very suspicious about it all. Too often too many and too wide spread!

    • Chris Cornwell

      maybe because those departments are behind it…

    • Hive Minded

      Maybe it’s because it’s a stressful job that people hate you for doing right, so eventually you become the thing people hate you for being. This guy snapped, I think he got mad cow from a Big Mac.

    • Aspiring Coonling

      who do you think does the dirty work for corrupt government? corrupt cops. they’re foot soldiers in the travesty that is united states government.

    • this tendency to call these ‘rogue cops’ is disturbing . they are evidence of the status quo . the rogue cops are the ones willing to die for the truth : christopher dorner comes to mind

  • Chris Cornwell

    What this cop wouldn’t expect is if this kid also pulled a gun out and said “Yeah, there are crazy people out there”, then shot this tyrant in the face and laugh at him while he bleeds out.

  • kfander

    And these people are paid to carry guns, while they want to take them away from the rest of us?

    • Hive Minded

      You know a cop that wants to disarm the populace? I thought cops wanted citizens to carry, in general, so they could protect themselves. Interesting point of view, though.

      • Jeramie Walton

        you are a troll

  • Aspiring Coonling

    if the kid would have pulled out a gun and shot the officer, I wouldn’t feel the bad at all. I would praise the young man.

  • Robdog!

    If you or I did this we would be terminated from employment immediately! We pay taxes, we pay their salaries, I say fire his ass with no ability to be rehired as a law enforcer/protector of the peace. And screw the leave with pay BS, you or I wouldn’t get administrative leave so neither should he!

  • Cliff

    When I started reading, I was hoping the cop pulled the gun on him while he was ordering food. “Big Mac or McNuggets!!! Hurry up and choose! Have it your way mutha fucker!”