Drinking Coffee While Driving Is Now a Crime, According to Authoritarian Cop

Max Chantha | October 24, 2015

MINNESOTA – It seems police are increasingly focused on inserting themselves into American’s public and private lives.

Now it seems even drinking a cup of coffee can bring down the wrath of benevolent government intervention.

Lindsey Krieger is one of countless Americans who like to drink a wake-up cup of coffee on their morning commute to work.

Unfortunately for her, she was completely unaware of how dangerous morning tradition is until a helpful police officer pulled her over for it.

The cop was at first unwilling to tell Krieger why she had been pulled over, instead opting for that timeless and always enjoyable game wherein the officer repeatedly asks why you think you have been pulled over, despite having done nothing discernibly wrong.

Eventually the cop informed her that her pre-work beverage was not only the cause of her being pulled over, but her drinking it was in fact illegal.

The cop did not ticket Krieger for drinking coffee, because most, though apparently not all, American adults know this is not a crime.

Instead ticket she was cited for not wearing a seat belt – which she had removed when she was pulled over.

The unnamed female officer’s sergeant Mike Ernster did not decry his subordinate’s actions as wholly unconstitutional, let alone just plain stupid, instead walking the thin blue line and telling the press that Krieger may have been guilty of “inattentive driving.”

However, in a more objective assessment, Joe Cummings of the Minnesotans for Safe Driving called the entire ordeal police overreach, pointing out the existence of cup holders as universal standards of cars indicating that drinking a non-alcoholic beverage while driving is not only legal but a complete social norm.

Fortunately, Krieger’s interaction with the officer has not discouraged her basic right to drink a coffee on the way to work.

The wanton overstepping of not only the police but all government entities into our daily lives is a reality that more and more Americans are confronting.

Distrust between the government and the American people, which the government claims to legitimately represent, will only continue to grow if the former’s officers feel it necessary and acceptable to interrupt lives with meaningless, juvenile accusations of illegality that only serve to tax the citizen of time and money.

Actions like this lean more toward authoritarian dominance than actual law enforcement.

Watch the video below:

Max Chantha is a writer and investigative journalist interested in covering incidences of government injustice, at home and abroad. He is a current university student studying Global Studies and Professional Writing. Check out Max Chantha: An Independent Blog for more of his work.

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  • usorthem3

    Do police apply those same rules to themselves or is it just the citizens that need to comply. I believe every police officer near are going to shoot me dead for no reason. POLICE do not deserve trust any longer.

    • gary hates corruption

      nor do they deserve any “respect”. and since the cops have made it perfectly clear they are engaging in a war on the American people. they will also get NO HELP from me. if someone is beating the crap out of them…too bad. you see me as an “enemy”, then the enemy gives you no aid….they’ve created this reality, so let them deal with what they’ve done

  • I wonder how many cops are committing this “crime” right now.

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    • gary hates corruption

      all of them

  • Russell Smith

    These days a cop can cook up any nonsense to generate revenue. “To serve and protect” ha ha ha ha

  • John Norris

    Well “F” the law… As I am a long distance driver that drinks coffee to STAY AWAKE!! Or would they rather mop up the bloody mess when a van or truck wipes out 10, 20 or 30 cars…. That can get that law document, roll it up and use it as a dildo!

  • Vidar Bergstrom

    The officer with a FUCKING laptop in his car is talking about distracting coffee?

  • Rob Kane

    That law is too vague. The fact that police actually try to justify this waste of everyone’s time. It’s a risk to other drivers? I’d be more worried about drivers who haven’t had their coffee.

    • Laws are vague thanks to the “somebody should have done something” crowd. That same crowd pushes for vague gun laws that have similar effects. Just remember that if you are part of one crowd, but not the other. Especially since both tools are very dangerous and claim a lot of unnecessary lives.

  • Jon Colon

    I watched a cop play solitaire on his computer while driving and the fools want to bitch about coffee…… Get the fuck off deez nutz

  • Scottie DeMarse

    you forgot the officers illegal u turn and speeding over 20 mph over posted limit to catch her dastardly act of the morning brew

  • Terry Bowler

    Sounds like she was a ticket short of her quota!!!

    • .my friend’s younger sister making $97 in one hour Online….……A weekend ago new McLaren F1 subsequent after earning 18,512$,this was my last month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, $17k Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a day ..with bonus opportunities & weekly paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over $83, p/h..Learn More right Here….
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    • gary hates corruption

      maybe the cop was jealous because this woman is better looking then her..lol

  • Morgan Morris

    Seatbelt laws are stupid. If i want to put my life in danger that’s my business. PERIOD. No victim no crime and i can’t be both.

    • It’s my business if:

      1) You are on the same group health care plan I am on, so your car accidents cost more, raising My premium.

