Deputy Punches Teen During Arrest Captured On Dashcam Video

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 15.18.10

The Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office released new dashcam video of an arrest involving a deputy repeatedly punching a teenager in the face on May 25. Deputy Logan Lones was placed on administrative leave after the incident, which was posted to Twitter by one of the passengers in the vehicle.


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  • I smell a lawsuit….

  • tommygun722

    “Are you fucking crazy?”

    Yes, but not just crazy, they are also dumber than a box of cops. The dumbest gang in the United States is “law enforcement”.

    • Kimberly

      Yeah coming from a fucking moron.

      • Kristenrhenry

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      • Sheila5

        you must be married to or related to a cop. maybe just a “conservative” who supports cops no matter what they do.

        • Bimby

          Kimberly just likes to blow cops jnthe backseat of a cop car, that’s all…what a slut

          • redtruck38
          • Stéphane Blouin

            Only because there’s en apparatus of millions of brainwashed men and women and a military arsenal of hundreds of billions of dollars. One on one cops would get fucked so hard, all it takes is a bullet in the head.

          • Stéphane Blouin

            Man I just watched it 10 times on replay…. I can’t stop it’S so satisfying, I have to watch it again.

            Little cunts in uniforms die just like everyone else xD

          • Stéphane Blouin

            I came here to talkshit the talkshiters, and now that I’M here they all ran away like pussies? Talk about balls…

  • Andrew Bassett

    I wish my workplace would give me a paid vacation every time I beat up a millennial.

    • Sheila5

      such a militantly stupid comment.

    • carrmic

      Sheila comes from the planet of no sarcasm and doesn’t want to recognize that cops are rewarded with a paid vacation when they beat up children.

    • Sheila5

      Oh got it….my apologies Andrew….I see that now. Sorry. now it is funny! wow, some times I should have another cup of coffee before I respond.

  • James Michael

    Scumbags like this deserve to be shot dead on the fucking spot……
    Aggravated assault and battery and false imprisonment and treason are all serious felonies without a lawful “cause of action.” I’ll bet 1000% he had none.

    • Stéphane Blouin

      They do deserve to be killed. It won’t happen by the Justice system, people will need to take justice into their own hands and wipe out these conservative scumbags,.

  • Skins Fan 4 Life!

    At least it wasn’t a black guy. Tired of them beating our ass for the same reasons this kid got the shit punched out of him!!

    • Sheila5

      It is wrong no matter who it happens to….The cops are better trained and mentally /emotionally healthier in europe than here in america.

      • Tee

        Not my fight here but that statement is not true, coming from a Black man in Europe

        • Sheila5

          In that case you would know better than I, but what I know is that they are better trained to deal with de-escalation techniques than most american cops. In many areas like LA, etc. cops form a brotherhood and decorate with their tats denoting that brotherhood, forming a gang that has been found to be unethical and brutal.

  • Dean Dixon

    “Administrative Leave” a slap on the hand. If that had been a regular citizen doing the punching on a handcuffed man he would have been facing felony criminal charges. Where is the “we are all equal under the law” I’ve not seen the law that excludes the police.

    • Stéphane Blouin

      Public execution would be Justice.

  • peter

    Was the girl fixing her hair at one point?

  • peter

    I’m kind of shocked that more cops aren’t targeted for murder.
    I’ve seen hundreds of police brutality/abuse/murder videos and I figured that out of 324 million in this country, more would be inclined to take matters into their own hands.

  • David Marchetti

    Lay people = stupid….he is in the process of being arrested starting with being handcuffs, the suspect turns away and pulls his arm from the cop – RESISTING ARREST a Felony here..choke hold and take down! proper 100% suspect put on ground and rolled over to be handcuffed, suspect turn back over and continues to resist, cop tells his to roll over and he does not, this is a snowflake : I’m not doing anything wrong ” lol YOU CAN JUST PULL ME OUT OF THE CAR LIKE THAT ITS ILLEGAL? Really? lol Seriously? cop orders you out of a vehicle you comply so you got your Juris Doctorate where? this video does not display police abuse or misconduct by any means….

    • If anyone i looking for the perfect example of a “good German” circa 1940, look no further than David Marchetti.

      • Steve Anderson

        What old Dave, and I am betting he is a Zionist, seems to forget is that people actually have rights.

        • Sheila5

          You might be right!!!

      • Sheila5

        lololol Spot on! just a typical republican that supports power and might.

    • Owlisen

      Are you kidding me… so when he is laying on his back and the cop is continuously punching him in the face and HE is trying not to be hit in the face and shouts stop hitting me… that’s okey with you?…
      You’re a moron!!!

    • stevebsr

      you are a dumb ass and a blind one at that..lmfao.. peole like you is why all of us live like we are in nazi Germany

    • stevebsr

      oh and dumb ass .. an automobile is considered a house hold good .. look it up..

