Disturbing New Details Uncovered In Death of Dog Shot by Deputy

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A deadly shooting by a Nye County deputy takes the life of a family pet and sparks an internal investigation, as Contact 13 first reported Friday.

But in the course of our investigation, Contact 13 uncovered more disturbing details that even the cops didn’t know about until Darcy Spears was on the case.

Cell phone video depicting rolling over, sitting on command and playing with a toy is how Gary Miller prefers to remember his dog, Blu.

But it’s the footage from a Nye County Sheriff’s deputy’s body camera that will always haunt him.

On April 10, NCSO Deputy John Tolle, responding to what turned out to be false residential panic alarms at Gary’s Pahrump home, killed Blu in the 12 seconds it took Gary to answer the door.

Blue begins barking from behind the house, then jogs around the corner to approach Tolle as he knocks on Miller’s door.

Before he even sees the dog, Tolle says, “Oh! Don’t be mean. Don’t be vicious.”

As Blu comes toward him, he says, in a low voice, “Oh, don’t do it, doggy. Don’t do it, doggy. Stop it. Stop it.”

Then, he fires four shots at the dog from approximately 10 feet away.

“You don’t go to lethal force from seeing an animal to shooting an animal,” said Miller. “That’s just totally unacceptable.”

A detective was sent out to question the deputy’s actions.

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On the body cam, Det. Brainard asks Tolle, “Charge at you?”

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  • Bill the eighth

    Coward sheriff should be voted out of office at the next election. The idiot pig Tolle should be fired and barred form any type of government job forever, at a minimum. He did nothing but lie through his teeth about it and the incompetent sheriff backed him up all the way. He did not have any reason to enter that property, the alarm company had already reported the alarm as a false one. He was lucky it wasn’t my house, he would be lying there bleeding out too after I shot him multiple times for trespassing and shooting my beloved pet.