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Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information act have revealed that TSA sexual abuse is still rife in airports across the nation, with Americans complaining of being sexually harassed and groped while screeners laugh and sneer at them.

The documents were uncovered by Judicial Watch, the accountability group who last year filed a lawsuit for more information on alleged sexual assaults at the hands of TSA.

The material comprises 58 pages of passenger complaints from 2013 alone that detail alleged assaults at Dulles International Airport, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Denver International Airport, Miami International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport.

Clearly these documents present only a snapshot of what is going on at every airport in the US every day.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, noted that the watchdog group had to fight to get hold of the public records, indicating that “the TSA is more interested in a cover-up than in addressing the problem that its employees violate innocent travelers too often, sexually or otherwise.”

Here is a taster of what the documents contain:

July 5, 2013, “TSA Contact Center Record,” O’Hare Airport:

The female TSO then proceeded to roughly feel of [sic] her breast including her nipples. The TSO didn’t go under her arms or along her sides. She indicated that she did not receive a proper pat down. The search was limited to her breast… Two other individuals came over to where the supervisor and gentleman were and they began laughing. The caller indicated that the incident was not the business of the other two officers and not a show for them. The caller indicated that even the Supervisor, along with the others, began to roar with laughter.

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  • Debbie Stinnett

    That’s where I would go postal on some ignorant inbreds.

  • Kenneth Henderson

    This is why I don’t fly. I’ll take Amtrak, I’ll drive, but you will never catch me flying the sexually perverted, “friendly” skies.

  • Kenneth Henderson

    I’m hoping that if there is enough video out there, and one of these TSA agents does cross the line (especially with a child) that its taken to the state attorney. Have them file charges of sexual assault against the agent. Maximum sentence for sex assaults is 5-20 years. If they molest a child, most times they won’t last a month. What’s good for the goose…….

    • Teressa BluesBabe Brewer

      They’ve been doing this for years and getting away with it. There have been many complaints and videos of the children they have molested.

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