Did this Cop Stage “Injuries” to Justify Murdering a Teen Boy?


“I don’t have any weapons.” — Some of Deven’s last words as he lied on the ground surrendering to a belligerent officer.

The Guilford family has lost confidence in the authorities.

Four months ago a police officer who murdered their unarmed son was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

In February this year, 17-year-old Devon Guilford was pulled over by a Michigan sheriff’s deputy, Sergeant Jonathan Frost.

It was 8:30 PM and the unsuspecting teenager had just wrapped up a game of basketball at a church and was on his way to his girlfriend’s house.

When he passed Frost’s patrol car, he flashed his high beams to signal that the officer’s vehicle had inappropriately bright and misaimed lights.

Earlier, at least three other drivers had tried to alert Frost of this by flashing their lights.

However, it was Guilford’s gesture that Frost did not like and decided to pull him over.

The officer asked the boy for his license and some other documents.

Guilford politely refused to comply with the demand. He kept repeating that he had a valid reason for flashing his lights. In body cam footage he can be heard telling the officer that he had done so because he could not see the road properly as Frost’s lights were on high beam.

It is important to note that Guilford politely kept requesting the police officer’s badge number, but Frost declined every time and became more and more belligerent.

We now know that the teenager did not actually have his license, registration or proof of insurance on him as these were at his girlfriend’s house.

At one point Guilford decided to pull out a cell phone and record his encounter.


Deven had no criminal record, and had never once been in any fist fight.

The situation worsened a few minutes later when the officer calls for backup and then pulls the teenager outside the car. Pointing his Taser at the teenager, Frost screams at him to lie down with his belly on the ground.

Once the boy was lying down the cop kicked his cell phone away.

“I don’t have any weapons,” a panicked Guilford is heard saying.

Then Frost tasers him, as the boy winces in pain. The eight-year veteran officer did not use the stun gun correctly and according to him a physical clash ensued between the two.

The cop claims that the teenage boy “fought” him — he ended up shooting Guilford seven times at point blank range in a span of four seconds.

Curiously, the officer left the scene with another cop before he could be taken in for confirmation of any injuries and medical treatment.

Later, a photo was uploaded showing the officer with wounds on his face. Many have speculated that this could have been done intentionally by the cop he left with, after the killing, to justify the claim that a “fight” took place.

A look at the “injuries” indicates a small opening on the forehead.

How would a blunt punch cause a vertical laceration on the forehead?

Small incisions to the forehead cause a lot of bleeding, something most officers would know. Is it possible that this cut was intentionally made to cause bleeding for the “injury” photos?

The bruising on the right looks like he was punched a couple of times.

However, it was confirmed that Devin had never once been in a fist fight. Why would this small teenage boy, with zero history of violence, choose to “fight” an armed cop?

THC was also found in Deven’s system with indica — a substance known to cause bodily relaxation, which would further decrease the probability of any urge to fight on the part of the teen.

Perhaps the most damning challenge to the cop’s narrative is that there were only seconds between the time at which Deven was tasered and the time at which the cop shot him seven times. How is it possible for there to be so many bruises on the cop’s face in only a matter of seconds? Even skilled MMA fighters can rarely achieve such precision and speed.

Under the official narrative, Deven would have had to tackle an armed aggressive cop to the ground who was much bigger than him, then mount him and pound his face several times with laser-like precision, at lightening fast speed, with zero experience in fighting, and while being relaxed from cannabis in his system.

Some wonder whether, in a state of desperation to keep his job and not be charged with murder, the cop simply had his partner deliver a few blows before he arrived at the hospital. Would this explanation make more sense, given the evidence? Why, after all, did the cop leave with a partner instead of being directly placed with medical examiners? Why were pictures taken later at the hospital, instead of right at the scene?

Also noteworthy is that the facial expression on the cop in some of these photos appears overly dramatized, as if he were intentionally putting on a display of suffering for the photo. The over-dramatization is consistent with the explanation that the cop staged these “injuries.”

As one commenter notes:

Who lets that much blood run over their face and eyes and leaves it? He had plenty of time to clean up in safety.

The only line of reasoning to explain it, is the officer was staging things in a way as to be as dramatic as possible.



Trying too hard?

Some are also calling for photos to be released of Deven’s knuckles. For if a smaller teen boy did indeed “beat” this adult officer’s forehead and orbital bone, it is thought that there would be some bruising, or at least some abrasions, on the boy’s knuckles. To date, no photos of Deven’s knuckles have been released.

Regardless of these matters, had the cop not pulled Devin over and harassed him for peaceful activity, none of this would have happened.

Deven’s lifeless body ended up in a snow-filled ditch and his cell phone remained on the pavement, recording the loud gunshots.

Now his parents have come forward with a lawsuit. It does not seek specific financial damages, but does ask for a jury trial.

In a public statement the family has stated that Guilford became a victim of the Eaton County justice system.

“We always had great respect for law enforcement and the men and women who chose that profession in the past. But we must say that belief has been shaken to the core by the actions of Frost and refusal of the Eaton County Prosecutor to hold Frost accountable.”

Watch the full breakdown of the Deven Guilford execution below and let us know what you think:


COP EXECUTES TEEN BOY: The Deven Guilford Story“I don’t have a weapon..” — Some of Deven’s last words. He was shot 7 times by a cop. Get RISE OF THE WARRIOR COP for free: http://www.audibletrial.com/mc

WARNING: This video contains graphic content. The full story has finally been exposed, thanks to Matthew Cooke.

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