    • Sheila5

      and he keeps throwing out ” juris doctorate.” Big f*cking deal David. One can have a degree and still be an asshole…..and here’s news for you….you don’t have to have a doctorate of law to know and understand when one is doing something wrong under the guise of law. The cop was punching in the face…is he supposed to keep his hands from reacting (not hitting back) but covering to protect himself. You are the asshole here along with this cop. and if you were/are an attorney, you are pathetic. I would never hire you and the pic makes you look like an asshole, not an intelligent thoughtful human. Get real.

  • Nieuws

    That bastard cop should be fired and be sued up the ass!!!!

  • David Marchetti

    It’s wonderful to see how many road legal scholars we have here, and people holding juris doctorates lol most really are dumbasses ” the dumbing down of america ” has happened lol o.k. enough get back to work at your McDonalds jobs..

    • W.F. DePriest

      By law unless you have had an accident or someone was hurt because of your driving they can not detain you … fact a recent Supreme Court ruling you no longer need a Driving License to drive..I suggest you read the law Mr. David Marchetti, now go back to watching Larry the Cable Guy

      • David Marchetti

        And another twinky heard from lol and what law firm are you with? thought so lol

        • Sheila5

          and what law firm are you with? the republican assholes….I read your comments and you are a know it all with a “critical analysis” of everything democrat….and many of us have left that party to begin anew with progressive values. You are obnoxious and a mouth to spew your own bias. If that happened to your kid, you would be singing a different song. You are part of the problem….In europe, the police are much more respectful and not a bunch of gangmembers like in many cases in america. We have some great cops who don’t like what is going on but they can’t say anything because they might not be “protected” in the line of fire ……that is gang mentality….”the blue code ” or the “blue line”.

          • David Marchetti

            Typical whiney liberal progressive democrat lol – go have a NICE brain hemorrhage lol neanderthal mentality lol

          • guest

            Sorry bud, but most of us won’t have brain hemorrhages before your disgusting old ass dies.

            The only sad part is that you’re statistically likely to die of old age at this point rather than being murdered violently and painfully like you deserve.

          • Sheila5

            lol uhhhh what law firm do you represent? I thought so….you don’t represent any except your own poor whiny opinion. Are you a cop, David? Want to be? Have a family member that is? I am progress but no longer associate with the liberal title. lol Grow up David, Calling people out with your tactics tells me you don’t really want to be identified and you are nothing more than a loud mouth. Grow up. You poor thing.

          • Tee

            Again not true, I’ve watched British police through girls to the ground at night in front of clubs or eating establishments, just as fast if not faster than they do men. I can agree with a lot of what you say but not this, I have been targeted here in Europe and many others that I know and when the European and or British Cops do they, act in packs never alone, especially the ones that don’t carry. Now more recently more cops in Europe are visible carrying. Sorry respect your opinion but could never agree with your cop statements,

          • Sheila5

            well, I stand corrected. I don’t see everything and you are right. What one sees in the US in California is different than what they might see in another area of our country that is more urban and humane.

    • CheerTheGallows

      LOL Dumbing down of America is right! What in the hell is a “road” scholar, David, you utterly ignorant fool?

      • Magdalene

        LOL!! I was think the same thing!

  • David Marchetti

    Blah blah blah I refuse to bicker with the same ignorant idiots who work at McDonalds ….rolls his eyes bye bye

    • Sheila5

      So that is probably where you work. I know attorneys, have many that are my friends and they don’t come on here throwing the language around…they are too busy with their caseloads. lol

  • Mark McLean

    It certainly appears that this officer was over the line. However, it’s obvious we haven’t seen the whole video. There’s 3 sides to every story, and it’s very possible, even likely, that the missing video footage would add perspective. Having said that, if the cops guilty, by all means throw his ass in general pop. But never advocate just Killin cops in general as some here have intimated.

    • Stéphane Blouin

      Never advocate the solution. You don’t understand that in the head of conservative trash, MIGHT IS RIGHT. So until they change their OWN mentality, the ONLY solution is to wipe them all to the very last of them.

      • Mark McLean

        Stephan….in the head of this conservative piece of trash, I’m willing to accept that the cop was wrong. However, given the fact that I wasn’t there and haven’t seen the complete footage, I am also willing to accept that there may have been circumstances that justified some of his actions. In either case, I’d be happy to entertain your solution. You may,however, need to have someone hold your unicorn frappachino, because if you intend to wipe me from the earth, you’ll have your hands full.

  • Magdalene

    Cops need to get a handle on why their fellow cops are making their jobs impossible. When a group of police officers behave this way, they are showing the world what thugs they are. These men deserve to be arrested for assault and battery, be sued and lose their jobs. This is unacceptable!