Crazy Officer Takes Gun to Bar and Gets Drunk, Starts Punching Bartender in the Back of the Head


DETROIT — “As soon as she had a couple drinks, she couldn’t handle her liquor,” said a bartender, after serving a police officer who became belligerent while carrying a gun, according to reports.

Officer Deloma Stone is nearly 40-yrs-old and has a checkered past of misconduct involving an incident where she was accused of getting drunk and throwing a brick at a car, and two other incidents involving domestic disturbances which led to “internal investigations,” according to reports.

In the most recent case, Officer Stone visited a bar in Detroit where she became intoxicated and began harassing and punching people, according to reports.

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It began when Stone drunkenly accused people of stealing a lottery ticket from her in the amount of $21,000, which never existed, according to reports.

She also drunkenly accused the bartender of stealing her cell phone, which the bartender says never happened.

When the bartender went to use the restroom at one point during the shift, Officer Stone followed the bartender into the restroom and began punching the bartender in the back of the head.

When bouncers were notified of the assault, they quickly removed Officer Stone from the bar.

About a week later, Officer Stone returned to the bar and “apologized” to bar staff for the violence.

But as she began drinking again, Officer Stone once again started accusing the bartender of stealing from her — this time she said her “credit card” was stolen. Moments later she located her credit card in her own pocket.

Once she was reported, she was found with a handgun on her.

Bar employees consider themselves fortunate that nobody was killed by Officer Stone, especially on the night that she punched the bartender in the back of the head.

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At one point in all the interaction, Officer Stone said that police were “her friends.”

Was she expecting that she would get away with the violence and harassment because she was part of the so-called thin blue line?

Officer Stone was taken in for being intoxicated while possessing a department-issued gun, but she was released on a $100 bond.

She has been suspended with pay.

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  • SickOfTheStupid

    We need to start by changing the job description of cops back to its original inception. We have no use for law enforcement officers we need a return to peace officers .

    Lawful and legal are not one in the same , most of the laws on the books cops are CHOOSING to enforce are not Constitutionally legal.for example We the People have the inherent AND constitutional right to self defense laws like ‘resisting arrest’ are in fact not legitimate have every right to resist your arrest , that does not mean you wont be arrested , that just means you can not legally be charged for utilizing your right of self defense. DWI checkpoints are in fact admittedly unconstitutional but the courts have given them a illegal and illegitimate waiver

    Originally the job description of cop was peace officer. or someone that kept the peace. Originally police where concerned with settling citizens grievances amongst one and other and utilized applicable laws to facilitate this processes. The nucleus of community policing, peace in the community was more important than revenue generation or enforcement of governmnt ‘policies’.

    With our current model we get nothing but psychotic storm troopers like this psycho b**ch , there is no sense of community service it is all about enforcement through force.and intimidation with zero accountability

    .We have to gut the system from top to bottom and essentially start from scratch………….

    • kpow

      ^^ Truth be told ^^

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      what we need is to go back to the old west. everyone has the right to open carry a weapon. and the constitution is the law of the land,….AS IT SHOULD BE!! then if some punk bitch whore attacks you, you take care of it, right then and there! just a little side note. when bitches like this decide to be “a man”, they attack you because they THINK they are tough. but just as soon as you knock her on her ass, and put her fat ass back in her place, then all of a sudden she’s a “feminine woman” again. one set of rules. if you bitches want to act like a man, then expect to get your ass whipped like a man!!!

      • The Glider

        You’re a lunatic. Shut up and let the intelligent people do all the thinking. k?

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          blow me. that is EXACTLY what’s needed. an armed society is a polite society. now go hide in a corner somewhere

    • LawrenceNeal

      The SA have ALWAYS been about protecting the persons and properties of the monied class. Now, they are used as the Elite’s Domestic Assault Division to oppress and terrorize the population into unquestioning obedience.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    more proof of the cops hiring nothing more than street thugs,, this is just more gang mentality. if you, or I had just brought a weapon into the bar, we’d be going to jail for that alone. and you sure as hell wouldn’t get out on 100$ bail. she’s been “busted” several times for drunken teenage, junior high temper tantrums. it’s too bad someone didn’t beat the shit out of her, and show these punk ass cops that they are NOT a bad ass, especially when they don’t have 10, or 20 other “bad asses” to hold, or cuff you while they beat you.

  • Andre Leonard

    Sounds like a real winner.. Kudo’s to the Detroit Police Department.. You folks are very lucky to have her.

  • ThomasThePaine

    We need patriots on rooftops to start Barrettinzing these out of control street gangs!

  • Kevin McBride

    actually start throwing cops in jail like evrybody else and most of this shit will stop.

  • KP

    DPD will probably promote this idiot……..She should be fired immediately and charged with assault. These rouge cops should also be required by law to never hold a badge again…..Usually these scum
    just crawl to another department and get hired on.

  • MikeParent

    Surely, she must be a kind, fair and gentle soul when dealing with the public./sarcasm

  • Cornelius Kappabani

    The bar should put up a sign: “Cops not welcome anymore!” This should teach them.

  • dufas_duck

    SEE……The police are ‘her friends’ they are with all other police officers…..