DOJ Investigation Confirms: Albuquerque Police are ‘Executing’ Americans

Lauren McCauley | Common Dreams

NEW MEXICO — Residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico are marching on the police department Saturday to demand retribution against the city’s mayor and police chief for their role in the police force’s documented “execution” of citizens.

Last year, New Mexico police opened fire on a minivan full of children. See the video here.

Last year, New Mexico police opened fire on a minivan full of children. See the video here.

The march comes after the Department of Justice slammed the Albuquerque Police Department for their frequent use of excessive and lethal force in a damning report released on Thursday.

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Though, according to advocates, abuse by local law enforcement has been systemic for years, calls for increased scrutiny of the APD were amplified following the police shooting death of James Boyd, a homeless man suffering from mental illness, on March 16.

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Watch the video. WARNING: GRAPHIC.

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Advocates welcomed the DOJ’s findings, saying the report was “spot on” in terms of identifying the root causes of this behavior, such as the “aggressive culture of the department” and the way in which “force is prioritized in training.”

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However, according to David Correia, an organizer with the Task Force for Public Safety who has been working with families of victims of APD violence, the DOJ’s inclusion of Mayor Richard J. Berry and police chief Gorden Eden in the negotiations for the consent decree, which will dictate how those recommendations will be implemented, is a “non-starter” for the community groups.

The systemic deficiencies identified by the DOJ are “all produced and reinforced through leadership,” Correia told Common Dreams.

“To say those people should be involved to us is ‘no go.’ We don’t want them to be a part of it.”

Further, Correia noted that the report did not go so far as to address some of the larger issues including laws around homelessness, access for people suffering from mental illness and access for veterans, which he says are also major contributors to the police violence in the city.

The Saturday evening protest will begin at 5 PM MST at Civic Plaza from where demonstrators will march to the APD.

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During another recent protest against the department, police assaulted demonstrators with tear gas.

Activists are calling for the removal of those officials, including Berry and Eden, who oversaw the frequent “execution” of citizens and for a federal monitor to be appointed.

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  • Amanda Deal

    Wow, I remember being 17 and kicked out of my home due to a disagreement with my step-mother, and living in a cul-de-sac for a week and a half, whilst working two jobs, trying to get myself in a house. This could have easily been anyone! Most of us don’t know how close to homelessness we are. 🙁 I don’t care if he had a knife, or not… this was abuse of power, and first degree murder! May this man rest easy now!

  • livewire

    what life-less pigs they are. threatening an innocent man in the fields. they will have their day. a lot more AMERICAN CITIZENS then these corrupt communist maggots.
    Citizens of new mexico, you are right in every-way. stand-up. protest. keep those flyers going

  • livewire

    these maggots justify their force over two little knives. what pussies. they stand no chance in the real world. they just want to be trigger happy and make excuses for attacking defenseless people. true PU$$I#$
    Acting hyped up over one man they were harassing. minding his own business defending his rights. These maggots have nothing going for them.

  • Adam Brian

    OK. I think there should be armed citizens and militia there this time. People need to show this government that it is not just white ranchers that are tired but blacks Hispanics and every one else who thinks the police state of America needs to stop. As a minority myself being Hispanic and white I would like to see the people show them this time the gig is up and the government is out of touch with ranchers farmers blacks Hispanics etc…. We are being ruled with iron fist killed and ticketed taxed and burdened at will by this to big to fail government while we lost every freedom we ever thought we had. No Bundy is not about taxes. It’s about the blm walking in20 yrs ago and saying you owe us money now for federal managed not owned manged land. WTF and why is this shit Ok. Rodney King Kelly Thomas t Martin. Yeah the Jack boot supporters are even the juries now so understand what has happened and strap up kiss your family and fight tyranny even if it is here. How sad that it took some rancher to wake people up. Now when people seen the blacks being systematically arrested and forced into the labor camps which is called jail what did rural Americans think that some day it would not be them. Well sorry to tell you it’s your turn and I am very confident if we get you behind us and that simple piece of paper called the constitution we will put a halt to facism. This is getting more seious by the day and Americans need to wake up.

    • Tom Lowe

      The police and their leadership need replaced from coast to coast. There is no other feasible solution.