      2) You go to the same hospital I would go to, causing there to be one less available doctor for ME, when I get hurt by someone else.

      3) You flying out of the car when you otherwise would not causes lanes of traffic to be blocked such that I cannot drive on the roads I’ve already paid for with my taxes.

      Quit pretending.

      This article is b.s., but so is your claim.

      • Fieldsendart

        ClintJCL: by your communist thinking, no one has a right to do anything. After all, that diet that is over 800 calories a day will contribute to your obesity, which can then cause a medical emergency down the road for you, that deprives ME of a doctor, or that glass of wine or three you enjoy, or that walk at night in the rain that can cause you to slip and fall, or the working long hours to pay for you kids college, to you even snoring at night. Do us a favor, be a sport, take one for the team, and opt out. You will save us money in the insurance pool.

        • She stated that it’s her business. I demonstrated ways where it is not my business. I did not take a position on reality, you whiny ponce. I merely stated how what she said is not true.

          Can you tell me how what I said is not true?

          No, you can’t. So you come in with useless ad hominems. Do you think your comment has any value?

          At a point, we, as a society, decided: You have to wear your fucking seat belt. You don’t have a right to operate a motor vehicle on a taxpayer-funded road without abiding by the rules the taxpayers decided to put forth. Driving is a privilege.

          Becoming obese involves eating foods, and last I checked, we have a right to eat any food we want. Even your pitiful refutation is easily refuted as being a poor metaphor not analagous to the situation.

          Come back when you want to be a gentleman and discuss things like a grown up.

          You got lucky. Disqus turned my email notifications back on for some reason. Normally, I wouldn’t see your response. Turning it off again now, because it was as useless as most responses. Normally you wouldn’t get this nice response outlining how your obesity metaphor doesn’t even make sense.

          You really lost me with the snoring stuff. You didn’t even explain that one. Just kinda… typing words into the box on the screen? Fun, eh?

          Oh well. Time to go back to the pleasant account setting where I don’t get notified of useless responses like yours. Enjoy screaming at the void.

          • Fieldsendart

            Awwww..Clint got butt hurt by the truth. You want to use communist ploys to limit personal choices, then expect that ALL choices will be controlled as well, not just the ones YOU think make sense in your little utopian fantasy world. Spare me the rest of your attempts at clarification…there are none. BTW, newsflash, snoring is terrible for your health, leading to strokes and heart issues. Make sure you don’t snore, Clint. I’d hate to have your problems affect my insurance rates. And, snoring is optional, just like obesity is optional, just like smoking, drinking, walking p, talking, and living are all optional and privileges, as you point out.

          • Chuck Cap

            Notice how he used “I” or “ME”? It’s all he thinks about.

          • gary hates corruption

            first of all, since she IS a tax payer she has every right to drink coffee in HER CAR. which she not only paid for, but pays illegal, and immoral taxes on at the time of purchase. she/we also pay taxes every year for tags, and her license. not to mention all the taxes which are SUPPOSED to fix the damn roads!! which they obviously don’t! in addition to those taxes, it’s none of your damn business whether she, or anyone else drinks coffee in HER CAR!! if you want to bend over and take whatever they give you, that’s YOUR BUSINESS. keep your damn nose out of others business!! it’s because of sheep like you that these bastards are getting away with this crap. btw moron, I think it’s hilarious you actually believe the insurance companies lies. they raise rates because they can. and because of morons like you they get away with it. try looking at other countries, and their insurance/medical rates before exposing your lack of brain matter

      • Chuck Cap

        “F” your premium. Do you bitch about Obamacare mandating old men pay for pre-natal care?

      • gary hates corruption

        well aren’t you a faithful little slave. yes massa, we gots a fine house yes suh. i’ze a good uncle tom

  • Bleeroy

    Absolute chaos in the colonies as per……….

  • Darren Hutton

    Isn’t Minnesota a red state ?

    • gary hates corruption

      it doesn’t matter if a state is red or blue, they are the same regardless

  • Eddie Gosik

    What about eating donuts…?

  • When corporate acts,statues, and regulations become so unjust, become a criminal.
    When corporate thugs and mercanaries are used to oppress a nations people, become an agent of death to those tyrannical policy enforcers without remorse, as to each should act by their conscious and values, despite their costume or pot metal badges to go with their pot belly beer guts!

  • Andrew Laderoute

    again why we hate the police

  • gary hates corruption

    every single cop in the country should be charged with “inattentive driving” not only for drinking non-alcoholic beverages, but for texting, and/or talking on their cell phones while driving. which is actually ILLEGAL! they should also be charged with conspiracy, for the “blue line of silence” covering up their “brother officers” crimes, including VIOLENT CRIMES!!! and add to that list the so called “prosecutors” and judges who protect their conspiracy